MKW Chapter 486

Chapter 486    [Dragon bone]


Xiao Fen is standing there staring blankly at Liu Yi and did not react for a while.

“Oi, oi, Xiao Fen what is the matter with you?”

Liu Yi cannot help but ask. At this moment Xiao Fen suddenly hugs her stomach and collapsed onto the ground laughing non-stop.


Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “What are you laughing about?”

“You are too….amusing already…you are actually able to come up with this kind of story….”

Xiao Fen laughs until she starts rolling on the ground, “You, why don’t you say….you are the child of the Demon Emperor….hahaha, that way it be more interesting…”

I’ll be damned…Black lines start appearing on his forehead. Even after all I say, this lass actually thinks that I am making up a story?!

This is completely against reasons!!!!

Why does this world do not let people tell the truth!

“Oi, oi what I said were all true…”

“Hmph looks like without crashing into a wall you will not turn back!”

Xiao Fen climbs up from the ground and bears with her laughing before sneering at Liu Yi who is chained to the wall.

“Do not think that us dog clan people are all kind-hearted! Let me tell you that I, Xiao Fen is vicious and merciless one!”

Liu Yi’s mouth edge twitches, what the heck, who would believe!

“Hmph, I just know that you do not believe! Take a look at what this is!”

Xiao Fen picks up a dagger from the table by the side and walks over to Liu Yi and fakes an evil smile.

“Hehehe….let you have a taste of my Xiao Fen’s might….”

Liu Yi really wishes to cover his forehead, this laughter is too fake….

This act does not pass ah! How to say…if she really met a bad person, she would have been lied to till she helps the bad person count money while he sells her!

“Let this big sister take a look. Where should I cut first….”

Xiao Fen stands in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi is already a few heads taller than Xiao Fen and is being chained to the wall. Thus when Xiao Fen walks over, her head is only to Liu Yi’s waist.

After waving the dagger around Liu Yi’s body for half a day and getting no response from Liu Yi, she finally says angrily, “Hmph…big sister…..big sister will first cut off your evil part…..”

What the heck….is this lass going to go crazy?

Before Liu Yi is able to react Xiao Fen has already slipped her hand into Liu Yi’s pants and grabs hold of his family jewels.

That small and slightly cold hand instantly causes Liu Yi to shiver…heavens are you trying to execute me or giving me a service ah…but from certain angles, it is really a bit of torture intention….

“Quick, quickly say!”

This is also the first time that Xiao Fen has touch a guy’s jewels, her hand and voice are trembling, but she pretends to be strong and says, “If you are still not talking…then your part will not be safe!”

Liu Yi blinks and says, “Hmph…as long as your hand does not move, then I am not afraid…”

“Why the heck should I listen to you, I am going to anyhow move!”

Xiao Fen’s steam bun face swells up, after which she grabs hold of Liu Yi’s family jewels and starts moving up and down….

What the heck…can she have a bit more brain cells……

Liu Yi nearly collapses.

Cannot…if this goes on…perhaps I might really surrender…Liu Yi, calm down, you must calm down….

“Evil person, are you going to talk!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s bitter face and biting his lips, Xiao Fen thought that what she is doing is effective and instantly becomes happy. Her hand movements become even faster.

I’ll be damned….this is really a torture ah!!!

Liu Yi wants to cry but he has no tears, this time around I have really picked up a stone and smashed my own feet…..

“Quickly talk! Quickly talk! You evil person, what did the Iron Tooth clan send you here to do!”

Liu Yi really wished to cry, this young master really does not know anyone from the Iron Tooth clan ah….nor do I know about Iron Tooth clan….

Just as Xiao Fen has persevered for more than an hour and Liu Yi is about to surrender, from the outside comes messy screeching as well as chaotic footsteps.

[TL: okay this is nearly completely bullshit….how can a dragon hold it in for so fucking long without lashing out…]

“What happened outside?”

Only then did Xiao Fen stop as she turns around and looks in the direction of the sound.

The shouting noises outside is becoming louder like they are shouting for help.

Xiao Fen instantly frowns and warns, “Damn it, something definitely must have happened… you evil person, I am going outside. Be honest for me!”

She wags her tail and runs out.

Liu Yi finally let out a sigh of relief, nearly threw away my face…..talking about this thing….wanting to stop it, is slightly unwilling….not stopping it….in the end, will definitely throw away my face…

Life ah, why are you so twisted ah!

Hearing the cries outside, Liu Yi feels that he should go out and have a look.

He sighs again as his hands exert force and break the chains, jumping down from the wall.

Pushing open the door and walking out, he instantly sees a whole bunch of tall unfamiliar guys, each of them is carrying a fierce aura standing together confronting the old village head as well as dog clan people who are hiding behind the old village head and trembling.

This group of people not only have a dense baleful aura, but they also appear very boorish. Liu Yi is able to see that a few of them have wolf-heads, the black fur is very long, making them looks like werewolves.

What the heck, looks like this is the rumored Iron Tooth clan?

Seeing Liu Yi walking out from the house, Xiao Fen who is standing by the old village head widens her eyes.

How did this fellow escape?!

“What on earth do you guys wish to do!”

The old village head is also trembling as he grips his scepter and asked while facing over tens of Iron Tooth clan wolfmen in front of him.

“Why did you guys keep coming repeatedly to humiliate my Holy Tooth clan! What on earth are you guys doing!”


A baldy wearing a wolf overcoat instantly starts laughing, “You group of dog things and you actually dare to call yourself a Tooth clan! You are really throwing away the face of us Tooth clans! Let me tell you, this time around this grandfather is here is for that piece of dragon bone! If you do not hand it over, then today your Holy Tooth clan will completely disappear in history!”

“You, you are bullying intolerably!”

The old village head is trembling, “That dragon bone is the saint object guarded by my clan for generations…how can we pass it to you?! Big Black, I, back then saved you and this is how you repay me?!”

“Old thing I have already paid back that face already.”

The bald guy who is called Big Black bears his fangs, “If not for the fact that you have saved me, why would I say so much nonsense with you! I would have already killed all of you to snatch the treasure! Let me tell you reckless old man, today this dragon bone will inevitably be mine! Either you hand over the dragon bone or all of your clansmen will be buried along with the dragon bone! Don’t say that I am not giving you face, I gave you a chance to make the right choice!”

“YOU, YOU….”

The old village head is so mad that he seems to almost have a heart attack. Xiao Fen hurries and supports her grandfather.

“Grandpa…why, why don’t we give it to them….”

Xiao Fen is heart ached about her grandfather’s body, furthermore, if they do not hand it over, all of them would be killed.

For a dragon bone that has unknown usage, Xiao Fen feels that it is not worth it.

“Xiao Fen you do not understand.”

The old village head clenches his teeth and once again stands up straight with the support of the scepter.

“This dragon bone is the symbol of our Holy Tooth clan for generations!”

The old village head stands up straight and says it word by word, “If we lose our dragon done, that means that our Holy Tooth clan has lost our unyielding spirit! Even if we lose our head, we cannot lose our unyielding spirit! This is the spirit of our Saint Tooth clan!”

When the rest of the originally cowardly Holy Tooth clan members hear what the old village head had said, all of them straighten their backs and stop trembling, no longer fearing.

This is the unyielding spirit of their Holy Tooth clan!

“Motherfuckers, a group of dog things, refusing the toast and taking the forfeit!”

The baldy scolds and with a wave of his hand, the wolfmen behind him start howling, one of them who has a scar on his eye laughs cruelly.

“Hehehe, today I can kill to my heart’s content….”

Done speaking he charges towards the Holy Tooth members.

“Damn it how can I let you harm my clan members!”

Wang Cai raises a copper rod and faces him.


The scar-eyed wolf laughs coldly and swings out his claw and sends that copper rod flying away before biting towards the throat of Wang Cai.

All of the Holy Tooth members instantly close their eyes not wishing to see the bloody scene that is going to happen.

Wang Cai himself also closes his eyes in despair waiting for death.

The scar-eye wolf bites down and the biting sound is very loud. But Wang Cai did not feel any pain, instead, he hears a cracking sound followed by a whimpering sound.

He opens his eyes to see that scar-eye wolf holding his own mouth, collapsing onto the ground.

While the fox race traveler that he received yesterday is standing by him leisurely with black armor on his arm which is raised in front of him.

“It is so early in the morning why are you guys so uncouth and running over here making a racket disturbing my sleep.” As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches.

“What the hell, who on earth are you! How dare you disturb the matters of my Iron Tooth clan!”

The bald guy instantly starts scolding with a fierce gaze.

“Little, little brother…you, quickly leave this place….”

The old village head reminds kind-heartedly, “This is a matter between us two clans…you are an outsider, there is no need to be involved….”

While Xiao Fen is stunned, this person is really not a spy from Iron Tooth clan? Damn it….could it be that I have really captured the wrong person….

Finished, I am definitely finished…..if grandfather gets to know of this matter he will definitely beat my butt….

Xiao Fen secretly holds her butt in her hands with a worried look.

[TL: errr wrong thing to worried about now right???]

“Old village head, thank you for the entertainment yesterday. I am unable to repay the favor so I can only help you teach this group of bandits a lesson.”


Hearing Liu Yi’s words, the people from Iron Tooth clan start laughing loudly.

“Where did this idiot come from. Does he really think that he is a powerful person? How dare he disrupt the matter of our Iron Tooth clan! Let me tell you, our Iron Tooth clan is a powerful tribe which has a lot of experts. If you provoke us, it will be a road to death.”

“I have tried before a lot of things but I have never tried before dying.”

Liu Yi beckons that baldy with his finger, “Why don’t you let me try it?”

“Motherfucker, you are seeking death! Brothers tear him into fragments!”

With the baldy command, the wolfmen behind him instantly bear their teeth and charge over.

With so many wolfmen, for a moment they are very aggressive, scaring the Holy Tooth clan members behind into trembling.

Liu Yi did not have any fear as he stands there and grabs out a group of blue flames and blows into the flames.

Instantly, an enormous blue firefox flies out and charges into the wolf group.

One after another, the wolfmen are ignited by the firefox and start wailing as they roll around the ground.


Chapter 486    [Dragon bone]

Firstly let us give a round of applause to err, Xiao Feng for her wonderful performance.

Next, a round of applause to Liu Yi for showing us how much of a M he is in forcing himself not to shot.


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  1. Seeing Liu Yi’s bitter face and biting his lips, Xiao Fen thought that what she is doing is effective and instantly becomes happy. Her hand movements become even faster.

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  2. That, Xiao Fen, is what happens when you try to put someone to trial and, instead of trying to ascertain the innocence you try to confirm the guilt without room for alternative.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

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