MKW Chapter 484

Chapter 484    [Dog-head Village]


“The once is a year day is coming soon.”

On the Osmanthus Flower Mountain, it is usually a very calm and peaceful place but recently it is becoming very boisterous.

The Charming Fox’s race members are all gathering there. All of them are holding the most beautiful fresh flowers with the purest dewdrops of them. One after the other, they are offering it to the most beautiful woman, Lin Tong.

Currently, Lin Tong has flowers braided to her hair, she is wearing a red robe and blue flowery shoes sitting on a white lotus flower.

Surrounding her are the Charming Fox race members who are congratulating her, each of them are grateful to Lin Tong to the point of treating her like a god.

Lin Tong’s master, Qiu Shuiyi is standing behind her. She looks at the sun high up in the sky and says faintly, “Very quickly, the entrance to Demon Realm will be opening.”

Hearing this Lin Tong trembles slightly.

Although it is only a slight tremble, Qiu Shuiyi senses it, thus she asks, “Are you still thinking of him?”

“I will never forget master…”

Lin Tong clenches her fist, her nails digging into her palm making it bleed.

Within a time, Lin Tong has already recreated her flesh body under the help of her master. But she would rather be a spirit remaining by Liu Yi’s side.

“Even if you love him but you should not wish that he will come.”

Qiu Shuiyi suddenly reminds her disciple who is muddled-headed by love, “If he comes, he’ll be alone. As for how strong the Ghost Fox race is, I believe that you should be very clear about it. Furthermore, this time around the Ghost Fox race is treating this marriage very important, not only would they send out their elite to escort their Young Master. They also invited their strongest ally, the Wisdom Fox race. I believe that you know the methods of Wisdom Fox race right?”

“Wisdom Fox race….so even they are coming…”

Lin Tong’s face turns pale.

“Tong’er you have been a smart girl since young. There is no need for me to remind you of these matters. You consider it on your own.”

Done speaking, Qiu Shuiyi floats off the lotus lake.

While Lin Tong who remains sitting there has bitten her lips until blood flows out.


At the same time, at the entrance to the Demon Realm.

{Master have you really prepared everything?}

Xuefeng asks Liu Yi again, {How Demon Realm i, even I am not clear of it…}

{There is no need to think of this kind of matter. It is something that must be done.}

Liu Yi says firmly, {If I do not do it, I will definitely regret it.}

{Fine then, I shall not delay master anymore. I will stay by the other body of master to be the transmission link.}

{Mhmm okay. Now there is only you who have this ability. It’ll be tough on you.}

This is the other plan that Liu Yi thought of as he enters Little Black’s clone and enters the Demon Realm. This way borrowing this clone’s ‘bug’, Liu Yi can easily allow Mingyue Xuefeng to transfer between the Human and Demon Realm. Even if it is the Realm Guardian, facing this kind of bug he will be helpless.

The other body naturally remains in KeDa and will follow the command of the AI that Little Jade created for his daily life actions.

{Hmm, you go back first. The rest of the road, let me go on my own.}

Liu Yi withdraws all of his qi, only allowing the fox qi in his body to flow and wrap around his body.

Because he has completely released his fox qi, Liu Yi’s exterior appearance changes.

His hair grows longer swiftly and turns silver and is brushed to the back by Liu Yi.

At the same time, his skin turns whiter, his fingers lengthen while his ears stick upwards slightly.

Very soon the Demon Realm gateway is open as a group of little demons trying to outdo each other to come into the Human Realm to eat and drink.

Liu Yi feels curious, is the Human Realm so fun? Is the Demon Realm such a sinister place?

“All of you move aside for me.”

Seeing the mountain of flesh jamming the Demon Realm gateway in front of him, Liu Yi raises his eyebrows.

“Just a small fox demon and you dare to order this master?”

“You must have enjoyed yourself staying in Human Realm right, what is the matter, you want to block us afraid that we will snatch your territory?”

“Give this fellow a lesson!”

A few small demons extract themselves from the mountain of flesh and swing their claws, bare their teeth at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not bother to dodge. Blue flames gather around his palm.

He uses only Demon Qi to use Scarlet Blood Demon Flame, causing the flames to turn into demon fire, mimicking the fire of the Demon Race.

He raises the fire and blows into it.

Instantly an enormous blue firefox charges out from the Foxfire, it is 8 meters long and when it crashes into those demons, it completely burns them into nothing.

“Mother ah! It is a scary big monster!”

“Quickly run!”

The small demons do not dare to run out anymore, all of them were frightened into running back into the Demon Realm.

Instantly there is an adequate space in the Demon Realm gateway. Only then did Liu Yi walk into the gateway and enters the Demon Realm territory.

The moment he enters the Demon Realm, Liu Yi is slightly shocked.

This place is not as desolated as he imaged, instead the area is covered with lush forest the complete opposite of Earth which forest is becoming less and less.

Everywhere is lush forest, flowers, birds, and beasts are moving around the forest, frolicking around, everywhere is a peaceful aura.

This kind of place…is the Demon Realm…..

This is really out of my expectation….

Don’t tell me that the entire Demon Realm is this kind of wide forested area?

Thinking to here Liu Yi starts flying upwards before looking far away.

Luckily Liu Yi notices a village near a lake in this forest. The Demon Realm is so big, Liu Yi does not know where to go to find his Immortal Fox sister. He only knows the Osmanthus Flower Mountain that Lin Tong left behind. As for where that place is, he still needs to go and inquire around.

Thinking to here, Liu Yi flies rapidly over to the small village.

Like what he had seen from the sky, the village is not especially big, there is around slightly over a hundred households and they are scattered all around the lake.

Liu Yi flies close to the village before descending into the forest and walks towards the small village.

“Stop there!”

At this moment from the village entrance comes a loud shout as a tall and big figure blocks in front of Liu Yi.

“Which tribe did you come from, how dare you come close to our tribe!”

The tall youngster is very boorish and also has long black hair.

What shocked Liu Yi slightly is that this youngster has a large dog head. Looks like his cultivation time is still not enough.

“Apologies…I am only a passing traveler…”

Liu Yi pretends to be weak and says, “I wish to enter the village to ask for some water to drink…”


Hearing what Liu Yi says, the dog-head youngster did not have any suspicion and nods his head, “Okay then, since you are thirsty then come in to drink some water. But if you dare to mess around in the village then do not blame me, Wang Cai for being impolite!”

So this fellow is called Wang Cai…fine then…it is a rather cute name…

It seems like this is a dog race tribe. When they see an outsider coming, a lot of people start coming out to the village to take a look.

Among these guys and women, there are some who have completely transformed into a human form while others are still incomplete.

Those who are able to completely transform are not a lot. Liu Yi only sees around 8 of them. These people should be the strongest demons within this village.

An old man walks out shakily from the center of the village, from his appearance he should be the village head of this village.

It seems like because of his old age, his cultivation is declining, thus his head has turned back to a dog head.

This dog-head village head sits on a tree stump as he asks Liu Yi who is drinking water.

“Traveller, where did you come from?”

“I am also not so clear…”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn slightly vague and says, “I do now know what happens to me, but when I woke up, I am in this wilderness. I have completely forgotten my past including my name and I am unable to recall….I only remember that I seem to the from Osmanthus Flower Mountain…but I do not know where is Osmanthus Flower Mountain…”

“Oh? So you are the fox race from Osmanthus Flower Mountain!”

The dog-head village head strokes his beard and says, “ I do know the direction where Osmanthus Flower Mountain is and I can tell you…”


Liu Yi instantly becomes happen as he did not think that he would be able to find out the location of Osmanthus Flower Mountain so quickly after he arrived. This is great.

“Of course, I, Big Yellow have never lied before.”

What the heck…Big Yellow… dog-head village head, after all, you are an official can’t you have a better name?

[TL: well more like the author is too lazy to think of names.]

“Then, can village head please guide me!”

“Hahaha, I only need you……”

At this moment a petite girl suddenly runs out from the side and shouts emotionally, “Grandpa you cannot say it!”

“This person’s background is not clear! Perhaps he is a spy from the Iron Tooth race! Grandpa, how can you tell him?”

Liu Yi turns over to take a look at the young girl who is running over.

The girl is petite like a 14/15 years old loli.

She has her hair braided up behind her and looks very cute.

Her appearance is very fresh and is considered a beauty. Although she looks very young Liu Yi does not dare to look down on her. After all, since she is able to transform into human form, she is at least 3-star cultivation and above.

Towards the demon race, only those demon’s who have above 3-star cultivation could be able to completely transform into human form.

The dog-head village head strokes his beard and says with a smile, “Xiao Fen ah, do not anyhow think. I have been the village head for so many years and have seen before a lot of different types of people. I do possess this bit of experience.”

Xiao Fen? This lass is also called Xiao Feng? It seems like she is this dog-head village head’s granddaughter!

“This youngster’s eyes do not have any trace of complexity. His heart is very simple.”

“Grandpa you trust people too easily!”

This Xiao Fen crosses her arms and shouts, “Last time you also saved that ungrateful Iron Tooth race person and in the end caused the Iron Tooth race to be attracted to our holy object!”

Liu Yi realizes that this Xiao Fen did not completely transform into a human figure. At the very least above her butt is a very cute small tail.

Especially when Xiao Fen is speaking her little tail will wag causing Liu Yi to think of the dog girl Xiao Mi.

But just now they mentioned a holy object…what is that thing.

But no matter what is that object, Liu Yi does not care as this time around he came here is for Immortal Fox sister! That is his treasure!

“Xiao Fen you need to trust grandpa. Right, this sir, today is already late. During the night in the wilderness, weird creatures might be roaming around. Why don’t you stay overnight in my village for now, what do you think?”


Chapter 484    [Dog-head village]

Weee finally Demon Realm here we come!!!!

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