MKW Chapter 483

Chapter 483    [Righteous in the heart]


“What ability?”

Liu Haisheng slightly narrows his eyes not believing that Liu Yi possesses the ability to turn things around.

“I know that you still have a demon transformation ability. But it is a pity, my strength is even higher.”

Liu Haisheng is filled with confidence as he controls Liu Yi’s body with a single hand while lifting up a white bone sword with the other.

“If you fully put to use that kind of ability then it would be slightly thorny for me. But now that I am completely suppressing your strength, you are in my control, you have no way to activate that kind of demon transformation technique and can only wait for death.”

“That two skeletons were your underlying right?”

Liu Yi uses his gaze to point that the two sets of pitiful skeletons.

“Haha, accurately speaking they are Great God Sect people. But now there are indeed my underlings. How is it not bad right? But they are only the lowest ranking warrior of the Great God Sect. There are even stronger ones above. But it is a pity that you have no chance to experience them.”

“So in that case…then let me first let you see the other ability of Yama Raja to make our fight slightly more interesting.”

The moment Liu Yi finished, black smoke suddenly lands on the two set of skeletons.

The two set of skeletons immediately stand up and pick up their golden lances before piercing towards Liu Haisheng.

Liu Haisheng got a huge shock. Both his hands are busy casting techniques, if this goes on he will be pierced through.

There is no other choice, he can only swing his hand and make his bone sword stab one of the skeletons.

While the other skeleton has already arrived in front of him but is forced to retreat by Liu Haisheng’s sword qi.

The two skeletons did not collapse, it seems like after going through the baptism of Yama Raja, the skeletons have completely turned undying.

They raise their golden lances as 2 eight meters long lances appear over their heads pointing towards Liu Haisheng.

“You are actually reviving their complete ability!”

Liu Haisheng is shocked, being able to possess this kind of ability is completely god-like!

This is the mystical part of Glorious Sun Palm technique.

Two enormous light lances descend towards Liu Haisheng. He has no choice but to withdraw his Angel Qi to protect himself.

The two light lances immediately stop just in front of him like they were blocked by a formless atmosphere.

“What back luck….”

Liu Haisheng sensed that something is wrong, indeed the aura of Liu Yi who is standing in front of him starts changing.

His hair turns silver, his eyes golden and on his back, a pair of small wings emerges.

All of these is not a problem….the problem is that he has now erupted out with his full strength causing Liu Haisheng to be alarmed!

This is the strength that caused all of the famous sect head of righteous sect to be flabbergasted during the World Dao Gathering!

Liu Haisheng swallows his saliva. Fighting against Liu Yi who is in this state….perhaps I am also unable to be in any advantage!

“Illusion Extermination!”

Liu Yi is not polite as he starts attacking.

Liu Haisheng’s body turns into light and disappears from his spot.

The door behind him instantly explodes, leaving an enormous palm print.

“Where are you escaping to?”

Liu Yi flashes and kicks out with his left leg and kicks out Liu Haisheng, who is moving at high speed, crashing into the wall behind.

Liu Haisheng crashes through several layers of wall instantly, deep into the library.

Luckily this is the Spiritual World and is not the actual library, otherwise, Liu Yi will really be worried that Wang Yuzheng will be pulled into the conflict.

Liu Yi chases after Liu Haisheng while a bone sword suddenly flies out midway, making a beeline for Liu Yi’s face.


Liu Yi stretches out a finger and taps that bone sword.

Instantly the bone sword starts wobbling and stabs into the ground.

While even more bone swords start flying out from all directions causing Liu Yi to frown.

Two skeletons with skeletal wings fly over holding golden lances while their other hand is holding golden shields. One on the left and the other on the right, helping Liu Yi block the bone swords flying over in all direction.

The two skeleton little brothers are very loyal. Even if their own body is stabbed by the flying sword they also do not have any fear, after all, they are already dead souls.

Liu Yi himself also uses Thousand Shadows to attack the flying swords in front of him.

Over a hundred bone swords were flying within the library and in the end, Liu Yi destroys all of them.

At this moment the aura of Liu Haisheng has already disappeared from within the library.

This old fellow runs quite fast.

But he is already eyeing me…this is not a good thing.

Looks like I need to increase my vigilance. This old man is too crafty. Who would know what methods he uses next time!

After checking the surroundings of the library carefully and making sure that Liu Haisheng’s aura has completely disappeared, Liu Yi then let’s out a sigh of relief.

This old man is indeed too dangerous.

After thinking for a while, Liu Yi immediately comes out from the Spiritual World and heads over to the school’s duty room.

Reach the door of the duty room, there is a weak light inside.

Liu Yi knocks on the door.

“Who is it, I’m already asleep. If you have a problem come tomorrow!”

From the room comes a very familiar voice.

“Master…it is me…”

Liu Yi says speechlessly, Ma Hua sleeps so early? Who the heck would believe. He is definitely doing something evil.

“Why did you come?”

Ma Hua is shocked as he opens the door. Liu Yi walks in and immediately sees two shining white bodies lying together on Ma Hua’s computer screen.

“What the heck…master….it is already so late and instead of sleep you are watching this?”

“Cough, cough. That, master, is also old already. It is inevitable that life will get boring…this is also experiencing an unordinary life…”

Ma Hua coughs as he pulls out a chair, “The house is slightly small. Here have a seat.”

“The eyebrows are going to be burned already….but master is having a good mood.”

“Why are the eyebrows going to burn?”

Ma Hua sits on his bed while eating shelled peanuts and drinking baijiu, looking very comfortable.

“It is a big matter ah master….an enormous matter….”

Liu Yi is very anxious while Ma Hua says calmly, “Young man, there is no need to be so anxious. An enormous matter needs to be solved calmly. Slowly deal with it and it is fine…learn from master, see how calm master is currently.”

Done peaking, he drinks some more baijiu.

“Master, Liu Haisheng expelled me from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, furthermore he has cultivated demon techniques and just now he nearly killed me.”


Ma Hua instantly sprays out the baijiu that he had just drank. If Liu Yi had not dodged just in time, he would have been drenched.

“What did you say! Say it again!”

“Master…you need to stay calm….”

“What time is it already now! Still staying calm for what!!”

Ma Hua is anxious as he stands up with his brows knitted together, “What happened to Liu Haisheng? He cultivated Demon Qi?”

“That’s right, the Demonic Sword technique…..”

Liu Yi tells Ma Hua the entire situation truthfully. After listening, Ma Hua’s face turns completely pale and he collapses onto the sofa.

“Did not expect it ah….really did not expect it….the kind-hearted person Liu Haisheng from back then….would actually transform into the current him…”

Liu Yi becomes curious, “Master what kind of person was Liu Haisheng back then?”

“In the past, his character was very good. He did not have any temper and went along with the crowd. But he didn’t have any talent, his cultivation speed was slow. Master feels that although his character makes him a good sect head, his strength is not enough to stabilize Raising Immortal Palace Hall, thus he made me the successor for Sect Head.”

“No talent? But the current Liu Haisheng is very powerful….he is not to be outdone by me.”

“Not outdone by you? That is indeed horrifying…”

Ma Hua keeps sighing, “Alsa if this is the case then the thousand year history of Raising Immortal Palace Hall can be considered completely destroyed…Liu Haisheng is considered as truly entered the devil path….”

“Master then what should I do?”

“You ask master and who do I, master ask?”

Ma Hua also does not have any method, “Your master, me is not an ordinary old fellow now…. every day I will be drinking some liquor, hide in the house to watch some videos, what else can I do, I am a useless person now.”

Liu Yi hurries and bootlicks this master to prevent him from being depressed.

“Haha, there is no need for you to make me happy. I am clearer than anyone about my current condition. But that Liu Haisheng is indeed slightly talented. He actually is able to see the other cultivation method of Demonic Sword technique.”

“I must admit that he really has some methods…now I am also slightly at a loss…”

Liu Yi sits on the stool as he looks at the computer screen, fine then, perhaps master is even more at a loss.

“Don’t you have more important things that you need to do?”

Ma Hua clucks, “What are you spacing out for. Your little fox is still waiting for you in the Demon Realm.”

“Yeah…soon, the upcoming few months I still need to properly harmonize with the new techniques that I have learned. This way I will have more assurance!”

Liu Yi’s gaze becomes firm, right….I still need to save Immortal Fox sister…how can I be dazzled now!

“Oh, there is also the matter regarding Liu Haisheng. You also need to be a bit more careful. He is very shrewd…even I am unable to see that he was this kind of person….”

Ma Hua reminds his disciple, “It is really hard to imagine…”

“Actually this situation also cannot be blamed on him. I have pondered over it and there is a problem with his environment.”

Liu Yi says, “Back then Ma Jun also wished to learn as well. as a good kid who wanted to be friends. But he got pressured to the extreme point causing him to turn into a murderer.”

“Yeah….this is a world where humans eat humans…”

Ma Hua sighs, “Cultivation world is also the same…if I had realized the knot in his heart earlier back then….then perhaps it would not have turned out like this today.”

“Master, how can this matter be blame on you?”

Liu Yi suddenly laughs, “Back then I got bullied daily furthermore the girl that I like was always hurting me. But you see aren’t I still good and fine? Humans, as long as it is righteous in the heart, then he will not be defeated by the heart devil.”

“Good child….”

Ma Hua instantly drinks a mouth of liquor, “No wonder you possess Boundless Righteous Qi. Your words allow this old man to learn a lesson, cheers!”

Done speaking, he drinks another mouthful.

Damn it, Master you doing so just to drink?

“Come, come come, today I feel completely free of worry come drink a few cups with master!”

“Ah, master I cannot. I still need to go back and accompany Wang Yuzheng….”

“What the heck, paying more attention to a lover than master this fellow! Scram then!”

“Roger master!”


Chapter 483    [Righteous in heart]

Yeah yeah I know.

A lot of you are cursing at me when are we going to save miss waifu. Hey we do need to wait for the annual gateway to Demon Realm to open okay???

Well anyway firstly thank you all for the wait. Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for!!!!


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