MKW Chapter 482

Chapter 482    [Liu Haisheng’s ambitions]



A golden lance pierced by the side of Liu Yi into the wall behind him.

While Liu Yi is able to sense a type of western angel’s holy powers…as well as a sinister Ghost Qi!

Indeed these two people are definitely not people from the Great God Sect but there are definitely related to the Great God Sect!


The two human-shape angels suddenly stand still as they point their lances at Liu Yi.

Following which two enormous light lances 8 meters long appear in front and behind Liu Yi, piercing towards him.

“Do you think that I do not have a spear!”

Liu Yi summons out his Scorpion Tail Lance as he uses his brute strength and sends the two light lance flies away.

With two exploding sounds, the ceiling above the human-shape angels is blasted into pieces.

“Great God Sect really does not have any limits. They actually turn you guys into monsters that are neither human nor ghost.”

Liu Yi raises his Scorpion Tail lance as he looks at the two human-shape angel in front of him as he shakes his head.

“This is…..strength…..”

The two fellow’s intelligence does not seem to be completely gone. Hearing Liu Yi’s mocking, one of the human-shape angel actually replied brokenly and slowly.

“The real……strength…..”

As they speak, the two human-shape angels surround him once again and prepare to use their lances to pierce through Liu Yi’s heart.

“Forget it. This young master is not going to play with you guys anymore. With this time why don’t I use it to get closer to Yuzheng.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and suddenly deflects away one of the golden lances with his own lance before dashing in front of that angel and slaps down on his forehead.

“Yama Raja!”

Black skeleton fire instantly swallows up the human-shape angel, leaving behind a set of skeletons on the ground.


Liu Yi dodges that golden lance from the skeleton hand as he stabs backward with his own hand into the other human-shaped angel behind him, nailing him into the wall.

“Let me send you off as well!”

Liu Yi slaps out with his hand, eliminating that human-shape angel as well.

Two sets of skeletons, one kneels on the ground the other nailed on the wall, gives off some artistic feel.

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to leave the Spiritual World, he suddenly hears a very familiar sounding voice.

“Hahaha…..not back eh, indeed you are a disciple from my Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Your strength is indeed out of the ordinary.”

Liu Yi turns his head around to see a smiling middle-aged guy wearing a white robe embroidered with golden qilin standing around the door position.

“It is you!”

Seeing this guy, Liu Yi’s expression instantly turns cold, “Why did you come here?”

This person is none other than Liu Haisheng who had announced that he kicked Liu Yi out from the sect during the World Dao Gathering.

“Hahaha, youngster’s temper is always big. First, there is no need to be angered. The matter during World Dao Gathering is something that I had no choice. After all Raising Immortal Palace Hall is a thousand years old major righteous sect. We cannot throw away our current righteous image for the short time.”

Liu Yi is able to hear some clues from what Liu Haisheng says.

“For the short time cannot throw away? Does this means that in the future it can be thrown away?”

“Hahaha, what righteous path or devil path. To me, Liu Haisheng it actually does not matter.”

Liu Haisheng laughs, “In this world how do you differentiate righteous and evil? But currently Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s strength is still not enough and is not able to become the enemy of the righteous path otherwise it will be unfavorable for our development.”

“Looks like Sect Head Liu’s ambitions is not small ah.”

Liu Yi says with a bit of mocking, “For this ambition, you are able to sacrifice your own people.”

“Sometimes for the big picture, sacrificing some people is unavoidable.”

Liu Haisheng continues to say, “Back then when Liu Bang conquered the world, to escape he was willing to sacrifice his son. What does mine count as? To accomplish big things you must not be bothered by the trifles. Liu Yi, I believe you also understand this reason as well.”

“Apologies looks like I will not be able to accomplish big things in this lifetime.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “My strength, my intelligence will all be used to protect the people that I wish to protect. I am unable to comprehend the aim of you Liu Haisheng.”

“Hmph. Indeed you are like Ma Long, short-sighted, an untraceable rotten wood!”

Liu Haisheng sneers, “If Raising Immortal Palace Hall is passed into your hands, it is your doom to never be able to rise. Only I, Liu Haisheng am able to allow Raising Immortal Palace Hall to become the number 1 sect in the cultivation world!”

“I only feel that you will destroy Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

“What do you know! I possess things that you do not have! Strength! Schemes! As well as forbearance!”

Liu Haisheng’s expression twitches slightly and turns sinister, “I have endured for how many years….how many years ah….originally I thought that I needed to bear with it even longer….but I did not expect that Ma Long would actually send you to me and you sent the Demonic Sword technique to me…hehe…hahahaha, this is the chance that the heavens have given me! Even the heavens wants me Liu Haisheng to become the real head. How can you block my footsteps!”

“Demonic Sword technique?”

Liu Yi frowns, “What does Demonic Sword technique have to do with you. It is not like you can cultivate it…”


Liu Haisheng raises his arm as a bone sword flies out from his sleeve and nails beside Liu Yi’s ear.

Liu Yi trembles as he stares at Liu Haisheng in disbelief.

“You actually successfully cultivated Demonic Sword technique…furthermore it is not the same as mine…wait how are you able to cultivate out Demon Qi? Normally when a cultivator cultivates Demon Qi he can only die!”

“Hahaha, how could wanting to cultivate Demon Qi be easy.”

Liu Haisheng laughs in delight, “Just randomly capture a small demon and force him to say out his cultivation methods that’s all.”

“Even if you have Demon Qi in your body but the Demon Qi will fight against your Immortal Qi and wreck your body. After which you will enter qi deviation and die!”

“Based on principles that is indeed the case. But I have Demonic Sword technique do you know the real cultivation method of the Demonic Sword technique?”

Liu Yi does not understand, there is actually a proper method to cultivate Demonic Sword technique? Then what I am practicing all wrong? How is that possible?

“Liu Yi you cultivate the Demonic Sword technique with that trash sword of yours.”

Liu Haisheng laughs before stretching out his hands from under his sleeve.

Liu Yi watches as a sword slowly emerges from both of Liu Haisheng’s palms and his body trembles.

“You….you actually used your own body to cultivate the Demonic Sword technique….”

“Hahahahaha….that’s right, your quite smart.”

Liu Haisheng smiling eyes have already narrowed to a line, “Demonic Sword technique is powerful. But where is it’s real strength? It is here. The bone sword can strengthen my flesh body’s strength while Soul Recall can strengthen my qi techniques…..Liu Yi, how can you be compared to me?”

Liu Yi frowns, “You are already no longer a human….”

“Hahahaha, I am not a human being? Could it be that you are one?”

Liu Haisheng starts laughing, “You and I are basically no different from one another. Why is there a need to pretend?”

“I have a human heart.”

Liu Yi touches his chest and says, “While you do not have a heart.”

“Well, you can say anything you like.”

Liu Haisheng shrugs his shoulders, “But Liu Yi no matter what you say you cannot deny that we are the same type of person. I will give you a chance now. If you are willing to follow me, the world will belong to the two of us.”

“Oh? You do not mind that I am a demon?”

“Of course you are unable to return back to Raising Immortal Palace Hall temporarily. But I can give you new strength, allowing you to become stronger and with this strength, you can go and subdue the devil path.”

Excitement flashes across Liu Haisheng’s eyes, “The day when you have become the leader of the devil path, you can return back to my Raising Immortal Palace Hall. On that day the righteous path and devil path will join together and the world will no longer have any good or bad. There will only be your or my will! The world will be under our command!”

“Sect Head Liu, I really did look down on you.”

Liu Yi is slightly shocked, “In the beginning, I thought that your aspiration is the righteous path…but now I realize that your ambitions are actually the entire world!”

“Of course, just a righteous path only is not enough for me Liu Haisheng to sacrifice so much. What I want is everything! Not only the north side, as well as the western side will all be subdued by me Liu Haisheng!”

“Do as you please.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “As long as you do not bother me, you can do whatever you like in the cultivation world.”

“Oh? Are you going to reject me?” ask Liu Haisheng with a raised eyebrow.

“I have never thought of promising you in the beginning.”

Liu Yi clucks, “Don’t you think that you think too highly of your charisma?”

“Leaving you behind is a disaster.”

Liu Haisheng laughs coldly, “Since you do not wish to follow me then how could I leave behind you this disaster.”

“Oh? You are finally going to take action?” Liu Yi laughs, “You are finally going to reveal your real face?”

“My real face? Hahaha, who would know what I was like originally?” Liu Haisheng laughs coldly, “Even my master also feels that I do not have the ability to take over Raising Immortal Palace Hall and wanted to pass it to Ma Long…..hahaha….now those that look down on me will pay the price for looking down on me back then.”

“The one who needs to pay a price is you!”

As Liu Yi says, he raises his Scorpion Tail lance and prepares to attack Liu Haisheng.

But Liu Haisheng only raises his right hand and gently pushes the air towards Liu Yi.

Instantly Liu Yi is sent flying backward and crashes into the wall behind him.

A weird strength press onto his body, pressing him onto the wall.

What is this strength?

Liu Yi raises his head in shock as he looks at Liu Haisheng.

Only to see a golden halo above Liu Haisheng’s head. This halo seems to be the source of his mysterious strength, dignified and enormous.

Liu Yi instantly understands, “You…you also injected yourself with angel gene?!”

“Hahaha, you know quite a bit.”

Liu Haisheng laughs coldly, “But your life shall be ending here now.”

Liu Haisheng stretches out with a hand as a white bone sword floats in front of him, listening to his command.

It seems like as long as Liu Haisheng has this thought, the white bone sword will completely pierce through Liu Yi’s heart.

While Liu Yi does not seem to be terrified, instead he looks at Liu Haisheng and says, “Sect Head Liu, do you know that my Glorious Sun Palm, Yama Raja has another ability?”


Chapter 482    [Liu Haisheng’s ambitions]

For those who wants the jap girl, no worries you will see her right after Liu Yi saves his waifu

Just a question who feel that Liu Haisheng is a sicko? Say aye!!!

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