MKW Chapter 481

Chapter 481    [Human-shaped angel]


The people from Wang family did not expect that a helicopter will stop in the army courtyard!

If it is an ordinary helicopter then it is fine but it is a damn military transportation helicopter!

Even Wang family head Wang Jianguo is unable to understand how did this grandson of his have the capability to be able to commandeer a helicopter with just a casual phone call?

Ni Weibo jumps down from the helicopter in military attire, looking very smart.

“Brother Liu the plane is prepared. We can take off any time.”

As a high-rank member of Dragon Group Liu Yi also has some privileges in the military side.

“Oh, dad, mom, you guys board first.”

Liu Yi says to his parents who are also stunned, before turning around and looks at Wang Jianguo behind.

“Old man Wang take good care of my grandmother. Another thing, people from Liu family is nowhere less than Wang family. What your Wang family can have my Liu family will also have.”

Under the stunned looks of the people from Wang family, Liu Yi boards the helicopter and the helicopter takes off into the sky.

“This, how is this fellow able to get a helicopter…”

“Dad that is a military usage helicopter. Could it be that that fellow still has some military background?”

“That is not possible ah….didn’t the old man from Liu family retire from the military in his early years due to leg injuries…in the military side he doesn’t even have an officer rank at all!”

The people from Wang family start discussing and making guesses. While the elderly lady hugs her second daughter while secretly wiping away her tears.

Wang Jianguo did not say anything, he feels like his heart is in a mess.

He turns around without saying anything and walks into his study room.

He sits in front of his desk as he starts smoking. Suddenly he says out a word, “Phantom.”

A figure suddenly appears behind him and says with a hoarse voice, “Commanding Officer do you have any command?”

“Help me check his identity.”

Wang Jianguo places a photo on the table. The figure in the photo is none other than Wang Jianguo’s grandson, Liu Yi.


The figure immediately disappears, leaving Old man Wang himself sitting at the desk smoking.


After this Liu Yi naturally explains to his parents saying that Ni Weibo is his good friend and it is because of his help which allowed him to borrow the helicopter. Liu Zhibing and Wang Yaru thank Ni Weibo but they are also starting to get more and more suspicious of their son.

Casually taking out a medicine that is able to cure terminal lung cancer as well as having a friend with a strong military background….

Just what changes did my son experience in university?

While Liu Yi either laughs or give ambiguous answers to their questions.

In the end, Liu Zhibing comforts Wang Yaru that their son grew up. He has his own methods and path, there is no need to meddle.

This Chinese New Year’s holiday is not very long. In addition, having to waste time to go to Guangzhou, very soon it is back to school life.

Ever since he had cured Mother Wang, Wang Yuzheng’s attitude towards Liu Yi becomes better. At the very least she is not like in the past that cold.

But the intimate actions and kisses is even more impossible.

Liu Yi knows that Wang Yuzheng’s heart is still blocked. She is not a casual girl, back then her initiative is because she wanted to obtain him from the hands of Wang Lele and Murong Die.

But what Wang Yuzheng does not the know…..her biggest opponent is not Murong Die or Wang Lele.

“There is no need for you to accompany me.”

Currently it already in deep night. Wang Yuzheng is still sitting in the library’s night reading room.

She raises her head and looks at Liu Yi who is still sitting by her side and reminded him.

“Ah, no worries. After all, I am also idle.”

Liu Yi waves his hands. Everytime Wang Yuzheng is reading the book in the library, he is used to sitting by her side as he cultivates quietly.

“Fine then…”

Although Wang Yuzheng did not say much in her heart she is still happy. It just that this fellow still slow in asking me the question. Which makes it hard for her to accept.

Could it be that this fellow still wants to eat up a few girls at the same time?

Really a greedy fellow….damn it, why is the picture on this book looks so much like him. Stab him to death, stab him to death….

Liu Yi does not know what is Wang Yuzheng is thinking, he is concentrating on stabilizing his strength. Currently, his 11th star-jade is becoming more and more dazzling as 4 different qi coils within it.

Currently, the four qi have finally entered an equilibrium, his Netherworld Qi has finally caught up to the other three qi.

Other than that, Liu Yi’s body also has a very dim strength which is almost completely neglected, which is the Asura Qi. Chen Cai has said before that this Asura Qi is absorbed by Liu Yi during his endless slaughter of Asura Realm’s creature. But because Liu Yi is not purely an asura, thus he is unable to retain most of the Asura Qi, instead, it got divided evenly by his Immortal Qi, Devil Qi, and Demon Qi as their nourishment.

Thus the Asura Qi in Liu Yi’s body is not complete. If he wants it to be complete, perhaps he needs to find a female Asura to supplement a bit…

[TL: well he does have a good candidate by his side…..]

But where can I find a female asura…the only one that is able to enter my eye is Ye Hanshuang…but this girl is the only one that I do not wish to have any contact with…this queen is too overbearing…..but talking about this, she has saved my life before so I more or less need to be grateful to her…

Liu Yi continues to cultivate, he starts to lose concentration. At this moment he suddenly feels an evil presence outside of the library getting closer and closer.

Liu Yi immediately gets up and says to Wang Yuzheng, “I’m going out to have some fresh air. You stay here and continue reading.”

Wang Yuzheng thought that Liu Yi is bored of sitting still, thus she does not pay much attention and nods her head and reply, “Oh, okay.”

As Liu Yi walks towards the outside of the library, he orders Xuefeng, “You stay here and protect Yuzheng. I’ll go out to have a look.”

“Understood master. Relax. With me here, I guarantee that madam will not get injured!”

Madam…this term of address is rather strange…

Liu Yi walks out of the night study room before taking out a fist-sized seal from his storage ring and place it on the door of the night study room.

This lion shape formation is none other than Sky Flipping Seal.

After Liu Yi left the World Dao Gathering, he realizes that this Sky Flipping Seal had unknowingly appeared on his body. It should be passed to him by Ai-Ling secretly using some weird techniques.

Sky Flipping Seal is a treasure in the Treasure Storage room of World Manor. This thing does not have any other use except to release a type of strong defensive formation. No matter if qi technique or creature attacks, it will be able to defend against it! This thing is more convenient than Monarch Shield, thus Liu Yi uses it as a double protection for Wang Yuzheng.

Liu Yi follows the corridor and walks towards the direction where the evil presence is coming from. But when he reaches close to that area, he realizes that there isn’t any one around.

The evil presence is obviously very close to him but Liu Yi is unable to see that person.


At this moment a table by Liu Yi’s side suddenly flips over as a force erupts from the surrounding.

Something is wrong! There is definitely someone here!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he converges his qi to his eyes as he activates Golden Pupil eyes!

Two indistinct white figures appear in his vision but the two figures do not seem to exist in this world causing Liu Yi to frown.

He tosses out his Taiji sword. The Taiji sword pierced through one of the figures into the wall behind the figure but is unable to injure the white figure!

{What is going on! Senior Yan Qiuhong please help!}

{Don’t waste your strength. These two people are hiding in the spiritual world which is a different world from you. Naturally, you will not be able to injure them. But their strength in the spiritual world will turn very weak in this world, thus they are also unable to harm you.}

{What is the spiritual world?}

{It is a crack world that exists between the Netherworld Realm and the Human Realm. A lot of ghosts accidentally enter it and from then on are unable to reincarnate.}

Liu Yi is worried about Wang Yuzheng’s safety thus he asks, {There is actually such a scary place…do I have any method to enter?}

{Of course there is. Do not forget, you possess Netherworld Qi. This Netherworld Qi is specialized in dealing with souls. Little fellow you must make good use of it.}

Netherworld Qi?

Liu Yi starts to consider…looks like this Netherworld Qi is my bridge to link up with the Spiritual Realm…

He stretches out his hands and gathers Netherworld Qi in his palms before tearing apart the air in front of him.

Instantly the air is torn open by him as a purple hole appears in front of him.

Liu Yi is instantly happy as he enters the Spiritual World!

The moment he enters the Spiritual World, the entire world dims, completely lacking lifeforce.

While two big and tall figures appear in his vision. The two of them are nearly 2 meters tall wearing a black and red robe. But seems like because of they are too tall and big, a lot of places on the robe is ripped.

Their skin is also not like a human, instead, it is more like the Human-form angel that he had seen in the USA back then!

The white flesh armor-like skin, golden pupils, furthermore on their back is a white wing which is flapping continuously.

The two human-shape angels are holding a golden long lance in their hands, looking very cool. Liu Yi’s train of thoughts is slightly confused. These two fellows are obviously human-form angels from the western side….but the robes they are wearing…if I did not remember wrongly, it is from the Great God Sect!!!

What is this situation?

“Liu Yi…Great God Sect’s enemy….eliminate.”

The two human-shape angel starts speaking weirdly at the same time before the golden lances in their hand suddenly erupt with an eye-catching light and pierce towards Liu Yi.


They pierce into Liu Yi’s shadow while Liu Yi instantly appears in another place. He narrows his eyes as he looks at the two human-shape angels who suddenly attacked him.

“Looks like you guys like to play. Very good then this young master shall play with you guys.”

As Liu Yi speaks he instantly enters spiritual beast transformation with Sky Supporting as the main body.

The two human angel’s strength is not low. Just now at that instance, they are at least above earth grade.

Are earth grades running all over the place now? Are you kidding me?!


Chapter 481    [Human-shape angel]

Haiz more trouble before we go to find dear foxy

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