MKW Chapter 480

Chapter 480    [Breaking off relations once again]


“This…I am also not clear.”

Grandmother shakes her head and says, “It is nothing but a medicine that eldest grandson gave me to eat…I became completely well immediately afterward.”

Everyone is shocked, is this listening to myths?

Grandmother who had contracted lung cancer and had lied in bed for two years. She looked like a person who is about to die, in the end in a blink of an eye is completely fine and can move around easily?

“This…what medicine is this….”

Wang Jianguo is slightly stunned. He had experienced many trials and hardships, seen all kind of situations before, but this is the first time he had experienced this situation.

“A miracle pill that a friend gave me.”

Liu Yi also does not wish to explain much. “There is only one pill which is the congratulatory gift that my family gifts to old man Wang.”

Hearing Liu Yi call Wang Jianguou old man Wang, his grandmother is slightly startled while Wang Yaru’s face turns slightly sad.

Earlier something must have happened in the hall. Otherwise, Liu Yi would not address his grandfather this way…

“Than, thank you…”

Wang Jianguo’s face turns pale slightly but quickly calms back down and nods his head indicating his thanks.

“What miracle pill is this…is there really this kind of thing in this world?”

“Could it be doping and the likes…”

“Not possible. Just now the doctor checked and say that everything is fine…really strange. Is there really this kind of miracle pill?”

The people in the house start to discuss.

“Enough, enough. We should be going out to eat now. Today wife’s body is healthy again which is double happiness and needs to be celebrated.”

Wang Jianguo’ frame of mind starts to become good. His relationship with his wife has always been good especially to this age, being alone is the scariest. If there wasn’t his wife accompanying him, Wang Jianguo feels that he would age even faster.

“Since this is the case we have already given the congratulatory gift. We should leave. I wish old man Wang to live a long life.”

Liu Yi says politely as he pulls his mother up.

Wang Yaru is slightly shocked not knowing why did her son say these kinds of words.

Didn’t the relationship because of mother have slightly reconciled already?

Wang Jianguo also starts frowning as he looks at Liu Yi in front of him not knowing what the fellow is going to say.

“Oi, oi what is your meaning?”

Wang Yali instantly becomes unhappy, “Father wants you guys to come along to have a meal. Are you trying to climb over us?”

“That’s right. Giving face but don’t want face…”

“Why don’t you look at yourself first, what a joke!”

The people from Wang family start mocking him with cold words.

Liu Yi sensed that his mother’s hand is slightly cold. He turns around and looks at the Wang family people, their expressions and gazes.

“Have you guys said enough?”

Realizing that his mother is trembling, Liu Yi says, “If you are done then it is my turn.”

He helps his mother over to his father’s side before turning around and facing the Wang family members and says, “All of you are people from Wang family, high class and imposing. The moment you were born you are an upper ranking person. This point our Liu family cannot be compared nor can we climb up there.”

“This, you can’t say it like this ah….”

Grandmother is starting to get anxious and wants to say something but is blocked by Liu Yi’s soft voice.

“Grandmother let me finish.”

Since the eldest grandson had said so, being the grandmother she can only sigh and sit back on the sofa.

“Furthermore to Old man Wang, in the past, my mother was your daughter while you feel that my father was not high enough of rank, he is unable to match your Wang family. Thus when my parents got together, you severed the father and daughter relationship between you and my mother. All of this is all because of your Commanding Officer Wang’s face right?”

Wang Jianguo’s expression turns heavy but he did not reject.

“So we can say that you are a strict and good commanding officer but you are not a good father. My mother is now a person from Liu family. This time, coming back other than celebrating for Old man Wang, it is because she deeply wishes to see the only person who still thinks of her which is my grandmother.”

“Xiao Yi…stop talking already…let us go home.

Wang Yaru gently pulls on Liu Yi’s shirt.

“No, today I must finish what should be said.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and continues saying, “I am 19 years old this year and my mother gives birth to me on their second year of marriage. So that means that for an entire 20 years, the people from Wang family showed no interest in us. Furthermore, when our family walked into Wang family, I did not see a slight bit of warmth. There is only exclusion and mockery.”

He lifts his hand and points at the face of the people in the hall.

“You, you, you and you. You should be my mother’s family member’s right? The so-called big brother and younger sisters? Let me ask you, did my mother commit any atrocious matter that caused all of you to be so against her?”

Liu Yi points at Wang Jinglei, “You, as my mother’s elder brother, but you have never done the duty of an elder brother. Have you protected my mother before? No. You only wish to sell my mother to a big company that’s all.”

“What you mean by sell don’t you think that it sounds very bad.”

Wang Jinglei is speechless while Wang Yali raises her eyebrow and asks, “This is all family matters what does it have to do with you?”

“Ah right, this must be Mrs. Wang Yali. Back then after my mother left, you took the initiative and volunteered yourself. I want to know if it is because you are willing or you were forced to?”

“Of course I am willing!”

Wang Yali arrogantly says, “Li family is an aristocratic family. A lot of people wish to marry into the Li family but do not have the chance and big sister actually did not appreciate the chance! This is her life being bad, who can she blame?”

Liu Yi nods his head as he taps his temple and says, “Very good. So it looks like you are proud of marrying into Li family.”

“Of course. How am I living my life currently, hahaha it is not something that you guys are able to imagine.”

“Is it? Including your husband having 3 mistresses and 3P with two actresses scandals?”

Wang Yali’s face instantly freezes like she has been hammered by someone.

“Don’t say that you do not know. This matter is known by the entire world. As a wife, you must have known what is going on before it got blown up right. Rich and powerful wife? You have obtained the fortunes but you are unable to get love nor do you get the respect of other people.”

Wang Yali is unable to retort back, “…..”

“There is you as well, Wang Jingfeng right, your wife is really powerful.”

Liu Yi places his hands behind his back and is too lazy to even point, “You depending on your parents while growing up is already bad enough. You also cannot manage your wife. Her actions of being afraid that my mother came back to get a portion of the family fortunes don’t you think that it is laughable? This Wang family fortunes, you guys want it but us Liu family do not.”

“Hmph, talk is cheap Wang family fortune is not small at all. You say that you did not come back to get a portion of the family fortunes who would believe it?”

Hu Xiaoya sneers while Wang Jingfeng immediately gives her a push which makes her rolls her eyes at him.

“Useless thing. Who am I helping, why are you pushing me for? If you have the ability to go and push that outsider out!”

“You….can you speak lesser…”

“I just want to say it so what? Your character is good now, you dare to control me now?”

Liu Yi laughs and says, “Hahaha, you guys see this, this kind of family is also called a family? Although my Liu family does not have money, we help each other, assist each other. As for Wang family? Apologies, I only see a group of pitiful people.”

“You damn kid! What nonsense are you saying!”

“We are pitiful? Take a good look at you guys first! How are you qualified to say that about us!”

“Let’s just chase them out!”

“All of you shut up for me!”

Wang Jianguo roars in anger causing those people who are talking to quieten down.

“Liu Yi now I’ll give your family a chance.”

Wang Jianguo says slowly, “As long as you are willing to say that you are wrong, I will let you guys return back to Wang family. Wang Yaru will still be my, Wang Jianguo’s daughter and I will also recognize you as my grandson.”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow and asks, “Then what about my father?”

Wang Jianguo directly says, “Your father? Apologies. He stole away my daughter and caused me to lose large amounts of face. This kind of matter no matter what, I am unable to forgive him.”

Liu Zhibing’s face turns dim as he smiles mockingly and says, “I am fine. The two of you being able to return to Wang family is enough.”

“Dad what are you saying now?”

Liu Yi smiles, “I believe that mother and I thinks the same. We are a family, we move forward and retreat together.”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Wang Jianguo narrows his eyes.

“Mother what do you say?”

Wang Yaru smiles and holds onto her husband’s hand, “En, married to husband thus will follow husband. I will naturally listen to the head of the family.”

“So, you guys do not wish to return back to Wang family?”

Wang Jianguo’s voice turns cold. Liu Yi realizes that her grandmother is anxious and sees that Wang Yaru’s expression is in pain.

“Old man…”

Just as she wants to say something, but is stopped by Wang Jianguo.

“Don’t say anymore. This is their decision.”

“Father, mother. I am sorry.”

Wang Yaru walks forward and gives Wang Jianguo and her mother a deep bow before saying, “Daughter is unfilial. I had not been a good daughter for the past twenty years. But I am already married to Zhibing. Alive, I am a person from Liu family, in death, I am the ghost of Liu family. If father does not acknowledge Zhibing then I can only follow Zhibing and leave together.”


Wang Jianguo has angered once again, “Very good! All of you go! In the future, the Wang family no longer welcome you guys!”

Wang Yaru’s mother starts tearing up. She knows her husband’s temper the best. She knows that the moment Wang Jianguo is angered, no one is able to block him.


Wang Yaru takes a deep breath and hugs Wang Yaran who is crying before bringing Liu Zhibing and Liu Yi to walk out.

“Wait a bit. There is no need to sit on a train to go back home. Let us sit on a more comfortable transport.”

Liu Yi suddenly stops his parents, “Wait a bit. I’ll go and make a call.”

He pulls out his handphone and calls Ni Weibo whom he got to know last time.

“Brother Liu, it has been a long time! What did you find me for?”

Liu Yi has traded phone number’s with Ni Weibo before in the past, thus Ni Weibo knows Liu Yi’s phone number.

Liu Yi says faintly, “I need a means of transport.”

[TL: Ni Weibo is the senior colonel in chapter 371…took me like 5 minutes to recall who the heck he is ….]


Chapter 480    [Breaking off relations once more]

So I notice some of you are asking for our dear fox waifu.

Well here is a spoiler/teaser she will be appearing in ** days ^^

And more importantly poor Liu Yi’s mommy

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