MKW Chapter 479

Chapter 479    [God pill earning merit once again]


Chapter 479 God pill earning merit once again


Liu Yi is not modest as he smiles and says, “Very honored.”

“How old are you?”


“Are you in high school?”

“No. This year I am first-year university person.”

“Already in university? Which school?”

The old man seems to be interested in Liu Yi as he asks a lot of question.

Just as Liu Yi is about to reply, Chen Ting by the side sneers and says, “A hooligan with upbringing how can he be able to get into any good university? He definitely is in a third-rate university, unlike our treasure girl who has gotten into Beijing XX university…”

Beijing XX university? Isn’t that a second-rated college?

Liu Yi shakes his head, if she really wants to compare this, she actually dares to take this kind of school to compare?

“I did not ask you!”

Wang Jianguo berates causing Chen Jing’s face to immediately turn pale not daring to retort back.

“You are called….Liu Yi right. Which school did you get into?”

Which university I’m in is not related to your Wang Family right?

Liu Yi says in his heart but he says, “Beijing KeDa university.”


Everyone got a shock to ask they look at Liu Yi in surprise.

Keda is one of the most famous universities in the entire country which is comparable to Qinghua Beida!

Furthermore, just based on the employment rate, students from KeDa are more popular in the workforce!

“Are you joking. I would be in Qinghua!”

“That’s right…it is not like you have anything to testify what a bragger!”

They do not believe Liu Yi or you should say they do not want to believe.

The child from Liu Family actually gets such good results while in comparison the children in Wang Family…one dropped out from school, the other is in a second rated college while the last…spends money to enter the aristocrat university in Hong Kong.

No comparison at all! And it is basically slapping their own face!

“No worries, if you want to believe then believe.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, so what if they believe or disbelieve.

Wang Jianguo seems to yield slightly as he says, “Forget it Liu Yi, go up and call your mother to come down. We’ll be going out.”

But the moment he finished Chen Ting is the first to cry out, “Father you are actually letting this kid up! Are you muddle-headed?”

“What are you saying?”

Wang Jianguo narrows his eyes as he looks at Chen Ting.


Wang Jinglei immediately steps forwards and slaps his wife, “What nonsense are you saying you silly woman!”


While Wang Zhenxiu is frightened as she pulls on her mother.

Chen Ting covers her stinging face as her eyes turn red.

Wang Jianguo says faintly, “Manage your wife properly.”

Wang Jinglei immediately replies, “Understood father…it is me who did not discipline her properly….”

Wang Jianguo did not say anything wrong. In this world, other than Liu Yi’s grandfather, the only one who dares to provoke him is only Liu Yi.

This old man usually did not get mad. But when he does, the end results can no longer be described as severe.

“Go on up.”

Wang Jianguo waves his hands while Liu Zhibing also pushes his son lightly.

Liu Yi does not know what this old man is trying to do but he indeed wishes to take a look at the appearance of his grandmother.

Thus he walks by those Wang Family people and up to the second floor.

Reaching the second floor Liu Yi is able to hear his mother talking. He follows the voice and found the room of his grandmother.

He knocks on the door and walks in.

His mother and second aunt are sitting by the bedside. His mother is hugging a thin elderly lady with red eyes.

“Xiao Yi, how did you come up?”

Seeing Liu Yi, Wang Yaru got a shock.

“I came up to call you guys that it is time to go out and eat.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly while grandmother looks at Liu Yi with a satisfied look.

“This, this should be my eldest grandson…come here…let me take a good look….”

While speaking she stretches out her trembling hand towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is able to see that grandmother really likes him, thus he immediately walks over and sits by the bedside.

“My eldest grandson…you are already so old…alas…it is grandmother who let you guys down ah…”

“Mom…we are not blaming you…”

“Sigh…how can you not blame me…I am unable to pursue that old bastard….letting the three of you suffer outside…”

“Not at all mother. I did not suffer really. Liu Yi also went to university now, moreover, it is a famous university. The good days will be coming…”

“That is good then…that is good then…”

Grandmother pulls on Liu Yi and chats about his daily life before saying, “Look at me this old lady…I forgot that you guys still need to go out to have a meal. Go on, go ahead.”

Wang Yaran says, “Mom I am not going. Let me stay back and cook something delicious for you to eat.”

“With great difficulty, everyone in the family finally gathers together. You must go.”

Grandmother smiles merrily and says, “I will be fine lying in the bed at home.”

Liu Yi gives a recommendation, “Grandmother, second aunt let us all go out to eat together.”

“What are you saying. Your grandmother is still sick. She cannot move around!”

Wang Yaru glares at her son.

“What is grandmother’s sickness?”

Wang Yaran hurries and replies, “No, no sickness at all. It is just that she is old. thus her respiratory system no longer as good.”

“Really. Although I am old my brain is not muddled. Why is there any need to lie about this kind of matter.”

Grandmother smiles and says, “Grandmother has contracted lung cancer and it is currently the terminal stage…so I cannot go out to eat with you guys…”


The two sisters’ eyes turn red again.

“It is not like it is any major sickness. Come grandmother eat this thing.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out a pill and takes advantage that grandmother is not paying attention, he puts it into her mouth.

Wang Yaru got a huge fright as she shouts, “Liu Yi what did you give your grandmother to eat!”

“Don’t worry mom. It is a medicine only.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily, “Come, grandmother, go down together with us to eat.”

“Saying nonsense again. Your grandmother she….”


Grandmother suddenly looks at Liu Yi in surprise, “How come there is no longer any difficulty in breathing…it is like I have strength again…”

As she speaks, she touches her body before pushing aside the blanket and stands up.

“Mom you, you be careful!”

Her daughters got a shock as they hurry over to support her.

“I am fine! I am completely okay! My entire body has strength….here is no longer in pain as well….”

Grandmother touches her chest before asking Liu Yi, “Good grandson…you, what miracle medicine did you give grandmother to eat?”

“Nothing much grandmother. It is a medicine that was given to me by my friend at university. No matter what the sickness it, the medicine will be able to treat its roots.”

Liu Yi casually says a lie while blinking his eyes at his grandmother.

“You must really thank that friend of yours ah…”

The elderly woman is tearing slightly. Lying in bed for two years as her body gets weaker and weaker day by day.

On the day she learned that she had contracted lung cancer, her heart had died. She does not have any other wish expect to see her eldest daughter as well as eldest grandson.

Originally she thought that it is already a surprise to be able to see the two of them…but unexpectedly the heavens also sent her another big present.

“This, how is this possible…mom…you, you are fine just like this?”

After Wang Yaran divorced, she has always been staying at home to take care of her mother. Taking care of her for two years, she did not think that her mother would miraculously become fine!

She only ate a pill…could it really be an immortal pill?

Wang Yaru is also stunned. She only feels that the son she had raised for 19 years suddenly changed into someone whom she is not familiar with.

Liu Yi supports his grandmother arm as he asks, “Grandmother let us go and have a meal?”

“Yes, yes, good. Let us eat together, eat together…”

Grandmother is very happy, what else can be even more joyful than this?

She and Liu Yi walk out of the room towards the staircase.

“Why are they still not down yet after so long.”

Downstairs Wang Yali looks at her watch and says in anger, “Really. Making everyone wait.”

Wang Jianguo frowns, “That is your mother. You have an opinion about who she wants to chat with?”

“Ah, no, not at all…”

Wang Yali immediately shakes her head, her face pale in fright and explains, “I am saying…de, definitely it that hooligan fellow did not inform properly….delaying everyone’s time.”


“How about I let Zhenlin go up and let them know.”

Hu Xiaoya immediately pushes her son forward.

He is grandmother’s most pampered youngest grandson. There will definitely be no problem with him going up.

“Aiyah. Why me again. So annoying.”

Wang Zhenlin was playing his game happily and with the push he stands up with a bit of dissatisfaction.

Wang Jianguo secretly signs in his heart. Indeed like what that Liu Yi says, the children that I had are all good-for-nothings.

While Wang Zhenlin is about to go upstairs he suddenly freezes.

Hu Xiaoya urges, “Zhenlin what are you delaying for! Quickly go up!”

“Grandmother…grandmother she….”

Wang Zhenlin looks upstairs like he had just seen an alien!

“What is the matter with your grandmother?”

Everyone looks over and all of their eyes nearly pop out!

The grandmother who had lied in bed for 2 years is slowly walking down the stairs with the support of Liu Yi.

Wang Jianguo turns his head over and is stunned.

“Good grandson. There is no need to support me. Let me walk on my own.”

Grandmother pats Liu Yi’s arm. Liu Yi nods his head before retreating two steps.

Grandmother on her own walks down without the support of the railing.

Her family members eyeball drops onto the ground.

“Old wife…you, why did you come down…your body…”

“Damn old man, my body is fine.”

Grandmother moves to loosen her bones and muscles and says, “There isn’t anything wrong with me anymore.”

“You, quickly sit down!”

Wang Jianguo and his wife have a deep bond. Seeing that his wife suddenly became healthier, he is happier than anyone but he is also the one who is in disbelief the most!

Thus he lets her sit down on the sofa while he calls the army doctor to come!

Very quickly an army doctor rushed into the Wang house with nurses to help elderly lady do a check-up.

“Strange…really strange…”

The army doctor does not dare to believe in his check-up, “Reporting to Commanding Officer, your wife’s body…is completely healthy…But I recommend that you should go to a hospital to do a more detailed checkup.”

“Good, good. I understand…it has been hard on you. You can go back…”

Wang Jianguo’s eyes turn red while the rest in the hall looks at each other in disbelief.

“Old wife…quickly tell me how did you get well?”


Chapter 479    [God pill earning merit once again]

Wonder how much pills is he left with now….

Lols this pill is so powerful, almost a cure all…

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