MKW Chapter 478

Chapter 478   [The Wang Family]


“Quiet! All of you stop quarreling!”

The old man sitting at the head suddenly roars in anger, “Scram if you are going to be noisy!”

Liu Yi opens Little Jade and pulls out the information on Wang Family.

As the famous Wang Family, their information is very easy to find.

At this moment Liu Yi is able to see above each person’s head is their name as well as a brief summary of their data.

Just now the two people who were quarreling is Wang Jingfeng and his wife, Hu Xiaoya. Although second uncle Wang Jingfeng is from a military family, his body is weak with a lot of sicknesses thus he is unable to be a soldier. Furthermore, from young he was pampered by his mother and until now he is still able to enjoy life without working and rely on his parents to live till now.

His wife, Liu Yi’s second aunt Hu Xiaoya is a crafty woman who always wished to have a share of the Wang Family fortunes.

Looks like the reason why she is against my mother is because she is afriad of mother coming back to get a share of the family fortunes. Pei!

As for the western suit guy, he is my big uncle Wang Jinglei who joined the army early and later on he was discharged from the army and entered sea trading, which has some achievements. He is a pack of rogues with the Young Master Li Shangdong who is from the richest family, Li Family, in Guangzhou and forced my mother into a marriage with Li Shangdong.

Looking at the luxurious woman, she is my little aunt, Wang Yali who is the youngest daughter of Wang Family who has married Li Shangdong.

This group of people….none of them have a good attitude towards my mother!

As for the old man who rages, he is Wang Jianguo who is my grandfather, the Commanding Officer of China.

The moment he got mad everyone does not dare to make any noise.

“Those who have arrived are guests. Since they have come then receive the guests nicely.”

Those who have arrived are guests…..

Liu Yi feels that these words are very ear-piercing.

Wang Yaran feels that the atmosphere in the hall is slightly awkward, thus she pulls Wang Yaru and says. “That…sis, come upstairs with me to see mother.”

But Wang Jianguo snorts and says, “Wife’s body is not well. It is not suitable to see outsiders. The two of you going up is enough.”

This sentence causes Liu Zhibing to stop walking.

Looks like in Wang Jianguo’s heart, he is still bearing a grudge towards the Liu Family.

Liu Zhibing bears with the discomfort and nods his head towards Wang Yaru and says, “Then I’ll sit here. Yaru you go up.”

Wang Yaru is worried about her mother. Giving Liu Zhibing a sorry look, she follows Wang Yaran upstairs.

Liu Zhibing brings Liu Yi to find a corner to sit down.

The surrounding atmosphere is very stiff causing Liu Yi to be very unhappy.

“Come have a sit while you wait for your mother…when she comes down we shall leave…”

Liu Zhibing is able to see that his son is out of sorts. When is he himself not like this as well.

“Forget it father. You take a sit. I will be fine standing.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands by the side and says with a voice just clearly enough for everyone in the hall to hear, “This is not my house. It is uncomfortable if I sit down.”

This sentence attracts the attention of everyone in the hall.

Liu Zhibing’s face changes, how come my son is even more stubborn than me!

Wang Jianguo raises his head and looks at his grandson and asks with a faint frown, “What are you saying? I did not hear clearly. Say it again.”

Not angry but dignified!

This old general who has taken part in Vietnam War also has this aura!

But in front of Liu Yi who is used to seeing people with stronger aura, it is nothing much.

He stands there firmly and says, “Old man Wang, seeing that you are already so old, perhaps your ear might not be able to hear clearly. No worries seeing that you are old I will repeat again. This place is not my home, I, do not feel comfortable sitting down.”

“Good fellow you are arrogant! Where do you think this place is!”

Uncle Wang Jinglei frowns as he stands up and pulls up his cuffs.

Seeing this Liu Zhibing immediately stands up and blocks in front of his son.

“Jinglei sit back down.”

Wang Jianguo berates. Although Wang Jinglei is not afraid of heaven or earth he is afraid of his father. Hearing his father chiding he glares at Liu Yi before sitting down obediently.

“Aiyah, really a wild child. No upbringing at all.”

Wang Jinglei’s wife which is Liu Yi’s big aunt Chen Ting says arrogantly, “Compared to our child who is prettier and had better upbringing, is really inferior.”

She stretches out her hand and brushes the face of her daughter who is sitting by her side.

Her daughter, Wang Zhenxiu is rather pretty. She dressed-up quite young and pretty. Hearing her mother’s words she says unhappily, “Ma, why do you compare me with him side by side. So annoying!”

Liu Yi’s expression turns cold.

Just as Wang Zhenxiu finished, Liu Yi looks at a tall and stylish guy by the side.

This guy is quite handsome, sitting on the sofa with his leg in figure 4 playing his phone.

Based on Little Jade’s data, this fellow’s name is Li Jiahao who is the son of his Little Aunt and uncle Li Shangdong. A typical young master.

While Li Shangdong himself did not come and no one knows where he is.

There is another guy in the hall who is sitting by Li Jiahao who is also using his handphone as well. This guy is called Wang Zhenlin. He is also a fellow who does not work but enjoys life and he also dropped out of senior high school.

“Even if you are a guest, being so arrogant in other’s house, don’t you think that it is too much?”

Liu Yi’s little aunt, Wang Yali acts like a rich man’s wife and says in unhappiness, “Really unlucky. Originally it was a good day and it got disturbed by a group of bastards.”

Liu Zhibing clenches his fist as his body trembles.

Seeing this Liu Yi steps forward and help his father back to the sofa before saying to Wang Yali, “Mrs Wang Yali, recently are you having insomnia, many dreams, and night sweats?”

“How dare you call me by my name?!”

Wang Yali frowns as she glares angrily at Liu Yi.

By the side, Li Jiahao who is playing with his handphone raises his head and looks at Liu Yi with disdain.

“I am asking you, recently are you having insomnia, many dreams, and night sweats?”

Wang Yali does not understand, “This…so what if I have…you are a doctor?”

“Indeed thay is the case. The reason it is so is that your heart fire is too huge.”

[TL: okay I have no idea of the proper term in english so let’s call it heart fire being too huge for now. Basically it means, disorder of internal organs or too much external influence(Cold, hot, damp, dry, wind, fire), cauing inner organs ability to function to slowly fail. Thus resulting in messy conscious, easily agitated, insomnia, basically very heaty…]

Liu Yi clucks, “Because of your heart fire is too huge, thus your mouth is too smelly.”

“You damn hooligan….”

Wang Yali nearly faints from anger while Li Jiahao stands up in anger and glares at Liu Yi.

“Are you sick of living? Do you know who my father is?”

His young master aura instantly erupts out.

Liu Yi only smiles as he glances at Li Jiahao and says slowly, “What relationship does your father have with me? You fucking sit down for me!”

At the last sentence, Liu Yi’s aura erupts out crashing into Li Jiahao.

Li Jiahao shivers as his face turns pale. His earlier vigor completely disappears as he withdraws back to his mother’s side.

“You bastard how dare you be fierce at my son! Quickly call the soldiers and chase him out!”

“Completely lack of upbringing, too lacking of upbringing…”

“How dare you be fierce with brother Jiahao where did you pop up from?! Why don’t you look into the mirror and take a look at your morality…”

Liu Yi’s words provoke the entire Wang Family, causing everyone to attack him.

Liu Zhibing only looks at his son in surprise…unknowingly my son seems to have grown up.

“All of you shut up!”

Wang Jianguo shouts causing all of them to quieten down.

“What a good fellow from the Liu Family. Indeed you are a person from the Liu Family. Your characters are basically the same.”

“Thank you old man Wang.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “I am proud of my surname Liu.”

“Hmph, do you think that just because your grandfather helped me preserve an arm your Liu Family can be so arrogant in my family?”

This sentence carries the anger from Wang Jianguo.

“Old man Wang is very impressive.”

Liu Yi claps his hands, “If you really think so then why don’t you chop off that arm and return it to us Liu Family? This way I can bring it back and place at my grandfather’s tomb and tell him what is called an ingrate.”


Wang Jianguo trembles and stops breathing.

“M!@#$@#!$! You !#@$@#”

Wang Jinglie stands up once again and lifts up the wooden bench by his side and walks over angrily towards Liu Yi.

There are so many people in the hall but not a single one of them stops him.

Liu Zhibing is about to stand up, afraid that his son would be at a disadvantage.

While Liu Yi only presses his father back down with a hand and causes Liu Zhibing who had been a soldier for many years to feel like a Mt. Tai is pressing down on him, unable to move.

My own son! When did he have such a huge strength!

Did his mother feed him Vigorous Pill’s daily?!

Wang Jinglei lifts up the stool and walks in front of Liu Yi and swings the stool at Liu Yi’s arm.

While Liu Yi only sways to the side slightly and kicks out, breaking the stool before his leg lands on Wang Jinglei’s chest.


Wang Jinglei retreats a few steps until he crashes onto the sofa behind him and tumbles over.


“Father, are you fine!”

Everyone in the house is badly frightened while Wang Jianguo’s eyes brighten up.

After Liu Yi sends Wang Jinglei flying away with a kick, he withdraws his leg and says, “Do not think that relying on the fact that you have been a soldier for many years as well as numbers in this house, you are able to bully us father and son.”

“In the past, there wasn’t me, you guys bullied my father and mother, so be it. But now there is me here. Whoever who dares to bully my parents must pass through me first!”


“What a hooligan fellow!”

“Completely lacking upbringing….”

In the hall, everyone starts scolding but none of them dare to step forward again.

“Such so pitiful.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he looks at everyone in the hall, “No matter what Old man Wang is a general, a Commanding Officer. But in the end, he gave birth to you this group of good-for-nothings.”

“You hooligan, you dare to scold us?!”

“Go and find the soldiers and chase them away! Chase them away!”

The group of people starts shouting. Other than making Liu Yi feel a headache, he did not receive any injury.

“Enough! All of you Shut UP!”

Wang Jianguo restrains all of them before looking at Liu Yi, “Good fellow. You actually dare to be arrogant in my Wang Family! Other than your grandfather it is only you!”


Chapter 478    [The Wang Family]

Returning home Tasks

Task 1: Save Wang Yuzheng’s mother (Check) [Reward: 1 x Kiss]

Task 2: Chase away Mu Tianchen (Hmm should be done??)

Task 2.5: Give Mu Tianchen fake pill (Check with extra freshness included ^_^)

Task 3: Going to visit maternal grandmother and grandfather (ongoing)

What a bunch of messed up family hahaha

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