MKW Chapter 477

Chapter 477   [Mixed feeling returning home]


Guangzhou and North Dragon City are quite far away from each other, especially their temperature difference.

Originally he was wearing a thick layer of winter coat but when he reaches Guangzhou, their entire family already removed their winter coat and is wearing a thin cotton attire.

While on the train, Liu Yi has already inquired about Red Scarf Army news regarding the south.

Chen Dahai is rather surprised by Liu Yi’s question.

{Boss, we have already gone down south ah! Oh right…at that time you were not around and Red Scarf Army had no leader and also we just recruited a large number of new people, and was very messy. So under Xiao Guanzi recommendation to scatter the attention of the gang we have already start fighting on all side. Currently in the north other than Jingdou which is not completely conquered, Sanya region in the south where we have not entered yet, basically the entire country has the influence of our Red Scarf Army. Guangzhou is also the same. Thinking back the gangs in Guangzhou is very tough. In the end, to deal with them we had to dispatch Scarlet Cloth Guards!}

{Very good…you guys did well. This is making me feel remorseful…}

Liu Yi recalls back then when Immortal Fox Sister left, he basically stopped caring about Red Scarf Army and tossed the entire thing to Chen Dahai to deal with it.

{Haiz, boss what are you saying all this for! Red Scarf Army is originally yours. Scarlet Cloth Guards are elites who were personally groomed by you! Relax boss, as long as darkness exists Red Scarf will not fall! There will come a day where our Red Scarf Army banner will be all over China!}

After having a few small chats with Chen Dahai, Liu Yi finally hangs up.

Looks like Red Scarf Army expanded far beyond my imagination. Hope that this time around going to Guangzhou, it be best if I have no need to activate the strength of Red Scarf Army.

After sitting the train for another day, Liu Yi and his parents have finally reached Guangzhou.

No one came to fetch them so they have to line up at the train station for a long time before they manage to board a taxi and proceed towards Guangzhou Military Courtyard.

On the taxi, Liu Zhibing seems to be unable to stand it as he asks, “Yaru…”

“Father’s big 70….is it suitable for us to gift this?”

“What about it. Our family does not have money and we had spent quite a bit to buy this thing okay.”

Wang Yaru rolls her eyes at her husband.

“Grandfather’s big 70 birthday?”

[TL: This big birthday is only after the age of 50 and every 10 years so it is only celebrated on 60, 70, 80, 90 and so forth… It is to signify they live a long life basically because in the past few people lived for so long.]

Liu Yi says in his heart, the two of you are hiding too many things from me okay! Only when we reach then you tell me! If you told me earlier I would’ve settled this present matter?

“That’s right…this time around we come back can also be considered as celebrating your grandfather’s birthday…”

Wang Yaru touches the head of her son.

Liu Yi feels that his mother’s hand is slightly cold and is able to see that although his mother looks calm, she is actually very nervous.

Is this the rumored mixed feeling returning home?

Liu Yi ask curiously, “So what is the present that you had prepared?”

“Your mother and donated a sum of incense money to request for this amulet which is for longevity and safety.”

As Liu Zhibing speaks, he shakes his head like he does not believe in this kind of gods and ghosts matter.

“This amulet is blessed by the master! It is not something that anyone is able to request for!”

Wang Yaru glares at her husband, “In North Dragon City a lot of influential officials also went to request for an amulet like this and it is very effective!”

“Forget it. If these are effective then is there any need for The People’s Army as well The People’s Police.”

Liu Zhibing seems to be not willing to back down from this point.

“Fine, fine, fine. I will not quarrel with you about this point. Xiao Yi ah, later when you see maternal grandfather and grandmother, uncles and aunties, remember to greet them first do you hear me?”

“Oh, I will do my best.”

Liu Yi is most afraid of this matter. Obviously, I have never seen them before and I still need to go and greet them first warmly…

If you do not go and greet them warmly people will say that this child had no upbringing or not quick-witted enough, to be done for and the likes…

But I have fucking not seen this bunch of relatives before! How the hell can I be warm and enthusiastic with them!

Liu Zhibing snorts and says, “No worries, Xiao Yi at that time if you decide if you want to greet them. Even if you greet them, they might not care about you.”

“You old thing can you teach something good!”

Wang Yaru slaps her husband, “You as well! Keep away this temper of yours! With great difficulty we returned back, can you try to alleviate the family relationship?!”

“I will do my best as well…”

As the father, his reply is the same as his son.

Wang Yaru sighs helplessly before keeping quiet.

The capital of Guangzhou is not small. The military courtyard that Wang Yaru’s father lives in is quite far away.

The taxi trip took nearly an hour before finally reaching.

Wang Yaru is the first to alight. After rearranging her attire as well as helping Liu Zhibing and Liu Yi neaten up, she brings them and walks towards the military courtyard.

At the main door of the military courtyard stands two guard soldiers holding guns not moving like statues.

“How are you. I am Commanding Officer Wang’s daughter Wang Yaru, please let me go in.”

Wang Yaru says to the two guard soldiers.

The guard soldier shakes his head and says stiffly, “Apologies, please take out your identification proof.”

“This…I am the daughter of Commanding Officer Wang, Wang Yaru. You see this is my ID…”

Wang Yaru hurries and takes out her ID and shows the guard soldiers.

“Apologies we only recognize entrance and exit permits.”

The two guard soldiers continue to reject.

“Ah, what should I do…”

Wang Yaru starts to become nervous.

“Give Xiao Ran a call and ask her to come and fetch us.”

Liu Zhibing knows how dead people who are soldiers be thus he reminds.

“Ah, right, right…at this time Xiao Ran is definitely at home.”

Wang Yaru brightens up as she takes out her handphone and gives her second sister a call.

Very quickly a woman who looks very similar to Liu Yi’s mother hurriedly walks out to the main door.

“Big sister, sister-in-law. When did you guys arrive why didn’t you give me a call earlier!”

Wang Yaru hurries and pulls Liu Yi in front of her, she pets his head and says, “Xiao Yi greet your second aunt.”

“Second, second aunt…”

Seeing this woman’s appearance, Liu Yi feels rather unfamiliar.

“Aiyah, Xiao Yi has grown so big…”

Second Aunt happily looks at Liu Yi before sighing in sorrow, “In a blink of an eye it has been so many years….big sister…you have aged…”

“We have all aged.”

Wang Yaru gives a bitter smile, “Xiao Ran ah, help us talk to the two soldiers and let us go in.”

Wang Yaran immediately says to the two guard soldiers, “These two brothers. This is my big sister and her family. Let them come in.”

“Apologies, please show your entrance and exit permits.”

The two guard soldiers shake their head.

“This, this…what should we do…”

Wang Yaran also becomes anxious, “The entrance and exit permits must be stamped by our father to be effective…”


Wang Yaru and Liu Zhibing look at each other. After traveling so far to come to Guangzhou and in the end they are unable to enter the door are we going to have to go back crestfallen like this?

Looking at the two guard soldiers who are like door guard, the three of them do not have any method.

“These two big brothers, I feel that sometimes soldiers also should be slightly flexible a bit.”

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly walks forward and stands in front of the two soldiers with his back to Wang Yaru. He secretly takes out credentials and hinted slightly.

The two soldiers trembles as their hand are about to lift up to salute but Liu Yi stops it.

The two soldiers turn their head to the side and pretend that they did not see Wang Yaru and Liu Zhibing.

“Looks like the two big brother soldiers are easy to talk with ah!”

Liu Yi clucks and turns around and says, “Come on father, mother, second aunt. We can go in.”

“Ah, okay…”

Wang Yaran is slightly shocked. When were these two soldiers so easy to talk to?

Liu Yi’s parents also feel that it is weird but they are unable to think of the reason.

But like they are afraid that the two soldiers would regret, the three of them hurries in.

Because this time around they are here to visit only, Liu Yi and his parents did not bring any luggage. They only bring a small backpack which is filled with some clothing and daily necessities.

When they reach the door of Wang Family, it is a three-story tall white building.

Wang Yaran opens the door and brings Wang Yaru and her family in.

The interior hall of the building is very wide and the decorations are very simple.

When they walk in, the hall is already filled with people causing Liu Yi to feel his eyes is blurry.

The center of the hall is an old man wearing army attire and looks very capable.

By his side sits a lot of men and women. Some of them look similar to his mother, there is no need to ask, they must be his uncles and aunts.

“Yaru? it is you? Why did you come back?”

When Wang Yaru comes back, it did not bring joy to the people in the room.

Instead, everyone looks at Wang Yaru in unexpectedness.

Liu Yi notices that the old man’s gaze turns cold and snorts.

A young and pretty woman who is around 30% similar to his mother dressed in luxurious clothing says “You still got face to come back? Before father gets mad scram away!”

“Yaru please go away. This family do not welcome you. Today is father’s big 70. Please do not come back and make this family feel stifled.”

This time around the person who speaks is a tall and skinny guy in a western suit. He looks scholarly but his voice contains a trace of nontolerant rejection.

Wang Yaru’s expression turns ugly but she forcefully smiles and says, “Third sister, big brother…I am also back to congratulate father…”

Liu Yi secretly shakes his head, this family is filled with rejection against us.

As for everyone here, looking at their gaze, there is no bit of joy or even a bit of compassion.

Towards their own daughter…is this, considered a family?

At this moment a fashionably dressed middle-aged woman sitting on the left sofa sneers and says, “You are already no longer a person from Wang Family right?”

The guy by her side immediately secretly pushes her slightly.

“Wang Jingfeng why the heck are you pushing me for! Am I not saying the truth?!”

“Xiao Ya…you, would you die if you do not speak…”

“You are good ah Wang Jingfeng. Not only do you not help me, but you also help the outsider to teach me a lesson?”

“Shut up! All stop quarreling!”


Chapter 477    [Mix feeling returning home]

Returning home Tasks

Task 1: Save Wang Yuzheng’s mother (Check) [Reward: 1 x Kiss]

Task 2: Chase away Mu Tianchen (Hmm should be done??)

Task 2.5: Give Mu Tianchen fake pill (Check with extra freshness included ^_^)

Task 3: Going to visit maternal grandmother and grandfather (…queued)

So does anyone have a guess on what ID did Liu Yi show to the soldiers?

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    • Clearly, since the other only ID he could have shown that could have that effect would be a Red Scarf Army one, but that’s just a red scarf anyone can gets their hands on…


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