MKW Chapter 476

Chapter 476   [Golden Dog Poop]


Wang Yuzheng gifting Liu Yi a kiss is a very big strike to Mu Tianchen.

He stands by the side blankly like he had been given the death penalty.

Seeing her daughter being unreserved in his manner, Mother Wang did not say anything, instead, she is all smiles.

When she looks at Liu Yi, it is like she is looking at her son-in-law.

Seriously speaking, her gaze is giving Liu Yi the creeps.

“This friend I beg you. Please take me as your disciple!”

As for Charles, he grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm and starts begging sincerely, “Your medical technique is really too miraculous let me expand my horizons….”

“You are overpraising…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this foreigner is rather enthusiastic. It would be better if he sprays some cologne on himself first…

“Not over praising, not over-praising at all! This kind of medical technology is like god has descended!”

Seeing Mother Wang’s new data. Charles does not dare to believe what he is seeing.

“Mr Charles right….I am really sorry, this medical technique that is passed down by my ancestors is actually solely relying on the help of pills. The pills that we have is passed down generation by generation, I myself is also not clear on the composition of the pill…so, there is no need to mention becoming my disciple.”

“Real, really not able to …”

“Really unable to…I am really sorry…”

“Alsa what a pity…”

Charles is regretful. He takes out a name card from his pocket and passes it to Liu Yi with both hands.

“Bear Liu…this is my name card. In the future if you have any problems come and find me….things regarding medicine you can find me. If I can help, I will definitely help!”

“Okay thank you.”

Liu Yi feels that this foreigner is rather cute, thus he accepted his name card.

The moment he takes the name card, Little Jade immediately records the information of the card into her database.

“Since there is no longer any matter then we shall leave first and not disturb you guys anymore.”

Seeing that there isn’t any need for him regarding this matter Charles brings his nurses and leave.

Mu Tianchen crestfallenly follows behind and leaves in resentment.

But his heart is uncomfortable. Is that pill that Liu Yi possessed so miraculous? Cannot…I must think of a way to get hold of the pill and see what is the composition inside!

Liu Yi sits in Wang Yuzheng’s house for a while and had lunch after Mother Wang insists on having a lunch with him before finally leaving.

Just as he steps out of the district he immediately sees a luxurious car park outside.

Mu Tianchen walks out from the car and waves towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi ignores him and walks in another direction like he did not see him.

“Wait a minute, junior…Mr Liu!”

Mu Tianchen becomes anxious as he runs over and blocks in front of Liu Yi.

“Mr Liu, don’t leave in a hurry first…I have a matter to ask of you, a matter to ask of you…”

“You and I do not have anything to discuss.”

Liu Yi frowns. Towards Mu Tianchen he does not have any good opinion of him.

Mu Tianchen hurries and says, “Mr Liu don’t be anxious…actually I have a business to discuss with you.”

“What business? I am a student what business could you discuss with me?”

“This….Mr Liu there is no need to be modest…right my family is actually the Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer…”

“Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer?”

When Liu Yi heard this name he frowns.

Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer name is very resounding!

It is the number 1 number 2 medicine manufacturer in China. A lot of medicine that follows into the cities are produced by this company.

A few years ago didn’t Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer became famous because of a health product got into an accident?

This health product was very famous back then. There was an advertisement for it daily and became the essential gift to elderlies during Chinese New Year.

It can be said that the higher you go, the risk it higher. In the end, people found that this medicine has a type of hormone ingredient within and in the end nearly caused Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer to bankrupt.

After which Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer spent a large sum of money to settle this matter…but their company’s fame is no longer as large as in the past. The health product that allowed them to earn more than they can spend nearly caused them to compensate their entire fortune!

Mu Tianchen’s father is Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer’s in charge.

Mu Tianchen looks at Liu Yi anxiously and asks, “What I want to say is….can you sell me the medicine formula of the pill to me….”

“Medicine formula? Didn’t I said already that I do not possess this thing!”

Liu Yi suddenly understands Mu Tianchen’s thoughts and immediately rejects.

“No worries…how about you sell me that pill of yours is also fine…”

The effect of the pill, Mu Tianchen has seen it personally.

A thing that is able to cause Charles to be so crazy…how could it be anything bad!

“Eh? You want to take it to save a person?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly.

“Ah….yes, that’s right…my grandfather had to frequently be hospitalized and his body is becoming weaker and weaker…”

My Tianchen’s nose suddenly turns sour as his eyes turn red and cries, “I, this grandson have found a lot of doctors…but none of them are able to help ….I, I love my grandfather very much…….Mr Liu can you be kind-hearted and sell me 1…1 is enough.”

Liu Yi wants to laugh in his heart, this fellow acting is quite good.

If it is not for Little Jade who had taken out the data for Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer allowing me to know that his grandfather had already died. I would have really believed him.

Tears, really used to lie to people.

Looks like what this fellow wants is to obtain the pill and research the composition within afterward.

How could the pill that is concerted by Medical King Valley be researched out by you guys so easily?

Although Liu Yi’s heart is like a mirror without moving or making a sound he transmits over some instructions to Xuefeng by the side.

Xuefeng nods her head before disappearing.

“How is it…Mr Liu…”

“This..although my family has a saying ‘Doctor has a parent’s heart. Saving a person is like saving a fire’.”

Liu Yi pretends to consider, “But to be honest I am only left with two of this pill….one was just given to Wang Yuzheng’s mother and the other is for rainy days…”

“Mr Liu, I’m begging you Mr Liu. My grandfather is nearly not going to make it. I do not wish to lose my grandfather…he loves me the most…”

Mu Tianchen cries as he begs, “I beg you…I am willing to spend a large sum of money to buy it…”

He runs over to the car and open the trunk, and takes out a briefcase.

“There is 200 thousand instead here. I am willing to spend 200 thousand to buy the pill to save my grandfather’s life!”

Liu Yi asks curiously, “The cash you carry on hand is quite large ah.”

“Hehe…this way, this way is safer…”

Mu Tianchen does not dare to say that this sum of money is what he had just withdrawn from the bank.

His family lets him use this sum of money is to buy a few prescriptions from a small medicine manufacturer. And this medicine manufacturer is in North Dragon City.

Other than studying medicine, Heaven Chinese Medinice Manufacturer’s in charge would let his son go and carry out some company-related matters to train him a bit. Hoping that he will be able to take over him in the future.

But Mu Tianchen feels that instead of buying over those medicine formulas why doesn’t he buy the miracles pill in Liu Yi’s hands!

With this miracles pill, Heaven Chinese Medicine Manufacturer will definitely be able to rise once again!

Mu Tianchen begs once again “Mr Liu…I am begging you… can you save my grandfather this one time based on my filial piety….”

“Fine then….since this is the case then I shall sell it to you.”

Liu Yi sighs as he takes out a small pill bottle.

Mu Tianchen’s eyes brighten up. That’s right it is this small pill bottle! It is the same as the one that Liu Yi took out in Wang Yuzheng’s house earlier!

“There is only one pill left inside. Here take it. Hope that your grandfather will get better.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much!”

Mu Tianchen is about to turn silly from joy. He passes the briefcase filled with money to Liu Yi as he takes the pill bottle smiling.

Liu Yi turns away and looks at Xuefeng by the side and transmits over, “What did you add inside the bottle?”

“Hehe, dog poop. Freshly passed out one.”

Xuefeng flutters her eyes at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi nearly starts sweating.

Fine then… Xuefeng is ruthless…

Just now his instructions to Xuefeng is to ask her to secretly take away the pill within and remove the top layer of the pill, and add some other stuff within the layer. Then he will sell this fake Vitality Pill to this greedy fellow.

But he did not expect that…Xuefeng would be so mischievous! She stuffed dog poop inside….

Looks like Mu Tianchen will be very happy…

Looking at Mu Tianchen who is thanking him profusely and walks away like he had obtained a treasure which is dog poop. Liu Yi really wishes to laugh.

Selling dog poop for 200 thousand…this business is really too good. It is definitely dog poop made of gold.

As he walks back he starts to feel apprehensive in his heart.

Mu Tianchen causes him to have a small thought.

Within Medical King Valley’s miracle pill, Liu Yi can go and try manufacturing medicine.

Vitality Pill and Soul returning Pill are both very powerful miracle pills. Although Liu Yi does not know the composition of the pill but as long as he is able to get Huang Jie over then it WILL be okay…after all Huang Jie is an eighth-grade alchemist!

But now I am no longer in the righteous path…wanting to invite Huang Jie down the mountain will be slightly difficult…

But to earn money…ah wrong, to benefit mankind, to benefit the society…I will find a Way to secretly pay Medical King Valley a visit.

After deciding on this plan, Liu Yi gives Chen Dahai a call and let him first prepare the procedures to open a medicine manufacturer company.

“Boss…these procedures is rather troublesome…”

Chen Dahai’s voice seems to be slightly awkward.

“Oh? If it is too troublesome then forget it.”

“Hehe..Boss I am only joking around. You have connections with the higher-up so this little matter is nothing much. Relax I will go and settle it immediately you just watch me!”

“Oh, don’t be in a hurry. Remember to discuss with Zhou Ziying.”


After handing over the company to Zhou Ziying and Chen Dahai, Liu Yi is at ease with it.

Don’t use people if in doubt. If use the person then do not doubt. This is Liu Yi’s philosophy.

But currently it is not time to be concerned about this matter…tomorrow is the trip to Guangzhou…I’m afraid that is the problem I am most concerned in.

Going down south….it is not my territory ah…should I consider letting Red Scarf Army to also start moving south?


Chapter 476    [Golden Dog Poop]

Returning home Tasks

Task 1: Save Wang Yuzheng’s mother (Check) [Reward: 1 x Kiss]

Task 2: Chase away Mu Tianchen (Hmm should be done??)

Task 2.5: Give Mu Tianchen fake pill (Check with extra freshness included ^_^)

Task 3: Going to visit maternal grandmother and grandfather (…queued)

Task ….is there anything else I forget?

@Exfernal: well…the author is twisting the truth I guess??? After all there is already dialysis in China since 1999…. (Link to a paper regarding it) For everyone peace and sanity, ignore all bad mouthing of Japanese/Korean/Americans subjects…mostly will be false ^_^


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