MKW Chapter 475

Chapter 475   [Miraculous medical pill]


Dr Charles ponders for a long time as his tone turns heavy.

“This matter…indeed is thorny…”

His sentence causes Wang Yuzheng’s face to change while Mother Wang trembles slightly before letting out a soft sigh.

Hearing her mother sighing, Wang Yuzheng grabs hold of her mother tightly.

“Mr Charles, your meaning is…”

Mu Tianchen also starts to frown, unable to help Wang Yuzheng? Wouldn’t that ruin my matters?

“Based on current methods, I am indeed helpless…”

Charles shakes his head, “But if the patient is willing, you can move over to my hospital and through our medical treatment methods, we will be able to let the patient live for a few more years.”

“Alsa forget it…”

Mother Wang clucks, “I have already lived for so long, there is nothing that I never saw before nor experienced before. There is no need for this set of old bones to continue dragging down the family. The sooner I die the sooner my family can be peaceful.”

“Mom…don’t say nonsense…”

Wang Yuzheng instantly turns anxious as she hugs her mother tightly while trembling.

Her eyes have turn red as tears start falling uncontrollably.

Mu Tianchen hurries and asks again, “There is really no hope? You are a famous doctor internationally ah….”

Charles shakes his head, “Apologies…I am helpless…”

“No worries, Yuzheng, there is no need for you to worry. I will find other doctors….”

“Sir Mu Tianchen, I am already the most outstanding doctor in this field. Even if you find other doctors, I am afraid that they will give you the same answer.”

Foreigners are very stubborn in this matters. Hearing what this doctor says, Wang Yuzheng’s face turn pale.

“Yuzheng I…”

Liu Yi walks in with large steps as he says coldly, “Enough.”

“You give her hope and now you once again pushed her into despair. Mu Tianchen. Please do not use this matter to chase after Wang Yuzheng again. She is unable to take this kind of harm from you.”

“What, what rubbish are you spouting! I am only wishing to help Yuzheng…”

Mu Tianchen’s face flickers between green and purple, completely bad.

“Liu Yi you have come…”

When Wang Yuzheng sees Liu Yi walking in, she wipes away her tears as she forces out a smile.

“Aiyah…so this is Xiao Yi right…quick have a seat, have a seat…”

When Mother Wang sees Liu Yi, she hurries and says warmly, “This house is slightly small…please don’t despise it…”

Because she is bedridden throughout the year, Wang Yuzheng’s house has a smell of medication which is very unpleasant to smell. But Liu Yi does not seem to mind it as he walks over and sits by Mother Wang’s side and says, “Sorry aunty…I have been busy all this time and could not find time to visit you…”

“How can you say that…it has always been you taking care of my girl. It should be me who should be thanking you…look at this fellow, he looks so charming.”

Liu Yi feels like Mother Wang is looking at him like she is looking at a son-in-law.

He swallows his saliva and says, “This…aunty. There is no need to be so polite. Today other than paying you a visit, I am also here to understand a bit about your sickness.”

“Help me, look at my sickness?”

Mother Wang feels that it is slightly strange. “Didn’t Yuzheng says that you are studying…biology right? Why do you know how to help people take a look at their sickness?”

“Hmph, just a layman only and dare you to say that you know how to see a patient.”

Mu Tianchen mocks him by the side.

Liu Yi did not care about him as he says to Mother Wang, “Aunty it is like this. My family has some medical knowledge passed down by my ancestor…although shameful, but I hope that it will be able to help aunty slightly….”

Mu Tianchen continues and says, “Since it is shameful then do not take it out. What if you cause the sickness of Mother Wang to flare up.”

Liu Yi cannot be bothered by him, does this fellow knows the meaning of modesty?

“Sure, not a problem. After all, there is nothing much you can help.”

Mother Wang clucks, “I am already a set of old bones. Life and death are up to fate and riches and honor is in the sky. As long as my daughter is okay everything is fine with me.”

“Aunty don’t say this. Let me take a look first.”

By the side, Charles asks, “Do you need me to give you the data?”

He is rather interested in the ancestor or medical teaching that this Chinese guy is talking about.

“Thank you, but I have my own methods.”

After all, it is a kind intention from him, thus Liu Yi politely nods his head at Charles before gently placing his fingers on Mother Wang’s wrist.

“Oh, you also know how to read a pulse? Although I do not know traditional medicine I am still able to see that your posture is completely unprofessional!”

Mu Tianchen mocks, “Don’t tell me that you are just acting around!”

Wang Yuzheng is slightly annoyed as she uses her forever soft tone and says, “Senior Mu, can you please speak less.”

Since Wang Yuzheng say so, Mu Tianchen’s face turns black as he stops speaking anymore.

Liu Yi indeed is acting. Although he did not press on Mother Wang’s vein, his Immortal Qi already entered Mother Wang’s body and checks the condition of her body.

With this check, Liu Yi realize that Mother Wang’s body meridians have completely aged till they have deformed beyond recognition!

Furthermore, the most important point is her kidney failure is very serious. No wonder Charles is also helpless. Kidney failure this bad is scarier than any other terminal illness.

It does not belong to a disease, instead, it belongs to the failing of a human’s organ. This kind of aging is a natural rule. Born, age, sick and death. Even if you have a stronger medical method you will not be able to go against the natural rule.

But to Liu Yi, this is not any major problem. Being a cultivator is already going against the natural order. A human fighting against the heavens.

While the pills that Medical King Valley concerted is naturally the same. Vitality pills, regrowing flesh and the like are naturally stories from myths.

When Liu Yi thinks to here he withdraws his finger and says to Mother Wang, “Aunty relax. It can be cured.”

Wang Yuzheng instantly becomes excited as she asks, “Really?”

“Xiao Yi ah….you are not trying to make aunty happy right…”

Mother Wang also does not believe it. Even the famous doctor said that there is no cure how could this little kid have a method?

Charles is also shocked, this kind of sickness can be treated? Then it can be termed as a miracle in medical history!

Mu Tianchen sneers and says, “Stop joking around. Even Mr Charles is unable to treat it how is it possible for you to treat it? Who are you kidding?”

“In this enormous world, there is not impossible.”

Liu Yi glances at Mu Tianchen before saying, “Every matter is not absolute. There is always a way to solve you. You guys not having it does not represent that I do not.”

“Hmph, then I want to see how are you going to treat her.”

Mu Tianchen crosses his arms like he is going to watch a joke.

“Aunty I have a miracle pill passed down by my ancestors. You eat it. After eating it you will immediately be fine.”

Liu Yi takes out a Vitality pill. With this pill, it is enough to let Mother Wang have a second spring…ah wrong it is reborn.


Mother Wang is also suspicious as she stretches out her weak and thin hand, trembling as she takes the pill.

“Haiz, really is a pill. You think you are selling Vigorous Pill is it?”

Mu Tianchen starts laughing, his entire face filled with mocking.

“This friend, giving a sick person random stuff random stuff is not right.”

Charles cannot help but reminds, “I wish to know what is the composition of this medicine.”

“Even if I tell you, you will not understand it. Anyways aunty if you believe me you just eat it.”

“Aiyah aunty you cannot eat random medicine. You might really die from it.”

Mu Tianchen by the side says, “Don’t believe in the nonsense that this fellow tells you. He is completely an outsider in medical techniques. Hmph, medical knowledge passed down by ancestors, miracle pills really what a joke.”


Wang Yuzheng looks at her mother suddenly not knowing what she should do.

“Aunty you cannot eat it…if something bad happens then it’ll be bad.”

Mu Tianchen keeps ranting on.

On the other hand, Liu Yi did not say anything. He only looks at Mother Wang and his gaze gives people a type of strength.

Liu Yi’s eyes follow his mother, Wang Yaru and is very pretty to look at. Especially after he returned back from Asura Realm, within his eyes appears a hidden depth, like a deep lake.

“It’s okay. I’ll eat it.”

Mother Wang suddenly swallows the pill and says with a smile, “Anyways I am already like this. It will not get even worse than now…”

“You really dare to you ah. Gods….”

Mu Tianchen is frightened, “Hurry send her to the hospital. Help her wash her stomach out…”

While he is shouting, Mother Wang suddenly trembles and closes her eyes scaring everyone.

This can’t be right, she really eaten wrong things?!?!

Wang Yuzheng is very shocked as she hugs her mother while shouting, “Mom, mom are you really okay? Please don’t scare me…”

Mu Tianchen instantly starts shouting at Liu Yi, “Finished, this time it is really finished! Why the hell are you showing off for! This time around it is really finished! Quickly send her to the hospital!”

A few nurses immediately help Mother Wang check her body.

Liu Yi stands to the side calmly with self-confidence.

Just as the house is about to collapse from the mess, Mother Wang suddenly calms down before opening her eyes with is very clear and bright.

“Mom, mom how are you? Don’t scare me please…”

“I am fine…”

Mother Wang suddenly starts to sit up slowly before stretching out her legs from the blanket and under the stunned gaze of the crowd gets off the bed and stands up.

Charles and Mu Tianchen’s eyes nearly pop out. Especially Charles who really does not dare to believe in what he is seeing.

“Wow…my gods….my gods ah….this is definitely a miracle….”

“Mom…you, you are able to walk?!”

Wang Yuzheng’s voice is trembling from joy.

“Talking about this, this is really strange…I suddenly got strength…”

Mother Wang spins two rounds as her face turns red, full of youth and very energetic, “I feel that my body is really relaxed…like I have become twenty years younger…”

Liu Yi starts smiling, how could you not be younger by twenty years. This pill directly gives Mother Wang’s body a new vitality. Now her bones are no different from a 30 years old person.

Mother Wang swiftly transforms into a different person. Currently, the sickness and age on her face has completely disappeared. Now her face is filled with vitality and smiles.

“Aiyah…Xiao Yi this medicine of yours is really good…”

“Liu Yi….thank you…”

While Wang Yuzheng directly lunges over and hugs Liu Yi, and kisses him on his face.


Chapter 475    [Miraculous medical pill]

Returning home Tasks

Task 1: Save Wang Yuzheng’s mother (Check) [Reward: 1 x Kiss]

Task 2: Chase away Mu Tianchen (Hmm maybe done)

Task 3: Going to visit maternal grandmother and grandfather (…queued)

Task ….is there anything else I forget?


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  1. Kidney failure is treated with hemodialysis. And cured with a kidney transplant. What a joke calling them practitioners of western medicine, being so clueless.


    • Yup, that’s why the doctor said they only able to prolong her life for a few years, not curing her. While kidney failure can be treated, he can’t say 100% sure because her old age might invite some complications because the treatment. And hemodialysis cost is so high that she might need to sell her daughter.


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