MKW Chapter 474

Chapter 474   [Visiting a sick person]


Within the Cultivation World, there is an immortal mountain. There are rumors that within this immortal mountain hides a very powerful sword cultivator. He was originally one of the sword cultivators of Raising Immortal Palace Hall who had taken part in the counterattack against the Demon Race Army a thousand years ago. Later on, he got defeated by the Demon Race Army and from then on he lives in seclusion in the immortal mountain, never to show his face again.

This immortal mountain location is very hidden and only a few know of it. If someone enters it by accident, he will be blocked from entering by powerful formations within.

Thus during the years, other than flowers, birds, fishes, and insects, no other living being has entered before.

But today is different. A figure wearing black robes embroidered with nine golden red dragons slowly enters this immortal mountain.

Within the immortal mountain barrier, there are some formations which are completely useless against him. He stands at the foot of the mountain and looks at the heavily forested mountain. With a wave of his hands, he instantly clears away the mist covering the mountain.

Just as the mist is cleared away, a thunderous voice shouts out, “Who is it?! How dare you intrude Mt. Wanzong!”

The black robe guy raises his head to see a large cliff suddenly opens it’s eye and glares fiercely at him.

Following which the mountain starts trembling as a 30 meters all figure walks down from the mountain peak.

The enormous figure is completely formed by the mountain stones. Tree leaves and branches drape over its body like a clothing, hiding the important parts.

Its voice is like thunder and erupts out from within the mountain.

“Mountain God eh?”

Facing such a tall and enormous person, the black robe guy does not seem to have any fear, instead, he calmly places his hands behind his back and stands there.

“It is nothing but a low-grade god spirit that’s all and you dare to come out and cause mischief.”

“Idiot! Thou are a mortal! How dare you look down on a mountain god!”

The mountain god flies into a rage as it’s thunderous voice rings out, “If you do not wish to die under my god strength then immediately retreat out of the range of Mt. Wanzong! Otherwise, I shall kill you!”

“Alas, there are really so many people who like to be a hindrance.”

The black robe guy sighs before walking towards the mountain.

“Acting recklessly!”

The mountain god instantly flies into a rage and raises it’s enormous arm and slaps down towards the ant-size black robe person.

The mountain god’s body is very large. Its palm is like the sky collapsing down!

The black robe guy is calm as he stands there allowing the palm to lands on him.


The ground suddenly starts trembling causing the mountain god to tremble as it says fearfully, “This, how is this possible….”

As it sees the black robe guy standing under its palm using a single hand to receive the mountain god’s attack!

“Ignorance is nothing wrong.”

The black robe guy says faintly, “But using your ignorance to challenge me is the biggest mistake.”

He flicks out with a single finger on the enormous palm of the mountain god.


The mountain god’s body instantly starts crumbling from the palm onwards. Broken stones start dropping down like rain.

Just before death, the mountain god howls in grief, “Not possible…this is not possible….who on earth are you…”


The black robe guy withdrew his own hand and placed it behind his hand before saying faintly, “A very lamentable god.”

Surging yellow smoke emits out as the mountain god turns into a pile of broken stone and lands all over the mountain.

The black robe guy waves his hand gently and all of the smoke instantly dispersed.

He walks calmly up the mountain like he is only here for a scenic tour idly strolling around.

Just now he killed the mountain god with just a gesture, but now the black robe guy seems to have completely blended in into nature.

All kind of beasts, flying insects wander by his side like the black robe guy is not a person walking around but air.

There are also some butterflies which land on his arms gently flapping their wings.

The black robe guy continues to walk slowly among the mountain until he finally enters deep into the immortal mountain and reaches a bluish jade lake.

There is a small pavilion in the center of the lake. And a middle-aged guy wearing shabby clothing is sitting in the pavilion.

By his side is an immortal sword. In his hands is a wine cup as he hums a folk tune while forcing himself to drink.

Seeing the black robe guy walking close, the middle-age uncles does not seem to see him as he continues to drink.

“Sir is indeed very refined. Drinking over thousands of years in this mountain, don’t you feel that it is very boring?”

“The feelings within the wind, even if I taste it for over hundreds of thousands of years I will not find it boring.”

The sloppy middle-aged man once again drinks a cup of wine and says, “You make such a big fuss to come here and even killed a mountain god, only to chat about life with me?”

“Of course not.”

The black robe guy smiles faintly, “It is only that it has been a long time since I had seen sir so I was slightly missing you.”

“Oh? You know me?”

“Can be considered so…”

“Really strange. I am not familiar with your aura. Why don’t you remove your mask and let me take a look at your face?”

“There is no need. What is the point of a dead person looking at my face.”

“You are here to kill me?”

The sloppy middle-age guy finally places down his wine cup and looks at the black robe guy.

“Naturally. I came here earlier to send sir off free of worries.”

“Aiyah, that cannot do. Although I no longer care about this life, I am here to wait for a person.”

The sloppy middle-age guy slowly gets to his feet and lets out a drunken burp, “Before that person comes, I do not plan to die.”

The black robe guy smiles and says, “Not a bad thinking, but it is not up to sir.”

“Hahaha…if you want to kill me then that will depend on your ability.”

As the sloppy middle-age guy speaks, he suddenly drinks another mouth of wine and then with a wispy intoxication intent, his body sways.

At that instant, the immortal sword by his side suddenly flies up and is grasped in his hand before slashing out an eye-catching sword light.

“A sword piercing through Kyushu!”

As he mumbles to himself, he reclines lazily against the pillar of the pavilion while the sword in his hand points towards the ground.

While a mountain peak behind the black-robed guy suddenly got sliced into two as the top half slowly slides off and lands among the mountain valley.

“Sir indeed possess good sword techniques. You are indeed the Wine Sword Immortal that caused the demon race to escape in fear.”

Seeing the black robe guy standing there safe and sound the sloppy middle-aged man got a shock.

“How could it be…you dodged my sword technique?”

The black robe guy speaks calmly, “Wine Sword technique is indeed exquisite and mystical but it is not undefeatable.”

“Not possible, eat my sword again, take this move…”

The sloppy middle-age guy is about to draw out his sword again when the black robe guy suddenly appears in front of him and taps on his forehead with a finger.


The sloppy middle-age guy vomits out blood as an enormous amount of fire qi explodes behind his head and evaporates the entire lake behind him.

“I have already seen sir’s entire Wine Sword technique, so there is no need to see it again. From now on, sir and your Wine Sword technique will thoroughly vanish from this world. Dust to dust, earth to earth. Everything shall turn into air.”

The sloppy middle-age guy falls onto the ground as his immortal sword and wine cup lands by the side.

“The soul also cannot be left behind…”

A fire dragon suddenly flies out from the black robe guy’s robe and completely burned the soul of the sloppy middle-age guy into nothing.


After he finished everything, he turns around and walks down the mountain as the immortal mountain once again restores its peace.


After Liu Yi wakes up early in the morning and had breakfast, he says goodbye to his family members before rushing over to Wang Yuzheng’s house.

Tomorrow I need to go to Guangzhou. So today I must hurry and settle Wang Yuzheng’s mother’s sickness. After all, these are the pills that Huang Mu had given me, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Don’t know after the previous matter how Huang Mu would see me as.

Now that I have already retreated from the righteous path, and can be said to be enemies with the righteous path. Earlier Huang Mu called me dao brother. Don’t know would he change in the future.

As for Longxiang Temple and the monk Yuan Tong. After top 4 he had left with the people from Longxiang Temple and did not watch the final fight.

Liu Yi feels that this group of monks basically do not care about the title of World Number 1 and only come to the competition just for fun.

It is still this group of monks who are greedless, looking at Conceal Sword Pavilion, Immortal Snow Peak and the likes…..also there is no comparison…

Liu Yi shakes his head as he flies in the sky on his sword while recalling everything that had happened in the World Manor a while back.

He and Wang Yuzheng did not live far apart. Furthermore with his fast speed, with just a few minutes of flight, he has already flown to the skies of Shantytown.

Since Red Scarf Army started controlling the underworld of the entire North Dragon City, there is no longer matter such as forceful demolishment anymore.

Shantytown is still completely preserved here waiting for the next steps of negotiation with the developers.

Usually, Shantytown is rather calm but today it is an exception. Liu Yi sees that outside of Shantytown parks a number of luxurious cars while in front of Wang Yuzheng’s house door stand a few foreign men and women.

Liu Yi feels that it is strange as he finds a place without people to land before walking into Shantytown. He walks upstairs and walks to the front of Wang Yuzheng’s house.

The main door is open and inside stand a lot of people. Wang Yuzheng is sitting by her mother’s bed and beside stands a foreigner wearing western suit who is letting a few girls who are dressed as nurses to use an instrument to take readings of Wang Yuzheng’s mother.

Mu Tianchen is standing by the side with his arms crossed with a smile and it seems like he is slightly proud.

“Yuzheng, relax. This is the best doctor that my uncle knows. He is very famous internationally and has cured countless of seriously sick patients. A lot of big hospitals offer him an annual salary of ten million but he rejected them.”

“Thank, thank you….”

Mother Wang is an honest person. Hearing what Mu Tianchen says she says thanks with a weak voice.

“There is no need to be polite aunty. Yuzheng’s matter is my matter. I will do my best to cure you.” He turns around and asks the foreigner, “Mr Charles how is aunty’s condition?”

The foreigner says with fluent Chinese with a frown, “It is really strange…the illness of this madam is really unusual…in my many years of practicing medicine, this is the first time I had seen it…”


Chapter 474    [Visiting a sick person]

Returning home Tasks

Task 1: Save Wang Yuzheng’s mother (Ongoing)

Task 2: Chase away Mu Tianchen (Ongoing)

Task 3: …….

Wait why the heck did Great God Sect Sect Leader go and kill that drunken guy!!!!!???!!!?

@Alairion, I mention there will be at least one arc in between. So you can take the previous school chapters as a mini arc and this one as visiting home arc. After this arc I promise that we will all be heading into Demon Realm!!!!

@Crywolf no spoiler please.


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  1. My apologies, I failed to read that note….pity I am unable to say which I am enjoying more, the story or the quality of your translation…. hmm perhaps I need to go get my own cup of wine and meditate on this


  2. My theory on the killing of the poor drunken old man? The person he was waiting for was Liu Yi and that technique combined with everything else would make him too OP. The sect leader most likely has some kind of power to see a part of the destiny and to act against it.

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