MKW Chapter 473

Chapter 473   [Guangzhou’s Wang Family]


“Two days later follow us to Guangzhou to visit your maternal grandfather’s family.”

Liu Zibing’s sentence nearly causes Liu Yi to fall off his chair.

“Dad, you are not joking with me right! Didn’t you say that my maternal grandfather died already?!”

Even if he left the human realm for 500 years but Liu Yi still did not forget about this!

Based on his memories, he recalls that his parents had told him before that his maternal grandparents have died already!

This is also the reason why for so many years Liu Yi has never gone to meet his mother’s family and is already used to it!

While his grandfather had died a recently so on his father’s there is still a second grandfather left!

“Actually we are lying to you. Your maternal grandparents are still well and fine.”

Liu Zibing continues to speak. Although he says it calmly, it causes Liu Yi to be struck by lightning and completely stunning!

This has completely toppled his life view!

“Father, mother, stop messing around…don’t tell me that you would tell me later that I am not your birth child?”


Wang Yaru’s face turns black and she slaps Liu Yi’s head, “Damn child what are you saying! I told you so many times not to watch melodramatic TV shows and you refuse to listen. How did you learn so much nonsense.”

“Eh…is your birth child is good…today is really too confusing…”

Liu Yi feels that his mind is in a mess.

“There is a reason why we do not want to tell you.”

Today Liu Zibing seems to wish to talk as he takes out another cigarette and lights it up.

If it is in the past, if Liu Zibing dared to smoke on the dining table he will definitely be fiercely scolded by Wang Yaru.

But today seems to be the exception as Liu Yi watches his mother sit by the side and continue eating letting his father smoke.

“After all we need to go back so there are some matters that you need to know. There is no harm in telling you today.”

As Liu Zibing smokes, he continues to tell Liu Yi some matters that shocks him.

“Actually your grandfather is also not an ordinary person…”

What do you mean?

Liu Yi instantly becomes nervous, don’t tell me that my grandfather is also a cultivator?

What the heck man is there any need to be so melodramatic?!

“He fought before in the Vietnam War and killed enemies soldiers. If it was not because of the injuries he received from the battlefield and being discharged from service, he would have been a general rank person by now.”

Liu Zibing flicks his cigarette and continues speaking.

While Liu Yi lets out a long sigh of relief. Luckily it is not so melodramatic…

“But a lot of his war comrades have become generals which caused him to be more or less unconvinced. Thus he is very strict with my upbringing and placed his unfulfilled dream on me his son.”

Liu Zibing sinks into his memories, “I have never told you before but actually I used to be a soldier in the past as well. Furthermore, I had a large potential to rise in ranks until I went to Wang Family and be the guard soldier of Commanding Officer Wang….”

“Wait a minute…Commanding Officer Wang….”

Liu Yi looks at his mother like he had suddenly understood something.

“That’s right.”

Li Zibing laughs without any bit of bitterness, instead, he is somewhat proud of himself, “Your mother is the daughter of Commanding Officer Wang, the missy of Wang Family. Back then she also looked down on me, this small guard soldier. Hehe…but now isn’t she cooking and washing my clothes for me…”

“Scram to the side. Old bastard talk seriously about the proper business!”

Wang Yaru glares at Liu Zibing fiercely, causing him to immediately wipe off his smile and coughs before saying, “But the people from Wang Family rejected the two of us being together. Talking about this your grandpa and Commanding Officer Wang are life and death comrade-in-arms. For me, this major turning point in life he put down his face and personally went to your maternal grandparent’s house to propose marriage. In the end he got chased out by them.”

Liu Yi is shocked, “Ah? The temper of maternal grandparents are so bad?”

“Get lost…why don’t you say about how dad speaks rashly!”

Wang Yaru immediately scolds, “How is that proposing marriage. It is already good enough that my dad did not die from anger!”

Liu Yi suddenly becomes very interested.

“Ah? How did grandfather go to propose marriage?”

“Coughs, that…is not important. Let me continue the story…”

Liu Zibing wishes to avoid the question but Wang Yaru takes over and snorts before telling Liu Yi, “Back then your grandfather when he arrived at Guangzhou, he went to my family and immediately went to the kitchen and took the kitchen knife and slapped it on the table. He then says to your maternal grandfather. ‘Old Wang, today I shall say this. Back then during the war if it WAS not for me, Liu Shuishen you would have lost your arm! Today either you marry the lass from your family to my son or return your arm back to me in return!’”


Liu Yi sprays out the rice that he is eating, what the heck my grandfather is so overbearing!

“My, my father’s character is indeed slightly anxious…”

Liu Zhibing’s face also turns red.

“That is called slightly anxious? In front of my entire family ah, how was my father able to back off!”

Wang Yaru glares at Liu Zibing.

“That…anyways this matter nearly turned bad.”

Liu Zhibing is slightly awkward as he changes the subject, “Later on me and your mother discussed for a while and secretly eloped away in the middle of the night…after returning back to North Dragon city we planned to marry first and give birth to you. The general idea is that the Wang Family can only recognize our relationship.”

“The result was not very good right…”

Liu Yi more or less is able to guess the ending. Really did not expect that my parent would actually elope!

“That’s right. In the end, we did not expect that everyone in the Wang Family was angry and your maternal grandfather directly declared that your mother and he no longer have any relationship and she is not allowed to enter the door of Wang Family. As for you, this grandson is not acknowledged by them…as for me…I am directly wiped off the military roll…”

What the heck, the maternal grandparents family are too tyrannical already!

They are too much!

Liu Yi is somewhat uncomfortable, “Then why are we still going back two days later? I am not going back! After all, I am not acknowledged by them! What for should I go back!”

“Stop throwing tantrums, your maternal grandmother’s body is becoming weaker and weaker. The doctor has said that she might not be able to live past this year’s Chinese New year…”

Wang Yaru’s voice is slightly hoarse and Liu Yi is able to see her eyes turn red.

“This is your aunty who told us…the people from Wang Family still do not know that we are going back.”

Liu Zibing takes a deep puff and says, “Your maternal grandmother wishes to see your mother…as well as to see you.”

He looks at Liu Yi before saying, “Honestly speaking, your maternal grandmother treated me quite well. Back then she did not object. The main point is your maternal grandfather as well as uncle objecting to it. Back then your mother already had an engagement….”

Wang Yaru sneers, “Scram, it is not like I agreed to the engagement. It is that bastard elder brother of mine who agreed to it.”

“Yes, yes. Your uncle arranges an engagement with a young master of a big company and it feels like he wanted to sell away your mother.”

“What are you saying?!”

“Eh, not sell away. Anyways it is like an appropriate match between households.”

Liu Zhibing snorts, “Anyways after your mother married me, your second aunt married that young master.”


Liu Yi feels that everything is messy. The matters regarding maternal grandparents is really messy ah…

“Anyways, two days later we will go there and take a look.”

Liu Zhibing says and turns silent like Wang Yaru no longer speaking.

“Fine then…I know, I will go.”

Liu Yi nods his head, since his parents have decided then he will follow.

“Mm, eat…”

The family of three start eating again each thinking about their own things.

{Did not think that master’s family is so melodramatic…too interesting already , hehehe…}

Xuefeng, on the contrary, has nothing to do as she sits there swaying her legs casually and got glared by Liu Yi.

This time around going to maternal grandparents’ house will be a pile of work.

But before that, I must first help Wang Yuzheng cure her mother.

After eating. Liu Yi helps his mother wash the dishes before returning back to his room.

Although he is lying on the bed his ears are still very sharp and can hear his parents chatting in the living room.

“Suddenly it feels like our son has grown up…”

This is Wang Yaru’s voice, “He is different from the past.”

“That’s right…during high school year 3 he was only around 1.7 meters tall….”

Liu Zibing’s voice, “Don’t know what did you feed him when I was not at home. He actually shot up over 1.8 meters tall and is taller than me by a head…”

“Scram! What else can he eat, isn’t it just those normal dishes!”

Liu Yi’s mother feigns anger coquettishly, “Luckily he is not like you a shorty! He should be following my side. His uncle is also tall.”

“You dislike me being short?”

“I dislike it for a long time! Always being improper!”

The two of them whisper a few words before returning back to the main question.

Li Zhibing ask, “But…this time around returning back home, are you really mentally prepared?”

“More or less….I also do not know…but I still wish to see mother one last time…otherwise I will regret it.”

“Mm…no matter what you do I will support you.”

“Actually at that time the one who will be in difficulty is you….”

“What are you talking about. It has been hard on you these few years.”

“Scram to the side. Since you knew that I was in hardship then why are you not resigning from that purchasing agent job of yours! Damn it, these few years I had to bring up Liu Yi and work on my own why you are outside free and easy! Say is there a hussy outside who is attracting you making you unwilling to quit that trash job of yours?!”

“Don’t have! Where did that come out from! How would I dare to find other women!”

“Do not dare to find?! So you mean that I am too fierce and you wish to find but do not dare to?!”

“No, no, no. Really not…be softer, don’t let Xiao Yi hear this…”

“The room’s soundproofing is quite good! You old thing if you are not going to confess honestly then scram to the living room and sleep!”

“Really not ah…it is not like you do not know me. The reason why I had not resigned is because I owe that factory director a favour….when I had hit a wall all over the place, it is him who accepted me and gave me a job…not that the factory is on the verge of collapsing, if I resign like this how can I still be a person…”

“Hmph, it is because you are stupid! Liu Yi’s stupidity is also inherited from you!”

“How can you say that…how is this being stupid…”

“Your entire Liu Family are all idiots…”

“So what if I am an idiot, didn’t I still marry you, young missy from Wang Family!”

“Dream on…watch me discipline you…”

The following chat is not proper already so Liu Yi did not continue to secretly listen.

Every family goes through its own problem ah….hope that this trip to Guangzhou will be successful…


Chapter 473    [Guangzhou’s Wang Family]

Yup as expected most of you are annoyed by the recent chapters…


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  1. Funny, I remember someone saying that after the tournament was over, it would be the saving of the first waifu time….seems like filler


  2. Waaaaaait a miiiiiiiinute. He has an uncle and an aunt? And the uncle is the eldest? That’s only become legal recently, so that’s a good show that in such a “communist paradise” were “everyone is equal” some people are more “equal” than others…

    Sadly, those from there most likely won’t notice the inconsistency.

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  3. “Dream on…watch me discipline you…”

    The following chat is not proper already so Liu Yi did not continue to secretly listen.



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