MKW Chapter 472

Chapter 472   [Returning home]


The school days after that incident are calm. Taking advantage of the New Year’s Day holiday, Liu Yi, Wang Yuzheng, Wang Lele and Murong Die are preparing to return back to celebrate.

While Chen Cai because of the Dragon Group, he has no choice but to continue and stay behind to protect the ‘secret’ laboratory in KeDa.

But Liu Yi feels that Chen Cai is not upset because of it, instead, he becomes excited. Because the snake girl has returned to the laboratory. This girl is the snake in the 12 zodiacs, and is said to be only second to the dragon. When Liu Yi went to the laboratory to undergo checking, he and Chen Cai saw her.

One must admit that this girl is not bad. She has character and seems to be shrewdish in character. But she is indeed suitable to Chen Cai this guy who has a heavy taste.

Thus Liu Yi thinks that the reason why Chen Cai stayed behind is to pick up this snake girl.

Liu Yi accompanied Wang Yuzheng and the girls to sit the train back. After being used to using Imperial Sword technique to fly speedily around, when he sat in this transportation device, Liu Yi is not used to it.

When he got off from the train, he feels like he was released from prison and leads the girls out of the cabin carrying the luggage.

“It is still the smell of the air at home the best.”

When Murong Die gets off she stretches.

Her pretty face and beautiful figure instantly attract the gazes of the surrounding guys.

“How is that possible, North Dragon City’s air is stronger than JingDou’ air.”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches as he reminisced of the air of Raising Immortal Palace Hall and World Manor.

As a cultivation world, the air there is free of pollutants and when breathing it in, there seems to be a sweet smell. That kind of air is impossible to smell in this current era.

Liu Yi is thinking of in future if he has a chance, he wants to develop a territory in the cultivation realm and live there together with a few girls.

Wait a minute….. why is it a few girls…

Liu Yi looks at the girls in front of him who are loosening their stiff body as his sight starts to blur.

These girls, no matter which one of them is enough to make other guys crazy about them.

Wang Lele is already my private territory, Murong Die and my relationship is rather ambiguous.

As for Wang Yuzheng…although our current relationship is quite weird, I believe that someday it will be resolved. After all, there is a shadow-like Mingyue Xuefeng who cannot be seen by others except for me following me everywhere.

“Miss, I have been waiting for you for a while.”

After arriving from the train cabin, Wang An is already waiting by the car.

It seems like he knew earlier that there will be a lot of people, thus Wang An especially drove a Lincoln and parks the car outside of the main door to the train station.

The passersby were all pointing at the sight as they discuss it.

“I’ll be damned…a Lincoln ah…damn cool ah…”

“Whose car is it. Don’t you think that it is too pretending to be cool parking here?”

“Oi…be softer. This is Murong Group’s car…you see that girl, isn’t she the Murong Die who often appeared on TV…”

“It is really her ah! Wah…how envious…how nice would it be if I was born in a rich family…”

A lot of envious gazes land on Murong Die.

While Murong Die is already used to it and gracefully sits into the car.

“Where are you guys going. Let’s go together. Want to go to my house and play first? My father definitely had ordered the cooks to prepare a table of good food.”

Murong Die beckons Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng.

Wang An has already taken the luggage from Liu Yi’s hands and placed into the trunk.

“I want to go home first…”

Wang Yuzheng says in her unique soft voice, “It had been a long time since I had returned home… I am slightly worried….”

“Okay then, then how about to Liu Yi?”

Murong Die can only turn her head and looks at Liu Yi, her gaze has a type of cannot be denied look.

“That’s right. Come along Brother Xiao Yi, Uncle Murong definitely misses you!”

Wang Lele by the side immediately says causing Liu Yi to have black lines all over his face.

What the hell, what does that old fox missing me have anything to do with me!

“I also need to rush home as well. My mother has called me just now and orders me to immediately return home the moment I get off the train saying that she has some matters that she wants to discuss with me.”

Liu Yi explains. He is also curious why his mother who does not bother about his life suddenly used this method to find him?

Talking about this doesn’t mother need to work overtime during Chinese New Year Day? Is it because she took leave?


Murong Die seems to be suspecting him.

“Of course. Why do I need to lie to you!”

Liu Yi laughs bitterly, “Why would I lie about this kind of matter.”

“So that means that you lied to me before regarding others matter eh?”

Murong Die is always smart during this kind of matter and chased for an answer with a raised eyebrow.

“Ah, that…today’s weather seems to be nice…”

“Get lost. Immediately board the car now! I’ll send you and Yuzheng back home first!”

Hearing that Liu Yi cannot return home with her, Murong Die seems to be slightly unhappy.

Liu Yi is at wit’s end, after all, he cannot bother this miss about everything. The four of them sits in the car, no one speaks nor make any sound.

Wang An also feels that the atmosphere in the car is slightly weird making him who is very talkative not daring to open his mouth. He honestly drives the car and sends Liu Yi who is the closest home.

“I am here. Go home first tomorrow I will give you girls a call.”

Liu Yi does not have any luggage. He immediately waves goodbye to the girls.

“Hmph, who cares about your phone call.”

Murong Die rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Uncle Wang drive!”

The car drives off leaving behind a cloud of dust.

Liu Yi rubs his nose as he laughs bitterly in his heart.

Haiz…this missy’s temper is back again…I better coax her later…

I am also slightly worried about my mother, what is the matter what made her look for me in such a hurry.

Returning back to the district that he had separated for a long time, Liu Yi is slightly rueful. Although it feels like he had left for a long time, everything in this place has not changed at all.

The district gate is slightly shabby with decorative flowers and shrubs. In the hall, there is a few stone chairs. Usually, there will be a few old men gathering there playing chess. But it is a pity that now is winter, there is probably no old fogeys who have such cold resistance and leisure time.

Liu Yi stands at the district entrance and takes a deep breath as he pretentiously feels this familiar smell.

“OK, finish adjusting my state let’s go back home!”

Liu Yi walks up the stairs while Xuefeng by the side also becomes emotional.

{Gods…I am going to meet master’s mother…so nervous…}

Liu Yi ridicules her, {What the heck, why do you have the appearance like you are going to visit your husband’s parents?}

{Aiyah…this…this is almost the same…my, my current attire is not really formal right….would they feel that I am too frivolous….}

Xuefeng suddenly turns bashful as she lowers her head and plays with her shirt edge.

{What the heck….}

Liu Yi rubs Xuefeng’s head, {You can relax. They will not be able to see you so even if you walk in butt naked it will be fine.}

{Ah…that’s true…}

Xuefeng suddenly realizes, {Wait a minute….what do you mean by walk-in butt naked…master you are so evil! How about I everyday follow beside you naked!}


Liu Yi immediately stops her weird thoughts, {In the thousands of worlds, perhaps there might be someone who is able to see you!}

{That is true…think it is best to forget it. After all, I am not an exhibitionist.}

Liu Yi repeatedly warns Xuefeng about a few matters before walking to his house door and took out the keys.

“You have returned home?”

The moment he walks in, Liu Yi’s mother sticks her head out from the kitchen and eyes her son, “Go and wash your hands and prepare to eat. I have cooked your favorite spare ribs…”

When Liu Yi sees his father sitting on the couch smoking, he asks, “I know…dad when did you return home?”


Liu Yi and his father are basically a chip of the same block. In comparison, his father is slightly skinnier.

Liu Yi feels that his father appears to have deep thoughts in his mind. Although the two of them hardly communicate with each other, Liu Yi decided to ask, “Father you look like you have something on your mind? What is the matter?”

Liu Yi’s father has always been a man with few words. Now is also the case as he waves his hand and says, “Nothing. You go and eat.”


Liu Yi sensed that the atmosphere is slightly different, it is rare that everyone is able to sit together at the same time but there is something weird.

“Mother, didn’t you say that you have something that you wanted to say to me?”

Liu Yi can only turn his head to the kitchen and looks at his busy mother.

Although Liu Yi’s appearance is like his father, his eyes follow his mother’s.

You must admit that Liu Yi’s mother is a beauty when she was young. Although her beauty is worn down by the passing of times, there is still traces of the past.

Especially her eyes which are the prettiest. Liu Yi sometimes feels very fortunate that luckily he has something in common with his mother.

“Let’s eat first!”

Liu Yi’s mother Wang Yaru pulls out the chair by the table and says, “Zhibing stop smoking already. Come over and eat.”

Liu Yi’s father always has the habit of being henpecked. When he hears Wang Yaru’s order, he immediately puts out the cigarette and walks over and sit down by the dining table.

Wang Yaru and Liu Yi sit down and the family of three surrounds the table and starts eating, no one speaks at all.

Liu Yi feels like he is about to explode from being stifled, just what on earth is going on?

Xuefeng who is sitting on a chair by the side asks, {I feel like the atmosphere is slightly weird….}

What the heck is there a need for you to say, I already sense it!

“You ah have never eaten your spare ribs cleanly.”

When Wang Yaru sees Liu Yi finish the spare ribs, she uses the chopsticks to take the bone over and nibbles the bone clean of meat that Liu Yi did not eat.

Liu Zibing did not say anything. He only picks out a few spare ribs from the plate and pushes them towards Liu Yi while he takes the harder to eat spare ribs to eat.

Liu Yi’s heart is suddenly sour. Although he is currently rich he does not dare to tell his family members.

His mother has always been frugal but she will always buy good things for him first. Father also uses his own unique methods to care for him.

Maternal love is like the sky while paternal love is like the mountain.

Liu Yi thinks for a while before finally putting down the bowl and says seriously, “Mother if there is anything just say it first. Otherwise, I really am unable to continue eating.”

Wang Yaru’s face suddenly turns heavy and did not say anything, only her hand that is holding the spare ribs tremble slightly.

“It is nothing big actually.”

What causes Liu Yi to be surprised is that father is the one who takes the initiative and speaks.

“In two days time, you follow us to Guangzhou to visit your maternal grandfather.”



Author’s note: A lot of people say that Liu Haisheng’s turn bad too suddenly. Actually, I can only say that these friends did not read the book carefully. It is just like a lot of people read till now and still ask who Ai Ling is. If readers re-read the story again, I think that you will be able to see that Liu Haisheng has revealed some clues earlier.


Chapter 472    [Returning home]

Today’s teaser


“Two days later follow us to Guangzhou to visit your maternal grandfather’s family.”

Liu Zibing’s sentence nearly causes Liu Yi to fall off his chair.

“Dad, you are not joking with me right! Didn’t you say that my maternal grandfather died already?!”

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