MKW Chapter 471

Chapter 471    [This time got defeated]


“This book on typhoid sickness theory is a Chinese medicine theory. Although it gives a lot of opinions regarding the origin of the sickness, it is already behind time.”

Just as Wang Yuzheng is about read seriously, a warm voice speaks up beside her.

Wang Yuzheng lifts up her head from the book and sees a tall handsome guy with a sunshine smile standing in front of her.

The guy pushes up his spectacles as his eyes behind the spectacles flicker with a smile.

“Oh? You know about medicine?”

“Humble experience and shallow learning…”

The guy is rather modest, but his expression reveals a bit of pride.

“I am Mu Tianchen. I am trained in western medicine. If you have something that you do not understand you can ask me.”

“No worries. I prefer to research myself.”

Wang Yuzheng tactfully rejects Mu Tianchen. She is able to see a trace of zealotry in the eyes of Mu Tianchen.

“There are not a lot of junior sisters who like to research medical knowledge.”

Wang Yuzheng is one of the famous school flowers in their school. There are few in KeDa who do not know her.

Mu Tianchen also knows who she is thus he calls her junior sister, “But researching on this thing has not much use. Western medicine is the current era’s strongest medical method. Chinese medicine is a thing of the past. Putting a few strange vegetations together, how could they be as effective as western medicine which is scientifically proven.”

Wang Yuzheng did not say anything, instead, she frowns slightly.

Although she does not know much about medicine, she is not comfortable with how Mu Tianchen criticizes their ancestor teachings on the get-go.

“That’s why this kind of Chinese medical books are not worth reading. If junior sister is interested, I can recommend to you two…”

“Take a look at this book instead.”

Another voice suddenly sounds out causing Wang Yuzheng’s heart to thump before silencing.

If possible…I really do not wish to see this fellow again…but, if I do not see him after a long time, I will start to miss him…

Thinking of every sentence he had said to me before….

Wang Yuzheng, you are really a girl who has failed to live to expectations.

Liu Yi stands by Wang Yuzheng’s side and places a book <The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon> in Wang Yuzheng’s hands, “The things that our ancestors had passed down had saved countless of our grandfather generation, Great-grandfather generation. As a Chinese person, thinking highly of our traditional medical knowledge is our pride and glory.”

“Liu Yi, right?”

When Mo Tianchen sees Liu Yi he did not retreat. Instead, he snorts in disdain and says, “Just a fighter that’s all. How would you know about profound subjects like medicine? In clinical practice, traditional medicine completely lack usefulness. Only western medicine is the most effective methods. If you got acute appendicitis I don’t believe that you can rely upon the auxiliary Chinese medicine soup to stick it through.”

“There is no denying that western medicine has its unique superiority.”

Liu Yi only smiles faintly and says, “For some acute symptoms, western medicine has quick effectiveness. For example, acute appendicitis that senior said. Please don’t be mistaken. Although Chinese medicine cannot speedily remove it, based on the nursing methods of a Chinese doctor, appendicitis can be treated. Western medicine has a quick effect, just slice off where the sickness is from. But Chinese medicine is to nurse it, nurse the entire body functions, as well as the three energies. Although appendicitis operation can swiftly remove the diseased portion, because of the operation, it causes a person to lose large amounts of vital energy, causing the body to start aging.”

[TL: have to completely disagree on this point. This author is way to bias.]

Mu Tianchen laughs coldly, “Vital energy? Haha, what a joke, there is no such things.”

“Although science is not able to prove the existence of this thing it does not mean that it does not exist.”

“You are being superstitious.”

“From what I see it is senior who is superstitious of the ignorance of science.”

Liu Yi’s reply is powerful and does not want to back down.

Mu Tianchen angrily pushes up his spectacles, “Preposterous arguments, really what a preposterous argument. When a scholar meets soldiers, unable to talk reasoning at all.”

[TL: Completely agree on how idiotic the author is currently.]

“I am only talking sense that’s all. It is fun chatting with senior. Thank you.”

Liu Yi no longer cares about Mu Tianchen and turns around, and says to Wang Yuzheng, “Yuzheng, I have a method for your mother’s sickness. This time around I am looking for you because of this.”

“Real, really?”

Wang Yuzheng is originally very confused but when she hears what Liu Yi says, she trembles before staring at Liu Yi in shock.

“You have a method?”

She has a kind of blind belief in Liu Yi.

“Of course. I have obtained a miracle elixir from outside. Later you take it and feed your mother. It will be able to cure any sickness.”

Liu Yi recall back then when he let Wenren Qian consume a Vitality Pill, all of her injuries swiftly healed up making him exclaim in admiration.

No wonder they are Medical King Valley. The pills that they concocted are indeed powerful.

Serious injuries were so easily resolved by just a small pill!

“That is great…mother finally can be saved…”

Wang Yuzheng nearly cries out as her eyes turn moist.

For so many years this has always been an unsolvable knot in her heart and now it can finally be resolved…


Mu Tianchen who is by the side after listening to what they say he is finally unable to hold back and start laughing.

“Miracle elixir? What a joke, do you think that this is a wuxia story? Do you have Nine Flower Gyokuro Pill? Black Jade Broken Paste and the likes?”

Liu Yi did not care about him and says to Wang Yuzheng, “Just now this time when we go back during New Year’s day, I can go along with you to visit aunty.”


Wang Yuzheng nods her head happily with a trace of shyness.

I keep talking about Liu Yi in front of my mother and caused her to be interested in him. Furthermore, Liu Yi is also Li Biyus’s big sister little brother and saved their district…thus mother has always been looking forward to meeting him.

The past few times he rejected as he has things that he needs to do…this time around perhaps she will be able to meet him.

This…this…why am I getting nervous…Wang Yuzheng you hopeless girl…

“What a joke!”

Seeing Wang Yuzheng falling into enemy hands so quickly, Mu Tianchen immediately stands out and says, “How can you let a sick person eat this kind of rubbish thing! Aunty is sick right….”

“You are sick!”

Wang Yuzheng glares. She who is usually good-tempered will also turn sensitive when she heard her mother being scolded.

“Ah no…I mean is aunty carrying a sickness right?”

Mu Tianchen nearly slaps himself. Usually, he is very alert about propriety but today because he is in a hurry, he did not take note of his wordings.

“My uncle is the hospital head of a big hospital. He knows a lot of famous doctors. You can tell me aunty’s sickness and I will ask my uncle to help you find a doctor.”

“Thank you but….”

Wang Yuzheng wants to reject but Mu Tianchen insistently says, “Please believe me. It is also because I want to save a person. This is the duty of us doctors!”

Liu Yi smirks in secret, duty? More like an opportunity for you to pick up a girl.

“I think…there is no need to…”

“Oi, this guy. Wang Yuzheng has already rejected you, there is no need for you to push it any more okay?”

Liu Yi is also slightly vexed already. If it was really for treating sickness, Liu Yi will definitely help Wang Yuzheng to thank this guy.

But it is a pity that this senior wants to use this opportunity to pick her up thus there is no need for him to say good things for him.

“Liu Yi! What you are doing is murdering for money!”

Mu Tianchen says righteous, “Or should I say it is you who has a guilty conscious and not willing to let me help Wang Yuzheng’s mother treat her sickness?”

“Why should I be afraid. If you are really willing to go then go.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders to indicate that he does not care. After all, the one who wasted time is not him.

“That is good then, where is aunty. Let us go now.”

This Mu Tianchen is quite anxious.

“Excuse me…we are from North Dragon City…we plan to go back during the Chinese New Year’s holiday…”

“This way is also good. I can let my uncle find some help. Yuzheng what kind of symptoms does aunty have? Can you tell me?”

Wang Yuzheng looks at Liu Yi asking for help, while Liu Yi nods his head.

“Tell him. After all, it is not like we will suffer a loss.”

“Fine then…”

Wang Yuzheng can only tell Mu Tianchen who remembers carefully. After which he asked for her handphone number and says with confidence, “Yuzheng relax. Leave aunty’s sickness to me. On New Year’s Day, I will go over to North Dragon City. At that time I will contact you and bring a real doctor and personally pay you a visit. I guarantee you that I will treat aunty!”

Liu Yi roast in his heart, tsk, tsk, after getting the phone number and worming your way into becoming friends and even calling her Yuzheng. Why don’t you call her by her family name!

“Thank you senior…”

Wang Yuzheng nods her head, after sending away this Senior Mu, she finally breathes a sigh of relief.

She glares at Liu Yi and says, “Why do you want to let this senior come along as well…”

“He is so enthusiastic about providing medical service, we cannot reject him!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “After all, I am a good person.”

-giggling sounds-

Wang Yuzheng instantly smiles, that smile is very pretty causing Liu Yi to be stunned.

“If you are the only good person then there wouldn’t be any bad people in this world.”

“How can that be. There are still a lot of bad people. But I will protect you…”

When Liu Yi says this, Wang Yuzheng is slightly stunned but she swiftly regains back her mind and whispers, “Oh…”

Liu Yi got a shock, why is this girl angry once again?

“What is the matter with you? Are you still angry about the matter last time?”


“Really not?”


“Then that is good….I thought that you were angry again.”


“What the…don’t hehe me! You are really angry?”


Liu Yi is really going mad.

Girls! Just what kind of creature are you?! Are you born just to torture me?

I can challenge the righteous path, but I am unable to challenge a girl ah!

Come with a torrential momentum, unblockable unable to tear apart!

There is an ancient saying, ‘Tyrannical government is fiercer than a tiger.’

But from what Liu Yi sees, this saying should be changed. It should be ‘Women are fiercer than a tiger’!

Eh, wrong…tigers are too weak…right, Women are fiercer than Ao Ri! That is better!

“If there is nothing then I’ll continue to read my book.”

Wang Yuzheng does not know about Liu Yi’s current complex thoughts as she sits down and placed her face into the book.

Liu Yi can only sigh in his heart while looking at Wang Yuzheng.

Haiz…really got defeated….


Chapter 471    [This time got defeated]

To clarify, both of Liu Yi’s parents are alive. His mother is working as a nurse while his father is a roaming supply getter?? Not sure what to call his job but basically it is going around to convince people to sell resources to his company. The only one who is confirmed dead is his paternal grandfather and grandmother.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    [TL: have to completely disagree on this point. This author is way to bias.]<- 471 chapters full of chinese supremacist bias and you just notice it right now? Were it not his reverence for the heritage of ancient China, he would fit right well with those of the Cultural Revolution.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

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