MKW Chapter 469

Chapter 469   [New strength]


When Duanmu Haoliang opens his eyes and realizes that he is being locked in a secret chamber.

At first, he is afraid but soon he feels that the situation is weird.

Wasn’t I swallowed up by the black dragon? Why did I come here? Is it that this is the Yellow Springs?

He pinches his palm fiercely, I can still feel pain…that means that I am not dead…but where is this place?

Currently, he is tied up with a few chains, binding his body making him unable to leave this place.

The secret chamber is filled with a damp smell making people want to cover their nose. Damn it….where on earth is this place?!


After he has woken up for a few hours and starts to feel that he is about to collapse, the stone door of the secret chamber suddenly opens as a tall figure walks in.

“It’s you!”

Seeing this person Duanmu Haoliang widen his eyes in shock. At first, there is anger and indignation! But soon it swiftly turns into horror, deep horror.

“Hehe, Vice-sect leader Duanmu. Really did not expect that the second time that we meet would be in this kind of place.”

Liu Haisheng smiles merrily at Duanmu Haoliang who is chained up in front of him.

“Actually I do enjoy places with a bit of scenery. For example, a pavilion within the mountains, teahouse by the lakeside and the likes….but it is a pity that I and Vice-sect leader Duanmu are currently enemies thus I can only invite you to this simple and crude place as a guest.”

“You, what are you planning to do…threatening me?”

Duanmu Haoliang feels cold as he starts at Liu Haisheng’s deep and unmeasurable expression.

This guy is too scary…the pressure he gives me, seems to be no lesser than what Sect Head gives me….

Compared to Sect Head, this guy is much weirder and unable to see through….

If Sect Head is domineering, then this guy is sinister…that’s right, it is sinister!

“Why would I threaten you. I, Liu Haisheng would not do this kind of pointless stuff.”

Liu Haisheng’s voice sounds very warm but there is a hidden killing intent that makes people feel chill.

“I have invited Vice-sect leader Duanmu here is because I have a matter that needs your help.”

“Oh? So this is your method to invite people?”

Duanmu Haoliang’s heart trembles slightly, what medicine is Liu Haisheng trying to sell? But he is not demeaning me with his words and leaving me with a bit of pride.

“Extraordinary periods naturally need extreme methods.”

Liu Haisheng is not angry as he continues speaking, “Although the method is slightly forceful, this matter to Vice-sect leader Duanmu is actually beneficial. Because whether would it let Vice-sect leader Duanmu become Sect Leader Duanmu…it will depend on our current discussion.”


Hearing what Liu Haisheng says, even Duanmu Haoliang is tempted.

To be honest he is already unhappy about the current Great God Sect Sect Leader!

But unhappy is unhappy, the Sect Leader’s strength is too overbearing and he is unable to resist. Thus he can only bend down and obey, respectfully assisting him.

This is strength, strength that is dependable in the cultivation world.

Duanmu Haoliang hesitates before saying, “What are you saying. I do not understand…”

But it is this hesitation that causes Liu Haisheng to smile.

“Actually from what I see, like Sir Duanmu this kind of heroic talent, is the real person who should be the sect leader.”

Liu Haisheng stands by the side as he says, “If I did not appear today by accident, Sir Duanmu would have already annihilated all of the righteous path people. Thus it can be said that Sir Duanmu’s strength is way higher than those idiots from the righteous path. Thus I really appreciate you.”

“What do you want to say…”

“Very simple. Let us work together, you and I. I will support you and give you completely new strength allowing you to have a meteoric rise and not only can you replace the sect leader position, but you will also be able to take over entire sects.”

Duanmu Haoliang is indeed tempted.

Liu Haisheng’s words are very attractive to him and make him slightly unable to resist.

He has been dreaming of being the sect leader….especially ruling over all of the devil sects…

“At that time, the world will belong to you and me the two of us. With us controlling the cultivation world who else can block the revival of the Great God?”


Duanmu Haoliang’s heart is starting to waver.

“You, you are really going to give me strength?”

“Of course. You have also seen it my dragon summoners army. It is the strongest army which is enough to take over the entire cultivation world.”

Liu Haisheng smiles in confidence, “If you are willing to join me, I will help the Great God Sect create an equally strong and valiant army, allowing your Great God Sect to revive.”

“What method is that?”

Duanmu Haoliang decided. After all, if I do not agree then I will be dead, why don’t I gamble!

“Very good. Looks like Sir Duanmu is a smart person.”

As Liu Haisheng speaks, he takes out a loaded syringe and says, “As long as you inject this into your body everything will change.”

Duanmu Haoliang has never seen before this thing thus he asks curiously, “What is this?”

“This is an angel genetic. A good thing that I have obtained from the western god realm.”

“You, you even went to the western god realm!”

When Duanmu Haoliang hears this, he is completely stunned. Even if he does not know about the western dragon domain, but he still at the very least know of the western god realm!

The east and west have a non-aggression pact…this Liu Haisheng actually secretly intruded into the god realm and stole away the angel genetics…is he not afraid of bringing about a huge war between the east and the west?

“Haha, this thing is something that the mortals in the western side use. I have changed it slightly to make it suitable for our use.”

“This…is it reliable?”

“Of course. You must know that if it is not based on the theory of our cultivation world and only relying on the scientific studies, the more apart their race is, their children will be even more excellent. If you inject in this angel genetic, with your Great God Sect cultivation laws and techniques, I can guarantee you that you will be ten times stronger than in the past, perhaps even a hundred times. While the Great God Sect disciples can inject a lower grade genetics. I have a lot of them, enough to create an angel army. Aren’t you guys the people of the Great God. Now you guys can become the warriors of god.”


Duanmu Haoliang starts to hesitate, is it really as incredible as what Liu Haisheng says?

“Sir Duanmu, you have already come to this stage why don’t you risk everything? If I wish to harm, I would have already killed you long ago. Why do I need to say all this nonsense to you?”

Liu Haisheng narrows his eyes, “If you do not wish to be the Sect Leader it is also alright. I believe that within your noble sect, there will be a more suitable candidate…”

“I’ll do it!”

Duanmu Haoliang clenches his teeth, “Give me the injection!”

“Hahaha, Sir Duanmu is indeed a smart person.”

Liu Haisheng smiles in satisfaction, “But I must say it first. Not only does this medicine greatly increase your strength, at the same time there is some poison that I added in…this portion of poison is to guarantee your loyalty do you understand?”

“I understand….”

Duanmu Haoliang is also not stupid, there is definitely no such things as benefits without a price.

But back then the disgrace that Han Xin experienced, as a person who wants to do big things, then you must not care about these small matters!

[TL: Han Xin is famous general of the first Han Emperor Liu Bang. Once he was taunted by a bully to kill him or crawl between his legs. Knowing that he would become a criminal if he kills the bully, Han Xin crawls between the bully legs instead of responding to the taunts.]

“Mmmm. Indeed I did not misjudge you. Come, accept the new strength that I bestow upon you.”

Liu Haisheng smiles, his smile has a feeling like he has already obtained the world.

He takes the loaded syringe and jabs into Duanmu Haoliang’s flesh and injects the medicine inside Duanmu Haoliang’s body.

Duanmu Haoliang trembles as his pupils shrink rapidly and his eyes start to turn golden.

His body keeps twitching like he has gotten epilepsy!

Silver light erupts from his body, at the same time something seems to swell out from his body and stretches his attire.


His attire is ripped open as a white wing shoots out from his back and opens!

But it is only a single wing only, it seems like it is representing that he is not a complete angel!


Duanmu Haoliang suddenly straightens his body as raises his arms and roars.

The chains on his body instantly break apart as his skin turns silver. Furthermore, it is very firm like it is flesh armor.

An enormous force erupts from his body and engulfs the entire secret chamber.

The floor and walls of the secret chambers start cracking.

“No bad…not bad…indeed it is a very powerful strength…my speculations were indeed right…”

Duanmu Haoliang stares at his arms in shock, strength…. very powerful strength…

He suddenly stretches out his arm and grabs Liu Haisheng’s throat.


While Liu Haisheng only stretches out a finger and flicks Duanmu Haoliang’s forehead.

Duanmu Haoliang is instantly sent flying and crashed into the wall behind him.

“The strength that I give you is not to be used like this.”

Liu Haisheng smiles faintly.

“Furthermore the poison in your body, if I do not give you the antidote in time, you will die very horribly…if you do not believe you can give it a try.”

Liu Haisheng only stands there causing Duanmu Haoliang to sense a very scary pressure…

This guy….just how on earth did he change!

I have heard that he was a kind-hearted sect head in the past, independently supporting the weak Raising Immortal Palace Hall and easily bullied by others….

But now he is actually so strong…

“I swear to the Great God that I will be loyal to Liu Haisheng forever and respect you as my master….”

Duanmu Haoliang is not an idiot. He knows that at this time he must prove himself.

“If I go against my words, I will be cursed to death by my Great God.”

He climbs out from the wall and kneels down in front of Liu Haisheng.

“Hahaha, get up. Sir Duanmu is indeed a smart person. I believe that you will not do silly things again.”

Liu Haisheng waves his hands, “If you betray me, there is no need for your Great God to take action. You will experience the most enjoyable death.”

“Will definitely…not betray master…”

Duanmu Haoliang is already covered with cold sweat.

Liu Haisheng nods his head in satisfaction, after bearing patiently for so long….the world will finally belong to me!!


Chapter 469   [New strength]

Welp now we know who orders a hit on Liu Yi.

Poor him author hates him a lot and wish for him to have tons of people to kill ^_^

And yes I agree poor turtle. Well given people are playing whack a mole on his back

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