MKW Chapter 468

Chapter 468   [Dragon Summoner]


A sinister smile hangs on Liu Haisheng’s mouth as he holds the Through Sky Sword that he had once wanted to gift to Liu Yi as he asks, “Does anyone have any questions regard my Raising Immortal Palace Hall being World number 1?”

This time around, there is no one who speaks up to reject.

They have seen the horrifying strength of Liu Haisheng….

The current Liu Haisheng possess nearly 18-star cultivation….

Among all of the sect heads, perhaps only Mo Tian is his opponent.

But current Mo Tian has used up most of his qi and if they really fight, the result would be him dying in Liu Haisheng’s hands.

“Sect Head Liu…saying this now…don’t you feel that it is somewhat improper?”

Zhang Boyue with his not willing to be in a disadvantaged attitude did not interrogate like the sect head of Concealed Sword Pavilion, instead, he asks tactfully.

“No matter what, when he defeated Gao Feng, Liu Yi is still the disciple of my Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Liu Haisheng changes his earlier attitude as he speaks with strength not willing to concede, “Although he is expelled from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, it is after Gao Feng was defeated by him. Thus World Number 1 belongs to my Raising Immortal Palace Hall!”


The crowd also does not know how to refute after all it seems to happen in that way.

“Anyways, other than me, no one else is able to save you guys. If you are willing to treat me as the leader, then I, Liu Haisheng as well as Raising Immortal Palace Hall will naturally save everyone from these dire straits.”

Hearing what Liu Haisheng says, one of the sect head starts to be suspicious.

“You, you are really able to do it…”

“Since I dare to promise, naturally I am able to do so. Otherwise at this final moment why would I say such big words?”

Liu Haisheng glanced at that sect head in disdain, feeling that that sect head’s intelligence has a problem.

“Since Liu Haisheng is able to save us, passing the world number 1 to you is deserving.”

Mo Tian considers for a while before saying, “As the Manor Head of World Manor, I do have this right. I believe that Sect Head Zhang and the rest would not reject right?”


Zhang Boyue sighs, “That’s right, Manor Head Mo represents my intentions.”

“That’s right, that’s right… long as Raising Immortal Palace Hall is able to save us…”

“Is it really possible to save us?”

A few sect heads are still suspecting.

“Today I shall let you guys know the real strength of my Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Liu Haisheng lets out a loud shout, “Li Heqiang what are you still waiting for! Come out!”

While he is speaking, a figure walks out from a corner.

“Master, I have already waited for so long…hehehe…”

Li Heqiang is wearing a luxurious embroidered gown standing on the spectator stands by the side with a smile.

“My brothers, you guys can also come out!”

Not only him, but a large number of Nimble Gate disciples also walk forward in all directions.

Bai Xiaowei is along among them but her expression is slightly empty.

“From today onwards Nimble Gate is my Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s subsidiary sect.”

Liu Haisheng continues speaking, “Li Heqiang is also my Liu Haisheng disciple. Haisheng, show them the current strength of Nimble Gate.”

“Yes, master.”

Li Heqiang cups his hands and before the crowd is able to comprehend this shocking matter, he has already raised his hand and summons out his spiritual beast.

An enormous egg descends from the sky and floats in front of Li Heqiang.

This egg is very large, 4 meters tall and 3 meters wide! The egg also carries a horrifying aura which spreads out in all directions.

The rest of the Nimble Gate disciples also do the same and start summoning out their own enormous eggs.

“Come out my spiritual beast!”

Delight flashes across Li Heqiang’s eyes as he inserts his qi into the enormous egg.

Instantly the enormous egg starts to transform.

The eggshell seems to split apart as an enormous lizard-like creature crawls out!

This lizard is very enormous, around 8 meters long and a pair of wings grow on its back which keeps flapping.


A loud roar erupts from the mouth of this creature, shaking the heaven and earth!

The rest of the dragon eggs also starts to hatch this kind of enormous creature which start roaring mightily.

“This…this is a western dragon…”

Seeing the whole sky filled with flying enormous dragons, Zhang Boyue and the rest of the sect heads’ face changes.

Liu Haisheng clucks and says, “A few days ago I found a dragon den which was filled with dragon eggs everywhere. Instead of wasting this kind of natural resources, using them as a weapon is not bad.”

“Gods….you actually dare to intrude the western dragon domain!”

One of the sect head exclaims, “Have you forgotten the non-aggression pact that we have with the western side?”

“This kind of thing is to protect the weak.”

Liu Haisheng snorts, “To protect my eastern side cultivation world, so what if I went to the western dragon domain to walk around! There is no need for you guys to shout out your grievance. If there aren’t these dragon eggs, perhaps everyone here will need to report to Yama. Perhaps your souls might not be able to escape in time and used to feed the ghost infants of those Great God Sect disciple.”

When the sect heads hear what Liu Haisheng says, all of them stop speaking.

Seeing their expression, Liu Haisheng smiles coldly in delight.

Indeed in the cultivation world, only the one with the biggest fist has the rights to speak!

In the past, Raising Immortal Palace Hall was a small sect that everyone bullies. But now, Raising Immortal Palace Hall is the indisputable World Number 1!

“What is all this?!”

When Duanmu Haoliang sees the enormous dragons flying in the sky, he starts frowning, “How come there are creatures that I have never seen before…”

“It, it seems like enormous dragons from the western dragon domain….”

One of the underlings who is knowledgeable reminds to Duanmu Haoliang.

“Western dragons? Have never seen before…”

Duanmu Haoliang has seen before a lot of strange creatures but he has never seen before these western dragons.

At this moment a black enormous dragon suddenly flies over and breathes out dense black flames at the Great God Sect disciples below it!

At that instant, a large number of Great God Sect disciples are lighted up by the fire and swiftly turn into ashes.


Duanmu Haoliang is in shock as he did not expect that the black flames would actually be so scary!

“Quickly attack!!!”

He immediately directs his underlings to start counterattacking!

An enormous red figure emerges from the ground, it is 30 meters tall. It roars as it starts attacking the enormous dragons in the sky.

But under the command of their summoners, the enormous dragons are very moving skillfully and easily as they dodge the enormous figure and continues to breathe fire at the Great God Sect disciples.

In a blink of an eye, a large number of Great God Sect disciples are either dead or heavily injured while the enormous red figure becomes smaller and smaller.

“Why, why did it turn like this…”

Duanmu Haoliang is completely stunned. He did not expect that the plan that he has set-up with great difficulties would actually be broken like this.

Disciples are still continuously dying as all kind of dragon breaths exploded on him.

The red figure becomes even smaller and smaller until it disappears until a group of enormous dragons circle in front of him.

Just as Duanmu Haoliang becomes disheartened an enormous dragon suddenly charges in front of him and swallows him up before flying into the sky.

“Okay. All of you can go back.”

Liu Haisheng sees how easily he won against the Great God Sect and nods his head in satisfaction.

Mobs are indeed mobs who are unable to compete against the elite dragon summoners that he has created.

Furthermore, he is not worried that these dragon summoners would betray him. Because Liu Haisheng has fed all of them a pill which has the same effect that the God Dragon Sect, Sect Leader in The Deer and The Cauldron fed his underlings. Every few days they need to eat the pill once again otherwise their meridians will break and they will die.

The only one who has this antidote is only him. Even Medicine King Valley is unable to create this antidote.

Human nature is avaricious. Li Heqiang brings the medical pills and dragon eggs back to the sect.

All who wish to become stronger will obediently consume their pills and will become a dragon summoner.

Thus his elite army is created like this.

Hearing Liu Haisheng’s orders, Li Heqiang immediately brings the other disciples and retreats.

Bai Xiaowei blankly follows him like a shadow.

Li Heqiang is delighted. His junior sister rejected his plans strongly and nearly spoiled his actions. So he has no other choice but to beg Liu Haisheng to cast a strange magic on her.

This way, Bai Xiaowei’s intelligence is sealed with and now she is no different from a walking corpse.

Within the sect, the sect head and elders were locked-up in secret by the disciples who rebel. The only one who is able to threaten them is probably their big senior brother, Li Xiangjun.

But Li Xiangjun is currently out of their sect. When he returns, the sect would have already changed. Furthermore, Li Heqiang believes that even if Li Xiangjun comes and find trouble for them, he is no longer his opponent.

Dragon Summoners are very powerful. Not only can they use the enormous dragon to fight, but they would also be able to combine body with their contractors!

This is the strongest existence!

“Thank you Sect Head Liu for saving us…”

Although they are not willing to admit, Mo Tain still cups his hands towards Liu Haisheng.

“This great favor is hard to forget even after one’s teeth fall out.”

“That’s right. Thank you Sect Head Liu…”

“A thousand thanks….”

The rest of the sect heads also echoes along. Only Zhang Boyue stands by the side as he clenches his teeth in secret not saying anything.

Currently, even if he wishes to say it is of no use as he has already lost the position of World Number 1.

The biggest winner of this time round World Dao Gathering, is Liu Yi, is Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

[TL: not sure how did Liu Yi become the biggest winner given he will be hunted but okay…]

“Haha, everyone is too polite. After all, I am also a leader of the righteous path. This small matter is only just a slight effort on my part.”

Liu Haisheng has a proud smile, “Liu Yi is a traitor of my Raising Immortal Palace Hall. I will remember the killing sins that he has committed today. Sooner or later, my Raising Immortal Palace Hall will personally clean up the sect door!”

“Then we shall thank Sect Head Liu…”

“Haha…well said, well said….”

After receiving the flattering of the sect heads, Liu Haisheng only feels proud of his success.

After exchanging greetings with the sect heads, he leaves the stage as he still has an even more important matter that he needs to deal with.


Chapter 468   [Dragon Summoner]

Welp now we know who orders a hit on Liu Yi.

Poor him author hates him a lot and wish for him to have tons of people to kill ^_^

And yes I agree poor turtle. Well given people are playing whack a mole on his back

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    • Problem with that…. is now the cat girl is under a zombie spell…and IF she was forced to take those pills as well, she is a ticking time bomb that Liu Yi can’t fix. I also fear the the sect head has ero plans for the girl who failed the preliminaries. It is a pity Liu Yi wasn’t able to take Ai Ling, Mo Lan, Gu Yu, and the other two with him… although this situation does leave room for some yin-yang cultivation between him and wenren


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