MKW Chapter 466

Chapter 466   [Enemies against the world]


Enormous Boundless Righteous Qi erupts out of Liu Yi’s body attracting the forces of Heaven and Earth to gather within his body.

The injuries that Liu Yi obtained earlier start to heal up thanks to this force.

He stands up from the ground and once again straightens his body.

“Looks like righteousness is on my side.”

Liu Yi’s expression has restored its vigor and his originally 2 meters tall body gradually turns back to 1.8 meters.

His hair turns silvers and grew very long until he brushes it to the back.

A dazzling light erupts out from his pair of golden pupil eyes.

The enormous dragon wings on his back earlier have shrunk into mini-wings and rest by the sides of his shoulders, and look to be very cute.

But currently, there is no one who feels that Liu Yi is cute…they only feel a horrifying pressure….

“I really need to thank you guys, helping me comprehend the strength of this second stage dragon transformation.”

Liu Yi stands in front of the sect heads as his earlier sorry figure completely disappeared.

“Pretending to be a ghost!”

One of the sect head shouts as he charges towards Liu Yi.

This sect head has the cultivation of 16-stars and is the Subduing Dragon Peak Sect Head of Dragon Tiger Gate!

His external strength is very tyrannical and his Subduing Dragon Palm is even more tyrannic.

Back then when he was not the sect head of Subduing Dragon Peak, he had once penetrated deeply into the devil sects territory and relied on his own strength and flipped over a major sect of the devil path!

After he became the sect head, his strength had increased rapidly. When his name is mention, there aren’t any devil path people who do not hate it!

He jumps into the sky as his palm strength carries an eye-catching enormous golden dragon!

The might of this palm attack, perhaps is able to flatten a mountain.

Liu Yi stands there, facing the enormous golden dragon flying over, he did not move. Instead, he only raises his right hand and aims towards the Subduing Dragon Peak Sect Head.

“Illusion Extermination.”


With the proclamation of the name, the earlier aggressively jumping around sect head suddenly lets out a shocked cry and turn into minced meat in midair.


The group of sect heads were shocked, a 16-star cultivation expert was instantly killed like this…..

This…just how powerful has this guy become!

Just now he was being suppressed but in a blink of an eye, he actually became so strong!

Did he eat a Vigorous Pill?

Liu Yi summons out his Taiji sword and sliced out a sword scar in front of him.

Liu Yi only says, “Anyone who crosses it shall all be killed.”


“This fellow is too arrogant!”

A few of the sect heads start scolding, “Do you really think that you are unparalleled in this world to dare to speak to us like this?!”

“If you do not believe, then give it a try and cross the line.”

Liu Yi did not explain any more as he stands there.

“Motherfucker, I do not believe this evildoer, everyone attack together!”

A group of sect heads rush towards Liu Yi once again and plan to continue to use human wave technique!

After all, there are so many sect heads and all of them are the leaders of the righteous path, how is it possible that they are unable to defeat an evildoer?

While Liu Yi stands there, seeing that these few sect heads did not listen to his warning and charge across the line, he snorts coldly as he points with his finger.

Instantly, Gu Yu, Ai Ling, Chen Keqing as well as Wenren Qian let out a cry and collapse onto the ground.

Four different attribute swords of different shape and size fly out from their chests and float in front of Liu Yi.

The sword from Gu Yu is Frost Moon Sword, 1.3 meters long and is snow white in color, carrying ice attribute.

The sword from Wenren Qian is Scarlet Flame Sword, 1.5 meters long and is red in color with fire cloud pattern, carrying fire attribute.

The sword from Chen Keqing is an unfamous sword, it’s attribute is not clear as well, after all among the four of them, Chen Keqing is the weakest, thus her Emotion Sword is the weakest. But it is still an Emotion Sword and is stronger in comparison to normal treasure swords.

What makes Liu Yi feel the strangest is Ai Ling’s emotion sword!

It is a completely cold sword of an unknown material! Its ability is also unknown! But it carries strength that is way above the other three swords!

What is this situation?

Liu Yi is also unable to comprehend it.

Could it be that Ai Ling still possesses some special ability?

Being in contact for so long, other than Ai Ling’s intelligence that Liu Yi admires, Liu Yi does not feel that she has any other outstanding areas.

The four emotion swords float in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi raises his hand lightly and the four swords immediately fly out and exploded out with their might, reaping the lives of the sect heads who crosses the line.

“What immortal sword is this….why is it’s might so powerful!”

“What a scary immortal sword…save me ah…”

The sect heads are usually the head of their own sects and are very mighty. But now they are being beaten up badly by Liu Yi’s four Emotion Swords.

“What is this sword…”

Zhang Boyue looks at the four unique swords dancing in the air as he raises his eyebrow.

From the four swords, he is able to sense strength that makes him tremble.

“What a nuisance, let me try”

Mo Tian shouts as black lightning erupts from his body as he enters the second stage of Unmoving King Ming before jumping into the air and tries to grab the Frost Moon Sword!

“Be careful of getting injured.”

Seeing that he is Mo Lan’s father, Liu Yi shouts out a reminder.

“Hmph just an evildoer, you are looking down on me!”

Mo Tian snorts as he stretches out a claw made of black lightning and grabs the Frost Moon Sword’s, sword handle.


A layer of ice erupts out of the Frost Moon Sword, instantly freezing Mo Tian within and drops onto the ground, turning into an ice sculpture.

“Ah, father!”

Mo Lan exclaims in shock. After all, he is still her father and she does not wish to see her father in any danger.

“Relax. He is fine.”

Liu Yi clucks and says, “With your father’s cultivation, Frost Moon Sword’s natural defense is not dangerous to him.”

Just as he finished speaking, the layer of ice around Mo Tian start shattering. He shakes his head as he walks out from the broken ice.

“What is this sword…it so sinister…”

Seeing another 20+ sect heads lying down, Mo Tian’s heart turn cold.

With the strength of a single person, Liu Yi has killed off over half of the sect heads!

This fellow….just relying on himself has destroyed over half of the righteous path sects!

Ma Long’s disciple…is too overpowering!

Mo Tian suddenly starts to feel regret in his head….if at the start they did not forced Liu Yi, perhaps the end result would be different…

Should I really provoke this youngster?

Why do I feel like I have done something that I should not have done…

Seeing so many sect heads dying in Liu Yi’s hands, Zhang Boyue feel that he has lost a lot of face as he says in anger, “You evildoer really are too savage!”

“Today I will definitely not let you leave this place! Even if I risk the lives of the righteous path I shall make you stay behind!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders.

“Apologise, even if you guys want me to stay here so politely, I do not like to stay here.”

“Who wants to make you stay and be guest! I want you to leave your life here!”

As Zhang Boyue speaks, he lets out his technique.

Black clouds gather in the sky, following wish enormous hail falls in Liu Yi’s position.


Liu Yi swings out his hand and instantly, Scarlet Flame Sword flies up bringing along flames.

The hail that is falling from the sky were all striked by the Scarlet Flame Sword and turns into mist floating in the sky.

Three other swords float in front of Liu Yi as he casually kills off a sect head who is preparing to kill him and say, “I no longer wish to continue killing. But if you guys continue to take action then I shall be impolite.”

The remain sect head stops moving, no longer daring to move forward in fear.

A sword scar is very conspicuous between them and Liu Yi.

Zhang Boyue clenches his fist tightly as his body trembles.

He is already able to see that they are completely unable to make Liu Yi stay behind.

Furthermore, Liu Yi seems to still have some energy left over….

“Looks like everyone has calmed down. Then I will not stay any longer. In the future, we will meet again if you guys wish to.”

Liu Yi carries Wenren Qian in his embrace.

“Let us go…”


Wenren Qian is very obedient as she leans toward Liu Yi’s embrace like a little rabbit.

“Liu Yi even if you leave not, this matter will never end.”

Zhang Boyue says to Liu Yi, “From now on, all of the righteous path people will be your enemy!”

“So what about it?”

Liu Yi looks at Zhang Boyue calmly, “If you guys have the ability then come and kill me.”

“Don’t think that there is just these few people in the righteous path.”

Zhang Boyue continues to say, “There are countless experts in the righteous path…every sect has a few higher existences that you are unable to imagine! Any single one of them will be able to pinch you to death.”

“I still say the same thing. If you want to come then come.”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “If I am afraid, then my Liu Yi name shall be written backward.”

“Liu Yi today I want you to die here!”

At this moment from the sky suddenly comes a very angry voice.

Liu Yi raises his head and sees Gao Feng who has flown up into the sky at an unknown time. Gao Feng aims his Piercing through Heaven and Earth technique at Liu Yi.

“Go and die!”

Gao Feng’s entire strength exploded out at that moment.

He hates Liu Yi, hates him to death.

Not only did he destroy my number one, he also destroyed my future sect head position.

Must not. I absolutely must not forgive him!

Dense sword qi revolves around his body and is about to erupt out.

But at this moment Liu Yi suddenly appears in front of him.

He hugs Wenren Qian with one hand while his other hand is grabbing Gao Feng by the top of his head.

“In your next life remember not to cultivate again.”

Done speaking, he uses Glorious Sun Palm.


This palm print appears on Gao Feng’s forehead causing him to freeze in midair.

After Liu Yi uses this attack, he turns around and stands on his Taiji Sword and flies out of the World Manor.

Before flying away, he looks at Ai Ling.

This is the last thing that I can do for her…


When Liu Yi flies away, Gao Feng’s body suddenly exploded out with an eye-catching black light. These black lights gather together and form a skeleton image which swallows Gao Feng’s body inside!

In a blink of an eye, Gao Feng’s body turned into a skeleton and drops onto the ground shattering into pieces.


Chapter 466   [Enemy against the entire world]

Finally the damn Gao Feng die!!!

Took so long…. anyways stay tune for the epicness of the next chapter though some might already guess what had happened

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