MKW Chapter 465

Chapter 465   [My justice]


“If that is the case then this righteous path, it is fine if I do not go back.”

Liu Yi sneers, his tone carries deep ridicule.

His words cause everyone to be shocked. Wenren Qian looks at Liu Yi in deep shock. He actually gave up the opportunity to go back to the righteous path for me?

“In the past, I thought that the righteous path’s people are slightly inflexible that’s all.”

Liu Yi did not care about the gaze of the crowd as he continues to speak, “You guys do not care about the lives of mortals and only concentrate on cultivation. It is fine, after all, cultivators place cultivation first which is different from Buddhism and the rest of the living being. You guys think yourselves as high and pure, think that you are the most peerless existence is also not a problem. After all, you guys possess more strength than mortals. But now you guys are already treating human lives as grass. To the point because of your own careless deduction, bullshit principles and willfully slaughtering the innocence!”

His eyes turn fierce, “Since this is the case, if I follow the bad examples of you guys then wouldn’t I be even more heartless! Furthermore when did I, Liu Yi did anything wrong? How did you guys treat me earlier, do you think that I will forget it like an idiot? While Wenren Qian as a member of the Great God Sect is willing to risk her life and save me, entering this firepit. She saves me but I turn around and kill her, that is injustice! You wish to turn me into a heartless and unjust person but yet you say can go back to your righteous path? Apologies this kind of bullshit righteous path I really do not have any plan to go back! I also disdain to go back!”

“Liu Yi….”

Hearing what Liu Yi said, Zhang Boyue’s face turns heavy, “Are you going to be the enemy of all the righteous sects in the world?”

“If it was not for Wenren Qian taking actions, you guys would have killed me once already.”

Liu Yi sneers, “My this life is already an enemy of you guys. Some more, there is no harm in telling you guys, my master is the world number one evildoer, Ma Long. In the past, I still did not understand why did master give up on the righteous path and entered the devil path. But today, I finally understand.”

“Ma, Ma Long’s disciple….”

“Gods….no wonder he is so strong….”

When the sect heads hear Ma Long’s name, every single one of their expression changes.

“So he is a disciple of that evildoer Ma Long….a group of evildoers, must be killed, really must be killed!”

Zhang Boyue clenches his teeth as well as clenches his fist tightly.

While Liu Yi is no longer inclined to bicker with them anymore. Soon Wenren Qian’s formation will activate and they will leave this sinister place.

“Sect Head Zhang I remember now! I remember now!”

The sect head who know what the is God Fire Shield suddenly claps his hand and shouts in delight, “In my sect, there is a technique that is able to reverse the strength of God Fire Shield! As long as you give me a minute, I will be able to break open the God Fire Shield!”

When he says it, Gu Yu and the girls who were just relieved starts to become anxious.

On the other hand, the sect heads start laughing and clapping.

“Great, great! Sect Head Li, then it will be tough on you!”

Zhang Boyue’s also smiles very wildly and very sinisterly.

“Liu Yi, Wenren Qian, soon it will be your death.”

The transfer formation activation still needs some time, Wenren Qian calculated that it will not be on time.

She laughs bitterly before saying to Liu Yi, “Liu Yi kill me…”

“Idiot, what are you joking about.”

Liu Yi glares at her.

“We are already unable to escape…if you kill me then you will be able to live on.”

“Stop being wilful. You also want to trick me into being heartless?”

“But…do you really want to become enemies against all of the righteous sects in the world….”

Liu Yi gently flicks Wenren Qian’s forehead, with a trace of pampering in his eyes, “Idiot. If it was for you so what if I become enemies against the entire world. Just now you protected me, now it is my turn to protect you.”

He turns around and blocks in front of Wenren Qian and once again enters dragon transformation stage 1.

Wenren Qian’s eyes turn slightly misty as she looks at Liu Yi’s back view foolishly.

In the past, Wenren Qian used to be alone. Even if it was her god-father Great God Sect Sect Head, he also seldom contacted her or communicated with her.

But now Wenren Qian feels that she is no longer alone.

At the very least, no matter where I go, there will always be him accompanying me.

This is…also very good.

“Evildoer you still dare to say this kind of big words. Today I shall make sure you die here!”

Zhang Boyue sneers as he revolves his Immortal Qi.

Over hundreds of sect heads roll up their sleeves for battle as they revolve their own cultivation arts and prepares for the moment the God Fire Shield is broken and kill the two evildoers!

Gu Yu gives up her arrogant air and shouts, “Master don’t!”

Chen Keqing also begs, “Don’t kill my junior brother. He is not like what you guys think he is ….”

“We can still take our time and think….”

At this moment, Ai Ling also lose her thinking ability and the first time she feels that her brain is not good enough.

Zhang Boyue roars in anger, “Lock them up!”

Instantly a few sect heads work together and cast a barrier locking the three girls within making them unable to obstruct them.

“Damn it, damn it….”

Gu Yu keeps attacking the barrier but the barrier holds firm.

“Why did it become like this….wasn’t everything good and well earlier…”

Chen Keqing has completely lost her head not knowing what she should do.

Ai Ling bites her lips, is it really impossible to resist fate?

Very good…even if Liu Yi dies, I, Ai Ling will also use my own method to continue resisting.

If Liu Yi dies…then I shall end my life here!

I do not want a life that does not belong to me.


Before a minute has passed, the God Fire Shield is already broken by Sect Head Li.

Liu Yi and Wenren Qian are both exposed without any defense in front of the hundreds of sect heads.

Liu Yi’s tall figure blocks in front of Wenren Qian as he says clearly, “Stand behind me.”


Wenren Qian did not say anything, she only nods her head and stands behind him obediently.

“Kill them!”

With a loud shout, hundreds of sect heads attack at the same time!

Liu Yi relies on his half-dragon body and blocks in front of Wenren Qian, and did not move a single step

He uses his body to forcefully withstand the incoming attacks. He uses his Glorious Sun Palm as well as Monarch Axe to fight against those close combat sect heads!

Countless magic techniques exploded on the stage like a fireworks display.

Red blood flies all over the place and soon the entire stage is covered in red.

The god turtle cries out in grief not knowing if it got injured by the battle on it’s back or crying out for whom.

The battle continues for 5 minutes. Liu Yi killed countless sect heads while he himself is also covered with injuries.

Even with a super strong Demon Qi healing his body, it is starting to be unable to follow up.

Very quickly Liu Yi is completely covered with injuries and has become like a blood person. He looks very horrifying and miserable.

But he stills continue to battle. To protect Wenren Qian he must continue to fight!

Within his body, his four qi are almost unable to take it anymore. His cultivation slowly drains away while his cosmos map starts to look like a dried up lake.

Liu Yi’s action is becoming slower and slower as his conscience is starting to get vague.

He is able to hear faintly the cries of Gu Yu and the girls.

Do I continue to fight onwards….Liu Yi….you must not let these sect heads break your defense….Wenren Qian is still injured, she is unable to fight anymore…

Why is it that I seem to see Liu Haisheng….standing there not moving….

His mouth….seems to be smiling…

There is also that Zhang Boyue….what is he delighted for….

Why do I feel that my arm is so heavy….almost unable to lift it up…?

Am I really going to die….

Looking at Liu Yi who has kneeled onto the ground a lot of sect heads are unable to speak.

In the short 5 minutes, Liu Yi withstand over a hundred person attacking him and killed over 30 sect heads!

Only after obtaining such a scary combat achievement did he kneel onto the ground.

Gods….is he a monster?

Even though Liu Yi has to kneel onto the ground, no one dares to step forward.

“He actually killed so many of us…..”

Zhang Boyue says in hatred, “After eating over tens of my attacks he is still able to fight on. What a scary person. But it has ended. Evil will never prevail over justice. In the end, the two of you are going to die in the hands of us righteous path.”

“Evil will never prevail over justice?”

Liu Yi seems to be able to hear Zhang Boyue’s words as he raises his head that is covered with blood and stares at him.

This gaze cause Zhang Boyue to trembles, what a cold expression…why does it give me such a large pressure?

“What is evil….what is justice?”

Liu Yi’s voice is slightly hoarse as he says, “Justice on your side….is already raped until it became worthless….”

“Hmph little fellow, until death you still have a hard mouth.”

Zhang Boyue mocks, “Let me tell you, we are the righteous path, thus we are justice! That’s right, in this world victory is justice!”

“What a joke….”

Liu Yi lets out a long sigh, “If this is your righteousness…then I Liu Yi….can only carry out my righteousness….”

“Just an evildoer, what righteousness do you have to discuss with us!”

“Kill him, do not leave behind any future danger!”

“Right everyone attack, kill these two demons!”

The group of sect heads once against start moving. It seems like Liu Yi’s and Wenren Qian’s lives will end here.

“This time…we can die together…”

Wenren Qian bends down and she hugs Liu Yi’s waist gently and rests her head against his back.

“I will not let you die…”

Liu Yi’s voice once again ring out, “Protecting you…protecting my lover…that is my righteousness!”

Sky blue light suddenly erupts from his body!

This light is very dazzling causing a lot of the sect heads to hide their sight.

A majestic force is born from within this light! At that moment the sky also changes color!

The qi in the heaven and earth start moving, forming a vortex and converges within Liu Yi’s body.

“This, this is….”

Zhang Boyue and a few stronger sect heads all got a shock as they retreat a few steps as they stare at Liu Yi like they are staring at an alien.

“How is this possible! It is actually Boundless Righteous Qi!”

Mo Tian also got a huge shock! This Boundless Righteous Qi is originally one of the core inheritance of their World Manor, but since the generation of Mo Tian’s father, they have lost this inheritance!

But currently it actually appears on the body of an evildoer, how could he not be in shock!


Chapter 465   [My justice]

Lols the author really wants to drag out this arc….. Anyways the fight should be over in well I leave it to you to guess.

Anyways teaser for next chapter is:

“Looks like righteousness is on my side.”


“I really must thank you guys for helping me…….”


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    • It also remind me of battle scene in arifureta/reincarnated slime, many battle flow change cause protagonist or the enemy suddenly thow new ability on the way


  1. The god turtle cries out in grief not knowing if it got injured by the battle on it’s back or crying out for whom.

    I think the author really likes to point this out frequently.

    Ohh.. poor god turtle… 😑

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    • This gets confusing, there is 2 he has not cultivated Buddha or ghost Qi,
      In his possession:
      1) immortal qi = Gu Yu
      2) Demon Qi = Lin Tong (the kitsune, hope I got her name right) then enhanced to dragon
      3) Devil Qi = Wenren Qian
      4) Netherworld Qi = the bitch (Japanese version of the word not the American version)
      but I could have sworn they said that asura realm has a Qi as well I may have to go back and reread


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