MKW Chapter 464

Chapter 464  [You can return back]


The originally firm barrier, under the fire dragon’s assault, starts cracking!

Jiang Xiao is burned into ashes by the fire dragon and is blown away by the wind.

“Gods…so scary…”

“Save me ah…this girl is a devil ah….”

The group of cultivators on the spectators stands start running away in fear. They are too weak and do not dare fight against the female devil who instantly killed Jiang Xiao.

Mo Tian is angered as he roars in rage, “What a good demon girl! How dare you kill a person under our eyes!”

“Let me!”

Zhang Boyue takes action as he summons out a 20+ meter enormous ice sword above Wenren Qian’s head which starts descending on her.

“What a fake righteous path.”

Wenren Qian only laughs lightly but did not move.

The red flame dragon instantly flies back and with a wave of its tail, it slaps the ice sword.

Instantly the enormous ice sword is shattered into pieces.

“What a powerful demon girl!”

“She is actually on par with Sect Head Zhang…”

“Wrong, it seems like she is slightly stronger!”

After seeing Wenren Qian’s strength, the sect heads are all in shock.

Not only then, but even Liu Yi himself is also unable to understand.

How did Wenren Qian’s strength increase by so much?! I have gone through 500 years of cultivation in Asura Realm as well as taken a Heaven Yuan Dan as well as Dragon Gene and all which finally allowed my strength to increase rapidly to my current stage.

As for Wenren Qian, how did she raise her strength to such a horrifying stage…

Unless, it has some relationship with that Sect Head of Great God Sect…

Even the Law King that he trained up is so strong….what can I use to fight against him!

“Everyone attack together and kill this demon girl!”

“Right, we have so many sect heads, we will definitely be able to kill her this devil girl from Great God Sect!”

The group of sect heads start charging forward as they use their own techniques and attack Wenren Qian.

“Using numbers to bully the few…but it is the method of you people from the righteous path.”

Wenren Qian laughs coldly but her face did not have any expression as she continues to control her god dragon and attack the sect heads attacking over.

The god dragon is very strong and is able to fight against almost 100 sect heads and is not at a disadvantage, and also manages to burn a few sect heads to ashes!

Seeing this scene, Mo Tian starts trembling.

“To let this demon girl be so arrogant in my World Manor…”

He sends his daughter to the rostrum before flying back and joins in the battle.

Zhang Boyue and the rest are unable to take action, because the strongest tens of sect heads are using their cultivation to suppress Liu Yi!

With Mo Tian joining the fight, the situation immediately changes again.

The god flame dragon finally starts to appear to be defeated, especially in front of Mo Tian’s second stage Unmoving King Ming and was beaten until it starts crying.

Mo Tian is also of 18 star-cultivation bases and is in the mid-stage and is slightly stronger!

After a few exchanges, he realizes that the technique used by the Great God Sect demon girl is only at 17-star peak that’s all and is only borrowing the mystical god flame dragon’s strength, that is why she is not in a disadvantage!

“Take my fist!”

Mo Tian is covered in black armor like a fighting god and smashes away the god flame dragon with a punch before appearing in front of Wenren Qian before punching her.

“Hmph,” Wenren Qian only snorts as she replies with a punch.

Following her actions, the enormous god flame dragon also stretches out its fire claw and take the place of Wenren Qian’s fist and punches Mo Tian’s fist.


A dragon’s claw and a human’s fist clashes against each other as an enormous shock wave erupts out.

Wenren Qian’s face turns pale as blood seeps out from her mouth.

Mo Tian’s expression also changes as he frowns.

“What a mystical flame dragon. Let’s see if my Mo Tian’s Unmoving King Ming is stronger or your dragon!”

Mo Tian strengthens his technique while Wenren Qian clenches her teeth to support.

While the two of them are in a deadlock, a figure suddenly sneaks close to Wenren Qian before sudden stabbing a sword into the completely defenseless Wenren Qian’s waist.

“Demon girl eat my sword!”

Don’t know which sect’s sect head has sneaked over and gives Wenren Qian a fatal stab.

Wenren Qian’s eyes slacken for a moment before becoming coherent instantly.


She roars as a fire wave erupts from her body and attacks in all directions.

Being hit by the fire wave, all of the sect heads were forced to retreat a few steps.

As for the sect head who had sneaked attack, his strength of no use as he is sent flying tens of meters away.

“Hot, hot, hot!!!”

Fire burns his body as he rolls on the ground crying out in pain.

A few sect heads by the side hurry and use all kind of water techniques, but were unable to put out the flame on that sect head.

Finally, they can only watch him being burned into ashes.

While Zhang Boyue watches by the side, he clenches his teeth as he says, “What a good demon girl, her actions are really vicious!”

“Is it me who is vicious or you guys who are despicable?”

Wenren Qian presses her wounds as she sneers, “I will remember today’s hatred. We will meet again in the future.”

She starts to use a certain technique as a red flame formation appears under her and Liu Yi’s feet. The formation is releasing an indescribable force.

A sect head who has deep research on formations immediately reminds, “Damn it! She is trying to use some formation to escape!”

Not only did this demon girl cause a havoc during the World Dao Gathering, she also killed so many sect heads from the righteous path!

If they really let her bring Liu Yi away safe and sound, wouldn’t the righteous path be a joke! From then on the people from the righteous path would lose all their face! And would be bullied by other sects!

So no matter what, they must not let Wenren Qian this demonic girl escape!

“Retain her!”

Mo Tian as the Manor Head of World Manor is the first to take action as he flies towards Wenren Qian.

But halfway, he is suddenly blocked by a fire barrier that emerged out.


Mo Tian punches the barrier but the eye-catching red barrier did not move.

“Attack together!”

The suppression from Zhang Boyue and a few sect heads were gone as it was cut off by the barrier.

With a hundred sect heads using their techniques at the same time, it is very dazzling.

But behind this dazzling display conceals a deep killing intent!

-boom, boom, boom!-

Although the techniques are very fierce, when they land of the red barrier, they were all blocked.

“It is God Fire Shield!”

One of the sect head exclaims, “The God Fire Shield which is able to absolutely defend against anything for ten minutes! Our attacks are completely ineffective, instead, they were all absorbed by the God Fire Shield and becomes its strength! Only after ten minutes would the God Fire Shield naturally disappear!”

Seeing the formation under Wenren Qian becoming clearer and clearer, Mo Tian roars, “Ten minutes, ten minutes is enough for them to escape countless times!”

“Damn it are we really going to let this demon girl escape?!”

The sect heads are all starting to become as anxious as an ant on a hot wok.

“Let me think of a method…how to break the God Fire Shield. I seem to remember there is this record…”

The sect head who shouts out the name of God Fire Shield starts going through his memories.

At this moment Zhang Boyue’s eyes suddenly brighten up as he says to Liu Yi who is inside the God Fire Shield, “Liu Yi. I believe in my disciple’s eyesight. Since she says that you are a righteous person then, I am willing to give you an opportunity to return back to the righteous path.”

While Liu Yi is sitting cross-legged recovering from the internal injuries from the suppression from the sect heads earlier, he raises his eyebrow when he hears what Zhang Boyue says.

As for the rest of the sect heads, they stare at Zhang Boyue in shock.

After all, Zhang Boyue is still the number 1 sect head, thus his words carry a lot of weight.

“Even if you possess demon qi in your body, my righteous heart is merciful as is willing to give you a chance to be forgiven.”

Zhang Boyue continues to say in his encouraging tone, “You have worked very hard to help Raising Immortal Palace Hall get number one but is being kicked out of your sect by Raising Immortal Palace Hall in this manner, I believe that you must be very unwilling right. No worries, as long as you are willing, we will still be willing to welcome you back to the righteous path.”

A lot of people start to feel weird. Why would Zhang Boyue who was so intent on killing him suddenly change his tune?

“All you need to do is one thing. And that is to kill that demon girl beside you! She already no longer possesses any strength and you will be able to easily kill her!”

With Zhang Boyue’s following words, the crowd finally understands.

Wenren Qian’s face starts to turn pale.

In the past Liu Yi…was an idiot who was prejudice due to righteousness…will he take action against me just to return back to the righteous path….

Talking about this….I should be his enemy….

No matter what, I’ll never regret.

If Liu Yi kills me, then that is my fate.

But I hope that in my next life, I will not be enemy with Liu Yi.

“How is it. As long as you take action, you will be able to return back to our righteous path! When you return, World Number 1 will be yours and Raising Immortal Palace Hall will become the world number 1 sect. The girl you like is Ai Ling right? There is also Miss Mo Lan, I, Zhang Boyue am willing to help you act as the go-between. Marry one…or marry two is also okay. But Miss Lan’er is the big missy of World Manor so she cannot be the small one. We can let Ai Ling be the small one what do you think?”

Even Mo Tian’s eyebrows also jump, Zhang Boyue this fellow….how dare he throw my daughter into the pot…this old fox… why doesn’t he throw his own precious disciple in as well!

But if this fellow is really willing to return back to the righteous path, there is no harm. I shall lock him up in World Manor and make him completely give up his demon qi and re-cultivate the righteous immortal qi!

Currently, everyone is looking at Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi also slowly gets to his feet as he looks at Zhang Boyue.

“Is everything that Sect Head Zhang says the truth?”

“Of course. I, Zhang Boyue am the sect head of Immortal Snow Peak. When did I say false words before!”

Zhang Boyue’s expression is happy, there is hope!

“Since that is the case….”

Liu Yi’s mouth edge slowly creeps up.


Chapter 464   [You can return back]

Okay see that quite a number of you are complaining about righteousness of the so called righteous sect. Well, I will try to explain it now.

Righteous is similar to right and wrong. How are you able to determine who is right and who is wrong, it is up to individual perceptive.

For example to in Liu Haisheng’s case do you think that he is right in kicking out Liu Yi?

From his point of view, he had already warned Liu Yi not to show that he possesses demon qi but yet Liu Yi uses it causing the rest of the people to attack him as well as his sect. If he tries to defend Liu Yi he be under attack by countless sects and be unable to become head of the righteous sect.

Well next is the demon qi and the reactions from sect heads. Please remember that the sect heads, well most of them have sworn to kill demons and well as you have seen from Liu Yi from the first 200 chapters his demonic side is very scary and later while he does not have any control over his dragon transformation how cold-blooded he is.

Hopefully, this clears most of your thoughts.

And thorime, righteous does not means benevolent, righteous mean morally right or justifiable. Wherelse benevolent means kind. which are two different things.

7 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 464

  1. Still tho their point of righteousness is still warped AF no matter how you see it
    But well I can understand it since they just see demon qi = evil as they only saw all those who have it as brutal
    But I hope they still get their asses kicked as not everyone who have demon qi is evil lol
    Thanks for the chap ~


  2. Eh, I do understand that Righteousness and Benevolence are two separate things, but its kinda… you can’t have one without the other? I’m not part of the naive good is soft bit but they seem extremely hypocritical. I mean how can they be “morally right” if they are greedy, petty, arrogant people who commit legit crimes (like mentioned where they strait up mug people or assault someone for extremely flimsy reasons) Meh I think I need to take Rick’s advice and just “Don’t think about it” xD


    • HA! You can’t have one without the other…sure you can… here is the name of an organization that existed under those same criteria and were punished by the world for it =Nazi


  3. His soul was let go from hell scot-free before, so their righteousness is just protecting their own and attacking everyone else, nothing about morals about it.


  4. See, this is all because Liu Yi broke his promise. Righteousness is something you believe is right, as long as you really believe something is right, even if it is wrong by the masses, it still can be called Righteous. Benevolent is when you have big heart.


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