MKW Chapter 463

Chapter 463  [Meteorite descend from the sky]


Liu Haisheng waves his hand and says, “From now on Liu Yi has no relationship with my Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Everyone deal with him as you wish.”

The group of sect heads start clamoring.

“Since Sect Head Liu has said so then we will naturally not be polite!”

“That’s right, kill him! Use his blood to wash away his insult to World Dao Gathering!”

“Wait, wait! You guys cannot kill him!”

Mo Lan suddenly jumps onto the stage and blocks in front of Liu Yi.

Mo Tian instantly frowns and berates, “Lan’er why did you run up. This matter is not related to you. Go down!”

“I am not going down.”

Mo Lan says, “What did he do, why must you guys kill him?! Even if he has Demon Qi in his body but he did not do anything to spoil the matters of World Dao Gathering right?”

White Immortal Qi flickers from Zhang Boyue’s body as he says, “Hmph, young miss Lan’er, this fellow possess Demon Qi thus he is an evildoer! We are public figures from the righteous path! Killing demons and executing devils are our responsibility and duty! Towards these evil monsters and the likes, there is no need to talk about sentiments and face!”

“Sect Head Zhang, I had thought that you were a clear-headed person! Why would you say such overbearing and unreasonable words?!”

Mo Lan is instantly mad, “What did Liu Yi do, does it means that if he possesses Demon Qi he is an evildoer? If you all really want to deal with him, first you must ask the halberd in my hands!!”

She summons out her halberd and holds it in front of her.

At this moment Liu Yi feels that Mo Lan’s back view is very big and tall…

Did not think that this girl that I knew for a few days would be so protective of me…it is really out of my expectations…

“Mo’er are you crazy?!”

Mo Tian instantly roars and shouts, “Do you not know how to differentiate right and wrong?”

“I see the ones who do not know how to differentiate right and wrong is father and the rest of the sect heads! I Mo Lan, have a clear conscious!”


Mo Tian trembles in anger,

Gu Yu also runs over to the stage and stands by Mo Lan’s side and says, “Sect heads please listen to what I say…I know Liu Yi from a long time ago. He is not an evildoer like you guys think!”

“Although he possesses demon qi in his body…it is because his body got possessed by a fox demon by accident! I have known him for a long time. He really did not do any evil things before, instead, he has saved me before…”

“Scram away for me!”

Zhang Boyue also roars out in anger, “I have yet to deal with you for teaching outsiders our sect techniques and you still dare to stand out and speak!”

“Master, I….”

“Shut Up!”

“Sect Head Zhang is so overbearing.”

Mo Lan sneers, “Still not listening to others speaking reasons.”

“Towards evildoers and the like, what is there to reason about! Have you forgotten what is the task of us the people from the righteous path! Evildoers shall be evildoers, for people who possess Demon Qi, even if they do not show it now but sooner or later, they will become a demon from his head to his toes!”

“He will not!”

Chen Keqing hurries up to the stage and blocks in front of Liu Yi, “I am Raising Immortal Palace Hall Chen Keqing, the senior sister of Liu Yi. I can guarantee his character!”

“Keqing, hurry and get lost for me!”

Seeing the group of sect heads faces becoming heavier and heavier, Liu Haisheng roars out, “It is not your turn to speak here!”


“Scram out of here!”

Chen Keqing and Gu Yu are both suppressed by their masters but they did not leave.

“Forget it, ladies…thank you, ladies, for stepping forward to help me…”

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “I Liu, will remember this kindness in my heart… these matters are not related to you. Since they want to question me then I will not sit here and wait for death. If they want to fight then I shall fight.”

“Liu Yi don’t say nonsense!”

Gu Yu’s expression changes as she chides.

“I am already an abandoned chess piece…there is no point in you girls helping me. There is no need to let yourselves get implicated…”

“Good fellow still pretending!”

Mo Tian sneers, “You group of evildoers only know how to say without actions. Relax, after you have kneeled down, I will give you a quick death!”

“Who dares to take action against him!”

Mo Lan lifts up her halberd.


Mo Tian walks up to her daughter and gives her a slap.

“You, you actually hit me?”

Mo Lan is stunned as she stares at her father.

Mo Tian says coldly, “I want to beat you awake! You have already lost your wisdom!”

“I see that it is you who does not know how to differentiate right or wrong!”

Mo Lan’s voice rises by 8 octaves, “What do you understand who only knows how to be aloof and remote!”

“Enough! How can talk about your own father like this?!”

“From the moment big brother has left, you are already no longer like a dad!”

Mo Lan says angrily, “Today I will definitely protect Liu Yi!”


Mo Tian once again raises his hand.

“Hit me ah!”

Mo Lan did not dodge, instead, she sticks out her face, “Come and hit ah!”

For a long time, Mo Tian’s hand hangs in the sky.

“Everyone…why don’t I say something.”

At this moment a female lands on the stage slowly.

When the crowd turns their head over, the person is none other than Ai Ling.

“You do not have the right to speak in this place!”

Concealed Sword Pavilion’s Sect Head raises his eyebrow slightly.

Ai Ling’s face does not have any expression as she says unhurriedly, “I have a proposal for you guys and hope that everyone can listen to this girl for a bit.”

Seeing his daughter’s stubborn expression, Mo Tian thinks for a bit before saying, “Say it!”

“Thank you Manor Head Mo.”

Ai Ling looks at the group of sect heads before looking at Liu Yi.

“Actually this girl proposal is not to be in a hurry to kill Liu Yi yet. We should first detain him before slowly questioning him.”

“Oh? Why do you say so?”

Zhang Boyue raises his eyebrow as well.

“This girl feel that since Liu Yi is an evildoer and being able to sneak into our World Dao Gathering, behind all this will definitely have an even greater sinister plan!”

Ai Ling says her thoughts slowly, “If we kill him in a hurry, aren’t we just helping the people behind him silence him? Thus I feel that we should first detain him and slowly question him.”

Ai Ling’s words causes the rest of the girls to be shocked while Mo Lan clenches her fist and shouts, “You bitch! How sinister are you! Liu Yi should be interested in you and you actually treat him like this?!”

“How could I place the likes of this kind of evildoer in my heart. Lady Mo’er, it is best if you woke up earlier.”

Although Ai Ling says so, she is actually transmitting something else to the girls.

{This is a delaying technique. First, let them detain Liu Yi then we will be able to save him…otherwise, Liu Yi can only die here.}

Ai Ling’s words instantly remind the anxious girls.

So that is the case….why did I not think of this when I was thinking of saving him….indeed, borrowing the strength of us little girls, we are basically powerless to block the sect heads.

This is indeed the only technique…

This girl called Ai Ling really thinks deeply…

“That’s right. Behind this fellow will definitely be a mastermind!”

One of the sect heads nods his head.

“That’s right, we cannot be in a hurry to kill him first.”

“Correct we must first make him spit out who is the mastermind behind him!”

A large portion of the sect heads start discussing.

Ai Ling and the girls let a sigh of relief, as they found a chance.

“Hehehe….this is actually very easy to deal with.”

At this moment Sky Heavy Gate Sect Head Jiang Xiao says, “In my sect, other than sword techniques, we actually have some research on soul technique. After you guys have killed him, I will capture his soul and question out everything from his soul, hehehehe….”

When Ai Ling and the girls hear this, their bodies turn cold.

This Jiang Xiao….how sinister is he!

“Since we have this kind of mystic technique then we do not need to worry.”

Zhang Boyue nods his head, “Now let us kill this evildoer!”

Mo Lan immediately shouts, “Who dares too!”

At this moment Mo Tian suddenly raises his hand and chops his daughter on the neck and makes Mo Lan who was unprepared faint.

“Take action everyone!”

Gu Yu and the rest of the girls are anxious as they prepare to take action to block.

At this moment comes the shout of a girl from the sky.

This voice sounds very nice but despite so, it carries an unblockable anger.

“Who dares to touch him!”

Following which an enormous fire meteor descends from the sky and smashes into the stage.

When the meteor lands, it causes the god turtle to collapse onto the ground while the shockwaves also send a few of the sect heads to retreat.

“Who is it? To actually possess such strength!”

As for those people who did not retreat, naturally, they are Mo Tian and Zhang Boyue, as well as the rest of the major sect’s sect head.

Zhang Boyue who is holding his own ice shield exclaims, “Great God Sect Wenren Qian!”

A fire slowly walks out from the flames.

She who has always been mute in front of others, because of Liu Yi once again speaks.

“You….why are you here…”

Seeing Wenren Qian’s back view, Liu Yi’s gaze turns blurred.

“If I do not come, then you would have died.”

Wenren Qian’s voice carries a bit of tenderness which swiftly turns angry.

“You these people who claim to be righteous path people really makes me wish to vomit.”

“I thought who was it. So it is the demon girl from the Great God Sect!”

Sky Heavy Gate’s Sect Head Jiang Xiao laughs coldly before walking forward, “If you do not come, we would still be looking for you! Now that you are here, it is just in time to accompany Liu Yi to be buried together!”

He raises his greatsword and roars as sword qi erupts out from his body.

15-star cultivation is enough to prove the identity of this Sky Heavy Gate Sect Head!

“Go and die demon girl!”

He raises his black iron greatsword and jumps in front of Wenren Qian. His sword is covered with an unblockable aura smashing towards Wenren Qian’s head.


Wenren Qian only spits out a single word, following which an eye-catching enormous flame dragon flies out from her clothing and headbutted Jiang Xiao.

Instantly Jiang Xiao is smashed by the flame dragon into the barrier protecting the audience behind!


Chapter 463   [Meteorite descending from the sky]

What can we do without our dear Wenren Qian? I feel like this is like powerpuff girls protecting Professor Utonium…

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    • This always confused me in CN novels. How exactly are the “Righteous” Sects even remotely benevolent? I mean they come across an artifact or something and they immediately try and mug them (usually the protagonist) or someone else starts shits and the protagonist ends it, they show up and its all “oh no you injured/maimed/crippled/killed (their relative/disciple maybe) the bad guy, we have to maim/cripple/kill you!” or in cases like this the protagonist has an evil aura (but isn’t evil in the slightest) and it’s “Off with his head!” how exactly are they any better than the Evil/Devil/Demon Sects? Or do I just not understand Chinese culture and we have different definitions of righteous?

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  1. I suspect that at around chapter 270, when the story went downhill, the author became 14 years old and just wrote trash with angry emotions that hate every other character.

    At least, thanks for the good translation = )


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