MKW Chapter 462

Chapter 462  [Shocking change]


Ai Ling’s face is instantly covered in tears.

This guy…is he really an idiot….

Seeing Liu Yi’s body so badly mangled, Ai Ling feels that her heart is in pain. Like the sword qi landed on her heart instead of Liu Yi’s body.

Just as Liu Yi is very attracted to her, Ai Ling also does not know why but to her, Liu Yi carries a very strange attractive force…

Towards this guy, she cannot control her emotions. But as Concealed Sword Pavilion Earth Character disciple, she must restrain her emotions.

I cannot have feelings for this guy…I cannot let the two of us become serious…otherwise, the two of us will become bitter.

But unknowingly, the two of us become like this….

Destiny ah…why do you want to toy with me like this…

“Really seeking death.”

Gao Feng looks at Liu Yi who was badly mangled.

“If you had pretended to be dead perhaps you would still be able to escape with your life.”

“I have never thought of dying.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Furthermore I shall defeat you.”

“With your current state? When you’re already half dead? Are you dreaming?”

Gao Feng starts laughing with arrogance.

Liu Yi ask, “Half dead? Who told you that?”

“Do you think that I am blind? Look at your mangled body! After taking my Piercing through Heaven and Earth, being able to climb to your feet, you really are a cockroach!”

“Body full of injuries? Are you joking?”

As Liu Yi speaks he takes a deep breath.

In a blink of an eye, all of his injuries seal up!

All of the blood traces disappear and the blue robe is restored back to normal.


Gao Feng got a huge shock and thought that he is seeing things wrongly as he rubs his eyes.

Liu Yi’s injuries were healed up by his demon qi whereas his clothing is restored through the ability of the Spiritual Beast transformation.

He looks just like he has stepped onto the stage, without any trace of fighting at all.

“What…what demonic technique is this…”

“Talking about demonic technique, this is the real demonic technique…”

A gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as his aura starts changing.

Instantly a demonic aura appears on the stage.

Black clouds start gathering in the sky which were attracted by the demon qi.

Sensing this aura, Mo Tain and Zhang Boyue stand up at the same time.

“This strength….it is Demon Qi!”

“My god, why is there such a scary Demon Qi coming from Liu Yi’s body!”

“Liu Haisheng what on earth is going on!”

Liu Haisheng sits there with his forehead covered with sweat not knowing how to explain.

“This, this…”

The crowd is also discussing.

“The disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall is actually releasing Demon Qi?”

“Gods, is Raising Immortal Palace Hall the headquarters of the demon race?”

Currently, Liu Yi who is being discussed by the people is no longer caring about all these.

He wants to win, must win!

In a blink of an eye, he grew 2 meters tall as a pair of dragon wings start flapping on his back.

The black scales emit cold light, verifying Liu Yi’s unusual strength and aura.

“What is this…”

Gao Feng sensed a very scary pressure as he subconsciously retreats two steps with his forehead covered with cold sweat.

“Didn’t you say that you possess absolute strength?”

Because of dragon transformation, Liu Yi’s voice becomes deep and carries a type of indescribable charm.

“Now let me show you what is call absolute strength.”

Done speaking, Liu Yi suddenly disappears.

Gao Feng is shocked as he starts searching for traces of Liu Yi.

At this moment Liu Yi appears in front of him and punches him in his chest.


Gao Feng flies away like a kite with a broken string and smashes into the stage, creating a hole in the turtle shell of the god turtle.


His suffers heavy internal injuries and vomits out a mouthful of blood as he stares at Liu Yi who is standing on the stage in horror.

This, what kind of strength is this…

Why is it that this Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciple who was passively receiving a beating…in a blink of an eye became such so horrifying!

This is not possible!

I am the strongest!

“I am the strongest…I am Number 1!!!!”

Gao Feng suddenly jumps out from the hole as his whole body turns into a sword light and with a splitting the heaven and earth grandeur, he flies towards Liu Yi.


While Gao Feng has transformed his body into a sword, Liu Yi only uses his left hand to grab it.

Liu Yi’s hand is covered with scales as he grabs hold of Gao Feng’s head.

Gao Feng stares at Liu Yi in shock not knowing how he stopped his full strength attack!

The sword that I transformed into is actually being blocked by bare hands?!

How is this possible!!!

“Let me gift you something fun.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he opens his mouth and uses Scarlet Blood Sutra and breaths out a stream of dragon breath onto Gao Feng’s body.

When Gao Feng is being hit by the flames, he is instantly sent flying backward before crashing into the spectators’ barrier, sticking there.

A few cracks were left on the barrier shocking the surrounding audience.

“My gods….what is this strength!”

“Did Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s Liu Yi bedevil?!”

“Rubbish that is a demon race!”

“What a scary demon race….our righteous path actually hid this demon…”

After sending Gao Feng flying up with a hit, Liu Yi aims his hand at the figure stuck in the barrier.

If I use Desolate Flame, Gao Feng will definitely be killed by me.

Everything changes in a blink of an eye causing a lot of people to be shocked.

Gao Feng who was very strong and unmatched earlier in a blink of an eye is beaten up like a dog by Liu Yi!

Ai Ling is stunned, Liu Yi….really did it?

He really defeated Gao Feng?!

But, this way….what about him? He actually has such a scary Demon Qi in his body…the Cultivation World have a deep as ocean hatred towards Demon Race. Whenever they meet one the people from Cultivation World would eradicate them!

He….what will happen to him…

Mo Lan also bites her lips as she looks at Liu Yi on the stage.

This fellow….why does he possess Demon Qi! Looks like our marriage will be destroyed! What my father hates the most is demons…what to do….this idiot Liu Yi ah!!!!

Chen Keqing who is on the stage clenches her fist as well.

Liu Yi this idiot…why did he reveal his Demon Qi!!! He will definitely be done for! Completely done for….

Not only are three girls anxious, even Gu Yu is also anxious.

What to do now? Even if this fellow wished to help me take revenge, he does not have to do this ah! Now how to clean up the mess ah!

How would Gu Yu know that Liu Yi’s objective is not only for her but for Ai Ling as well who has wormed her way into his heart.

Mo Tian is already standing up on the rostrum as he shouts, “Demon, why are you still not stopping!”

He is starting to regret deeply that he wished to let a demon become his son-in-law!

“How dare you demon, how dare you sneak into my World Dao Gathering!”

“Kill him!”

The group of sect heads shouts.

“Demon! Kneel down for me!”

Zhang Boyue flies above the stage and points at Liu Yi below.

Instantly he activates his powerful techniques and pressures Liu Yi.

This pressure….definitely is at least 18-star!

Liu Yi knees buckle as he kneels down on the ground, cracking the stage.

Even if he enters dragon transformation stage 1, his strength is only around 17-star cultivation and is very far away from 18-star cultivation!


Liu Yi did not make any sound as he forcefully resists the pressure and stands up.

“Kneel down!”

Zhang Boyue shouts again as he exerts force.

Liu Yi instantly feels like a Mount Five Finger is pressing down on his body but he exerts all of his strength on his legs.

[TL: Mount Five Finger is the mountain that is used to suppress Sun Wukong]

“Kneel? I Liu Yi….kneel to heaven and earth….kneel to parents, why should I kneel to you…”

Liu Yi spits out this words through clenched teeth.

“Prosperous! What a daring demon, how dare you talk back!”

White light revolves around Zhang Boyue as he releases all of his qi to pressure Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi stands there firmly without any intention to kneel down even though blood is leaking from his mouth edge.

“Too furious! This demon!”

“Come let us all attack together!”

Mo Tian also flies over with the group of sect heads to the sky of the stage and uses their qi to pressure Liu Yi.

“Kneel down for me!”

Mo Tian shouts loudly like thunder.

Over hundreds of sect heads take action together and use their qi to pressure Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is unable to take it anymore as one of his legs starts bending and his knee once again crash into the ground.

“Kneel down!”

The group of sect heads shouts together trying to make Liu Yi kneel down completely.

But Liu Yi resists with all of his qi, not moving. After dragon transformation, his strength multiplies. He uses all of his dragon transformation strength and willpower to support his body.

The group of sect heads starts shouting.

“This fellow is still so tenacious!”

“A demon shall be a demon!”

Mo Tian says to Liu Haisheng coldly, “Liu Haisheng what a good disciple you have raised!”

Liu Yi’s heart sinks. No matter what I must not drag Raising Immortal Palace Hall in!

I have promised my master that I must assist Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Now that Raising Immortal Palace Hall entered the standard after many difficulties, I must not let this matter blacken Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s name!

“This matter…is not…..”

Just as Liu Yi is about to speak, Liu Haisheng’s face drop as he says, “I also did not know that this kind of devil had actually join Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Looks like my Raising Immortal Palace Hall is not strict enough in accepting disciples. and given sect heads trouble.”

Liu Haisheng’s words shock both Liu Yi and Chen Keqing.

“From today onwards, Liu Yi is not a person from my Raising Immortal Palace Hall. He and my Raising Immortal Palace Hall have no relationship. As for how to deal with him, it is up to you sect heads.”

Liu Yi’s heart sinks deeper and deeper and turns cold.

“Why don’t you take Through Heaven sword and play around? It is quite fun…”

“After all sooner or later it will be yours. Then have a good rest. I shall not disturb you anymore, Do your best for tomorrow’s competition.”

“With Liu Yi here, It is the fortune of my Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Hahahaha….”

Liu Haisheng who took good care of me in every way previously and doted on me, in a blink of an eye is the first to abandon me…

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi…you are really the biggest joke ah….


Chapter 462   [Shocking change]

So did anyone predicted the ending?

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  1. Not surprised, just saddened… old fools don’t even give him a chance… I mean they know about dragon hunters… wouldn’t they also have Demon Qi and eventually be able to transform like Liu Yi?


  2. Nah, Liu Yi is the one betraying the old folk first, just for a promise with a girl. He already sworn won’t use demonic qi, but here just because one girl, he broke that promise. He doesn’t have any right to complain.


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