MKW Chapter 461

Chapter 461  [A promise made]


“You….you traitorous disciple…”

Zhang Boyue is hopping mad, “Now the World Dao Gathering is ongoing! We will talk about this after we return back to the sect!”

“Yes master…”

Gu Yu secretly sticks out her tongue before walking away.

Zhang Boyue’s heart is in a mess. Although he is angry at Gu Yu who have passed the most important Heart Sutra of their sect other outsiders, Gu Yu is his most beloved disciple and is the future Sect Head of Immortal Snow Peak.

Somewhat unwilling to punish her.

Haiz, what a traitorous disciple ah!

On the stage, the fight is getting more and more intense. Liu Yi uses Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and empowers his attacks with ice attribute as he fights against Gao Feng.

Because Gao Feng’s speed is too quick, Liu Yi did not enter spiritual beast transformation with Optimus Prime.

Although Optimus Prime gave him a huge boost of strength, if he uses him as the main body for spiritual beast transformation, his speed will become sluggish.

-swish, swish, swish!-

Gao Feng swings his hand causing over tens of blade of sword qi to overlay each other and fly towards Liu Yi.

The stage is lacerated by the sword qi while the sword qi reaches Liu Yi in a blink of an eye.

Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he enters spiritual beast transformation!

This time around he uses Washing Machine as the main body for Spiritual Beast Transformation! a blue changpao appears on Liu Yi.

At the same time, a blue halberd appears in his hand which jabs upwards.


A water screen immediately rises and freezes into an ice wall in a blink of an eye blocking the sword qi!

“Do you think that you are able to block my Human Sword technique this way?”

Gao Feng laughs, “Watch me destroy your ice wall!”

His body is covered with sword qi as he turns into a sharp sword and stabs towards Liu Yi.

“Don’t think about it.”

Liu Yi’s mouth edge lifts up like he does not place Gao Feng’s attack in his eyes.

The halberd in his hand trembles. Instantly the ice wall in front of him spreads out and rows of ice thorns rise from the ground stabbing towards Gao Feng flying over.


Seeing the sharp ice thorns, even Gao Feng does not dare to fight against them head-on!

He immediately stops his body and flies backward.

The ice thorns still continue to expand chasing after Gao Feng to the edge of the stage.

“Unhindered Sword Qi!”

Gao Feng is forced into anxiousness as he suddenly stops and both his hands exert strength.

Two crescent moon sword qi sweep out and cuts the ice thorns in front into two!

“Do you think that you are a Dao Cultivator?”

Gao Feng once again lands on the stage as he snorts, “You actually used this kind of laughable dao technique to fight me. I will let you know what is called a real sword technique!”

His hands suddenly transform into a pair of three meters longswords as he flashes in front of Liu Yi and starts swinging both at them at Liu Yi!

Liu Yi uses Spirit Fox steps, weaving among the sword dance of Gao Feng.

The two arms which have turned into blades made of sword qi are very sharp. Liu Yi feels that if he tries to use his halberd to block, it would not be able to block at all.

“Water Screen!”

He uses the water qilin dao technique and causes the entire stage to be within the water barrier to try and affect Gao Feng’s speed.

“Hahaha, this kind of dao technique is completely useless towards me!”

Gao Feng laughs in disdain, “My sword qi is able to break everything!”

While speaking, his attack speed increase, even more, every stroke after is getting faster and faster!

“Hahaha! Go and die Liu Yi! Give up resisting and you be able to die swiftly! My sword is very quick and will not give you any pain.”

“Rubbish, how low is your IQ to say such things. Is it me who is stupid or you being stupid?”

Liu Yi really starts to feel speechless.


One of Gao Feng’s arm suddenly stabs into the ground.

Following which, rows of sword qi erupts out from the ground attack Liu Yi.

Liu Yi immediately flies into the sky to dodge the sword qi.

Gao Feng’s technique seems to be similar to Ma Yixuan…but Ma Yixuan possessed gold spiritual body and she used the gold attribute to attack while Gao Feng uses an even sharper sword qi!

The sword qi that erupted from the ground is too densely packed. As Liu Yi did not dodge in time, there are multiple stab wounds on his body.

The blue changpao turns tattered but his injuries swiftly close up.

As a half-demon race, Liu Yi’s regeneration ability is really perverted. Just based on this point he is comparable to Ao Ri.

“You actually did not receive any injury?”

Seeing Liu Yi escape out from the group of sword qi, other than his clothing getting tattered, he did not get any injury, Gao Feng frowns. “Looks like you are quite capable of taking hits. But I have only used less than 50% of my strength that’s all.”

Liu Yi frowns, he is not talking big right, such a sharp sword qi and he only used less than 50% of its might?!

“So what if you possess Immortal Snow Peak’s Heart Sutra? Didn’t Gu Yu still be defeated by my hands?”

“That is because you sneak attacked Gu Yu, what kind of ability is that?”

“Sneak attack? Hahaha, let me tell you that is the most efficient fighting method that’s all.”

Gao Feng says, “A fight is a fight. Since I have the most efficient fighting method why don’t I use it? I dislike dragging time the most. Towards you is also the same. Liu Yi, I have had enough of toying around with you. Now I shall use my full strength to deal with you.”

He crosses his hands in front of him again as his body starts emitting a shocking sword qi!

The sky also changes from this might!

In the sky above, an enormous sword image starts appearing!

While the sword qi on Gao Feng’s body exploded out like a storm, devastating the stage, tearing the stage into pieces.

Even Liu Yi is forced to dodge the crazily flying sword qi.

The surrounding audience is stunned seeing this scene before starting to exclaim.

“So strong….Concealed Sword Pavilion’s Gao Feng’s cultivation is too strong!”

“That’s right…this is my first time seeing this kind of sword qi!”

“Looks like Raising Immortal Palace Hall Liu Yi will be dead…”

While Liu Yi who is on the stage sensed it the most clearly.

Concealed Sword Pavilion’s Human Sword technique is indeed very strong…just that the name is a bit weird…


Gao Feng suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi as a sword stabs into his stomach.

Liu Yi’s body is raised into the sky by Gao Feng using the blade before being tossed to the ground.

“This is the absolute strength.”

Gao Feng sneers, “Trash, I will give you a quick death.”

He jumps high into the sky as he uses sword qi to support his body to float above the stage. After which he aims both his hands at the stage below.

“Let me use my ultimate technique to thoroughly explode you to death…”

Enormous sword qi continuously gathers around his body as both his hands form a sword seal and points at Liu Yi below.

An eye-catching which light gathers there as the surrounding air trembles like they are horrified by the enormous sword qi.

“Piercing through Heaven and Earth!!!”

Instantly the earth-shaking sword qi forms a dazzling white light which hits the entire stage.

All of the audience feel that their sight turn blurry and are unable to open their eyes due to the sword qi.

While the god turtle lets out a painful cry like it is not lightly injured under this enormous sword qi.

“What scary sword qi…”

Even Mo Tian also strokes his beard and says, “The Human Sword technique of Concealed Sword Pavilion is indeed very violent…”

The Sect Head of Concealed Sword Pavilion lets out a sigh, “Gao Feng is indeed a once in a hundred year genius of my Concealed Sword Pavilion. But it is a pity that he is too calculating and considers everyone else below him. Haiz….”

“Looks like it is hopeless for Raising Immortal Palace Hall to obtain the champion.”

“Definitely. It is also a question if Liu Yi would be able to survive.”

The group of sect heads start discussing while Liu Haisheng sits among them with an ashen face.

That enormous sword qi attack….is Liu Yi able to withstand it?

At this moment the sword qi finally dissipates as the god turtle collapses onto the ground strengthless with it’s back completely devastated.

The stone stage has completely scattered, revealing the turtle shell of the god turtle. On the turtle shell is a lot of sword scars.

Liu Yi’s body is lying there not moving.

Ai Ling looks at Liu Yi’s body and at that moment her expression turns ashen.

He, he actually died….it is me who have harmed him…Ai Ling ah, Ai Ling…you try to resist your own fate….now you have received your retribution….and you also caused the death of Liu Yi….

“Hahaha, looks like the victor and loser is already determined.”

Gao Feng lands, “I did not expect that you would be able to retain a complete body. You are quite lucky.”

Just as he thought that Liu Yi has died, Liu Yi moves slowly, trying to climb to his feet.


Gao Feng got a huge shock, “You are actually still alive?! How is this possible?!”

Looking at Liu Yi’s body which is badly mangled, he is actually not dead?

My sword qi has caused the god turtle to be at its last breath but this small Raising Immortal Palace Hall disciple is still alive?!

“What a cockroach!”

Gao Feng steps on Liu Yi’s head with a leg and stomps down a few times.

Liu Yi stretches out a hand and grabs hold of Gao Feng’s leg.

“I will not…let you win….”

Gao Feng continues to stomp on Liu Yi’s head as he ruthlessly says, “Just based on you? You are already a person who is about to die. Now I shall crush you to death like crushing a bug to death!”

Ai Ling transmits her voice over to Liu Yi, {Liu Yi….give up…it is already enough….}

“It is really enough already…”

Is it really enough?

The scene of that night appears in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.

“I, can I really believe you?”

“Yeah, it is a promise.”

That’s right…it is a matter that I had promised…Liu Yi, are you going to break your words?

Grandpa said before….a guy must do as he says….how long has it been since I last recalled Grandpa words? During the 500 years in Asura Realm, I have forgotten too many things…

Liu Yi smiles bitterly in his heart as his hand grabs hold of Gao Feng’s leg while the other hand pushes against the ground as he slowly climbs to his feet.

“Trash! You still wish to stand up?”

Gao Feng once again raises his leg and kicks ruthlessly towards Liu YI’s head.

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly explodes into action as he grabs hold of Gao Feng’s ankle and throws him away.

Gao Feng lands by the side as he frowns while looking at the standing up Liu Yi.

Ai Ling transmit over crying, {Why….why are you still standing up…}

{Because I had promised…}

Liu Yi turns his head over and looks in Ai Ling’s direction and gives Ai Ling who is covering her mouth crying a smile.


Chapter 461   [A promise made]

Well too bad all of you are wrong. The author decided to be long winded today who we shall see tomorrow.

And weee grandpa is back!!!

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