MKW Chapter 460

Chapter 460  [Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!]


“Matchless under the world!”

Mo Lan jumps high up into the sky as black armor covers her body.

Black lighting runs along the halberd in her hands!

In the air, she is like a descending female goddess.

An enormous image emerges behind her back.

It is an enormous ten meters large god image, Unmoving King Ming!

The god spirit is wearing a tattered clothing and has greenish-blue skin, holding an enormous sword which is chopping down along with Mo Lan’s action!

Good fellow….Mo Lan this girl is indeed very fierce!

But I also will not admit defeat!

Two rays of light shoot out from Liu Yi’s eyes as his right and left hands turn into enormous diamond arms and punch out at the descending Mo Lan.

“Desolate Flames!”

The two fists and the enormous sword collide with each other!


An enormous shockwave exploded out colliding against the stage.

It seems like the god turtle who was supporting the stage got affected by the shockwave from the attack as it cries out before collapsing onto the ground.

The enormous shockwave exploded out in all directions!

Even the barrier in front of the spectators starts trembling. It seems like it is unable to withstand the force from the shockwave!

Mo Tain and the rest got a shock.

“What a huge force… these two strengths!”

“The daughter of World Manor Manor Head actually has this kind of strength!?”

“That Liu Yi, Raising Immortal Palace Hall is also very powerful! Liu Haisheng how on earth did you nurture this talent?!”

Everyone is shocked by the strength of the two people, while Mo Tain is frowning.

Mo’er…she…she would not be in trouble right…


Explosions occur as Mo Lan flies out, the armor she is wearing is scattered and the enormous god image starts dissipating.

Looks like I have lost…

Mo Lan looks at the blue sky as she starts tearing.

Looks like I am unable to obtain world number 1…is it really true that a girl is unable to conquer the world…I am slightly…unwilling…

Big brother…am I really unable to replace you….

Her body flies high up into the sky before starting to drop.

At this moment a figure catches her in mid-air hugging her.

“Are you here to pity the loser?”

Mo Lan looks at Liu Yi who has a trace of blood on his mouth.


After eating Mo Lan’s Matchless under the world attack he suffered internal injuries and is also not fine.

He hugs Mo Lan as he descends, at the same time he looks into her eyes and says, “In my heart, you are already number 1.”

“Go, go and die….”

Mo Lan instantly turns her head away but her heart is beating rapidly…

This fellow….when he gets an advantage he pretends to be good…winning me and coming over and tell me good things…

When Mo Tain who is on the rostrum seeing his daughter’s expression, he is dumbstruck!

How many years has it been…this is the first time I have seen my daughter showing such a feminine attitude!

From the day Mo Lan lost her mother at the age of 7 years old, she became mature.

A year later when my son, her big brother….entered qi deviation during cultivation and finally left with a devil sect person.

From then on, Mo Lan swore to inherit the World Manor and completely turn into a guy!

This Raising Immortal Palace Hall fellow…can he really change my daughter?

If this is the case….

“Manor Head Mo, you can announce the results right?”

At this moment Lui Yi shouts from below waking Mo Tian from his thoughts.

“Ah, right!”

Mo Tian wakes up and shouts out the results, “This competition, the winner is Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s Liu Yi!”

“He actually entered the finals!”

Liu Haisheng is very excited, “Hahaha, having Liu Yi is my Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s fortunes!”

“That’s right. Congratulations Sect Head Liu, this year Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s results is quite good!”

“What a good disciple ah, congratulations, congratulations…”

A group of Sect Heads’ attitude instantly turn 180 degrees as they start to congratulate Liu Haisheng.

“Hahaha, too polite, too polite…”

Liu Haisheng is currently as pleased as a punch.

At the same time, Liu Yi has already carried Mo Lan down the stage to the resting area to treat Mo Lan’s injury.

Yuan Tong, who is still sitting in the resting area ask, “Amitabha…why is it that every time when Benefactor Liu comes down the stage you are carrying a girl?”

“Scram to the side. It is not like I wish for it.”

“Benefactor Liu, girls are roses ah…”

“Damn monk! Are you courting disaster?!”

Mo Lan jumps down from Liu Yi’s embrace and she angrily glares at Yuan Tong.


Yuan Tong immediately starts chanting these four words as he pretends that he does not care about the affairs of life.

“Really did not think that this trash is actually able to enter the finals.”

Currently, there aren’t any more people in the resting room. Gao Feng walks over as he looks at Liu Yi in disdain.

“But your luck has come to an end. Because the next round you will be meeting me.”

“Whatever you want to say, say it on the stage.”

“Pray that you will be able to walk off the stage alive!”

Gao Feng flies up to the stage first.

Liu Yi is too lazy to bicker with Gao Feng as his heart is currently in a mess.

After defeating Mo Lan, I have also ended Mo Lan’s dream.

Obtaining world number 1 for Ai Ling, is it really worth it?

Should I throw the match and let Gao Feng win?

“Liu Yi do not let lose to that fellow…”

Mo Lan who is sitting in the resting area chair suddenly says towards Liu Yi, “Even if I am unable to obtain world number 1, he must not be able to obtain it!”

“That’s right! Liu Yi if you lose, I will be the first to settle the debt with you!”

Out of nowhere Gu Yu suddenly appears beside Liu Yi.

Her face is pale and it is obvious that her injuries are not completely healed yet.

“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi transmits over to her, {Do not forget that I am also a devil.}

“Hmph, anyways I find you more pleasing than him!”

Gu Yu pouts as she transmits hesitatingly, {As long as you can win him…even if you use Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra it’ll be fine!}

“Ah? Really?!”

Liu Yi is shocked as he did not expect that Gu Yu would actually relent!

“That’s right!”

“You are not afraid of being scolded?”

“If get scolded then I get scolded…”

Gu Yu looks at Liu Yi seriously, “Anyways, remember. I am cheering for you.”

“Understood thank you.”

Liu Yi starts to have a change of view of Gu Yu. In the past, Gu Yu was a very inflexible prejudiced girl but now she is a passionate person.

“Who needs your thanks…I just don’t like that fellow that’s all!”

Gu Yu turns her head away.

Liu Yi smiles, “I will help you take revenge.”

He turns around and flies up to the stage.

In the air, Liu Yi looks towards the Concealed Sword Pavilion side.

Ai Ling is indeed sitting there as she looks at him nervously.

Liu Yi’s eyesight is not bad, even though they are quite far apart, he is able to see a bit of expectation in Ai Ling’s eyes.

She indeed has an expectation for me….Liu Yi, what should you do…

Liu Yi lands on the stage as he asks himself once again.

“Seeing you standing here really makes me feel like laughing.”

Seeing Liu Yi coming up the stage Gao Feng crosses his arms as he sneers, “Even if you come to the final round, you are only here to lose. No one is able to defeat me. I am destined to win and be the world number 1.”

Liu Yi ask, “To you, is world number 1 very important?”

“World number 1 is just something I am determined to obtain that’s all.”

Gao Feng says arrogantly, “You trash disciple from Raising Immortal Palace Hall naturally does not know the pride of my Concealed Sword Pavilion. Wait till I obtain world number 1 and become the Sect Head of Concealed Sword Pavilion! Right, I can see that you like Ai Ling. Let me tell you she is my woman. After I become the Sect Head, I will marry her. At that time, the entire Earth Character and Heaven Character will be mine. Wherelse for you Liu Yi, you will only be a loser. The woman that you like is destined to lie under me!”

“Although I do not like Ai Ling…but your words still anger me.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist letting out popping sound, “I will end your sweet dream.”

“Hahaha, lunatic raving, just based on you?”

Gao Feng starts laughing, “Even though your strength is not bad and has some weird techniques, but you who does not know a single high-level technique, how can you defeat me who is proficient in Concealed Sword Pavilion’s sword technique?”

As he speaks, sword qi revolves around his body and gathers around his hands forming two blades.

“This is Concealed Sword Pavilion’s Human Sword technique! The number 1 sword technique in the world!”

“Human Sword technique? I see that you are reallya very lowly person.”

[TL: a word play as ‘Sword and ‘lowly’ sounds the same in chinese.]

As Liu Yi speaks, his Immortal Qi starts revolving, “Come, let me see how lowly you are!”

“You are seeking death!”

“Then you come and try!”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn cold. Towards Gao Feng, he does not have anything to say only fight.

“Go and die!”

Gao Feng flashes towards Liu Yi at high speed. He wants to use his blade and chop Liu Yi into minced meat in front of Ai Ling.

He wants to let Ai Ling knows that she is his woman. Any guy who has a relationship with her must die!

Furthermore, they will die very miserably!

Just as he is about to get close to Liu Yi, snow erupts out from Liu Yi!


Sensing the snow qi, Gao Feng got a shock.

“This, this is…..”

“Mountain Peak!”

Liu Yi’s eyes flash as he thrust out.

An enormous ice palm flies out and slams into Gao Feng’s body instantly sending him flying out.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Boyue immediately stands up.

“What! This is Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!”

Liu Haisheng also starts to become nervous while Zhang Boyue directly questions him, ”Sect Head Liu, why do the people from Raising Immortal Palace Hall know my sect’s Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra?”

“This…this…I also do not know ah….”

Sweats start to drip down Liu Haisheng forehead.

“How come you don’t not know?! He is the disciple of your Raising Immortal Palace Hall!”


At this moment when the atmosphere is getting awkward, Gu Yu suddenly flies up to the rostrum and lowers her head to her Sect Head and says softly, “Master do not blame Sect Head Liu. It is me who taught him the Heart Sutra.”

Zhan Boyue nearly died from anger, “What! You!”

“Master it is me who is wrong. If you want to punish someone then punish this disciple…”


Chapter 460   [Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra]

The start of the end of this arc. So any guesses on how long would this fight last?

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