MKW Chapter 459

Chapter 459  [Stubborn girl]


What the hell…this girl is a shemale ah!

As a girl, she actually uses two maces and appears so excited! Gods help me ah!

Liu Yi revolves his qi and prepares to face her head on!

“Receive my mace!”

Mo Lan jumps up into the sky, at the same time the mace in her hand smashes towards Liu Yis head. Liu Yi really wished to bite his tongue, is this really the tempo of wishing to marry me? This is more like the tempo of wishing to beat me into an idiot right?!


Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he punches out and received the descending mace.

A strong qi wave erupts out as the stage underneath Liu Yi’s feet scatters causing broken stones to fly up.

Liu Yi stands there not moving. The diamond gauntlet not only strengthened his power it is also firm enough and perfectly blocked Mo Lan’s mace.

Mo Lan is sent flying backward from the attack as she lands on the stage.

But she immediately uses a movement technique and shoots in front of Liu Yi once again like a bullet as they start clashing again.

Mo Lan is very confident in her close combat technique, but after a hundred rounds against Liu Yi, she is always at a disadvantage. This causes her to be unable to accept it!

Liu Yi is also a body cultivator?! Damn it! I thought that he is a person from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, he should be a sword cultivator?!

This year the body cultivators are unable to enter top four. Although the disciples from Dragon Tiger Gate are able to enter top 8, they are not strong enough to enter top 4.

Every single World Dao Gathering is the same. Body cultivators and spiritual cultivators are always at a disadvantage. In the end, the ones who are able to enter the top 4 are always sword cultivators and dao cultivators.

Liu Yi is not only a stronger body cultivator, what makes Mo Lan at an even bigger disadvantage is his strange diamond gauntlets!

“Strange where did you obtain this pair of weird gauntlets.”

Mo Lan frowns, “Although it is somewhat weird if you want to deal with my World Manor’s technique it is not enough!”

She suddenly retreats and pulls away from Liu Yi.

“What is the matter. You want to change to a different way to of attacking?”

After training in Asura Realm for 500 years, Liu Yi is very susceptible to combat.

“Hmph watch this!”

As Mo Lan speaks, the maces in her hands disappear and turn into a beautiful longbow.

What the hell is this girl a weapon warehouse?!

“Liu Yi be careful!”

Mo Lan already shot an arrow out at Liu Yi.

The arrow flies high up into the sky and turns into an eye-catching silver bird which dives towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi hurries and swings out with his diamond gauntlet and punches the bird.


A violent clashing sound, Liu Yi’s hand is blasted to the side by a strong force and he himself is also forced to retreat a step.

Good fellow! The World Manor dao techniques are indeed mysterious!

“That was only a greeting. Now it will be the real fight!”

Mo Lan laugh. Although it is with evil intentions Liu Yi must admit that her smile is very pretty.

“Thousand Arrow Release!”

As Mo Lan shouts, she shoots out the arrow in her hands towards the sky.

What the hell, Thousand Arrow Release? I return with Negate!

[TL: the two terms are in relate to a card game call San Guo Sa, where Release of Thousand Arrows is an tool card that attack other players and Negate is like ‘Just say no’ card in monopoly deal which will negate the Release of Thousand Arrows on the person who use Negate card.]

Liu Yi looks at the densely packed white bird diving down and his heart turns numb.

Just now a single white bird is already so powerful, now she actually releases so many…provoking a bird’s nest…

[TL: more like provoking a pack of spearow!]

“Let’s see how you deal with this move of mine!”

Mo Lan smiles confidently.

As Liu Yi says, “The stage is so big. If I cannot fight then I shall dodge!” As he starts scampering around the stage.

The white birds seem to be alive as they chase after Liu Yi as they crash into the stage just behind him, blasting the stage full of holes.

Wah, what a pitiful Sky Supporting God Turtle.

As Liu Yi prays for the old turtle he continues to run.

He is searching for a chance, to defeat Mo Lan with a single move.

“Trying to find a chance to get close to me?”

But Mo Lan keeps shooting out white birds blocking Liu Yi’s path, “There will not be such an opportunity!”

“Since that is the case…”

After a while, realizing that he is unable to get close to Mo Lan, he finally gives up.

“Mo Lan be careful now!”

Liu Yi suddenly stops running and faces the group of densely pack white bird.

Mo Lan says in contempt, “Hmph, hmph, what can you do to help me? You be careful yourself instead! The white birds will explode you into pieces!”

“Take a looks at the specialty of my North-east!”

Liu Yi blinks his eyes at Mo Lan and stands there while this left palm turns into a dense pack of palm shadows.

“Thousand Shadows!”

Liu Yi’s left palm forms thousands on shadows in front of him knocking away the white birds shooting over!

At the same time, Liu Yi’s right hand which is covered with the diamond gauntlet aims towards Mo Lan and punches out.

Instantly his diamond gauntlet turns into an enormous arm and stretches out over tens of miles and punches Mo Lan into the stage.


The god turtle trembles causing Mo Tian’s eyebrow to jump.

This Raising Immortal Palace Hall fellow is really too heavy-handed…

If my daughter has gotten into an unexpected danger then I will not be done with you!

At the very least he needs to be responsible for my daughter! Mmm, that’s right…

How would Liu Yi know what Mo Tian is planning? After his attack forces Mo Lan to collapse onto the ground, the white birds in the sky finally disappear.

“Finally done.”

Liu Yi lets out a sigh of relief, Mo Lan’s technique is really unending ah…

“Damn it….”

As a body cultivator, Mo Lan’s body is very strong. Although she has eaten an attack from Liu Yi, she did not receive any large damage.

She climbs to her feet in anger.

“Since this is the case then let’s end the warmup! Liu Yi! Let’s fight!”

“What the hell! Just now was us playing around only?!”

“Less nonsense! Second stage Unmoving King Ming!”

Mo Lan roars as black lightning start swimming around her body and an enormous pressure emerges and descends onto the stage.


At the same time, she summons out her halberd and appears in front of Liu Yi.

Second stage Unmoving King Ming again?

Looks like she is serious now…

The unceasingly swimming thunder arcs are Mo Lan’s external qi which is very valiant.

This thunder arcs twining around the halberd which is ruthlessly sweeping towards Liu Yi’s chest!

This lass! Shouting of marriage but her actions are not hesitant ah! Warrior…she is really a heavenly born warrior!


But Liu Yi’s left palm collides into the halberd as Mountain Peak activates!

An enormous palm image directly deflects away Mo Lan’s attack. At the same time, the palm image also scatters.


Seeing that her attack is not successful, Mo Lan starts attacking like lightning again.

Liu Yi keeps retreating as he uses Mountain Peak and Thousand Shadows to block Mo Lan’s attack.

Second stage Unmoving King Ming causes Mo Lan’s strength to increase by a lot. Even if it is Liu Yi, without using dragon transformation he is unable to fight against her head-on.

But luckily he currently has Optimus Prime being a body protecting spiritual beast, allowing him to resist for a while!

“Spiritual Beast Transformation!”

Liu Yi immediately uses Optimus Prime as the main body and enters the state of Spiritual Beast Transformation.

At the same time, Liu Yi’s hair turns golden and a diamond armor emerges on his body release a strong force.

“What is this?! Combining with a spiritual beast?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s appearance, Mo Lan exclaims in shock, “You are also a summoner?!”

“Still okay…only learn a bit here and there that’s all.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly making Mo Lan roll her eyes in anger.

This is called learning bit and pieces?!

Who the heck are you lying to!

“Who cares what the hell you are! In front of absolute strength, lie down for me obediently.”

Mo Lan’s halberd is already slashing downwards with black lightning surrounding it.


Liu Yi only uses his right hand and receives Mo Lan’s halberd in midair.

“Talking about strength, I am also not inferior at all.”

Liu Yi winks at Mo Lan and pulls the halberd towards him, causing Mo Lan to be pulled over as well.

After which Liu Yi’s palm pressed onto Mo Lan’s stomach as his palm strength erupts.


Mo Lan turns into a bullet and flies out and crashed into the barrier protecting the spectators’ stand.

Mo Lan’s flesh body is very tough. Despite the heavy blow, she still retains her conscious and immediately summons out a chained sickle and swings it out, hooking onto the stone stage and pulls the chain, allowing her to fly back and land onto the stage.

“Apologies…I did not control my strength properly…”

Liu Yi is also shocked as he did not expect that after he has used Optimus Prime as his main body for spiritual beast transformation he would be so strong!

If after dragon transformation, my strength is increased by nearly a hundred times…then after a spiritual beast transformation my strength is increased by 50 times!

So horrifying ah…

Indeed regarding strength, Optimus Prime is very violent!

If it is not controlled by Li Heqiang, instead if it is able to control its own body to attack me….if I did not use dragon transformation I really might not be able to defeat him!!!

“Damn it…I will not lose…”

After eating Liu Yi’s attack, Mo Lan seems to have received internal injuries.

She wipes away the blood on her mouth and stands up, “Let’s continue!”

“You have already entered top 4. Must you really compete against me?”

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend. Mo Lan obviously know that she is unable to defeat me by why does she want to continue fighting? Is there any meaning in continuing the fight?

“Of course…I cannot lose.”

Liu Yi walks over to Liu Yi step by step.

“I must obtain world number 1. That way I can prove to my father myself…even if I am a girl I am still able to inherit World Manor!”

When Mo Tian hears what his daughter say, his heart jumps.

“What a stubborn girl…”

Seeing her serious expression Liu Yi sighs.

“But I also do not have any right to say you…I also have reasons to continue fighting on…”

“Then talk less nonsense! Fight!”

Mo Lan once again summons out her halberd as black lightning starts flowing around her body faster.

Even if her flesh body gets injured, she raises her strength to 200%!!

I must win!

“Good. Let us fight with full strength.”

“Come Mo Lan!”

“Matchless under the world!”

Mo Lan jumps high up into the sky as her halberd explodes out with dazzling lightning!


Chapter 459   [Stubborn girl]

Well your wish is my command, by the way any guesses on how the battle will end?

P.s for those who cannot wait….the arc have just ended on pateron

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  1. As for how it will end, either A) Great God Sect will attack during the match, or B) Liu Yi keeps her company until she pushes herself too far and is unable to continue. I don’t think she’s going to stop getting back up on her own, and I can’t see Liu Yi hurting a girl badly enough to physically prevent her from doing so. And a ring-out would just be lame.


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