MKW Chapter 456

Chapter 456  [Body Protecting Spiritual Beast]


“Army Destruction!”

With a roar, the four waterspouts exploded.

Following which the ground of the Netherworld Barrier starts vibrating. Instantly rows of ice spread out in a circular wave in all directions!

In a blink of an eye, the four enormous waterspouts are frozen in ice.

A tall and large figure walks out slowly. Ice scales cover his entire body.

“Did not think that after dragon transformation I would still be able to combine with my attributes.”

Liu Yi looks at his two blue ice dragon claws in surprise.

Dragon Transformation is indeed very mysterious ah…the ice turn into scales which increases his defensive power as well as attribute strength. This feeling is very extraordinary!

“My mother ah…”

The golden ape shudders, “How did this fellow get stronger the longer we fight ah…”

“Is it really not possible…”

The water qilin has exploded out with all of its strength during the last blow. Seeing that not only is Liu Yi not killed, instead, he had becomes even stronger, it’s heart turns cold.

“Let me test my new strength on you Demon Kings…”

As Liu Yi speaks he takes a deep breath.

Ice qi gathers towards his body as the surrounding air starts trembling.

“What, what a scary qi….”

“Let, let us escape…”

“Escape to where…”

In front of this kind of technique, the two Demon Kings are trembling.

“Dragon Breath!”

After gathering all of his strength into a single point, Liu Yi blows them towards the two Demon Kings.

A Dragon Breath!

Furthermore, it is an ice attribute Dragon Breath! An enormous blue qi wave which freezes everything that it passes through!

The water qilin and golden ape are both the same. At that instant, the two enormous figure are both frozen into ice sculptures.


After breathing out the Dragon Breath, Liu Yi feels the stifling feeling that he had during the past two days is gone and feels much better.

He looks at the two ice sculpture as he says, “Eh….did I go overboard….”

As he speaks he starts absorbing back his Mysterious Ice Qi from the two ice sculptures.

The two ice sculptures slowly start to melt and after a while two Demon Kings who are panting for breath are revealed.

Liu Yi crosses his arms and ask, “So how is it? Are the two of you convinced?”

“Convinced…from now on you are our master…”

“I am also convinced…”

The water qilin and golden ape both lower their heads like they have really admitted defeat.

“Very good. From now on you guys shall be my body protecting spiritual beasts.”

Liu Yi is slightly delighted, after subduing two Demon Kings I have two more helping hands. But in the legends, there are 4 Demon Kings so just the two of them is not enough.

“Willing to be at the beck and call of master…”

The water qilin lowers its head with its voice filled with respect.

“Very good. After following me, the two of your names need to be changed. Your past names like Devil Star and Devil Wave are too unpleasant to hear.”

“May master confer us with a name!”

Liu Yi cups his jaws as he thinks before saying, “Since golden ape has such a large body than let’s call you Optimus Prime.”


The golden ape is slightly stunned as it scratches the back of its head not knowing why it is called Optimus Prime.

Of course, Liu Yi would not let that wooden block watch Transformers. He turns around and looks at the water qilin as he considers.

“Since you are proficient in water techniques…then let us call you Washing Machine then.”

“What is that ah….”

Water qilin who was widely known to be wise is also turned stupid while Xuefeng is rolling on the ground laughing.

“OK, it is settled then! Now let me ask you guys a question!”

“Master please ask.”

“Why did only two out of four of you Demon Kings appear. Where are the other two? Were they also subdued by Nimble Gate?”


The water qilin hesitates slightly but after recalling his current identity he sighs before honestly saying, “They did not. Demon Emperor’s Tomb is split into two different buildings. The people from Nimble Gate have only found one. While the location of the other building, we also do not know….if we know then we would definitely lead the way for master.”

Since they have already recognized him as master then they will definitely be loyal.

Demons have demon principles, they will definitely carry out what they say.

“Haiz, such a pity then…”

Liu Yi slightly disappointed, “If I can gather all four Demon Kings how nice would it be…”


Water qilin and golden ape….ah wrong, it is Washing Machine and Optimus Prime are both speechless.

“Pardon me from speaking bluntly…just now I sensed a strong demon qi from master’s body…perhaps master is a dragon hunter?”

Washing Machine’s intelligence is not low, “Could it be that master wants to replace the Demon King?”

“As for replacing the Demon King, I have never thought of that.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “But since he wishes to send his army to advance into China,I cannot forgive him. The people from the 6 realms have their own territory. Why do you want to run to other people territory and seize it.”

“That is great that you do not think this way…”

Washing Machine lets go a sigh of relief, “Based on the current you master, you are still not enough to go against the Demon Emperor…glory together, fall together. Since the two of us have become master’s body protection spiritual beasts, if master dies by accident then the two of us would also die.”

“Actually I have already owned half of Demon Emperor’s strength.”

Liu Yi suddenly laughs, “Back then the Demon Emperor’s underlings should be the Four Demon Kings as well as Devil Child and Ao Ri, one dragon and one snake as his left and right hand. But currently, I possess two Demon Kings as well as Devil Child’s soul. It can be considered as evenly split then.”

“What? Master actually have possession of Devil Child’s soul?!”

Washing Machine trembles as it matches glance with Optimus Prime before both of them sighing again.

“Indeed ah, indeed…”

“What indeed?”

“Ah, it is nothing big, master.”

Washing Machine immediately replies, “I have only remembered some matters regarding the demon realm back then. Talking about this since master has already defeated us, are we not going to sign the spiritual beast contract?”

“Ah, right! How could I have forgotten such a big matter!”

Liu Yi nods his head as he bites his finger. Using his blood he forms two contracts and accepted two spiritual beasts.

Instantly Washing Machine and Optimus Prime turn into a yellow and a blue light ray and fly into Liu Yi’s body.

At the same time, on Liu Yi’s body appear two tattoos. One is a roaring king kong on his left back. While the other is a cloud riding qilin on his right arm.

Body protection spiritual beasts are different from Xiao Cai and Yan Qiuhong that Liu Yi contracted.

Xiao Cai and Yan Qiuhong belong to normal spiritual beasts, their contracts are rather simple and have more freedom. For example, Yan Qiuhong who frequently comes out. When Liu Yi is in life or death danger, the two spiritual beasts would not be affected. On the other hand, if Liu Yi dies, they will regain their freedom.

While body protection spiritual beasts are different. They are like a kind of soul accessory who are used by Liu Yi. The two spiritual beasts are completely under Liu Yi’s control, relying on Liu Yi to survive. If Liu Yi dies, they would also die.

By the side Netherworld Servant, Xuefeng claps her hands and says happily, “Congratulation master!”

“That’s right, this time around my strength has improved once again. Tomorrow during the top 4 competition I have more confidence as well.”

Liu Yi is also very happy as he rubs Xuefeng’s face.

“Since there is no longer any matters…then this one can serve master right…”

Xuefeng’s face suddenly turns red as she looks at Liu Yi in expectation.

After having a taste of the forbidden fruit, Xuefeng has completely entered the wolf and tiger stage.

“Ah? That….it is almost daytime right….”

“No longer caring about that anymore…I am coming, master!”

A long ‘gentle’ and charming night.

When Liu Yi wakes up, he still feels that his waist is slightly sore.

Like the saying girls are like wolves during the 30s and tigers during 40s, 50s they become even more mature. No idea how old is Xuefeng….she is actually has such strong demands. But as for age…for these special races, it is not a problem.

[TL: The 50s if directly translate it is ‘50s sitting down is able to suck dirt’ but anyways it means that a female’s desire remains constant or get stronger as they get older]

He looks over at Xuefeng who is coiled in his embrace like a little cat and kisses her lips gently.

If Wang Yuzheng and the girls also become my Netherworld Servant how nice would it be…it will no longer be so troublesome…

Coughs, damn it just what am I thinking!

Liu Yi immediately shakes his head and breaks away his impractical thoughts.

He stands up and washes up before opening the door and prepares to go to the lounge and eat breakfast.

Everyday morning, afternoon and night, a servant would place the meal on the table of the lounge. Letting Liu Yi experience a few days of being served.

“Stinky fellow you still know to wake up?!”

Walking into the lounge he instantly sees Chen Keqing just standing up and preparing to leave.

“It is already mid-morning! Did you go out at night to watch the moon again? Are you not afraid of being late for the competition!”

Chen Keqing looks at Liu Yi suspiciously.

“How is that possible….Furthermore, it is only 5 now okay!”

Liu Yi does not know whether to laugh or cry, “The competition starts at 6 okay! The sun has only just risen up okay?!”

“Hmph as cultivators, you should wake up when the sun rises and sleep when the sun sets!”

Chen Keqing recalls her senior sister identity as she lectures, “Take a look at you, how are you like a cultivator!”

“Actually I feel that being an ordinary person is rather good.”

Liu Yi blinks at Chen Keqiang, “At least I can fulfill my body’s psychosocial needs.”

“Go and die!”

Chen Keqing tosses a steamed bun at Liu Yi which is caught by him easily with a single hand.

“Don’t waste food ah! Senior sister, you see how are you like a cultivator!”

“Hmph, not going to quarrel with you this fellow otherwise I’ll be angered to death! I am going to the competition stands now!”

“Where is Sect Head Martial Uncle?”

“Master has already left for the competition stands earlier! Who is like you and sleeps until so late!”

Chen Keqing snorts again before leaving.

At the doorway she suddenly turns around and says to Liu Yi with a red face, “Yesterday you were very outstanding…today please work hard…”

Oh my gosh! I must not have heard correctly right! Senior sister actually praised me?!

Liu Yi looks at Chen Keqing’s direction in shock but she has already bolted away.

Hehe, this girl ah….suddenly realize that she still has a cute side ah…

Hope that today’s competition will go smoothly…since I have already entered top 4, I will definitely meet either Gao Feng, Gu Yu or Mo Lan one of these three today.

Fate ah, who would you let me meet first?


Chapter 456   [Body Protecting Spiritual Beast]

By the way I do not like the title of the chapter so anyone have a better suggestion please comment below ^^

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