MKW Chapter 454

Chapter 454  [Destroy Liu Yi]



An enormous golden airwave shoots out from Yuan Tong’s mouth and forms a golden storm attacking Mo Lan.

Mo Lan shrieks as she is sent flying away before collapsing onto the stage.

“Damn it Miss Mo is in a disadvantage.”

“This is the Buddhist’s Lion Roar ah…Yuan Tong is indeed a high monk of Longxiang Temple…”

Everyone on the stands starts shouting around.

While Mo Tian did not say anything as he starts frowning unconsciously.


Mo Lan stabs her halberd into the stage stabilizing herself who is sliding backward.

After Yuan Tong sends Mo Lan flying with a Lion Roar, he stands up and places his hands together and ask, “Kindness, kindness…is female benefactor alright?”

Fighting against Mo Lan, Yuan Tong is really using all of his real strength.

Liu Yi below cannot help but sweat for Mo Lan.

Mo Lan has around 13-star cultivation…and is weaker than Yuan Tong by one star. The difference is not small at all…this competition, perhaps Mo Lan is unable to win.

“You are indeed powerful.”

Mo Lan pulls out her halberd and stands up. Her pretty face did not have any discourage, instead, it is smiling widely.

“Not bad…you are a very good opponent. Come let’s continue!”

Layers of black lightning emerge from her body swimming all over her body.

Mo Lan’s long hair flutters in the air as her black hair turns red!

“This…this is…”

Seeing this scene, Mo Tian is shocked.

“She has actually learned this technique…haiz…if only Lan’er was not a girl how good would it be…”

Mo Lan did not sense her father sighing as she has already entered her combat state.

“Second stage Unmoving King Ming, activate!”

With Mo Lan roar, black lightning erupts out from her body.

“What a strong aura…”

Yuan Tong exclaims, “Did not expect that female benefactor still had this kind of technique…Amitabh…”

What the hell man!

Liu Yi looks at Mo Lan on the stage as he swallows his saliva, this girl has exploded ah!

Her strength increased increase so much and directly jumped from 13-star bottom to 14-star peak!

This lass has actually hidden this hand ah! No wonder she keeps shouting that she wants to fight against me…then Yuan Tong do your best and defeat her!

This girl is too dangerous!


After Mo Lan activates the second stage of Unmoving King Ming, her strength increased by one time.

She suddenly disappears and reappears in front of Yuan Tong and sweeps her halberd at his arm.


Seeing the attack Yuan Tong immediately retaliates with a Lion Roar to fight against that blow.

Werelse when Mo Lan sees that attack, she only smiles faintly as her halberd slice upwards.

Instantly Yuan Tong’s Lion Roar is broken by Mo Lan’s sweeps


Don’t know if this monk has seen too much anime but he exclaims in Japanese.

This monk really does not have integrity ah…

Liu Yi cups his forehead, just now he was still so holy and in a blink of an eye he turned back to normal…this monk must definitely have secretly watched Teacher Chang’s movie…the face of a monk is completely thrown away by him ah…

[TL: Teacher Chang is Sola Aoi]


After Mo Lan brushed off the Lion Roar, she kicks Yuan Tong, sending him flying to the side.

Following which Mo Lan flashes in front of Yuan Tong again as her halberd keeps smashing down on him.

-boom, boom, boom, boom-

Mo Lan is like a woman going all out smashing a cockroach as the large halberd keeps smashing down, causing golden lights to keep exploding out from Yuan Tong’s body.

If it is not for Yuan Tong’s Buddhist light body protection, perhaps he would have been smashed into pieces.

At this moment everyone starts to feel a chill in their heart,

Liu Yi does not dare to look at Mo Lan, good fellow what a brutal girl…\

“Ah hahahahaha….”

As Mo Lan keeps swinging her halbert, she lets out weird laughter. Oi, oi, oi, don’t be like this, please! You are a beauty okay!

Liu Yi really wishes to go up and reminds Mo Lan but he is afraid of being beaten up, after all, who would dare to go up and provoke this crazy female…

Yuan Tong weakly raises his hand and shouts, “This monk, this monk admits defeat…”

“Eh? Didn’t you say that you have never admitted defeat?”

Mo Lan’s halberd stops in midair as she tilts her head and looks at Yuan Tong.

“It is fine…there is always the first time for everything…right…Amitabh…”


Mo Lan keeps her halberd before retreating.

Mo Tian is stares blankly for a few minutes before recalling his responsibility and announces the results.

“The winner of this round of competition is Immortal Snow Peak’s Mo Lan…”

Mo Lan raises her halberd high in the sky to indicate her win.

This is definitely a girl that cannot be provoked…

But I seem to have stolen a drawing of her that is able to strip…Finished….

Liu Yi suddenly senses that his future is covered in fog…

“Next one is you!”

Mo Lan who is standing on the stage, under the cheering of the crowd points her halberd at Liu Yi, “Be prepared!”

Damn it…she is indeed charging towards me…

Yuan Tong who is covered in dirt gets off the stage and says to Liu Yi, “May gods be with you ah….Amitabha…”

Liu Yi hurries and asks, “Be with you your sister ah!….after all we are friends do you have any methods to help me?”

“Amitabha…since Benefactor Liu and this monk is brought together by fate…”

Yuan Tong thinks for a while before saying, “I do have some items that can help benefactor…”

“Oh? What is it? What is it? Quickly take it out for me to see!”

“I have some talismans here, does benefactor wants a few of them? One for ten dollars definitely cheap.”

As Yuan Tong speaks he takes out a big stack of small talismans.

“What the hell! You are also peddling talismans?!”

“Doing some small business that’s all…after all a monk still needs to eat right…furthermore these talismans are all definitely effective. It can exorcise evil spirits and shun disasters, very valuable ah…”

“Go and die…”

Liu Yi does not believe in this indecent monk!

The image of monks is destroyed by him! Don’t understand why Longxiang Temple sent this fellow here!

“Amitabh…Benefactor Liu, the body is external, nothing but an image.”

For a moment Yuan Tong turns serious as he places his hands together and says seriously, “As cultivators, you must not be deceived by an image. Must not believe in appearance…”

“Quite true…”

Liu Yi is ashamed after listening to Yuan Tong, “Indeed I am believing in appearance…”

“Since that is the case…why don’t you buy a talisman and drive away your heart devil…”


The following two competitions, Gao Feng and Gu Yu won their individual matches. In this case, the top 4 are all revealed.

Liu Yi, Mo Lan, Gao Feng, Gu Yu, they are the top 4!

When Liu Yi leaves the area, he sees Ai Ling who is sitting on the stands.

The way she looks at him is slightly weird. Her expression is somewhat hesitating and slightly filled with expectation.

Liu Yi…you will be able to liberate Ai Ling one.

After saying to himself in his heart Liu Yi leave the competition area.

“Damn it, I am actually defeated, I actually lost to that fellow…”

This round of competition, there are some who are happy while others are dejected.


At this moment in a courtyard of World Manor, Li Heqiang is kneeling on the ground like a madman plummeting the ground with his eyes filled with hatred and unwillingness.

He originally planned to rely on his demon king to obtain world number 1…but unexpectedly he had actually lost to Liu Yi from Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

I have obviously obtained the Demon King how could I still have lost!

“Are you unresigned?”

At this moment a hoarse voice sounds out beside his ear.

Hearing this voice, Li Heqiang instantly raises his head and looks around the courtyard trying to find the voice.

“Who, who is here?”

In front of him, everything is covered by a thick layer of fog, hiding everything, causing Li Heqiang to be unable to find the figure of anyone nor figure out the direction.

“Who is it! Damn it! Where is this place!”

Li Heqiang senses that he seems to be lost in a formation.

“Clucks…I am a person who is able to help you…”

The voice continues to speak, ”You are very promising. Losing to Liu Yi is only an accident.”

“What are you saying? Who on earth are you?”

“Like I say, I am a person who is able to help you.”

A figure slowly walks out from the fog.

“Go and die!”

Li Heqiang immediately summons out his demon king only to realize that his demon king seems to be dead and does not dare to believe it.

The figure mocks, “Clucks…the soul of your demon king has long been snatched away by Liu Yi. You are nothing but a trash now.”

“How, how is this possible…”

Li Heqiang once again collapses onto the ground with his forehead covered with sweat.

Without the demon king, he is nothing but a cripple…

“But there is no need to worry. You have met me and I will help you, and allow you to become the strongest summoner.”

“You, you are willing to help me?”

Li Heqiang looks at the figure and finds that he is very mysterious and very scary.

“Of course, I can let you become the strongest dragon summoner.”

“Dragon, dragon summoner?”

Li Heqiang is shocked, “Really? I can become a dragon summoner?”

“Of course, as long as I bestow you power you can become a dragon summoner. But after becoming a dragon summoner, you will no longer belong to Nimble Gate. You must work for me.”

“What do you want me to do?”

As long as I am able to obtain power, I am willing to do anything!

“There is only one thing that I want you to do.”

“What is it?”

“Destroy Liu Yi…”



Liu Yi who is sitting in the room suddenly sneezes loudly.

He rubs his nose and says, “Which beauty is missing me again…”

“Master, you summoned me here just to discuss other beauties?”

Xuefeng looks at her own master not knowing to cry or laugh.

“Ah, of course not…I just want to ask you if you have any method to turn a soul into a servant…”

Liu Yi originally planned to ask Ma Hua but after sending his other self to go and ask, Ma Hua doesn’t have a method. Without a body, just the soul is unable to work.

Thus after thinking for a while, Liu Yi thinks that regarding souls, perhaps Xuefeng from the underworld would know deeper about it!

Thus he says his ideas to Xuefeng and waits for her answer.

“Aiyah, regarding this matter, it is not like there is no method.”

Xuefeng’s reply instantly makes Liu Yi excited.

There is a way!


Chapter 454   [Destroy Liu Yi]

So any guesses on who the mysterious figure be? Comment below!!!

Tsk, tsk it seems like the author enjoys Japanese art

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  1. Vice sect leader from great god sect… since wenren could do that before she became stronger than the vice leader, the odds are he can do this too, and he snuck in to the gathering as well… he didn’t want to let wenren go unchecked… either she fails and he steps in to finish the job, or she succeeds, but is wore out enough that he can finish her off (those are his thoughts anyways)… I want to know if wenren steps in to save the mc from the trap… causing more confusion and more problems/misunderstanding for
    Liu Yi


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