MKW Chapter 452

Chapter 452  [Water Qilin]


As Bai Xiaowei speaks, layers of black light emerge from her body.

“Demon King again?”

Liu Yi frowns, “Isn’t your spiritual cat Tuantuan already a 7th-grade spiritual beast? Why do you give up so easily?”

“I did not give up Tuantuan!”

Bai Xiaowei rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “I am a unique Twin Summoner!”

“Eh? Twin Summoner?!”

I have heard before of this term from Immortal Fox sister…Twin Summoners are a very special existence who are able to summon out two spiritual beasts to fight at the same time!

Normally a summoner is unable to do this but Liu Yi is different.

His qi is very deep with four different cultivation going at the same time he is able to support the expenditure of more than 2 spiritual beasts.

Thus a lot of time he is able to let two spiritual beasts to transform into weapons at the same time for him to use.

After comprehending Spiritual Beast Transformation, he is able to allow the spiritual beast in his body to combine with him at the same time and become his strength.

Did not think that this Bai Xiaowei also had this kind of innate gift…

Liu Yi asks curiously, “It had only been so long since we last met…how did your cultivation increase so quickly. Are you a monster?”

“Go and die! You have no right to ask me this question! You are the monster!”

Bai Xiaowei screams, this fellow actually has the face to say that I am a monster!

Liu Yi smiles merrily and says, “No lah, I am only an ordinary person.”

“Can you be even more shameless?”


“Go and die!”

Bai Xiaowei is no longer able to take it, “Let you get to know this miss spiritual beast! Be careful of your life!”

Done speaking, she raises her right hand.

Instantly the black light on her body shoots out and transformed into dense smoke and keeps circling.

Very quickly an enormous beast walks out from the black smoke.

Earlier Liu Yi did not see clearly enough. But now standing on the stage he is able to see clearly what is the shape of the spiritual beast that Bai Xiaowei summoned out.

This spiritual beast is over tens of meters long and is blue in color. It’s four legs are standing on water with a pair of the horn on its head. It is completely majestic looking.

Damn it….

When Liu Yi sees the beast appearance he instantly got a shock.

In the past, I saw this fellow very frequently in the mangas ah…this creature is…Qilin…

{This fellow….it can’t be wrong…}

When Yan Qiuhong sensed this demon aura she immediately says, {Water Qilin….also the strongest of the Four Great Demon King, Devil Wave!}

Liu Yi looks at the enormous Water Qilin and asks curiously, {Isn’t Qilin an auspicious sign? Why did it go and be a Demon King?}

{The same as dragons, qilin are also split into attributes and have a lot of races and a lot of side branches…but as for numbers, they are slightly rarer than dragons that’s all.}

Yan Qiuhong explains, {Among them having one or two who are more eccentric in nature is nothing strange. This Devil Wave is also the same. His nature is brutal and likes massacre. Thus he was chased out by the qilin race from Kunlun Wonderland. Later on, he met Demon King and after being defeated by Demon King he started following him.}

{This Demon King is also a remarkable person ah…}

Liu Yi is speechless.

Ao Ri, Devil Child as well as Devil Star, Devil Wave, all of them are all fierce people ah…

When can I myself also have such a strong bunch of little brothers?

Liu Yi suddenly starts to have thoughts about the Devil Star’s soul that he had captured earlier…my Taiji sword is already very strong in the soul attribute. If I put Devil Star in, it would also be wasted.

Why don’t I go and ask my master Ma Hua if he has any methods to revive Devil Star this stone and after beating him up until he is convinced and make him be my little brother.

As for that Water Qilin’s soul, I also should think of a method to steal it.

Although it would be letting down Bai Xiaowei…eh, well she is a disciple of a large sect, she will definitely not be lacking strong spiritual beasts.

I am also thinking of Spiritual cat Tuantuan…after this lass has the Water Qilin, she definitely will not dote on her little cat!

I Liu Yi can also be considered as a person who cares about little animals…I must definitely help Tuantuan regain the love of her master!

“Where are you looking ah!”

At this moment Bai Xiaowei suddenly shouted and the Water Qilin already shot out a water arrow, around 1 meter thick, at Liu Yi.

Looks like this fellow is a Dao cultivator!

Liu Yi instantly uses Spirit Fox steps and turns into a shadow, disappearing in front of the water arrow.

The water arrow smashes apart Liu Yi’s afterimage before hitting the spectators stand.

A barrier lights up and blocks the water arrow.

“You will not be able to escape! Liu Yi!”

As Bai Xiaowei speaks, she controls the Water Qilin and suddenly explodes out a water screen, surrounding the entire stage.

Liu Yi instantly feels like he has entered quicksand, and finds it hard to move in any direction. Liu Yi is like being clung onto and become very slow.

“Hmph let’s see how you are able to run this time around!”

As Bai Xiaowei speaks, the Water Qilin creates a water gun and sprays the entire stage.


Liu Yi is hit by the water gun and is sent flying away crashing onto the stage.

“Oh? You are actually uninjured?!”

Bai Xiaowei has underestimated Liu Yi’s body durability and says in surprise, “Water that is shot out from high-pressure is very sharp ah. You are actually able to block it?”

Liu Yi climbs to his feet and clucks, “Perhaps it is my skin that is think haha…”

“Still able to laugh, you still soon be defeated!”

Bai Xiaowei pouts, “My Water Qilin will beat you until you cry!”

“What you say is wrong. Even if my head drops, I will not cry.”

“Go and die then! How would a head that drops off cry!”

“Oh, did not think that you are actually so smart. You are actually able to break the trick in my words…”

“Damn it, Devil Wave, attack!”

Bai Xiaowei is very angry at Liu Yi and controls Devil Wave to attack again.

Instantly the water qilin opens its mouth again and shoots out an enormous water wave!

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend just how on earth is the water qilin which is only ten-meter big shoot out such a shocking water wave!

This water wave instantly grows tens of meter tall and sweep the entire stage crashing towards Liu Yi.

“Prepare to lie down!”

Bai Xiaowei is waiting for the moment Liu Yi got swallowed up by the water wave.

“This time around it is really a big deal…”

Liu Yi looks at the tall water wave and suddenly pulls out his Taiji sword on his back.

“Come on Xiao Taiji, I can only rely on you now!”

As Liu Yi speaks he instills his strength into the Taiji sword.

Instantly the Taiji sword starts letting out white light which means that Immortal Qi is being inserted in.

“Open for me!”

Liu Yi raises his Taiji sword and faces the incoming water wave and swings his Taiji sword.


An eye-catching sword light shoots out instantly and appears in front of Liu Yi like a large crescent moon.

The enormous water wave is instantly cut in half and rushes by the side of Liu Yi.

“Ah! How can this be!”

Bai Xiaowei did not think that Liu Yi could deal with her water wave and is speechless from shock.

“Cat Lady although your water qilin is very powerful as a spiritual beast summoner, your greatest weakness is that your own body is too weak!”

After Liu Yi deal with the large wave and his Taiji sword floats back in front of him, he smiles and says, “With the existence of this weak point, you will never be able to win!”

The Taiji sword lets out a cry and shoots through the sky towards Bai Xiaowei.


In the end, the Taiji sword only hits empty air and did not hit Bai Xiaowei.

Liu Yi stares blanking at Bai Xiaowei who has grown two cat ears and a tail speechlessly.

Damn it…I forgot that this girl also knows how to combine bodies!

“I have said before that I am a Twin summoner!”

Bai Xiaowei gently lands on the Water Qilin and says, “If it is not because the soul of the water qilin being too strong and we are unable to combine body, I would have already sent you flying!”

“Fine then, since this is the case then I shall not be merciful.”

Liu Yi sighs before summoning out his Monarch Axe.

“Open for me!”

He aims at the sky before fiercely throwing out his Monarch Axe.

-wosh! Poof!-

The Monarch Axe spins through the air, drawing out an eye-catching black light before cleaving apart the formation eye of the water curtain!

When the formation eye is broken, the water curtain also disappears instantly!

“Ah, damn it!”

When Bai Xiaowei realize that the water curtain is broken, she lets out an exclamation.

Wherelse Liu Yi appears behind her as a five-color chain appears in his hand.

“Mischieve little Cat Lady, I’m here to catch you.”


Bai Xiaowei shriek as she slashes at Liu Yi with flaming claws.

Liu Yi did not dodge. Despite Bai Xiaowei combining with her cat spirit beast, her strength is still pitifully weak. Although she slashed him, it is unable to break his defensive qi barrier.

“Be honest for me!”

Liu Yi swings out his five-color chain which twines around Bai Xiaowei, tying her up.

Bai Xiaowei is like a tied up pig lying on the ground as she glares fiercely at Liu Yi while shouting, “Damn it! Let go of me!”

“Who would want to let go of you.”

Liu Yi looks at the tied up Bai Xiaowei and feels like there is a bit of SM taste…causing his mouth to be dry.

“Devil Wave help me deal with this!”

Bai Xiaowei immediately starts begging her spiritual beast.

Instantly the water qilin standing behind roars at its body turns into water and crashes into Liu Yi, pushing him onto the ground before turning back into qilin with its claw pressing him down.

The water qilin is over tens of meter thus its claws are very large. Liu Yi who is being pressed down is not larger than a single claw of the water qilin.

“Haha, nicely done Devil Wave!”

Seeing that Liu Yi is pushed down by her spiritual beast Bai Xiaowei instantly cries out excitedly, “Let him know how powerful you are!”


The water qilin roars and open its mouth. Looks like it is planning to shoot out water arrows or water gun at him at close range!

“Luckily this fellow does not have a bad breath.”

Liu Yi only lets out a sigh of relief as he uses his left hand that was not stepped on and grabs the water qilin claw and tossed to the side.


The water qilin’s claw is pushed to the side by Liu Yi’s monstrous strength as its body come pressing down.

“Scram for me!”

Liu Yi sends out a flying kick and fiercely kicked the water qilin on its chest.


Chapter 452   [Water Qilin]


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