MKW Chapter 451

Chapter 451  [Fighting Cat Lady again]


Liu Yi feels an enormous pressure forcing him to squat on the stage.


Li Heqiang who is standing on the enormous ape’ head starts laughing, “This is Devil Star’s true strength! The ability to control the ground!”

“Ability to control the ground?”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at Li Heqiang and says, “It seems more like control over weight.”

“That’s right you know it quite well eh.”

Li Heqiang keeps smiling proudly and says, “My spiritual beast has let out a 50 times gravity field. In this horrifying gravity field even if it is Sky Supporting God Turtle, it still needs to kneel down obediently for me! The final victory belongs to my Nimble Gate!”

“Fifty times gravity field is it?”

When Liu Yi hears what Li Heqiang says he starts smiling.

“That’s right, to you it is 50 times gravity but my enormous ape is not affected by it! Currently, it is difficult for you to even stand upright, then let me be merciful and send you on the way!”

Li Heqiang controls the golden ape and punched at the half-kneeling Liu Yi.

Wherelse Liu Yi only half-kneels there as he stretches out a hand.


The god turtle trembles slightly as the enormous ape’s fist is actually blocked by Liu Yi’s small palm!


Li Heqiang is shocked, “Under 50 times gravity you are actually able to block Devil Star’s fist?”

“It is only 50 times gravity that’s all.”

Liu Yi has already removed the 100 times gravity on his body. At the same time under the unchanging clothing, he enters the spiritual beast transformation state!

“Do you really think that you are undefeatable!”

Liu Yi suddenly swings out his arm and deflects the enormous ape’s fist.

At the same time, his other hand aims towards the enormous body of the ape as he uses his palm technique, Illusion Extermination!


The golden ape cries out in pain as it’s body is striked by the formless palm attack. Rocking slightly, it falls onto the stage.

“How is this possible!”

Li Heqiang, who is kneeling on the golden ape’s head, face changes, “How is it possible for Devil Star to be beaten! Stand up! STAND UP!”

Liu Yi stands on the stage as he dusts off his hands and says to Li Heqiang, “Although Devil Star is very powerful under your control, it is no different from being a trash. If Devil Star had feelings he would definitely be crying.”

“This is not possible! Not possible!”

Li Heqiang roars as the seals on his hand keep changing and his hands move swiftly, “My spiritual beast! Take out your real ability and turn this damn person into meat paste!”

As he roars, the golden ape climbs to its feet again and open its mouth wide aiming at Liu Yi before roaring.

This roar contains a lot of power! Liu Yi sensed that the air also seems to be trembling!

Following which the sky starts to change. After the golden ape roars, it stretches out both hands to the side as the gravity force spreads out.

Very quickly by two sides of the stage, two enormous stone mountain emerges, each one of time is ten meters large!

The two stone mountain on each just seems to place Liu Yi in the exact center.

“Go and die!”

Li Heqiang roars in rage as he makes the golden ape use this technique.

-rumbling sound-

Instantly the two stone mountains collide with each other squeezing Liu Yi’s small figure in the middle!

“Go and die! Hahahaha!”

Li Heqiang is very confident towards this attack! This is a huge technique is able to move mountains and collapse seas.

He has overdrafted all of his qi to utilize this technique just to kill this stinky fellow from Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

But very quickly he is once again in despair.

As he sees Liu Yi standing in the middle as he uses two hands to stop the two enormous stone mountain from squeezing him.

“This is a bit tricky…but it is still not enough.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his eyes flashed.

His hands dig into the stone mountains’ surface and hold up them up, one in each hand before tossing them towards Li Heqiang.


Li Heqiang uses his meager amount of qi to control the golden ape to attack one of the stone mountains.

But the second stone mountain crashes into the enormous ape, sending the ape flying away and crash heavily onto the god turtle’s back.

“Do you think that just controlling a puppet there will be no one who is able to defeat you?”

Liu Yi appears in front of the golden ape, “Li Heqiang, the one who is arrogant is not me but you!”

Liu Yi kicks the enormous ape on its head.


The 20 meter large, like a small hill, enormous ape is sent flying into the sky by Liu Yi’s kick.

“It is best to let this dead Demon King continue to sleep peacefully!”

Liu Yi jumps high into the sky as his right-hand gathers Desolate Flames strength and smashes his palm fiercely onto the back of the golden ape.


Golden sun veins exploded out as Liu Yi’s palm pierce through the enormous ape body and into the inside of the enormous ape.

Just before he flies out, Liu Yi uses Spirit Recall and grabs hold of the soul of the enormous ape and keeps inside the Soul Gathering Bottle that Xuefeng gave him.


Red blood sprays out like a fountain all over the place.

Liu Yi jumps out of the enormous ape’s body with qi surrounding his body to prevent the blood from dirtying his clothing.

The enormous ape is dealt with by Liu Yi. Without the soul, it is unable to become even a spiritual beast.

It’s body lands heavily on the back of the god turtle, deprived of vitality.


With his spiritual beast heavily injured, Li Heqiang vomits out a mouthful of blood as blood flows out from his seven orifices, making him look very terrifying.

“If you wish to get world number 1 then first properly cultivate your strength.”

Liu Yi stands in front of Li Heqiang as looks at his pair of despairing eyes before saying, “Relying on a puppet that is completely mismatched to your strength to proclaim yourself as number one in the world, this kind of sweat dream is not possible.”

“Damn, damn it…”

Li Heqiang has difficulty in speaking, his eyes are filled with hatred as he glares at Liu Yi.

“Sooner or later…there will be a day…I will find you for revenge…”

“I’ll be waiting for you, anytime.”

Liu Yi would not care about Li Heqiang’s threat, like the saying lots of debt does not pressure the body.

[TL: I think it is more like being threatened so frequently he is already used to it.]

He returns back to the resting area and starts to restore his condition.

The top 16 have already been chosen. In a while, the top 8 competition will start.

After the top 16 competition is over, the top 8 competition will continue on after it.

As for top 4 and the final match, it will be held tomorrow.

After all, everyone is a cultivator. Not eating, drinking or rest completely does not affect them.

Furthermore, this kind of mystical formation restoring their conditions, it can allow them to continue fighting one without worries.

“Amitabha, Benefactor Liu fight quite well ah!”

After Liu Yi got off the stage, Yuan Tong immediately walks over happily and says, “This monk is born with boundless strength and really wished to compete again Benefactor Liu! In a while later how nice would it be if we pick matching numbers!”

Mo Lan by the side crosses her arms and says coldly, “Stop dreaming monk. His opposing number is mine!”

Sweats, when did I turn into the best seller?

“Really did not think that you would actually be able to enter top 8.”

Gao Feng who is sitting in the resting room mat says in disdain, “But your luck will come to an end.”

“On the contrary, I feel that my luck will still continue on.”

Liu Yi ignores Gao Feng’s mocking and smiles.

“Hmph, it is best you pray that you do not meet me during the top 8!”

Gao Feng is forever that arrogant, “Raising Immortal Palace Hall this kind of sect, being able to enter the top 8 is already a miracle.”

“I feel that you living to now is a miracle. How on earth did you, who considers everyone else beneath you live till now?”

“You are seeking death!”

“If you got guts then let’s right now!”

Liu Yi pulls out his Taiji sword while Gao Feng glares at him reining in his temper.

“You better pray that you do not meet me on the stage! Otherwise, I shall make you die without a complete corpse!”

He turns around and walks off to the side.

“The two of you are really like opposing poles ah.”

Mo Lan asks curiously, “I have heard that you have snatched his girl. Is it really true?”

“What the hell man where did you hear this from?”

Liu Yi sneers, “Furthermore who said that Ai Ling is his woman.”

“Oh? So it is because of a girl called Ai Ling?”


Liu Yi instantly become speechless, no matter what all girls have some smarts!

“The top 8 competition starts!”

Just as they are chatting, Mo Tian has already announced the next round of competition.

“Drawing lots begin!”


This time Liu Yi’s draw is rather early and has obtained number 2.

“I want number 1!”

“Amitabha, come a 1!”

When Mo Lan and Yuan Tong see their numbers, the two of them had actually gotten number 3 and number 4!


When Liu Yi sees the number on top of their head as well as their grudging expression, he starts laughing loudly.

“Damn it…”

Mo Lan clenches her fist, “You better survive until the top 4!”

“This monk also will not lose to you, female Benefactor.”

Yuan Tong does not have any modesty for the fairer sex.

“Hmph, let’s us decide the winner later on!”

“Liu Yi, looks like it is fated for me to help Nimble Gate demand for justice.”

Bai Xiaowei walks in front of Liu Yi while pointing at the number 1 above her head.

What the hell….is there really such a need to toy with me. Why is it that all I meet are people from Nimble Gate?!

If I really send out all of the people from Nimble Gate…perhaps Cat Lady will hate me to death.

“You are the opponent that I do not want to meet most ah…”

Liu Yi massaged his forehead as he lets out a sigh.

“Looks like you are looking down on me ah.”

Bai Xiaowei says provokingly at Liu Yi, “I am different from senior brother. Liu Yi do not look down on me. Otherwise, you will lose very badly.”

“Fine then, please guide me later.”

Done speaking, Liu Yi flies up to the stage.

Just got down and now I am up here again.

Cat Lady Bai Xiaowei gently lands in front of Liu Yi. Just now he got off the stage exhaustively but now his condition is completely restored.

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall 13th generation disciple, Liu Yi. Please guide me.”

“Nimble Gate 9th generation disciple, Bai Xiaowei. Please guide me.”

Bai Xiaowei takes a light breath before saying, “The first time we met I have lost to you…but this time fighting for the glory of Nimble Gate, I will definitely not be defeated again…”


Chapter 451   [Fighting Cat Lady again]


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