MKW Chapter 450

Chapter 450   [Demon King? Saiyan?]


This time Gao Feng’s number is not very in front. He had obtained number 6.

The rest of the people also start to draw their number. Because there are still 16 people, their chance of meeting each other is still quite low.

After everyone has drawn their token, none of them would be meeting each other during the top 16 competition.

Liu Yi looks at the number 15 above his head, did not expect that I am actually the finale today.

“Damn it I actually did not get number 16!”

Mo Lan angrily glares at her number 13 and clenched her teeth.

What the hell is fighting against me really that happy?

Liu Yi is really unable to comprehend it.

“I am number 16!”

When Li Heqiang draws this number he is surprised before he starts smiling.

“Looks like your luck has reached the end…”

He looks at Liu Yi like he is looking at a dead man.

Towards this kind of severely delusional person, Liu Yi does not wish to communicate too much with him. Thus he did not bother paying attention to him and concentrates on waiting for his fight.

Mo Lan points towards Li Heqiang’s number above his head and says, “Let us exchange.”

Liu Yi instantly snarls, “What the hell big sister. There aren’t such rules okay!”

“Damn it…next time I must draw you!”

“It is not like I am a 5 million big prize!”

The group of people start to go up the stage according to their number.

In the top 16 although experts are starting to meet each other, it is not enough to stop the steps of Gao Feng, Yuan Tong and the rest.

Very soon they defeat their own opponents and enter the next round of top 8 round.

“I am already done. It is your turn.”

After Mo Lan sends her opponent flying away with a sweep, she jumps off the stage and lands in front of Liu Yi.

“If you get defeated before meeting me then I will go to your room and kill you!”

What the hell ah, this girl is really a true female asura ah!

“Looks like it is fated that I get to settle you.”

Before Li Heqiang went up the stage, he sneers at Liu Yi.

“Youngster quickly wake up. The station to Beijing is here.”

“Hmph! Gilb mouth can only be used now! Later when we got onto the stage I will become your nightmare!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “As for this point, I must admit that your appearance indeed is shocking.”


Knowing that he is unable to win quarreling, Li Heqiang swings his sleeve angrily and flies up onto the stage.

“Seems like he is a very troublesome fellow ah…”

Liu Yi sighs as he stands on his Taiji sword and flies up the stage.

Mo Tian shouts, “Top 16 final round start!”

This Manor Head is also quite miserable. He still needs to personally become the host.

“Liu Yi! Today I shall let you know the might of my Nimble Gate!”

Li Heqiang suddenly laughs before opening his arms wide and shouts, “Come out! Devil Star!”


Hearing Li Heqiang introducing his spiritual pet name, all of the sect heads on the stands immediately stand up.

Mo Tian eyes also widen, what are you joking about, Devil Star?

How did this Li Heqiang have such a scary spiritual pet? Yesterday the spiritual pet that he summoned out was this one?

“Looks like senior brother indeed wants to kill Liu Yi…”

Bai Xiaowei’s face also turns pale, “He actually starts the match by summoning Devil Star…”

“You guy….actually summoned out Devil Star…”

Mo Lan’s face also turns ugly, “Unless…your Nimble Gate…”

“That’s right, we have found the Devil King Tomb.”

Delight flashes across Bai Xiaowei’s eyes, “This time around the world number 1 definitely belongs to our Nimble Gate….”

Mo Lan who has an eager nature strangely did not retort. Only there is a trace of worry in her eyes.

Liu Yi looks at the black smoke that appears behind him as he mutters apprehensively, “Devil Star? This name is very scary?”

But very soon he senses that something is wrong.

From the black smoke in front of him, he senses an enormous pressure. This pressure carries some suppression that is pressuring Liu Yi, making it hard for him to breath.

Demon Qi!

The black fog is actually letting out Demon Qi!

While Liu Yi is slightly shocked, Yan Qiuhong seems to sense something as she cries out in shock, {This Demon Qi…this Demon Qi…}

{What is the matter senior Yan Qiu Hong?}

{This Demon Qi….that’s right….it is Demon King Devil Star…it is really his…how is this possible….he, he is already dead ah….}

{What, Demon King Devil Star?}

Liu Yi is unable to understand.

{This are all matters of the past, you naturally do not understand.}

Although Yan Qiuhong is sealed in the River Song for hundreds of years this old demon who had lived for eras knew quite well about matters of the past.

{Back then other than his right and left arm, Ao Ri and Devil Child, the Demon King had 4 other Demon Kings! The four Demon Kings are only slightly weaker than Ao Ri and Devil Stillborn…but back then all of them should have been killed by Through Sky Sword! Why is it possible for Devil Star’s aura to appear!}

While they are speaking, an enormous figure reveals itself from the black smog.

Liu Yi looks over and his eyes instantly widen!

Good fellow! It is actually a 20 meters tall enormous Golden Ape!

The dense golden fur of the ape is very dazzling like it had put on golden armor!

Although it looks to be valuable, but the very strong demon aura that it is releasing in not fake!

“What the hell man….Saiyan ah!”

Liu Yi looks at the enormous Golden Ape and swallows his saliva.

At this moment of the golden fur of the ape appears circles after circles of seal language which forms a strange design and seems to be a kind of amulet.

{Indeed it is like I expected!}

Yan Qiuhong seems to comprehend something as she says proudly to Liu Yi, {Stinky fellow you are still too young and understand too little! This talisman is a kind of forbidden spiritual summoning technique…Life Sharing!}

{What is that?}

Towards this kind of matter, Liu Yi is really considered illiterate.

{Life Sharing…this technique can allow the user to use his own soul to revive and seal strong demon creatures…but if something went wrong, the demon creature, on the contrary, would be able to devour the most! It is very scary!}

{So that is the cause…looks like Li Heqiang really cares a lot about me.}

{Yeah. He must really love you.}

{What the hell man, Senior Yan Qiuhong, when did you learn how to mock people!}

{Following you for so long, naturally, I learned it. Anyways you need to be careful. Devil Star’s might is not weak.}

{Yeah, thank you Senior Yan Qiuhong.}

{Polite your sister, you can only be defeated by me!}


Are Yan Qiuhong and Mo Lan sisters…hmmm, perhaps not their age difference is too big…

“Hahahaha, do you see this. This is my spiritual beast!”

Li Heqiang stands on top of the golden ape’s head and arrogantly looks down and Liu Yi and shouts, “Devil Star is the Demon King with the greatest strength! In front of him, prepare to be turned into meat paste!”

The golden ape under him suddenly started moving.

“Looks like Raising Immortal Palace Hall will really be stopped at top 16.”

Mo Tian watches the golden ape punches out a fist as he strokes his beard and sighs, “This Devil Star possess the greatest strength under the Demon King…although he is being controlled by the disciple of Nimble Gate, it’s strength is boundless. The youngster of Raising Immortal Palace Hall as a sword cultivator, if he relies on his flesh body only, I’m afraid that he will not be able to resist as all…what?!”

While he is speaking, Mo Tian nearly bites his own tongue.

As he sees Liu Yi uses this two hand to block the enormous descending fist!

Liu Yi who is around 2 meters tall actually blocks the fist of a twenty-meter tall ape which possesses large brute strength!

This fellow…is the real human shape monster?

“This, how is this possible…”

Seeing that his spiritual beast’s fist is being blocked by Liu Yi, Li Heqiang nearly falls off the golden ape.

As Liu Yi props up the golden ape’s fist, he says, “Being forcefully controlled by you…perhaps Devil Star would be crying.”

“A single puppet’s strength….is not enough for me to fear!”

Li Heqiang roars, “You are seeking death! In front of my spiritual beast you are nothing but an ant! Kill him!”

The golden ape moves again as it raises its arm before stomping towards Liu Yi.


When the leg stomps onto the stage, instantly the god turtle underneath trembles slightly.

Devil Star’s strength is indeed very startling.


Seeing Devil Star’s sole stepping on the stage firmly, Li Heqiang starts laughing loudly again. “Do you see this, do you see this! This is the result of challenging me, hahahaha! Who asked you to talk big! Go to hell!”

“I say, where are you stepping?”

At this moment a figure suddenly appears by the right of Li Heqiang.

He looks over in shock and looks at Liu Yi who is standing on his Taiji sword and floating by his side.

“You, when did you fly up?!”

“You, you think that my actions are as slow as your stupid ape?”

Liu Yi smiles, “A summoner is useless in close combat. So what if you summon out this Demon King Devil Star? You are still as weak as in the past!”

“I will not let you get close to me! Devil Star!”


The enormous ape roars and starts waving its arms attacking towards Liu Yi.

-swish, swish, swish!-

Liu Yi who is standing on his flying sword is very agile in the sky as he dodges the fists.

“Come, dance along with me.”

Liu Yi seems to be pulling the enormous ape, letting the enormous ape keep attacking but just unable to touch him.

“Do you think that Demon King Devil Star only has this bit of ability?”

Li Heqiang sneers, “Come Devil Star, let him know why are you one of the Four Big Demon King that people fear!”


The enormous ape roars suddenly as it opens its arms wide as an enormous yellow lightwave shoots out from its body.

Instantly the lightwave spread out over a hundred meters radius!


The god turtle underneath suddenly roars before collapsing onto the ground with a boom.

The ground starts trembling as layers of surface leave!


Chapter 450   [Demon King? Saiyan?]

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