MKW Chapter 449

Chapter 449   [Hero’s gathering]


“Your future, let me protect it.”

Liu Yi recalls his dragon transformation before standing in front of Ai Ling and stretches out his right hand towards her.

Ai Ling stares at Liu Yi’s right hand blankly her mind distracted.

She is really shocked…this guy…perhaps…can really help me….

But, in front of such a strong fate…can he really do it?

But, he really broke the formation….it seems like he can indeed do something that others are unable to….

I….can I really believe in him…

Liu Yi once again says, “Hand over your future to me.” as he waits for Ai Ling to hand over her hand.

Ai Ling trembles as she slowly stretches her hand over, slowly moving towards Liu Yi’s palm. But halfway there, her hand stops.

Liu Yi did not continue to wait, instead, he stretches his hand over and grabs hold of Ai Ling’s cold hand.

Ai Ling feels that Liu Yi’s palm is very warm as she raises her head, her eyes are slightly red as she asks, “Can I believe in you…”

“Yes…it is a promise.”

Liu Yi raises his other hand and rubs Ai Ling’s soft hair, “I will not disappoint you.”

“I, I’ll go back first…”

This is the first time that Ai Ling is displaying such a panicky appearance, “Goodbye…”

She turns around and is about to leave.

Liu Yi suddenly recalls the matter of the pills and immediately shouts, “Oi, oi! Give me back the pills ah!”

“Idiot….those pills are real. You really are a big idiot…”

Ai Ling turns around and give Liu Yi a coquettish look using an unknown movement technique and disappears into the night.

So the pills are real?

Forget it, this girl’s words are always half truth and half false. It feels like I am being tortured to death…

Haiz, looks like I am still lacking experience in handling human relationships. In the Asura Realm, there is no need to use my brain. Everyone is fighting all over the place and fist is the biggest law.

After returning back to the Human Realm, there is a lot of places that need to use my brain. Especially bickering against Ai Ling this crafty girl…perhaps after Immortal Fox sister is back then it’ll be fine. Comparing craftiness, my Immortal Fox sister is not inferior at all!

“Liu Yi, what are you doing here?”

A long time after Ai Ling has heft Liu Yi suddenly sensed that someone is walking over from behind him.

Hearing the voice he turns around and says to Chen Keqing who is looking at him suspiciously, “I am admiring the moon. Senior sister do you want to do it together?”

“You are so carefree to admire the moon in the middle of the night instead of sleeping.”

Chen Keqing asks, “Tomorrow is the top 16 competition are you so confident that instead of preparing you ran here to slack off.”

“Even if I decide to cultivate properly today it would not be in time, my beloved Senior sister.”

Liu Yi’s smiles give Chen Keqing an urge to punch him.

“At the very least be a bit serious! Want if you meet a powerful opponent tomorrow? Didn’t you wish to bring Raising Immortal Palace Hall to get to the top 4?!”

Chen Keqing ask, “Are you relying on admiring the moon to bring you into top 4?”

“Why does Senior sister always do not believe in me? Didn’t I already enter top 16? Currently, for those who are still in the competition, there are few who can give me pressure.”

“Hmph, I am here to remind you but realized that you are not in your room so I thought that you ran out to have a date.”

Liu Yi hurries and wipe away his sweat and says, “….who can I have a date with…it is not like I know other people…”

“I see that you and the daughter of Manor Head seem to be quite close.”

“The two of us are more like enemies!”

“You and that Huang Jie’s relationship is also quite good, Big brother long, Big brother short.”

“What the hell he is a guy okay!”

Liu Yi wants to shout, some more big brother me is not short!!!

“There is also the Yuan Tong from Longxiang Temple…your relationship also seems to be not bad….”

“He is a monk! Are you a fujoshi?!”

“What is a fujoshi?”

“It is a female organism that possesses oppressive firepower…”

“I can’t even defeat you where is the firepower?”

“You have oppressed me a hundred times over mentally…”

Liu Yi is very dispirited.

“Enough, enough. Anyways go and sleep early and preserve your spirit for tomorrow’s competition.”

“Understood my beloved senior sister!”

“Stop bootlicking!”

Chen Keqing’s face is slightly red as she turns around and leaves.

Liu Yi is also bored. After standing there for a while, he returns back to his room.

Lying on the bed, he no longer has the mood to look at the drawing. Looks like Gao Feng really became the winner, I must challenge him.

The second day of competition starts at 6 in the morning. This timing to the current generation of people, most of them would still be in deep sleep.

Wherelse to cultivators, all of them are wide awake and are sitting on the filled spectators stands and waiting in expectation for today’s top 16 competition.

“Big brother, big brother, I am here!”

When Liu Yi walks into the resting area for competitors, from the spectators stands behind him comes the shout of Huang Jie.

Huang Jie is sitting in the base of the stands and is waving at Liu Yi excitedly while the people by the side are looking at him in dislike.

Sweat…this guy really does not have any restraint ah…

Liu Yi steps on his Taiji sword and flies over and floats in front of Huang Jie.

“Big brother, yesterday’s competition was too exciting. Today I will continue to cheer for Big brother!”

As Huang Jie speaks, he takes out a small pill bottle from his sleeve and pass to Liu Yi.

“What is this?”

“Big brother this is a Spirit Gathering pill that I have refined myself! After you eat it, you will be able to swiftly restore a large amount of your qi!”

Huang Jie introduces the pill like it is his own child.

There is this kind of godly pill? How is this different from the blue pot in RPGs?

Very powerful ah…although I am cultivating 4 different qi and the qi in my body is as deep as the sea, but the techniques that I cultivate are too horrifying. Especially when the fight is too fierce, the usage of qi is also equally horrifying. In this kind of competition, possessing this kind of pill is basically cheating!

“Thank you Huang Jie…”

Liu Yi is truly thankful.

“Haha, big brother why are you being so polite to me!”

Huang Jie rubs his head and smiles embarrassedly, “Big brother is willing to give me the Ten Thousand Flower wine, what does this kind of minor pill count as! Big brother relax. In the future, all of your pills leave it to this little brother! I, this eighth-grade pill master from Medical King Valley is not for show!”

This fellow is actually an eighth-grade pill master!!

Liu Yi is really shocked.

In Medical King Valley, there is no ranking of strength. Everyone is all looking at the ability to refine pills!

Being able to refine precious pill is then an expert in Medical King Valley, thus Medical King Valley has a total of 9 grades. The highest is 9th grade while the lowest is 1st grade!

OMG, me giving up a cup of wine actually allow me to befriend such an awesome little brother!

Worth it!

“Hmph, actually allowed you to fluke into top 32.”

At this moment below Liu Yi comes a cold voice.

He lowers his head and take a look and sees a familiar face.

Li Heqiang?

“What is the matter? Last time you did not get beaten up enough?”

Liu Yi looks at Li Heqiang and laughs.

“Hmph the current me is different from the past.”

When Li Heqing hears what Liu Yi says, his originally pale face swiftly turns back to normal as he says, “If you unluckily meet me this round, I will show you how scary I currently am!”

“Senior brother speak lesser.”

Bai Xiaowei also walks over with her spiritual cat Tuantuan lying on her shoulder. Although it is not a combat pet this spiritual pet still accompanies Bai Xiaowei by her side.

“Congratulations on entering top 32.”

Bai Xiaowei raises her head and glance at Liu Yi, “But the later combat will be the real tough one. May heaven bless you.”

“Before worrying about me worry about yourself first.”

Liu Yi flies down and lands in front of Bai Xiaowei, “I remember that when we first met, you were only a three-star cultivator…”

“Tsk, looking down on this miss.”

Bai Xiaowei crosses her arms and says arrogantly, “I am the seeded competitor of Nimble Gate! I am determined to win number 1!”

“Talking about this your Nimble Gate is rather impressive this time around. Even this kind of people are able to enter.”

Liu Yi points at Li Heqiang by the side.

Li Heqiang instantly becomes mad, as he shouts fiercely, “What did you say! Say it again!”

“Senior brother, now is not the time to fight.”

Bai Xiaowei immediately reminds, “Save your strength for the competition.”

Li Heqiang sneers, “Hmph if it is not for Senior brother having a task at hand and is unable to take part in the World Dao Gathering, how is it possible for this group of people to be so arrogant!”

Senior brother?

Is Nimble Gate’s senior brother very powerful?

“Li Xiangjun is indeed very powerful.”

At this moment Mo Lan walks over, “But if he wishes to sweep everyone, his strength is not enough.”

“Damn it, last time I got beaten up by that fellow tiger! Originally this year I planned to get revenge!”

Yuan Tong is dragging along his staff while he walks over while digging his nose, “Let him escape this time around!”

This fellow…is really throwing away the face of Longxiang Temple!

Why did Longxiang Temple not send out other monks? Isn’t this temple the backbone of Zen Buddhism?

Liu Yi feels that it is weird.

“Li Xiangjun that trash would be instant killed if he met me. In this World Dao Gathering, I, Gao Feng is the strongest.”

Gao Feng has also come to the resting area and as usual, his attitude is I hold supremacy in this world.

Gu Yu who is by the side swing her sleeve and says coldly, “This year I will still defeat you. The world number 1 belongs to my Immortal Snow Peak.”

Fine then, basically everyone is gathered here!

Liu Yi glances around, within the top 16, those who are the strongest are all here. The rest of the people are not strong enough to make Liu Yi worry.

At this moment Mo Tian announces that today’s competition starts and the god turtle once again spits out a group of tokens.

“Tsk, let’s see the result on the stage.”

Gao Feng sneers, “Remember the first moment you meet me immediately beg for mercy. That is the only way for you to live.”

He shoots out sword qi from his finger and hits down a token to get his number.


Chapter 449   [Hero’s gathering]

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