MKW Chapter 448

Chapter 448   [Once again got plotted against!]


“Really? Even without Through Sky sword, you would also be able to get into top 8?!”

Liu Haisheng is in somewhat disbelief.

“Sect Head Martial Uncle, you still do not believe in me? When have I, Liu Yi talked big?!”

Liu Yi pats his chest, “Anyways, Sect Head Martial Uncle just relax. Tomorrow if I lose during the top 16 competition then I shall suicide for my sins.”

“Oi, oi…even if you did not get into top 16 there is no need to suicide for your sins…you are the treasure of Raising Immortal Palace Hall…”

“Sect Head Martial Uncle is overpraising me…”

“Why don’t you take Through Sky sword and play around with it? It is very fun…”

“It is best if Sect Head Martial Uncle keeps it properly!”

Liu Yi hurries and replies, “As for the top 16 competition, the Xiao Taiji that my master gave me is enough!”

“Fine then, then I would not advise you anymore.”

Liu Haisheng sees that Liu Yi is not going to accept it no matter what thus he can only give up, “After all sooner or later it will be yours. Then rest properly. I shall not disturb you anymore. Tomorrow, do your best for the competition.”

“I’ll see Sect Head Martial Uncle off!”

Liu Yi walks Liu Haisheng to the door as he thinks, what does Sect Head Martial Uncle mean? Is it that he wants me to be the next Sect Head?

That…forget it. I still do not have the ability to control a large sect. Especially I still have to deal with Red Scarf Army, Scarlet Cloth Guards as well as going to war in Demon Realm…Sect Head this kind of position need to have a responsibility. It is really unsuitable for me.

I need to find a day to discuss properly with Sect Head Martial Uncle!

But this old man finally left…it is almost nearly 12!! If those who do not know, they might think that the old man has an unhealthy kink and ran to a youngster room in the middle of the night!

Liu Yi suddenly becomes horny as he takes out the drawing. Taking advantage that it is just Zhi time, he wants to research it properly.

Mo Lan ah, Mo Lan…I am only doing so to research this mysterious magic technique!

You just treat it as doing some sacrifice for my research.

Liu Yi rubs his hands together and lies on the bed.

Just as he is about to take out the drawing from his ring, his eyebrow raises as he stands up and grabs the air.

A crumpled ball of paper flies through the window like lightning and is grabbed within his hand. What the hell, is this the rumored hidden weapon?

It can’t be Yuan Tong’s blowing nose tissue right?!

Liu Yi’s face instantly turns black. Just as he is about to throw it away, he suddenly smells a familiar scent from the paper.

Oh….this paper ball is…

Liu Yi opens it on sees a row of small words, -Meet at the old place. I’ll be waiting for you.-

It is Ai Ling….

Did she get into a habit of meeting up with me?

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi…you need to think carefully….perhaps this is another trap from Ai Ling!

Today I have won against Cui Yi and have slapped Concealed Sword Pavilion’s face…especially he is from Earth Character. Perhaps this girl is thinking of seeking revenge against me…

“Cannot go. Cannot go ah….definitely must not go!”

Liu Yi starts muttering to himself, “Ai Ling that girl is deceitful in many ways. perhaps she has set up a trap…Liu Yi ah, Liu Yi. You have grown up slightly, you must not fall for it again…right, definitely cannot go…”

As Liu Yi speaks, he walks towards the bronze mirror in the room.

“Little Jade do you think that my attire is too casual?”

Liu Yi looks at him in the mirror wearing black and white Sect attire.

Little Jade nearly crashED, {Master didn’t you say that you are not going?}

“About that, I decided to go and see what on earth is that Ai Ling planning!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist and says in confidence, “No matter what crafty plots or machinations she set up, I must ruthlessly expose her! That’s right, that is the case! Little Jade do you think that my current attire is fine?”

{Yes…it is enough…}

“That is good then!”

Hearing what Little Jade says, Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction before jumping through the window and turns into a black butterfly, hiding his figure in the night.

Flying to the bridge, this time round Ai Ling did not hide and is already standing there.

Ai Ling did not especially dress herself up and is only wearing a female Taoist attire from Concealed Sword Pavilion Earth Character.

But that attire is not enough to conceal her perfect figure, instead, it gives her a trace of fairy aura.

Liu Yi carefully flies in a circle around Ai Ling, looking all over the place and makes sure that there isn’t an ambush. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief and suddenly transform back to normal and lands in front of Ai Ling.

Seeing Liu Yi suddenly appearing in front of her, Ai Ling is not shocked. Instead, she smiles merrily at Liu Yi before asking, “How is it? How is your investigation? I indeed did not have any ambush.”

“How did you know…”

“Hehe, the thoughts of a person like you is the easiest to guess. There isn’t any challenge.”

Ai Ling stands in front of Liu Yi as she wags her finger and says delicately, “Wanting to lie to you is too easy.”

“Rubbish! Do you really think that I do not have a brain?!”

Liu Yi glares at Ai Ling, “This is called careful riding on a thousand year boat! Who asked you to have so many craftinesses on your body!”

“Hehe, how do you know that I have so many craftinesses on my body?”

Ai Ling smiles merrily at Liu Yi, “Is it because you have touched before? So our Hero Liu is a pervert!”

“That…this…what are you talking about….”

Liu Yi’s forehead is covered with sweat, bickering with his girl is too difficult…

“You see, just a few sentences and your original identity is revealed.”

Ai Ling shakes her head, “You big idiot ah…”

Liu Yi turns silent, why is this lass the same as Immortal Fox sister. Why do the two of them like to call me big idiot all the time?

“Liu Yi…let me ask you…’’

Ai Ling suddenly turns serious, causing Liu Yi to become serious as well.

“What you want to ask? Don’t tell me it is to admire the moon?”

Liu Yi looks at the round moon above. The 15th moon is very round indeed.

“Hehe…our Hero Liu really like to joke around…but now is not the time to joke around. I wish to ask you a very serious question.”

“What serious question?”

Liu Yi looks at Ai Ling in shock, what is this girl trying to sell now?

“If there is a day I lie to you…will you be angry at me?”


Liu Yi starts to laugh, “When did you girl did not lie to me? I am already used to it okay.”

“I am not talking about that kind…”

Ai Ling’s face is slightly sad, “I am talking about…the very serious kind…”

“The previous lie is already very serious already!”

Liu Yi mocks, “What is the scale of your ‘serious’…just how sure are you?”

“Anyways…will you forgive me?”

Ai Ling raises her head and looks at Liu Yi.

“How would I forgive you!”

Liu Yi’s mouth edge twitches, “You are a demoness! Forgiving you equals to indulging you! You will become even better at lying to me! If you lie to me once again then I will fiercely spank your butt!”


Ai Ling stares at Liu Yi speechlessly, spank butt….how could he come up with these kinds of words….

“But luckily you are still considered honest, At least you still gave me back the pill.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Looking at this point, I’ll forgive you for the matter of lying to me previously for now.”

“How do you know if those pills are the real ones…”

Ai Ling’s suddenly laugh, causes Liu Yi’s face to change.

“What did you say?!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s shock expression Ai Ling starts laughing as her pretty eyes turn crescent and very nice to look.

“Hehe, I did not say anything…”

She retreats a few steps and keeps a certain distance from Liu Yi.

“Damn it…give me back the real pills!”

Liu Yi instantly becomes anxious, this lass still dares to lie to me! To think that I am filled with an expectation to come and find her!

He steps forward a step when he suddenly crashes into a formless wall.

“What is this?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and touches. Indeed it seems like there is something blocking his forward path.

All around him is a wall, completely enclosing him within.

“Hehe…this is my small trap.”

Ai Ling laughs, “After all, I am meeting a guy on my own…what if this guy suddenly becomes hentai…I do need to have some preventive method right…”

“You want to rely on a single trap to block me?”

Liu Yi snorts, “You are too looking down on me Liu Yi!”

He fiercely smashes his palm against the formless wall.


A loud noise rang out but the wall is still completely fine.

“Oh? What is this damn thing? Why is it so firm?”

“This is a Sealing God Formation that I have spent 2 hours to construct…”

Ai Ling blinks at Liu Yi, “Furthermore I spent a number of treasure to draw it out…even if a God Immortal comes, he still will be sealed for a while.”

Damn it…I am actually compared to a God Immortal don’t know if I should be happy or be crying.

Liu Yi stands in the formation not knowing to laugh or cry.

“Ai Ling, what on earth do you want?”

“I also do not know…”

Ai Ling against the stone bridge railing with a hand propping up her jaw and looks at Liu Yi a bit blankly, “Liu Yi, your appearance…suddenly causes my life to turn bewildered…”

“Whose life is smooth sailing!”

Liu Yi says in anger, “Do you think that it is easy for me daily?! Give yourself a target and keep striving forward wouldn’t it end?”

“Target? If I am not able to reach my target, so what if I set it down…”

Ai Ling smiles bitterly, “My life is nothing but a marionette that’s all…my existence should be to complete the reconciliation of Sky Character and Earth Character…”

“Damn it why is your life being manipulated by other people?”

Liu Yi slaps the wall and says fiercely, “Can’t you be more determined? Where is the Ai Ling who is not afraid of heaven and earth? Do you only have this kind of ability when you bully me?”

“That is because you are stupid. That’s why I am able to bully you.”

Ai Ling blinks, “Furthermore what can I use to fight against the entire Concealed Sword Pavilion…Liu Yi, you do not understand….the water of the cultivation world…is too deep….”

“I do not care if it is deep who dares to use you as a sacrificial bargaining chip! I will help you beat him up!”

“Talking is easy. Are you able to defeat Gao Feng? Are you able to deal with the entire Concealed Sword Pavilion elder group?”

Ai Ling starts to become agitated as her tone raises by 8 degrees.

“What does that count as? Not trying, how would you know?”

Ai Ling shouts, “Only know how to talk big. Talk about it if you have the ability to walk out of this God Sealing Formation!”

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly grows a lot bigger as the moonlight shines on him revealing a black figure.


The God Sealing Formation turns into pieces under Liu Yi’s single palm attack.


Chapter 448   [Once again got plotted against]

Today’s teaser

*******Ai Ling stares at Liu Yi’s right hand blankly her mind distracted.

I….can I really                 him…

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