MKW Chapter 446

Chapter 446  [Gao Feng’s might]


The enormous god turtle sudden opens its mouth and spits out tens of tokens that float in front of it.

Mo Tian says, “The competitors can pick your tokens.”

Damn it how can I pick the things that is spit out by the tortoise’s mouth!

Liu Yi makes a bitter face.

The rest of the competitors start taking action. Mo Lan also takes out a bow and aims at a token before shooting at it.


After the token got hit by the arrow that Mo Lan shot out, it turns into a green light and flies to the top of Mo Lan’s head and turns into a number.


Good fellow this is very interesting! As long as we attack it then it is fine!

“Come out Xiao Taiji. Give me a cool number!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he uses Imperial Sword technique and controls his flying sword to strike a token.


Two large words appear above Liu Yi’s head, -One Three!-

Damn it!

Liu Yi has the urge to kill. Bullshit why is it my turn and it turned into one three!

Mo Tian you are then one three! Your whole family is one three!

Just as Liu Yi is getting mad, everyone has chosen their own number.

“Let me declare the start of the first round of the competition!”

Mo Tian sits back down onto his own seat.

The ones who chose number 1 and 2 fly up to the back of the god turtle.

Number 1 is Gao Feng? This fellows number is not bad.

Wherelse for Gao Feng’s opponent, when he realized that his first opponent is Gao Feng his face turns bitter.

“This one is Concealed Sword Pavilion 9th generation disciple, Gao Feng. Please instruct me.”

“This one is Burning Heart Valley 10th generation disciple, Nie Chao. Please instruct me.”

The Burning Heart Valley disciple Nie Chao make a bitter face, “I really did not expect that I would meet you during the first round. Looks like I will not be able to enter the top 16 this year.”

“Hehehe, looks like you know how powerful I am.”

Gao Feng crosses her arms and says slowly, “Since that is the case I can give you a chance. You can admit defeat yourself and get off the stage without me taking action. Otherwise, if I really take action, it’ll be too late for you to regret.”

“Gao Feng! Do not look down on my Burning Heart Valley people!”

Nie Chao’s face turns red as he shouts, “Today even if I die I shall show you the might of my Burning Heart Valley! Come out Scarlet Dragon!”

As he speaks, he creates a formation and summons out an enormous spiritual beast.

It is a ten meters long scarlet two-headed spiritual snake. It lets out hisses as it looks at Gao Feng opposite it.

“So stupid…”

Gao Feng sighs, “Since that is the case then let me tell you why ConcealedSword Pavillion will be the number 1 sword sect! Why I, Gao Feng will be world number 1!”

A formidable sword qi erupts from his body!

Because of the sword qi, his Taoist robe starts fluttering.

“Burning Heart Valley is not given for nothing!”

As Nei Chao speaks, he controls Scarlet Dragon the two-headed spiritual snake and breaths out red flames from its two head at the same time at Gao Feng.

“Parlour tricks!”

Gao Feng sneers, and it seems like he does not care about the flames.

He stretches out his right hand as he points with his index finger at the descending flames.


A blue sword qi instantly shoots out and cuts the flames breath out by Scarlet Dragon into two, causing the flames to land by his side.

“Although Burning Heart Valley is one of the top sects in celestial sect in comparison to my Concealed Sword Pavilion it is too weak.”

As Gao Feng speaks, he slowly walks towards Nei Chao, “Other than your spiritual techniques, your own body strength is too weak….you guys are…too easy to deal with.”

The moment he finished, Gao Feng suddenly disappears and reappears behind Nei Chao. Sword qi shoots out of his hand and pierces through Nei Chao’s stomach.

-deng, deng, deng…-

Nei Chao stumbles forwards a few stops as he covers his stomach and collapse onto the ground.

“Too easy already. It is not just a single grade difference between the two of us. The world Number 1 belongs to me!”

Gao Feng stands there with both his hands behind him like he is unequal in the world.

“Don’t look down on me…”

Nei Chao uses his final strength and roars, “Scarlet Dragon! Assault!”

The enormous two-headed spiritual snake instantly went berserk on the stage and bites towards Gao Feng.

Gao Feng keeps dodging causing the spiritual snake to keep hitting the stage without touching him.

The stage is getting destroyed. But as time passes, the broken pieces of the stage are actually restoring themselves!

“Forget it. I’m bored playing with you.”

After dodging for half a day, Gao Feng finally stop dodging, “Let me help you understand the difference between the two of us!”

He stops retreating and flies towards the spiritual snake.

Blue sword qi covers his entire body.

Instantly the sword qi forms the shape of a sword and flashes past the spiritual snake.


The spiritual snake’s body is instantly cut into two before turning into particles and disappears.

Liu Yi is shocked, this move is rather similar to my Demonic Sword Technique second move!

Transforming one’s body into a sword and attack.

But Gao Feng definitely does not possess the effect of Demonic Sword Technique’s second move.

But seeing how he so easily defeat one of the top 32 experts, his strength is indeed slightly thorny.

As his spiritual beast has received heavy injuries, Nei Chao faints and completely lost his combat ability.

After defeating this opponent, Gao Feng’s gaze lands on Liu Yi in disdain.

“Liu Yi do you see this. This is the result of being my enemy. If you do not wish to die it is best if you withdraw from the World Dao Gathering! Hahahaha…”

“This fellow is still that arrogant.”

Liu Yi did not have any expression but Mo Lan by the side sneers before saying, “Last year Gu Yu narrowly won over this fellow by just a single move. Perhaps this time around he is definitely prepared…”

Can Gu Yu be this fellows opponent?

“But what I am curious about is how did you provoke this fellow?”

Mo Lan looks at Liu Yi curiously, “Could it be that you have also stolen his stuff?”

“Scarm It is not like I am a professional thief!”

“If you are not a professional thief then why did you steal Flipping Sky Seal?”

“What Flipping Sky….”

“The next round of competition begins. May number 3 and 4 come onto the stage!”

Before Liu Yi is able to finish, Mo Tian’s thunderous voice once again ring out.

Immediately the two competitors went onto the stage. Liu Yi does not recognize the two of them, but he did not pay attention to them

He is thinking about the matter of Flipping Sky Seal. I have only taken the pills and the drawing that is able to take off her own clothes…then as for that Flipping Sky Seal, it should be stolen by Ai Ling then.

This lass is really eyeing the treasures of other people ah…in the end Mo Lan placed this debt on me…

The top 32 competition continues on and soon Mo Lan also went up the stage. This World Manor precious miss is indeed strong and beaten her opponent until he begs for mercy and successfully enters the top 16.

Very soon Liu Yi’s number is finally called.

“Do your best. Do not lose before meeting me!”

Mo Lan pats Liu Yi on his shoulder heavily, “You must be defeated by me! We are fated enemies!”

What the hell…what is this ah…

“Can’t you be more girly?”

“Why must I be more girly!”

When Mo Lan hears what Liu Yi says he glares at him fiercely, “Who says that girls must be weak and powerless!”

“Yes, yes, yes you are an able woman. I shall go up the stage.”


By the side, Yuan Tong closes his hands together and shouts with his might, “Benefactor Liu! Ganbatte!”

“Ganbatte your sister! You are a monk ah can’t you have some integrity!”

“Why can’t a monk learn a foreign language?”

“You win!”

Liu Yi stops quarreling with the two weirdos as he stands on his flying sword and flies to the back of the god turtle.

Opposite him, a male disciple from Concealed Sword Pavilion’s Earth Character is standing there.

“Concealed Sword Pavilion Earth Character 9th generation disciple, Cui Yi. Please instruct.”

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall 13th generation disciple, Liu Yi. Please instruct.”

“You are also a legendary person.”

Cui Yi looks at Liu Yi before saying with a smile, “But you are unlucky to meet me Cui Yi. Looks like this year Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall stop its steps at the top 32.”

“Ah, how can this be.”

Liu Yi blinks before saying, “I still want to try to fight into the top 4!”


Cui Yi starts laughing loudly, “Just you who likes to daydream and you wish to get into the top 4? It is best if you honestly give up. I do not wish to stain my hands with blood!”

“Why do Concealed Sword Pavilion people all have such a damn vile behavior.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Are you related to Gao Feng? Why are you so damn similar to him.”

“Senior brother Gao is a hero from Sky Character. How can I be comparable to him? But you really have guts to even dare to provoke Senior brother Gao. You really do not wish to live ah…”

“Oi, oi are you done talking? Calluses are growing in my ears already.”

Liu Yi digs his ears, “Can we fight now?”

“You are really in a hurry to die.”

As Cui Yi speaks he calls out the longsword from his back, “How can your Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s Imperial Sword technique be comparable to my Concealed Sword Palace’s sword-play! Today I shall let you understand the difference between our sect!”

He forms a sword seal and causes the long sword to instantly turns into a silver dragon and pierced towards Liu Yi.

Cui Yi is very confident towards his sudden flying sword assassination!

Wherelse Liu Yi seems to be badly frightened as he stands there unmoving.

“Be defeated under my sword!”

Cui Yi seems to have seen his win as he lets out an excited shout.

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly moves.

He only stretches out his hand and uses his index and middle fingers to gently clasp the flying sword piercing over.


With a ringing sound, the sword body keeps trembling.


Cui Yi’s eyes nearly pop out!

My flying sword is actually being stopped by a person using just two fingers?!?!


Chapter 446   [Gao Feng’s might]


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