MKW Chapter 445

Chapter 445  [Top 32 competition]


An hour passed by very quickly. Soon the earlier crowded stage is left with 8 people standing on it.

Among these 8 people, only Liu Yi, Mo Lan, and the strange monk still retain their strength.

The rest of the five are panting with all kind of injuries on their body. They have fought endlessly to obtain their position.

Looks like there are not any super strong opponent in Black Tortoise stage. The experts should be mostly gathered in the other three stages.

Liu Yi does not know whether he is fortunate or not, no matter what the top 32 will be a very difficult fight.

“Group competition has ended!”

At this moment World Manor Manor Head Mo Tian finally stands up and say, “Let out top 32 heroes get onto the Sky Supporting Stage.”

The moment he finished, Liu Yi immediately controls his flying sword towards the center stage.

Underneath him is a group of the crowd who are shouting towards the top 32.

Liu Yi sees Chen Keqing sitting on the viewing stands with an injury on her arm raising her fist towards him.

Looks like senior sister has been defeated ah…thinking about it it should be right. The rest of the experts are all in other groups. My senior sister will definitely find it hard to hold her feet.

If she was in the Black Tortoise stage how good would that be. With my strength, I can help her hold a formation and just before the time end, I can go and snatch another formation.

Under the cheering of the crowd, Liu Yi lands on the enormous center stage.

When Liu Yi lands, he finally sees the familiar faces.

A cold face Gu Yu, the arrogant Gao Feng, what shocked Liu Yi the most is he had actually seen Li Heqiang and Cat Maiden Xiao Wei!

Nimble Gate is so strong?

As for the rest of the people, from their attire, they should be from the sects. Among which there is a number who are from Immortal Snow Peak, Dragon Tiger Gate, and the likes.

Wherelse for Zen Longxiang Temple there is only the weird monk from Liu Yi’s group.

Gao Feng glances at Liu Yi before making a cut-throat action.

Does this shit really thinks that he is a professional killer!

“Everyone here is the elites of the cultivation world. You can also say that you are the strongest 32 people in the newest generation.”

Mo Tian stands on a tall stage as he looks at the 32 of them below him. It is like he did not see his daughter as he says, “In a while later, I will raise the Sky Supporting Stage. Afterward, everyone can go to the resting area to rest.”

After Mo Tian speaks, he claps his hand.

The World Manor disciples who are surrounding the stage point at the Sky Supporting Stage.

Yellow light shoots out from their finger and hits a few stone stela by the stage.

Immediately the stage starts vibrating. The crowd watching this scene excitedly.

“What is World Manor doing?”

Liu Yi is slightly curious.

“You will know soon.”

Mo Lan who is standing by Liu Yi’s side smiles merrily at him, “Don’t be too surprised okay.”

“Merciful Buddha…Excellent……”

The monk got a greater shock as he starts chanting scriptures.

Afterall they are from the same group, thus Liu Yi turns around and asks, “Great Master. You are not afraid of earthquake right?”

“Excellent….who is afraid of earthquake…”

The monk rubs his bald head, “Humble monk is afraid of heights…”

Afraid of heights?

What does fear of heights have to do with an earthquake?

Before Liu Yi is able to comprehend, the ground starts to shake even harder.

Immediately afterward, the entire stage suddenly raise up sharply towards the sky!

Liu Yi blinks his eyes as the stage has already reached the mid-air.

Sky Supporting Stage…no wonder it is called Sky Supporting Stage…

Liu Yi realizes that the stage under his feet has already walked out from the ground.

How is this a stage! This is obviously an enormous dragon turtle!

The dragon turtle is over 200 meters long, a hundred meters wide and over 30 meters tall. The head stretches out from the shell and opens its mouth and lets out a roar.

This roar causes the entire World Manor to shake.

What the hell man…what mythical beast is this!

This turtle head is too long already right….

“This is the mystical beast raised by my World Manor, Sky Supporting God Turtle.”

Mo Lan arrogantly says, “Also called the Undying Turtle!”

“How about Teenage Mutant Turtles…”

Liu Yi sneers, but he is indeed shocked by the enormous god turtle!

The creatures within the cultivation world are indeed very strange…other than the god dragons, this is the first time Liu Yi has seen such a large fellow…

Oh right, there is still that Devil Child. But Devil Child is not as domineering as this god turtle!

“The stage is already prepared. The viewing seats will also enter the viewing stage.”

When Mo Tian finished, the viewing seats instantly start to rise up as rows after rows of stone pillars lifts up the viewing seats. Very soon the entire place turns into an enormous surrounded circle. In the center is the enormous standing Sky Supporting God Turtle!

“Haiz, how I really wish to fight up there…”

Chen Keqing looks at Liu Yi who is on top of the god turtle in envy. Looks like I can only leave it to that irritating person to increase the fame of Raising Immortal Palace Hall…

“Let us go down first to recover our qi.”

As Mo Lan speaks, she turns around and flies down the stage.

“What the. Don’t go ah I don’t know the way!”

Liu Yi hurries and chased after Mo Lan and flies down from the god turtle’s back. Among the 32 people, he is slightly more familiar with Mo Lan.

As for Gu Yu…she only treats me as an enemy…

“Damn it. Why did you chase after me! It is not like I owe you money!”

Mo Lan rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

“I am a newcomer ah. You are after all the further in-charge of World Manor. You need to take care of me ah!”

“Scram. At this moment you remember that I am a person from World Manor. Why did you not say so when you are stealing things?!”

“That…today’s weather is rather good..”

“Rather good your sister…hurry and come!”

Mo Lan glares at Liu Yi. She is unable to take his shamelessness and can only bring him along and flies down towards a floating enormous area with a formation.

When they are there, Liu Yi immediately senses a warm force flooding his body.

His slight fatigue from earlier has completely disappeared.

It is like there is a kind-hearted angel who uses her holy powers and expels the inert elements in his body.

“Wahh what is this light? So mysterious!”

“Trash this is call Reversal Formation.”

Mo Lan rolls her eyes at Liu Yi before pointing at the formation and says, “Do you see. This formation usage is to increase the recovery speed of your strength and replenish your spirit. This way after a fight, you can swiftly restore yourself back to your peak form and continue to fight the next round.”

“So that is the case…”

Liu Yi nods his head, this thing is rather miraculous.

By the side, the monk suddenly says, “Excellent, doesn’t this have the same effect as the big Buddha in my temple.”

Liu Yi does not know that Longxiang Temple’s Big Buddha possesses the effect of restoring spirit.

“This Master, may I know your Buddhist name?”

Liu Yi feels that this monk is rather interesting thus he went up to ask for his name.

As the monk dig his nose he says, “Excellent, there is no point in you knowing this humble monk. This humble monk will not help you read your fortunes from features.”

Liu Yi replies, “That…it is just simply knowing each other a bit. I have never read my fortunes. My fate shall be in my own control.”

“Oh? This monk likes what you say. This monk appreciates you.”

The monk nods his head before wiping off his snot of the stone wall by the side and stretches out his hand towards Liu Yi, “This monk’s Buddhist name is Yuan Tong may I know what is benefactor’s name?”

What the hell, Accommodating(Yuan Tong)?! I am called Stretch Through(Shen Tong)!!

Liu Yi looks at the monk’s hand who a long time but did not stretch out his hand.

“I am Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s 13th generation disciple Liu Yi…”

“Ah, where did I hear this name before…right, it seems like a while back you killed a number of the devil spawns…Amitabh, your killing sins is too heavy ah…your actions are….are…very nasty!”

Yuan Tong says with a face filled with detest, “This monk do not understand why when you are doing this kind of things…why did you not call this monk!! Excellent!”

Liu Yi’s forehead is covered with cold sweat. At first, he thought that he would receive a lot of lecturing and Dharma and the like but unexpectedly Yuan Tong would suddenly say this.

“These devil spawns should all die! Next time remember to call this monk and let this monk personally deal with him!”

Sweat this monk’s killing intent is really heavy!

“Eh ….talking about this, this monk and Benefactor Liu are really fated.”

Yuan Tong rubs his head with the hand that just picked his nose and says regretfully, “It would be bad if I meet you during the top 32 competition later. Buddha, bless me not to pick you ah.”

Liu Yi immediately comforts, “Relax there are so many people. You would not be so unlucky…”

“That is also true, Excellent. Anyway, I have to ask Buddha to bless me! There will definitely not be a problem!”

Yuan Tong seems to believe in Buddha, that is also true. If he does not believe then he would not have joined Buddhism.

“The next round of competition is starting soon.”

Mo Lan looks at the time before walking towards Liu Yi, “Hope that I can meet you. The problem between the two of us needs to be properly settled.”

Yuan Tong immediately looks at Liu Yi with an ambiguous gaze, “Benefactor Liu. I did not think that you and Manor Head’s daughter had an affair, Excellent…”

“Who has an affair with this fellow!”

Before Liu Yi is able to explain, Mo Lan is already red-faced from anger as she raises her halberd and points at Yuan Tong, “Monk if you got guts then say it again!”

Yuan Tong immediately claps his hands together as he apologizes, “Amitabh, Amitabh…this monk did not say anything…did not say anything…”

Only then did Mo Lan calm down slightly and place down her halberd.

The monk elbows Liu Yi and says lightly, “Your little lover has a rather big temper…”

“Go and die!”

Mo Lan instantly flies into a rage as she lifts her halberd and is about to charge over.

At this moment Mo Tian’s voice rings out throughout the entire World Manor.

“The top 32 competition is starting. Now we shall start to draw lots!”


Chapter 445   [Top 32 competition]


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