MKW Chapter 444

Chapter 444  [Masculine Female]


After Liu Yi dealt with the people from Sky Heavy Gate, he instantly becomes an idler.

He raises his head and looks around. In front of him is a fight in full flight!

The large stage is instantly in a mess. Everyone no longer cares about what Gate and what Sect! For the 8 formations, they are always fighting until they are bleeding!

The 8 formations are a distance apart from each other. Even if it is people from the same sect it is impossible to help.

On the other hand, Liu Yi is rather relaxed, after all, in this group, there is only him from Raising Immortal Palace Hall. He found the closest formation and start walking towards it.

“This is not a place that you can come little kid!”

A cultivator charges towards Liu Yi tossing out magic technique and prepares to send him flying.


Liu Yi’s Taiji sword pierces thought the magic technique and through that cultivator’s stomach.

It is only a hole through the stomach and is not enough to take his life. These cultivators naturally have their own life-saving techniques.

It is a martial arts competition, not a friendly spar, not a place where win or lose can easily be determined.

Since it is the World Dao Gathering, if it is to find the real number one, then death and life is impossible to prevent.

To be honest Liu Yi is already being lenient. Looking over at the other side, there is already a number of young disciples who are corpses lying on the ground.

They originally came here in high spirit and hesitation, wanting to fight out their name in the World Dao Gathering.

In the end, they can only become a cold corpse on the ground and bid goodbye to the cultivation world.

There is a risk in the competition which cultivators need to be prudent about.

Liu Yi keeps his Taiji sword and ignores the guy that he had heavily injured before walking towards the formation.

A group of people are in a messy fight over the formation. As Liu Yi walks over he says, “Those who do not wish to die, get lost.”

One of them from an unknown sect whose eyes have turned red from fighting turn around and starts cursing at Liu Yi.

“Damn it who do you think you dare! Seeking death is it!”

Liu Yi repeats once again, “Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Liu Yi. Those who do not wish to die get lost please.”

Liu Yi?!

Raising Immortal Palace Hall Liu Yi?

The one who challenged World Manor Manor Head and killed a group of devil cultivators until the retreat?

“Didn’t you just kill a group of trash devil cultivators? Do you really think that you are damn tough?!”

“If you do not wish to die then get lost!”

The group of cultivators continue to keep fighting and none of them take Liu Yi’s warning to heart.

“Since that is the case then do not say that I am not merciful.”

Liu Yi suddenly jumps high up into the sky before aiming towards the group of messy cultivator below and stretch out his right palm.

“Glorious Sun Palm, Illusion Extermination…”

Liu Yi lets out a shout and instantly pained cries resound from the ground.


An enormous palm qi descends from the sky and crashes down on all of the cultivators with 20 meters.

A large palm print is left on the stage like it was hit out by a giant.

Liu Yi’s Taiji sword stabs into the center of the formation as he lands on the hilt and crosses his arms.

“This place is mine. Anyone who comes close shall die!”

This cry is filled with killing intent scaring all of the surrounding cultivators as they retreat.

Damn it…this Raising Immortal Place Hall Liu Yi…how is he so strong!

The cultivators who are able to take part in the World Dao Gathering are all quite strong!

But they were all forced to kneel by a single palm from Liu YI! Just how strong is this fellow!

Furthermore, when did Raising Immortal Palace Hall have palm techniques? Aren’t they a sword sect?

This palm technique is way too scary…and is never seen before!

As the daughter of World Manor Manor Head, Mo Lan has seen a lot of things. But she is also at a loss when she sees the palm technique of Liu Yi.

What is this palm technique? So strange. Is it self-created by Liu Yi? Looks like when we cross blows back then he \was holding back!

It is not surprising that Mo Lan does not know of Liu Yi’s palm technique. Glorious Sun Palm is the ultimate technique of Heavenly Fox in the demon realm. Afterward, with the Heavenly Foxes being wiped out, this palm technique was basically lost. Thus in the recent thousands of years, no one has seen this palm technique before. There are a few in the demon realm who have seen it before and it is basically something new in the human realm!

Liu Yi has no choice but to use Glorious Sun Palm. Because if he only uses the Imperial Sword Technique of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, he would not be able to fight into top 4. It is best to combine with Glorious Sun Palm, that way it would be powerful and would not reveal his demon qi.

Mo Lan glances at Liu Yi again making Liu Yi thinks that she would be coming at him. But she turns around and uses the Ming King strength to boost herself and snatches another formation.

Mo Lan is also very strong and it is easy for her to snatch a formation for herself.

Liu Yi realizes that in their group, the people are not very strong. Other than himself and Mo Lan, there are not any other outstanding people.

All of the cultivators are fighting all over the place with red eyes. Liu Yi cannot believe that just yesterday all of them were sitting together and eating merrily, toasting each other…

These cultivators are unable to escape fame and benefits this two words.

But soon Liu Yi finally found someone who he is interested in and it is a bald monk in monk robe!

This monk is holding a Buddhist staff and running around like a barbarian.

This fellow has great strength and his body is rather firm. Endless magic technique lands on him and destroys his monk robe, revealing his hard copper muscles.

These muscles are like steel protecting the monk as he raises his staff and knocks away people who come close to the formation that he is standing on.

Every time he sends a person flying he would chant a verse.

“Merciful Buddha…scram for me!”

“Be Good, Be Good…get lost for this grandpa!”

[TL: I like this monk ^.^]

What the hell, does this monk have a mental problem?

Although I do not know if this monk is right in his head but his strength is shocking.

No cultivator is able to get within a 2-meter radius of him, otherwise, they would be sent flying by him!

What a strong monk…perhaps he might be a strong opponent.

Other than the monk, there isn’t another person who shines in the Black Tortoise Stage. Looking at Mo Lan again, she is currently wearing a silver armor and brandishing a halbert beating the cultivators until they are in a pitiful state.

This girl…is she really a girl…

Why is it that when she fights, her gaze is so excited…and clucking…

This must be a female T-Rex…’

Mo Lan brandishes her halberd and is fighting excitedly. Seeing that there is still a lot of time, she walks out of her formation quite frequently and charges into the group of cultivators and attacks everyone.

When an unknown sect disciple sees Mo Lan charging over to attack, he instantly got a fright and cries out, “Miss Mo. I, my sect and World Manor have a good relationship…please be merciful…”

“Hmph, it is not like you are from Immortal Snow Peak.”

Who would have known that Mo Lan ignores him and uses the halbert to send him flying out.

Mo Lan lifts her halbert and turns around, her gaze lands on a cultivator wearing silver Taoist robe.

“Ahah! I, I am from Immortal Snow Peak ah junior sister…”

The cultivator is slightly glad, luckily she is one of us.

“Oh, in that case…take my attack!”

Who would have guessed that Mo Lan would continue to wave her halbert and send that fellow flying out.

After which Mo Lan sneers faintly and says, “There is no father and son on the battlefield.”

What the…this girl is not only swift and fierce, she is also very shameless!

Mo Lan’s halbert points towards Liu Yi as she says, “Liu Yi there is still a lot of time. Staying still is boring why don’t we have a spar?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “That is not possible. I still need to save my strength for the top 32 fight.”

“Why are you so petty? It is just a fight that’s all. It is not like I will eat you up.”

Mo Lan pouts, “Are you a guy or not. Would you die fighting just once?”

“Of course I am a guy. Otherwise, why would I want that drawing for? Don’t you say so?”

Liu Yi evilly narrows his eyes at Mo Lan.

“You scumbag! I should not have gifted it to you! What did you do to it!”

“Of course…I drink alcohol and say poems of similar standards towards it.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily. Although it sounds nice, Mo Lan feels that the smiles are unbearably wretched.

“Scumbag how I really wish to deal with you before the top 32!”

“Miss Mo I advise that you better save strength for the top 32 fight.”

Liu Yi advice kind-heartedly, “Later during the actual top 32 fight, it would not be too late if we fight for 300 rounds!”

Although it is like, when Liu Yi says it, it sounds very disgusting!

Mo Lan sneers before saying coldly, “That is good then. It is best that I will meet you in the top 32, otherwise, this competition would be pointless!”

“Why are you aiming at me for. It is not like I am the world’s number 1.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Talking about that, who is the number 1 during the last World Dao Gathering? Why don’t you go and look for her?”

“The last gathering number 1 was Immortal Snow Peak’s Gu Yu.”


Liu Yi’s jaw nearly drops down, the last gathering number 1 is Gu Yu?

Although she is very strong, her strength is only around 11 stars…especially so many years ago, perhaps she had just broken through to earth stage. How is it possible for her to get number 1 during the World Dao Gathering?

“That Gu Yu is really not simple…hope that this year I will have a chance to fight against her. But comparing to her, my interest in you is slightly higher.”

“That…I am really sorry but actually, I already have a sweetheart….”

“You are courting disaster!”

Mo Lan is like a lioness showing off her might as she roars and stabs the halberd in her hand into the ground by her side.

Instantly ten meters large Unmovable Ming King image emerges from behind her and sends the surrounding cultivators flying away.

What the hell….this girl is so powerful…wild and domineering…she is like a hero among girls…

“That…Miss Mo. Today’s weather is quite good….how about we sit down  to have drink some tea…”


Chapter 444   [Masculine Female]


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