MKW Chapter 443

Chapter 443  [Start of competition]


The next day, the World Dao Gathering starts officially.

Liu Yi has drawn a bamboo slip with the word ‘North’, thus he is sent to the Black Tortoise stage.

Wherelse Chen Keqing has drawn the word ‘South’, thus she is sent to the Vermillion Bird stage and is separated from Liu Yi.

Liu Yi glances towards the Vermillion Bird stage before praying for Chen Keqing.

Senior sister ah. This time around I am unable to help you…wish you good luck.

Currently, on the Black Tortoise stage, it is completely filled with people.

In a while, when the whistle is blown, 8 formations will appear on the ground.

The formation is neither big nor small and is just enough to stand a single person. The competition time is only an hour and after an hour, the 8 people who are standing in the formation will be the 8 strongest in this group.

It must be said that this kind of competition is very cruel but filled with trials.

Liu Yi glances around and feels that he can be considered fortunate. Other than a few familiar faces from Sky Heavy Gate, there isn’t any other familiar face.

Looks like Ai Ling, Gu Yu and that Gao Feng are all in different groups.

Looks like they will be in top 32. This is also great. Interesting things should be at the end.

There are countless heroes in the World Dao Gathering. Wanting to obtain top 32 is not an easy matter.

But to the current Liu Yi, it is nothing difficult. Even that arrogant Gao Feng, Liu Yi does not put him in his eyes.

Although he had only opened 10 star-jades, it seems like he can do anything he likes in the human realm.

Cultivating four different qi at the same time, it is indeed very strong. Furthermore, I still have the heaven-defying dragon transformation ability!

But I do not wish to obtain number 1. That way would be too famous. Especially should I accidentally reveal that I possess demon qi or devil qi in my body, my life might be threatened.

But Liu Yi recalls what Ai Ling told him, ‘If you wish to help me, then prevent Gao Feng from getting number 1….’

Haiz…perhaps Gao Feng would be eliminated before be get into the top 32…

Liu Yi really did not think of obtaining number 1. Top 4 is okay and is enough to propel Raising Immortal Palace Hall back into a top sect.

But if it is number 1…perhaps I might fall into deep trouble myself.

So should I do it or not…let’s think about it again when I know the end results.

As long as number 1 is not Gao Feng then it is fine!

Liu Yi prays in his heart that Gao Feng will be eliminated before the top 32!

This competition is rather casual and Manor Head Mo did not say anything, instead, it is the sect heads who are watching chatting with each other.

In front of Liu Yi stands a few Sky Heavy Gate disciples. Each one of them are sneering as they glare at him.

One of the Sky Heavy Gate disciples who has long hair and thinks that he is very handsome suddenly says to Liu Yi, “Little fellow, in a while it will be your death date.”

As he speaks he did not forget to swings his long hair.

“With senior brother taking action, this fellow will definitely be dead.”

“Since he dares to provoke our Sky Heavy Gate then let us completely suppress Raising Immortal Palace Hall!”

“That’s right let us embarrass them!”

By the side, the disciples from Sky Heavy Sect also echoes along.

The senior brother once again swings out his hair and says arrogantly, “Watch me easily settle him later.”

It seems like he thinks that this way is very drifting but when Liu Yi sees it he instantly has a feeling of floating away…

“Quickly start. I can’t wait to kill people already, hahaha….”

The senior brother feels very good as he looks at the sky and says, “What a beautiful blue sky ah…it is such a pity that under such blue sky, someone’s blood will be splashed onto the ground…such an eyesore…”

“Wah, senior brother is damn cool…”

“Unparallel domineering!”

His of junior brothers and sisters suck up to him.

Liu Yi covers his forehead, did they forget to eat medicine before leaving?!

Looks like their sickness is not light ah!

Towards this kind of person, there is only a way to describe them.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and points at that senior brother before pointing his thumb towards the ground.

“Damn it this fellow is seeking death!”

“He is provoking us!”

“Senior brother! He is looking down on you! Dammit, I do not know what is senior brother temper but I am unable to endure it!”

The group of junior brothers and sisters start shouting.

“In a while, I will show him what is call afraid!”

The senior brother’s expression turn fierce as he glares at Liu Yi and ferociously says, “Little fellow from Raising Immortal Palace Hall! In a while later even if you kneel down and begs us we will not let you off! Just wait for your death!”

“Eh? Where did that barking come from?”

Liu Yi looks around curiously and even looks under his feet.

“Seeking death!”

The senior brother seems to finally unable to bear it and is about to explode.

The rest of the Sky Heavy Gate disciples hurry and block him. After all, the competition has not officially started and anyone who takes action before that will lose their qualification to take part!

“Senior brother bear with it. In a while later  let him die!”

“That’s right, that’s right. There is no need to do it now…”

The disciples from Sky Heavy Gate hurry and blocks him.

Liu Yi starts laughing gently, with his shrewdness and he wants to come out to be the senior brother and pretend!

“Big brother do your best!”

From the crowd of people watching comes a shout. Liu Yi turns around and look and realize that it is Huang Jie.

Looks like this disciple of Medicine King Valley is really truly treating me as a friend.

Liu Yi waves towards him when he saw a person on the stands as well.

Damn it isn’t that Mo Lan?

Currently, Mo Lan is wearing a male attire as usual with her arms crossed. She stands on the stands very domineering as their gazes collide.

Usually, when a girl’s and guy’s sight meet each other, the girl would subconsciously glance to the side.

But Ma Lan did not. Instead, she raises her head slightly as a trace of provocation appears in her eyes.

This girl…is she really a girl? She obviously has a man’s heart!

What does she plan to do? Does she want to start fighting me in a bit? Hopefully not…

Liu Yi turns away. Since I cannot provoke then I hide….at most at night I go and watch her drawing as I go rubbing…


At this moment an artillery shell shoots high up into the sky and explodes.

The competition starts!

“Aoooooo, go and die!”

The senior brother is the first to rush over as he pulls out the heavy sword on his back and dashes towards Liu Yi holding the gate bar.

“Sky Destroying Sword!”

The Sky Heavy Gate sword practice method is slightly strange. It is not qi with a sword, instead, it is holding the gate bar as he jumps up and smashes down with his sword towards Liu Yi’s head.

A huge force is produced by the heavy sword, carrying an unblockable might!

“Senior brother is a ten-star cultivator ah. With him taking action this Raising Immortal Palace Hall disciple is definitely done for!”

“Haha, waiting for the scene of him flying out of the stage!”

The group of Sky Heavy Gate disciples are laughing as they seem to be waiting for Liu Yi to be beaten up.

The heavy sword instantly descends in front of Liu Yi and is around a few cm away from his nose!



The senior brother thought that his single technique will be able to claim the life of Liu Yi and is very excited as his sword chops down.

But what he chopped is an afterimage. The heavy sword lands on the stage causing a long crack to form on the stage.

There is a very special barrier cast onto the stage making it very firm. If you want to break it, you need a lot of strength! It can be seen just how much strength does this senior brother possess!

This is the Sky Heavy Gate cultivation method. One force to collapse ten intelligence!

“Where is he?”

The senior brother looks at his gate bar heavy sword in disbelief. Their sect’s sword technique will create a strange attracting force on the sword when they are swinging their sword, controlling their opponents figure.

Under this kind of attracting force don’t talk about escaping, even standing still is a problem!

But this fellow actually escaped?!

How is this possible!

“The sword technique is slightly unique but it is not enough.”

Liu Yi stands by the side as he smiles at the senior brother.

“Next time you will not be able to escape! Just now I had only used 30% of my strength only!”

The senior brother laughs as he raises his gate bar, “Watch me chop you this time!”

“Come out, Xiao Taiji!”

Liu Yi did not dodge, instead he brandishes his hand as the Taiji sword he carries on his back lets out a clank as it leaves it’s scabbard and floats in front of Liu Yi.

“Hahaha, how can this kind of qi controlling sword technique be the match of my heavy sword!”

When the senior brother sees the sword flying towards him, he laughs as he raises his heavy sword and smashes it against the flying sword wanting to slap it away.


When the heavy sword hits the flying sword, instead of going off course, instead his arms is being jolted aside as his palm webbing starts bleeding and the heavy sword is sent flying to the side.

Liu Yi’s flying sword rubs pass the top of the senior brother’s head.


The senior brother long hair instantly got blown away by the wind!

The senior brother instantly become a bald guy!

“Senior brother!”

“Gods…is this still our senior brother….”

“Take revenge for senior brother!”

The group of Sky Heavy Sword people are stun but they quickly awaken and rush over with their heavy swords, surrounding Liu Yi in their center.

“All at the same time? Very good then let me send all of you off at the same time.”

Liu Yi’s hand pulls back to his ear and the Taiji sword instantly flies back and starts revolving by his right.

“Just based on you? Why don’t you look at the mirror! Raising Immortal Palace Hall is nothing but a group of trash!”

“Go kill him!”

“Eat my sword!”

The group of disciples start attacking, whereas Liu Yi is calm as he instills a large amount of strength into his Taiji sword and his palm points push towards the ground.


The Taiji sword instantly pierce into the ground as rays of sword qi shoot out from the ground and blast the surrounding Sky Heavy Gate’s disciples away!

Instantly the earlier aggressive group of Sky Heavy Gate people are all lying on the ground with their body’s covered with injuries from the sword qi.

Liu Yi stands there as the Taiji sword floats by his side loftily.

“You guys are out of luck meeting me. Sky Heavy Gate shall end here.”


Chapter 443   [Start of competition]


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