MKW Chapter 442

Chapter 442  [Ai Ling’s request]


Zi Time is from night 2300 to midnight 0100.

During this timing, most people will be asleep. There is even scientific proof that this timing you will get the best quality of sleep.

The older generation people are much more abiding by their resting time then the younger generations and the younger generations have all kinds of night activity while the older generation people have less. The moment it is night, they will go and sleep. Their only night activity is perhaps sex.

The night time in World Manor is also the same. It is very scarily quiet. Only Liu Yi himself secretly sneaks out and stands on the centermost bridge of the guest area.

After waiting for around 20 minutes, Ai Ling still has not appeared and Liu Yi starts to have random thoughts.

Damn it I am really too stupid why did I run out just from her single sentence!

Did I agree to no longer accept her lure?

Is it because in my previous life I owed her some debt? Why do I have a passion for her? I cannot even resist her!

%$#@%$!!!! Really is too demonic!

After such a long time and she still has not appeared, she definitely must have lied to me again!

Liu Yi scolds himself harshly that he is an idiot before turning around and prepares to leave.

“Hehe…Hero Liu…you have only waited for so long and you want to leave already.”

Just as Liu Yi is about to leave, he suddenly hears Ai Ling’s laughter.

Liu Yi turns around and sees Ai Ling who is wearing a blue qipao walking out from the back of a fake mountain.

Damn it when was she here! Why did I not notice her!

Recalling those strange treasures that Ai Ling possesses, Liu Yi thinks that it should be one of them that is helping her.

Liu Yi asks angrily, “When did you come!”

Ai Ling flutters her eyes at Liu Yi, “Hehe before Zi time ah. When you are going to meet a girl you must be there earlier don’t you know?”

“Scram! Who is the one who set the time! Moreover, since you are already here why did you not show yourself! You made me wait for so long! Is my time not important?!”

“Hehe, don’t be mad. Aren’t I accompanying you right now?”

“Scram, accompany me behind the big rock?! I am so touched!”

“Aiyah don’t be bothered by those particulars.”

Liu Yi has this thought, why is it that when she sees me she would become like a devil!

While in front of Gao Feng and the rest she becomes dignified again.

“Less nonsense! Give it to me!”

Seeing Ai Ling, Liu Yi becomes very angry as he stretches out his hand with his palm out.

“How did you know that I have brought tidbits?”

Ai Ling looks at Liu Yi in shock before unwillingly placing some plum candy in Liu Yi’s plan, “Eat slowly. I secretly brought them out…my sect does not like girls who eat tidbits.”

“What the hell who want this!”

Liu Yi looks at the plum candies in his palm before tossing one into his mouth and says is a mumble, “Hurry and give me the pills! I am still in a rush to sleep!”

Ai Ling blinks at Liu Yi and looks at him feeling wrong and ask, “Do I appear to be so hypnotic?”

“That…not at all…”

Seeing Ai Ling’s pitiful looks, Liu Yi’s heart turns soft.

Why do I not have any resistance towards this girl…

Let me just treat it as I had owed her during my past life…

“Okay lah. I know that you really want the pills but it is rare for us to date. Don’t you want to chat more?”

Liu Yi says in dissatisfaction, “How is this a date…”

“Furthermore you sold me out. It is already not easy for me to come back alive what else do you still want?”

“Hehe…because I know that you definitely have a method to escape.”

Ai Ling flutters her eyes at Liu Yi, “After all you are the guy that I fell for.”

“Give me a break.”

Liu Yi’s heart is moved but he quickly controls his unwilling heart and says, “Ai Ling don’t you have an owner?”

“That is not something that I wish for…”

Ai Ling’s face turn pales as she laughs bitterly, “Sometimes it is impossible to disobey fate…Although I am struggling with all my might I realize that I am unable to jump out from this deep hole.”

“If you really work hard you would be able to jump out.”

Liu Yi does not believe in fate. If I had obeyed my fate then I would not be the current me.

“Fate is very profound….you are not me so you do not understand.”

Ai Ling takes a deep breath, “Let us not talk about this. Tonight the moon is very pretty. Accompany me to appreciate the moon. Appreciate the moon and eating plum candy, this life is not bad.”

She gently leans against the stone bridge railing as she looks at the circular moon above her.

Under the moonlight, Ai Ling is like a perfect beauty. Currently, Ai Ling is extremely beautiful but has some depression within.

While Liu Yi secretly stares at Ai Ling, she suddenly asks, “Say Liu Yi, do you think there is really a pill of immortality?”

“What? Pill of immortality?”

“That’s right. The kind where after you eat it, you will fly up to the moon.”

Ai Ling foolishly stares at the white jade in the sky, “Perhaps up there has the most freedom…”

“How would I know. For this kind of matter, you should go and ask Medicine King Valley.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, if there is really a pill of immortality, would it be overcrowded as the price of land is increasing!

“How about we try to create this pill of immortality?”

Ai Ling suddenly becomes excited, “At that time, the two of us fly up to the moon together. I will be in charge of feeding the rabbit while you are in charge of chopping trees! How beautiful would that be!”

“What the hell, isn’t that Chang’e and Wu Gang! Are you implying that the two of them have a relationship?”

[TL: Chang’e is married to Houyi who shoots down the 9 suns. Houyi is given a pill of immortality for his deeds. His disciple Fengmeng tries to steal it when Houyi is out hunting but Chang’e consume it instead and flew up to the moon.]

[TL: Wu Gang is a man who is punished to chop down a cherry tree on the moon, but the tree can regenerate, thus he is forever unable to chop it down and remains chopping the tree for eternity.]

“Tsk, a single man with a single woman. Even if there is another rabbit, at most it is their spectators.”

Ai Ling sneers, “Who would believe if the two of them have no relationship! How is it, do you want to give it a try? I can research on where we can find the prescription of this pill of immortality.”

Ai Ling’s words cause Liu Yi’s heart to tremble.

It seems quite good…to be with Ai Ling forever just the two of us…but, how about the rest of my women!

Can I ignore Immortal Fox sister? Can I dump Wang Yuzheng and the rest and leave?

No…this is definitely not possible!

“Enough Ai Ling. Stop messing around. Quickly give me the pills.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand once again.

“Hmph, this fellow who does not comprehend the atmosphere!”

Ai Ling pouts as she gives Liu Yi a dissatisfied look.

“It is not the problem of the atmosphere. I need these pills to save a person’s life.”

Liu Yi emphasis, “Furthermore today if it is not for me you would not be able to successfully escape from that tower. Seeing that I helped you once shouldn’t you give me the pills?”

“Pill, pills, pills!!!! In your eyes, there are only the pills!”

Ai Ling tossed out a small black bag, “Take it and scram, in the future don’t come and look for me!”

She turns around and leaves.

“Oi, oi, oi, what are you getting mad for?”

Liu Yi immediately grabs hold of Ai Ling’s arm.

Ai Ling turns her head away, unexpectedly she is actually crying!

Liu Yi asks in heartache, “You…why are you crying ah…”

“Nothing much. The wind is big and blinded my eyes.”

Ai Ling turns her head away no longer looking at Liu Yi as she dodges his sight.

“Ai Ling….”

Liu Yi does not know why but he suddenly has an urge and says, “As long as you say it, I will help you free yourself from everything.”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Ai Ling tremble slightly.

But very quickly she calms down and wipes away her tears before smiling at Liu Yi and say, “You are an idiot. I am lying to you on purpose.”

Ai Ling smiles merrily at Liu Yi as her earlier worried appearance disappears making Liu Yi hard to guess which is the real Ai Ling.

“Let me tell you. Never easily believe in the tears of a girl. It is very unreliable. In the future do not fall for it again!”

Liu Yi turns silent, just what is Ai Ling this lass hiding?

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend.

No matter what I still wish to help her…but what is she resisting for. Does she really not want to fight against her fate?

Feeling sorrow for her misfortunes, anger for her unwillingness to struggle! Even if I wish to help it is of no use if she does not take the initiative!

“You lass…”

“Enough, enough, don’t want to chat with you anymore. It is already so late and single guy and single girl it would be bad if you take advantage of me.”

Now she is asking me to accompany her longer but now she is in a hurry to leave.

What on earth is going on with this girl…really is unable to guess her thoughts.

“Tomorrow you must do your best for the competition. I think that I will be the cheering squad.”

As Ai Ling speaks she waves towards Liu Yi, “Do not be eliminated before top 32. You are my hero!”

“I will do my best and you also need to work hard.”

No one knows except Liu Yi if his work hard means work hard in escaping your fate or work hard in the competition.

Ai Ling only smiles and say, “I ah already said that I am here to cheer. No matter what is the result, I can calmly accept it. Rather it is you. You are the sole hope of Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

“Are you fine like this? Talking about this the two of us should be on opposite sides right.”

Liu Yi meaning Raising Immortal Palace Hall and Concealed Sword Pavillion, “You cheering for me would it be okay?”

“Hehe, my heart is already yours.”

Ai Ling suddenly smiles and that smile makes Liu Yi’s heart to beat extra fast.

This girl….

“Forget it. I am unable to take your teasing already. I am going back to sleep.”

Liu Yi sighs as he prepares to leave.

“Don’t forget to do your best tomorrow! If you enter the top 32 I will go and watch your match!”

“Wouldn’t everyone go and watch the top 32 competition?”

Liu Yi turns around and rolls his eyes at Ai Ling, “Don’t keep treating me as an idiot okay?”

“ saw through me again so boring. Anyway, you must do your best okay! If you get into the top 32 I’ll give you a good reward okay!”

“What kind of reward?”

“How about a kiss?”


Liu Yi immediately turns around and walk off.

For every extra second I stay I will degenerate another percentage!

“Liu Yi….”

From behind him, comes the voice of Ai Ling.

“If you really wish to help me….then please do not let Gao Feng obtain number one…”


Chapter 442   [Ai Ling’s request]


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