MKW Chapter 440

Chapter 440  [Keep far away from her]


“You are speaking too highly of my daughter.”

Mo Tian clucks as he waves his hand. It seems like he recalls his daughter and is slightly gratified. But when his gaze lands on Liu Yi, it becomes slightly gloomy.

“Although my daughter has learned One Mind Technique and can be considered as having small accomplishment in World Manor, it is a pity that she is a girl.”

“But she is the target of admiration from the guys in other sects ah.”

Immortal Snow Peak Sect Head Zhang Boyue says, “Why don’t you find a lucky day and let your treasured daughter come to our sects and see if she can find a guy who she is interested in and become dao partners with him.”

“This is a rather good idea…”

Mo Tian thoughtfully nods his head.

By the side, Liu Haisheng cuts in, “Manor Head, don’t you wish to let Miss Mo Lan take over your World Manor Manor Head position?”

“Sect Head Liu is joking.”

Mo Tian clucks, “My World Manor is the number one manor in the world. It is a pity that my wife died early and only left behind a single daughter and did not leave behind a son. Otherwise, I would originally have planned to leave behind World Manor this business to him. Mo Lan is a girl and is not suitable to take over my World Manor. But after a while, I should be picking a husband for Mo Lan…”

Mo Tian’s words cause the crowd to start thinking about it.

Of all the people in this room, who does not have thoughts about World Manor?

Especially if they become in-laws,…wouldn’t I get even more confidence for the future World Dao Gatherings?

Thus Mo Tian’s sentence causes a lot of people’s eyes to sparkle.

Especially the guys who are taking part, all of them are becoming excited.

One of the sect head starts praising, “I have heard that Manor Head Mo’s daughter is as beautiful as a fairy. Whoever who is fortunate enough to marry this kind of fairy wife is certainly lucky.”

Mo Tian clucks but did not say anything.

And at this moment from the side comes a voice, “If you want to marry then Lord Father can marry yourself. I have never said before that I am going to marry.”

The crowd instantly look towards the voice and sees a beauty wearing a guy’s martial attire walking over. Although she is in a guy’s attire, her appearance and grace attracted the attention of all the guys.

“Lan’er, why are you here?”

When Mo Tian sees her, his expression turns heavy, “You are really messing around. How can a girl walk around casually.”

“Today is the big day for World Manor. As a junior how can I not come and meet the seniors!”

Mo Lan greets the sect heads who are here.

“Indeed she is very stunning.”

“That’s right. That’s right. Indeed you are Manor Head Mo’s daughter!”

The group of sect heads starts bootlicking but Mo Lan does not seem to be happy from that.

“Lord Father. Mo Lan will not marry. Ma Long will naturally take over World Manor.”

“Messing around again. Whether or not you marry is not up to you to decide. Matters like marriage is decided by your parents. Naturally, I will help you decide!”

Mo Tian seems to be very stubborn. Mo Lan seeing that her father would not change his tune, she immediately says to the sect heads by the side, “As for the matter regarding marriage let’s place it to the side first. Actually, Mo Lan is not only here to pay respect to sect heads, Mo Lan actually here to seek help for a matter.”

Mo Tian seems to sense that something is wrong, what is this daughter of mine planning?

“I have learned cultivation with from my father for a long time but I do not know how strong am I! Thus today I wish to ask sect heads if any of you are willing to accept me as a disciple and let me enter your sect! From then on I, Mo Lan will be a disciple of your sect and help your sect fight in the World Dao Gathering!”

The moment she finished, everyone got a shock!

Especially Mo Tian whose expression changes.

“Mo Lan what are you joking about?!”

“Lord Father, daughter is not joking around. Daughter really wishes to accept one of the sect heads here as my master. Since father feels that daughter does not have the ability to inherit World Manor, then let daughter go out and gain experience. After daughter has obtained the ability then daughter will return and take over.”


Mo Tian is so mad that he is trembling. Such a domineering guy, perhaps the only person who is able to anger him is only Mo Lan!

“Manor Head Mo don’t be angry.”

By the side Immortal Snow Peak Sect Head suddenly laughs and says, “Actually I feel that this is a good idea. Manor Head Mo’s daughter is after a hero among women, it would be a pity if she is buried in the woman’s chamber. Why don’t you give her a chance and let her join my sect and take part in the World Dao Gathering?”

“That’s right, that’s right. I also feel that this suggestion is not bad. My sect also welcomes young lady Mo Lan.”

“Sect Head Zhang is right ah!”

By the side, the other sect heads all agree to it.

“Since the sect heads have spoken up for you when you choose yourself then.”

Mo Tian sighs since so many people have spoken up, he can no longer go against his daughters matter.

[TL: wth…this is so screw up…of course they would want to have her in their sect…that way they would be able to gain an advantage for their next World Dao Gathering through her and maybe even steal World Manor cultivation and martial techniques… what an idiotic daughter and father combo]

This girl’s temper…is really like mine ah.

“Why don’t you join my sect. In the future, you will be my Immortal Snow Peak’s disciple. Haha, Manor Head Mo, you would not be angry with me poaching a talent from your Manor?”

“Haha, how can Lan’er be considered as a talent. It would be good if Sect Head Zhang does not mind her.”

Mo Tian says modestly, “After the World Dao Gathering, there is no need for sect heads to ask your disciples to be lenient. Help me discipline my daughter who does not know how high is the sky.”

As they start discussing, Mo Lan after obtaining her objective starts smiling which instantly kills a lot of guys.

She suddenly turns around and glances in Liu Yi’s direction.

Her mouth parts slightly as she compresses her words into a line to Liu Yi.

“Liar, during World Dao Gathering I will defeat you.”

She turns around and walks off.


Liu Yi is curious. So Mo Lan is the daughter of World Manor Manor Head…but back then when I saw her name, I already more or less guessed it.

Within World Manor, there isn’t a lot of people who is surnamed Mo.

Although why did she call me a liar….

Liu Yi suddenly recalls that it seems like other than that picture he had also stolen some pills…as well as Ai Ling who had stolen something else as well!

She definitely must have noticed and seen through my lies of only stealing the drawing.

“Oh my…. Mo Lan is really pretty ah…”

By the side Huang Jie watches Mo Lan leave as his gaze turns infatuated.

“Oh? You like her?”

“What do you mean that I like her…is there any guy who does not like this kind of beauty?!”

Huang Jie pats Liu Yi’s shoulder, “Big brother it is because you do not know just how famous is Mo Lan’s beauty in the cultivation world! In addition, she is also the treasured daughter of World Manor, thus within the cultivation world, there isn’t any guy who does not wish to marry her! Not only would he obtain an alluring wife, he would struggle a hundred years less ah!”

What the hell, why does the cultivation world also have this kind of thing ah!

Liu Yi is somewhat sweating.

“Alas, it is a pity that Mo Lan is very proud and arrogant thus it is definitely not possible for me to marry her.”

Huang Jie pathetically touches his wine cup, “Our Medical King Valley people are not good at combat. We are only good at concocting pills. A girl like Mo Lan will not like me.”

“Don’t be sad. Girls are only ephemeral. Come, drink more.”

Liu Yi comforts and receives Chen Keqing’s glare.

Sweats, I have forgotten that my Senior sister is also a girl ah.

[TL: … like you say she is senior ‘sister’ not senior brother…]

“Alas, it’ll be good if I am able to obtain Miss Mo Lan’s treasure drawing.”

“Treasure drawing? What treasure drawing?”

Hearing Huang Jie saying this Liu Yi becomes curious.

“Haha, big brother you do not know….”

It seems like he is afraid that Chen Keqing who is by the side would hear, Huang Jie immediately uses voice transmission and smiles vulgarly as he says to Liu Yi, “When Miss Mo Lan turned 18 years old, Manor Head Mo had drawn a drawing and gifted it to his daughter. Originally it is okay but in the end, after a person from devil sect knows of this matter, he secretly stole the drawing and cast a very weird magic on it…”

“What magic?”

“It is every time during midnight, the Mo Lan in the drawing will start moving and take off her clothing…”

What the hell!!!!

Liu Yi instantly got a shock, this thingy can’t be the drawing that I have stolen right?!

“Manor Head Mo is so angry. Originally he planned to destroy the drawing but there seems to be a protective magic cast on it as well. It cannot be cut by blades, burn by fire….in the end, Manor Head Mo has no choice but to seal it within his treasure tower.”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva…

At midnight the Mo Lan in the drawing will take off her clothing…

Tonight perhaps I can experiment a bit… why is there the feeling of the first time I secretly watched an action show back then….it is not like I am a virgin ah….

Liu Yi starts to have all kind of evil thoughts and it took him a while to calm down.

At this moment he suddenly notices a familiar figure among the crowd! Liu Yi is no longer calm as he stands up and under the shocked gaze of Chen Keqing and Huang Jie walks over in large stride.

The Conceal Sword Pavillion people are sitting in a group eating when a black figure suddenly comes to their table.

When some of them raise their head, they see the earlier new guy.

“Oh, isn’t Lu Yi from Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Ai Ling gracefully wipes her mouth before saying to Liu Yi, “May I know what is the matter for Sir Liu to come to my Conceal Sword Pavillion?”

“I have been appreciating the sir and ladies from Conceal Sword Pavillion for very long and is here to greet that’s all.”

Liu Yi clucks as he stares at Ai Ling, ignoring the gaze of the surrounding people.

“This one must be Fairy Ai Ling from Concealed Sword Pavillion. I have been admiring you for a very long time. If you do not mind, let’s go out and have a talk?”

Everyone looks at Liu Yi like he is a dead man.

What is going on? I am only talking to their sect beauty only. Is there really a need for so much hatred?

Ai Ling’s expression is also somewhat shocking as she says, “I am really sorry. I do not have any interest in talking with Sir Liu and I feel that there isn’t anything for us to chat about.”

Liu Yi frowns and at this moment Ai Ling secretly transmit her voice over.

“I will give you the pills…but now is not the time.”

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend Ai Ling’s word, what does she mean?

At this moment a guy suddenly speak up from their side, “Stay away from her!”


Chapter 440   [Keep far away from her!]


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