MKW Chapter 439

Chapter 439  [You shall be my big brother!]


Before he came to Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Ma Hua already told him that in the cultivator world there is actually a saying, ‘A kind-hearted horse will be ridden by people while a kind-hearted person will be bullied by people!’

Coming here to mingle…ah wrong, coming here to cultivate, you must understand a logic and that is never be afraid!

Thus Liu Haisheng, this kind of kind-hearted person is always being bullied by others!

“Fight against me? Just you?”

Jiang Xiao is almost laughing from his anger as he seizes up Liu Yi, “You have this qualification?”

“Then how about this one who is sitting by your side. Does she have this qualification?”

Liu Yi points at Jiang Xiao’s concubine causing Jiang Xiao’s face to turn red as he swallows back down his curses that he is about to let out.

Currently, everyone is looking at the two of them. The originally noisy place has instantly become very quiet.

Everyone is pondering if this Liu Yi from Raising Immortal Palace Hall the newcomer that just rose, he seems to have some fame.

But he only has so little face and yet he is so arrogant! He actually dares to provoke the Sect Head of Sky Heavy Gate!

But looking at the situation, it seems like the Sect Head of Sky Heavy Gate is at a disadvantage in vigor!

This fellow is damn cool ah!

“World Manor bans private fighting!”

Jiang Xiao can only use this to warn Liu Yi, “If there isn’t this rule, you would already be beaten to death by me!”

Liu Yi feels like this sentence is like ‘harmonious society saved you’.

He snorts and says, “Of course I know that we cannot have a private fight but aren’t we having an open fight?”

“Your tone is too arrogant!”

Jiang Xiao is also an old fox as he immediately brings the topic to the Manor Head, “You are messing around here, are you not placing World Manor’s Manor Head in your eyes?!”

Trying to harm me?

Liu Yi sneers in his heart, do you think I am afraid of you?

“World Manor’s leader did not give my Sect Head any face so why should I give him face?”

Liu Yi is indeed slightly furious about this Manor Head. This shit watches my Sect Head being bullied and did not even dare to speak up, and he still dares to be the Manor Head!

Thus he does not wish to give this Manor Head any face and embarrass him instead!

Indeed this sentence shocks everyone. Even Chen Keqing is secretly scolding Liu Yi as an idiot. At that moment everyone starts staring at the Manor Head who is in the honor seat.

Actually, it is Liu Yi who is blaming the Manor Head wrongly. There are so many people in the dining hall and so many sect heads. He is unable to manage all of them and basically, he did not notice the scene of Jiang Xiao giving Liu Haisheng trouble.

By the time he noticed, he got shot while lying down.

The World Manor’s Manor Head is a middle-aged man. He is wearing a golden changpao and also he looks amiable but between his brows is a trace of the edge of a blade.

When he hears what Liu Yi says instead of getting angry he clucks and says, “This junior from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, really is like a young bull who does not fear the tiger.”

“What Manor Head says is wrong.”

Liu Yi sneers, “If I am afraid of tigers then I would not have started cultivating.”

“Hehe. Indeed you are a rising talent from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, your mouth is rather sharp but I wonder how good is your martial arts.”

The Manor Head stares at Liu Yi.

Instead of retreating at the sharp gaze of the Manor Head, Liu Yi sticks out his chest and says, “If Manor Head is interested you can come and fight a few rounds.”

Everyone else gasps in their heart, this fellow is really crazy! Wanting to compare moves against the World Manor’s Manor Head? Are you joking?

Although World Manor do not take part in the World’s Dao Gathering but they are well known for their strength!

Especially their Manor Head whose cultivation is deep, immeasurably deep!

“What a madman!”

Jiang Xiao starts scolding by the side.

“Indeed you are very arrogant.”

Unexpectedly the Manor Head smiles, “But as for sparing let’s forget it. Today we are here to eat not to spar. If you like fighting then tomorrow, naturally you have to fight to your heart’s content. Come, this junior I, Mo Tian appreciate you. Man, bestow him with a pot of Ten Thousand Flower wine!”

Liu Yi feels weird in his heart like he got bestowed with a bonus.

[TL: okay this translation sound so damn weird because the second half of a sentence is base on another story. It comes from this segment of the story <An arrogant princess had obtain the backing of the Empress. Thus she starts showing off in front of the Imperial Concubine. Although the princess has hurt the Imperial Concubine, the Imperial Concubine bestows her with a bonus.>. Thus ‘bestow with a bonus’ means let us ignore the past hatred, basically it is hidden public relationship at play or you can say office relationship at play ^_^]

[TL: and if you do not understand then….google it]

Upon hearing that, everyone starts staring at Liu Yi in envy like he had gotten off easy with advantages.

When Jiang Xiao hears what the Manor Head says his face changes like he had stepped onto dog poop.

“Sect Head Liu, come and take a seat. Sect Head Jiang manage your concubine properly! My dining hall Sect Head Banquet it not for any random person to sit!”

His words are incomparable domineering!

When the World Manor Manor Head finally becomes imposing, Jiang Xiao’s face flickers between red and white as he hurries and gets his concubine to sit by the side.

Liu Haisheng is very moved as he finally sits in his seat on the Sect Head Banquet.

“Thank you Manor Head Mo!”

Since he is so polite, it is no longer right for Liu Yi to continue messing around.

He salutes Mo Tian before returning back to his seat.

Everyone stares at him like he is a weird creature, their gaze filled with reverence.

Chen Keqing secretly whispers to Liu Yi softly, “You ah is really damn fortuned…you actually got bestowed Ten Thousand Flower wine…”

As she speaks, she points towards the pot of wine on the table.

Liu Yi cannot help but ask in worry, “What is this thingy? Is it a poison?”

“Poison your sister!!!! This is the unique wine of World Manor…you see those sect heads, all of them only have a single cup where else for you…you have an entire pot! Do you know how many people are envious of you?!”

What the heck! Such a big difference in treatment?

Isn’t it just a pot of wine….

Liu Yi pours out a cup and instantly a very strong aroma seep into his nose causing Liu Yi to be shocked.

Just based on the smell this is definitely a good wine!

Such a pity that I am unable to drink it…After drinking it I will become confused…ah wrong it should be turning insane drunk!

“Senior sister come drink!”

Liu Yi feels that he should not waste it since he cannot drink thus he pours out a cup for Chen Keqing.

The wine aroma spreads throughout the table making the surrounding people stare at him in envy.

Especially the guy on Liu Yi’s left who is drooling.

“This brother, seeing that you are craving to have a drink, here have a cup.”

Liu Yi smiles as he passed his own cup to him.

Although it is a pot, but the amount of wine inside it is only enough for two cups.

“This, how is this feasible!”

That guy’s face instantly changes as he hurries and declines.

“It is only a cup that’s all. Just treat it as this brother making a friend!”

Liu Yi pushes it back to him again.

“Then thank you very much! This little brother is the 8th generation disciple of Medical King Valley, Huang Jie! From now on you are my big brother!”

He cautiously and solemnly holds the wine cup with both hands like he is holding his own life with both hands, not willing to let a single drop of wine to spill out and takes a small sip.

Instantly his expression becomes so happy like a blossoming flower.

But this fellow is actually from Medical King Valley…today I just stolen the pills of Medical King Valley, and now I have gotten to know a Medical King Valley person… are we really so fated?

“Brother Huang is joking…comparing our ages, you are older than me. How can I be your big brother! It is best if you be the big brother while I be the younger one.”

“Hey, hey you cannot put it like this. Nowadays whoever can give me wine to drink is my big brother…”

This Ten Thousand Flower Wine seems to be very high proof. Huang Jie only drinks a mouth and his tongue has become bigger and his words start to float.

Liu Yi becomes somewhat depressed, why does his sentence sound somewhat disgusting…

“In the future, you, you will be my big brother…big, big brother receive little brother’s pay of respect!”

With a pop, he kneels down and gives Liu Yi three kowtows.

Liu Yi hurries and lifts him up as he curses in his heart, isn’t it just one kowtow why did you kowtow three times! Looks like this guy’s math teacher died early…

“Big brother today let us kindred spirits go and have a walk!”

He raises his wine cup. Liu Yi finds it hard to decline as he picks up an empty cup and hinted.


Huang Jie does not know that the wine cup that Liu Yi is holding is empty as he drinks another mouthful of the Ten Thousand Flower wine.

“This Ten Thousand Flower wine is really strong ah…”

By the side, Chen Keqing who had also drunk a few mouthfuls, her face is completely red but is not as serious as Huang Jie’s.

Looks like this Huang Jie’s alcohol capacity is not really good…and he is still so fond of wine.

“Big brother…so, sorry, I  lost control…”

As Huang Jie speaks, he places down his wine cup and taps his forehead with his finger.

Instantly a yellow gas is expelled from his forehead and is kept in a small pill bottle.

Huang Jie immediately recovers his consciousness and says smoothly, “Big brother I am fine now. Just now I really let you down.”

Liu Yi asks curiously, “You, this…what is this technique?”

“Haha, Big brother does not know. This is a technique that little brother self-created. It is specifically used for extracting drunkenness and using that to concort pills!”

Seeing Huang Jie’s excited manner, Liu Yi is speechless. Drunkenness…this thingy can be used to concort pills?!

After Huang Jie drank the Ten Thousand Flower wine as well as knowing Liu Yi, he seems to be very happy as he keeps talking to Liu Yi.

As for Liu Yi, he speaks a bit then pauses as his attention is searching among the crowd of people seeking for the shadow of Ai Ling.

There are too many people in the dining hall and everyone is toasting one another happily.

Manor Head Mo suddenly raises his wine cup as he says to Liu Haisheng,

“Sect Head Liu, recently Raising Immortal Palace Hall is once again on a rise back to its old fame. It is really worthy of celebrations. Let me, Mo Tian give you a toast.”

“I am flattered, I am flattered…”

Liu Yi immediately toasts back, Mo Tian toasting him is really giving him the honors!

Indeed a lot of people who are here start staring at Liu Haisheng in envy, jealousy and hatred making him feel very comfortable.

“Don’t know if Junior Liu Yi as Liu Haisheng’s top disciple. I very appreciate his courage.”

By the side Jiang Xiao is very gloomy, damn is this Mo Tian a gay? Why does he give him such a high evaluation?

“I also wish that that is the case. But it is a pity that he is a disciple of one of my junior brothers. This is the first time he is taking part in the World’s Dao Gathering, thus he is somewhat rash and slightly rude. I hope that Sect Head Jiang does not take it to heart…”

“Haha, how can that be, how can that be. I really appreciate this junior.”

Mo Tian who is drinking by the side suddenly sighs and say, “Haiz sometimes I wish that if I would have such a son how nice would it be.”

At this moment Immortal Snow Peak Sect Head Zhang Boyue suddenly says, “Oh? Doesn’t Manor Head Mo have a talented treasure daughter?”


Chapter 439  [You shall be my big brother!]


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