MKW Chapter 438

Chapter 438  [Come! Bring it on!]


The beauty sticks out her chest and says arrogantly to Liu Yi, “Come, treat me as a guy and kill me!”

What the hell!

Liu Yi immediately starts sweating.

This is my first time I’ve heard someone having such a weird request…

This is really like the rumor in the thousands of worlds, it is all filled with extraordinary creatures!

“You are fine, why do you request for death?”

Liu Yi pinches her cheek.

Liu Yi does not know why but when he sees this beauty’s arrogant face he feels like teasing her.


The beauty bats away Liu Yi’s hand and glares at him.

“That’s right. My name is Scumbag and my nickname is Hoodlum. How did you know me?”

Liu Yi smiles merrily at her.

“WHO KNOWS YOU! What kind of name is this! If you have the ability then let’s fight again!”

As she speaks, she raises her hands again and gets into a fighting posture.

“You are a girl, why do you like to fight and kill how unpretty is that.”

The beauty puffs up her face and says angrily, “Who needs you to care about it! Who said women cannot fight! Let me tell you! Earlier it is me who was giving into you. If I am serious even I will be afraid!”

“Yes yes yes, then heroic woman please let this one go.”

“Who wants to let you go you this….this thief…”

The beauty glares at Liu Yi unhappily.

“I spare you and hope that you can help me keep this a secret.”

Liu Yi knows that this is making things difficult. Although a dead person’s mouth is the most secure, Liu Yi feels like he should make a gamble.


The beauty does not know whether to answer or not, in the end, she only snorts as she looks at the drawing in Liu Yi’s hand.

“You went through so much trouble for this drawing?”

“Eh…you can also say so.”

Liu Yi feels that the matter of stealing pills is too shameful. Since he is going to be a thief then he’d rather be a cultured thief.

“I am an artistic person, chasing after culture. This drawing is worthy of appreciating, thus later when I go back I will hang it above my bed and look at it three times a day.”


Liu Yi does not know why but the beauty’s face turns red again as she starts scolding.

“Hurry and scram! Do not let me see you again otherwise every time I see you once I will beat you once!”

“Oh? Is it beat me or receive a beating?”


Liu Yi immediately stops teasing and uses shrinking technique and temporarily changes it into a ring and puts it on his finger before changing into a black butterfly and flies out of the tower.

“Do not let me see you again!!”

Behind him comes the raging shout from the beauty.

This beauty is perfect in all senses except why is she so tomboyish!

And also likes to crossdress as a guy! Just happily dress up as a girl wouldn’t it be perfect!

Such a pity!

Liu Yi sighs as he flies back to the guest house area.

Sect Head Liu Haisheng and Senior sister Chen Keqing seem to be still resting in their own rooms. Liu Yi sneaks back into this room and lets out a breath of relief.

Damn it… today’s matter is really too shocking, I was actually toyed with by Ai Ling. But luckily I managed to steal the drawing back so it is a comfort…

Wait a minute…there seems to be something wrong!

Liu Yi’s face suddenly changes as he has the urge to kill people!

Damn it! When the hell did I want to steal a drawing!

Those eight pills are still in Ai Ling’s hands! I’ll be damned! I just got tormented for nothing?!

Ai Ling! You are good!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and keeps doing breathing techniques before he finally calms down.

Ai Ling should also be here to take part in the World’s Dao Gathering. So before it ends, she shouldn’t be leaving this place.

During this period of time, I must find an opportunity to demand back the pills from Ai Ling. If she dares to not give me then I shall go for broke and snatch them forcefully!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before taking out the drawing and takes a look at it in grief.

This is my sole harvest for today and it is an ugly girl drawing.

Really don’t know just how ugly would she be ah…

Liu Yi slowly opens the drawing and talk a look and he is stunned.

What the hell! How is this a drawing of an ugly girl! This is obviously a beauty! A heaven-defying beauty ah!

Furthermore….isn’t…isn’t this drawing….the tomboy earlier….

There seems to be a poem written underneath.

-Since Dao, the world undergoes numerous changes-

-Dao heart forever have an orchid blooming-

-A present to my daughter Mo Lan-

[TL: the Lan in Mo Lan means orchid]


The way the words are written seem to be rigorous, it is obviously written by a man!

A guy sending his daughter a beauty drawing? Isn’t this a daughter complex?!

Heavy taste ah, heavy taste…but the beauty in this drawing…eh, should be called Mo Lan then. She is really beauty ah.

She is completely different from that tomboy earlier!

Are the two of them not twin sister?

If they are not…no wonder when she heard that I want to daily appreciate the drawing her expression was so weird…

This kind of matter is the same as taking another person’s picture and placing on the background of own’s handphone and rubbing to it three times a day. How is there any different!

Scumbag ah… I am really going to descend into a scumbag ah…

Liu Yi keeps sighing as he carefully keeps the drawing properly.

Looks like there are misunderstandings in between. In the future, I must find time and return this drawing to the beauty Mo Lan.

After Liu Yi keeps the drawing and is preparing to hug his blanket and cry, someone starts knocking on his room door.

Chen Keqing shouts from outside, “Stinky fellow hurry and wake up! We are going to eat now!”

Oi! Can’t you use a gentler method?!?!

Ah, wrong. Use a gentler method to wake me up! And furthermore, I did not sleep okay!

Liu Yi shakes his head as he opens the door and sees Chen Keqing and Liu Haisheng dressed properly waiting for him outside the door.

Liu Haisheng strokes his beard as he reminds, “Liu Yi in a bit, I will bring you to see the seniors from other sects. Please remember to not forget about our Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s etiquette.”

Liu Yi immediately replies, “Understood Sect Head. Later I will not throw away Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s face.”

Haiz, being in a sect is indeed troublesome. It is still the best when I am in the disguise of Blood Emperor. When I see a person that I find pleasing I can say I am Blood Emperor nice to meet you. When I see a person that I do not find pleasing I can say, this grandpa is Blood Emperor what the hell do you want? If you not happy then let’s light!

But now I am a disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall so there are things that I need to take note of.

Thus Liu Yi obediently follows alongside Chen Keqing behind Liu Haisheng and walks out of their courtyard.

There is already a servant standing outside waiting to lead the people from Raising Immortal Palace Hall to the dining area.

Liu Yi has already seen the entire World Manor and it is indeed very large.

After walking for over ten minutes, they have finally reached the dining area.

Because there are too many people taking part in the World’s Dao Gathering, thus the dining room is very large.

There are a lot of chairs and tables in the golden red dining room, and at the very front, there is a very large round table on it was written Sect Head Banquet!

The rest of the people are using other tables to eat, and their seatings are rather casual.

Liu Yi and Chen Keqing found a place and sit down but when they turn around and take a look, their expression turns bad.

Because they see Liu Haisheng standing by the full Sect Head Banquet table and on his seat is seated one of Sky Heavy Sect, Sect Head Jiang’s concubines!

Jiang Xiao completely disregards Liu Haisheng who is by the side as he embraces his concubine and shouts, “Everyone, take a look. This is my newly accepted concubine isn’t she very pretty and young hahaha…”

The sect heads by Sect Head Zhang are obviously the same as him as they smile and reply.

“That’s right, that’s right Sect Head Jiang is very fortunate ah!”

“Looks like Sect Head Jiang has to learn some dual cultivation technique otherwise with so many concubines, how are you able to endure it!”

“Sect Head Jiang is basically the model for us guys!”

Other than these group of repulsive sect heads, there are also a group of sect heads who are watching coldly by the side. Some of them are taking joy in others calamity while others are giving Liu Haisheng a pitiful look. But none of them step forward and speak up for Liu Haisheng.

Liu Haisheng stands there, not knowing whether to sit or leave.

Liu Haisheng hesitates for a while before finally asking, “Sect Head Jiang….”

“Come baby eat this!”

“Come, try this as well. You would not be able to eat this at home!”

Jiang Xiao acts like he is unable to hear as he embraces his concubine and keeps passing her some food to eat.

Liu Haisheng is helpless as he sighs and walks towards Liu Yi and Chen Keqing, from his actions it seems like he plans to sit with them.


Chen Keqing instantly stands up but is pressed back down by Liu Yi.

“There is no need for Senior sister to take actions for this kind of small matter. Leave it to me!”

Liu Yi walks over the back of Jiang Xiao and grabs him by the back of his head, and in front of the crowd shock gaze, he smashes Jiang Xiao’s head into a plate of a dish.

After Liu Yi smashes his head down, he dusts his hands off and says merrily, “Come Sect Head Jiang, have a taste of this. I reckon that you have not eaten it before.”

Very quickly the people from Sky Heavy Sect are all standing up as they pull out the heavy swords behind their backs and walk towards Liu Yi.

The face of Manor Master of World Manor who is sitting at the seat of honor instantly turns heavy.

After Jiang Xiao pulls his head out from the dish, he ignores his face that is oily and covered with shredded meat as he immediately shouts, “All of you go back!”

Hearing their sect head orders, the disciples can only return and sit back in their original spot.

As for Jiang Xiao, he is already at his boiling point. After wiping away the grease on his face he glares at Liu Yi.

“Little fellow, are you seeking death?”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

Liu Yi pretends to be very shocked, “I see that Sect Head Jiang is eating very happily thus I kindly introduced Sect Head Jiang to try out a dish. Why is Sect Head Jiang so angry?”

“I see that you are purposefully trying to pick a quarrel with me!”

Jiang Xiao clenches his teeth and fist angrily.

“Oh, since Sect Head Jiang asked so   then let me be merciful and tell you then.”

Liu Yi uses the dialogue from Housten Rocket and clucks as he says, “That’s right. I am here to pick a quarrel. As for the reason why I am picking a quarrel, I believe there is no need for me to say right. I am Raising Immortal Palace Hall 13th generation disciple Liu Yi. I am standing here now if you Sect Head Jiang wants to fight or kill me, bring it on. I, Liu Yi will accompany you. If today I am afraid of you, then I, Liu Yi will cripple my own meridians and retreat from the cultivation world!”


Chapter 438  [Come! Bring it on!]


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