MKW Chapter 437

Chapter 437  [Treat me as a guy!]


Chapter 437 Treat me as a guy!


“Oi, oi. Stop messing around ah!”

Liu Yi is feeling some heartache. A good drawing even if it is of an ugly woman being protected such so well is definitely a good thing! If you tear it wouldn’t it be a pity?

“ !” For an unknown reason, Ai Ling seems to be angry.

She twirls the drawing for a bit before tossing it to Liu Yi. “Since you like it then you can take it back and masturbate to it!”

Damn it! Am I that hungry for food! Why would I masturbate to an ugly girl drawing!

“My computer has a lot of actions film okay! Who would rub to this thing!”

“What? You would rub to your computer?”

“Your grandpa….”

Liu Yi feels that he is not the match for this girl talking!

After thinking for a while, he decided to just fucking bear with it.

“We have found the thing we should be finding!”

As Liu Yi rolls up the ugly girl drawing he looks at Ai Ling and says, “This is not a good place to chat. Let us leave here as soon as possible!”

“Tsk, who need you to remind. Of course, I know!”

Ai Ling’s current mood does not seem to be happy and Liu Yi does not know why did she turn like this. Is it because her aunt came?

But shouldn’t her aunt stop coming after she became a cultivator? Really strange…a woman’s mood is indeed very complicated.

“Let us go out now…”

Liu Yi suddenly frowns, “No good. There are people walking over outside!”

“No need to worry. I have a method to leave this place easily.”

Ai Ling lifts up her chin, “Come over and grab my throat from behind me.”


Liu Yi does not know what she is planning to do but since she is really smart, she should really have a method to leave this place.

Liu Yi immediately puts on his mask and move to Ai Ling’s back and grabs her by her throat.

Ai Ling’s figure is very exquisite, especially her plump butt.

As Liu Yi sticks close, he is able to feel her butt clearly and causes him to have some weird thoughts.

Ai Ling is able to feel a certain protruding part of Liu Yi poking her, causing her to shiver and says lightly, “Great sir is indeed immoral!”

This ambiguous atmosphere did not remain for long as a shocked cry comes from outside. Following which the tower door is pushed open as a figure wearing blue attire walks in.

Seeing this person’s appearance, Liu Yi got a shock!

Where did this beauty pop out from?

She really looks like a beauty that walked out from a drawing…

Most beauties are usually dressed in white dresses like a fairy but the beauty in front is in a blue warrior attire! Her black waterfall like long hair is tied up by her into a man’s ponytail behind her back.

“Miss, save me…”

Ai Ling who was held by Liu Yi starts crying out pitifully for help

“Despicable person let go of him!”

When she hears Ai Ling who is disguised as a servant crying for help, her expression instantly changes as she moves forwards and punches Liu Yi.

What the hell man!

Liu Yi instantly got a shock!

But he subconsciously defends himself. He pushes Ai Ling to the side while summoning out his Monarch Shield with his other hand and blocks in front of him.

The beauty’s sudden punch gives Liu Yi a huge pressure!


Like a hammer being slammed into a bell, the shield lets out a cry before being pushed back along with Liu Yi for nearly 3 meters.

What the hell man…this girl has such huge strength!

“Quickly go and call people to come.”

Without the instructions from the girl, Ai Ling has already longed escaped.

The moment she exits the tower, Ai Ling did not forget to turn around and gives Liu Yi a coquettish look.

Damn it this crafty girl!

At this moment Liu Yi finally understands what she meant by her words!

What no need to be afraid I have a method to easily escape! Bullshit you left out a few words!!! It is I, Ai Ling will be able to easily escape here while you Liu Yi just stay here obediently and be an idiot for me to use!

I got tricked by that girl!

Woman ah!

This is the first time Liu Yi is in a disadvantage against a girl!

“Motionless King Ming!”

After the beauty has sent Liu Yi retreating, she did not hurry to continue attacking, instead, she takes a deep breath and for a weird magic seal with her hands. A layer of black light instantly erupts from her body!

A strange mark appears in between her brow, but it did not spoil her features, instead, it makes her look more enchanting!

At that moment Liu Yi sensed that her strength has once again increased by a layer!

What in the hell! Did she turn on plot armor!

This Motionless King Ming should be World Manor’s unique technique, a kind of mark technique!

It sounds like a family clan’s possession technique to allow their ancestor to possess them! But to be honest, World Manor’s mark technique is countless of times stronger than those possession techniques!

Especially the beauty in front of him, her entire temperament has completely changed and causes Liu Yi to feel uneasy.


The beauty once again walks forward a step and punches the Monarch Shield in front of Liu Yi.

A fist imprint actually appears on the thick Monarch Shield!

What the heck! Just how scary is this girl’s strength to be able to leave a fist print on my Monarch Shield!

The beauty is also shocked, “Eh, it actually did not break?!”

As he does not have any more time to discuss deeply the defensive capability of his Monarch Shield, Liu Yi immediately transforms the deformed Monarch Shield into his Monarch Armour and puts it on.

“Very good. Let’s talk with our strength!”

The woman seems to be very violent as she once again starts to attack Liu Yi.

Liu Yi no longer hesitates, his current strength has increased by countless times! Furthermore, even without dragon transformation, Liu Yi is confident that he is able to deal with this beauty!

Their fists and legs clashes like two weapons clashing against each other letting out sparks.

Liu Yi is basically using one hand to receive both of the beauties hand while the other hand is protecting the drawing.

The beauty seems to notice Liu Yi’s action and her gaze on the drawing in Liu Yi’s hand turns weird.

After attacking continuously for a while, she is still unable to make Liu Yi use both hands. The beauty finally seems to be angry as she as she shouts, “Use your full strength!”

“Your strength is not enough beauty.”

Liu Yi says the truth. Earlier it is because Ai Ling’s display is too surprising thus Liu Yi is unable to block her attack.

Now that he has recovered his mindset, thus he is able to deal with her with his 10-star cultivation. Although the beauty’s strength puts her around 13-star cultivation, with her strange magic technique, in comparison to him it is nothing much.

“Damn it! How dare you look down on girls!”

When the beauty hears what Liu Yi says, she seems to become unhappy as her attack speed increase like a tempest.

Liu Yi feels that he is wrongly accused when had I said such things?!!!

Look down on girls? Aren’t I just being toyed with by a girl?!

“Reveal your real face!”

The beauty suddenly increases her movement speed and punches towards Liu Yi’s stomach.

Liu Yi got a shock, you want to see my face…so why the hell are you punching my stomach?!

Is it because my face is on my stomach?

But he still uses his left hand to block her punch.

The beauty keeps moving forward and her elbow pushes against Liu Yi’s stomach.

Damn it! This girl is quite talented in combat!

Liu Yi hurries and withdraw his hand and knocks her hand away.

But the beauty’s attack still has not ended as her other hand suddenly shoots upwards like lightning towards Liu Yi’s face with a punch.

Liu Yi tilts his head to the side and dodges the fist.

But the uppercut creates a strong wind which tears off Liu Yi’s mask.

A hole is also blasted into the ceiling of the tower as fragments fall down.

“Hmph, scoundrel you have finally revealed your real face!”The beauty shouts.

When she sees Liu Yi’s face she finally smiles in satisfaction.


Liu Yi’s complexion turns heavy, I still need to take part in the World’s Dao Gathering competition. And now my real face is seen by someone…how can I compete anymore?!

Kill her to silence her?

At that moment this thought appears in Liu Yi’s head.

A ruthless glint erupts from his eyes as he raises his fist and punches towards the beauty’s head.

“Hmph, want to silence me by killing me?

The beauty immediately sees through Liu Yi’s intention as she blocks with both her hands.


The three palms collide against each other as a shockwave blasts out, sending all of the chests flying and the goods inside tumbling out!

The beauty’s face turns pale as her body sinks. She kneels onto the ground heavily and the floor underneath her cracks.

Liu Yi’s strength is too shocking and she is completely unable to withstand it!

She felt like her arms are no longer her as she loses feeling and they drop by her sides.

Liu Yi once again raises his palm and slams down towards the beauty’s heart.

The girl instantly closes her eyes and waits for her death.

At that moment she seems to wish to cry out but she bites down on her lips firmly.

Just as Liu Yi’s palm is about to strike the girl, he suddenly stops his hand forcefully and withdraws his strength.

After waiting for a while, the beauty still has not died, thus she opens her eyes curiously.

“You did not kill me to silence me?”

While Liu Yi is slightly frightened by his near transformation into a devil, he teases, “You are such a beautiful girl. If I kill you, wouldn’t it be a pity.”

The beauty’s face turns red but she clenches her teeth and says in anger, “So what if I am a girl! What is the difference between me and a guy! Come! Just treat me as a guy and kill me!”

The girl sticks out her chest arrogantly.

[TL: ….girl that is a big big difference… no guy can stick out their chest as much as you…]


Chapter 437  [Treat me as a guy]


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