MKW Chapter 434

Chapter 434  [Sky Heavy Gate]


“In front of us is the World Manor.”

After flying for twenty plus minutes, the three of them have finally reached another barrier.

All of the cultivation sects, as well as cultivation villages, are all hidden in this kind of big or small barrier. Otherwise, if normal mortals discover them it would be bad.

“Good then let us go down.”

Liu Yi presses down on his sword and prepares to pierce through the clouds and fly down.

“Where are you going?”

Chen Keqing hurries and stops him.

“To the ground?”

“Idiot! World Manor is on this cloud!”

On the cloud?

Liu Yi glances around.

“Let me break this barrier.”

As Liu Haisheng speaks, he presses his hands together and chants for a bit before releasing out the sword qi within his body and pushing it out in front of him.

After recuperating for a long time, Liu Haisheng has recovered a large portion of his cultivation.

Furthermore, Liu Yi senses that Liu Haisheng’s cultivation seems to have had a breakthrough a bit and seems to be stronger than the last time he met him.

It should be some insight that he had obtained after his Qi Deviation.

No matter what Sect Head becoming stronger is the best.


With Liu Haisheng’s shout, a hole opens up in the space in front of him.

“Quickly enter!”

As Liu Haisheng speaks, he flies into the hole himself.

Liu Yi and Chen Keqing did not hesitate as they quickly fly in as well.

A completely different world is the best sentence to describe the cultivation world within their world barrier!

As the three of them enters the hole, they instantly come to an enormous palace on top of clouds!

Liu Yi feels like he has arrived at a paradise as he looks at the thousands of radius wide pavilions and gardens in the sky with cloud and mist surrounding them!

Pavilions towers within the clouds, giving it a mysterious and immortal aura.

Perhaps Heavens is only merely so?

Really did not expect that World Manor’s standard is such so high. Indeed it is the place where the World’s Dao Gathering is held.

The most attractive part of World Manor should be the most eye-catching stage in the center.

The stage in World Manor is not the small stage in Liu Yi’s university. It is more like an enormous chessboard, a hundred meters in length and is surrounded in the center of all of the buildings of World Manor.

Such a large stage should be enough for a number of people fighting on it at the same time.

Furthermore, besides the largest stage, there are four smaller stages. Really do not understand, why did the World Manor build so many stages?

“Do you see the four small stages by the side?”

Liu Haisheng knows that this is the first time that Liu Yi has come to this place, thus he explains, “They will be the stages where they choose the top 32.”

He points at one of the stages, “The east stage is called the Azura Dragon stage, the south stage is called Vermillion Bird stage, the west stage is called Black Tortoise stage while the north stage is called White Tiger stage. Because there are a lot of competitors taking part in the World’s Dao Gathering, thus everyone has a group fight on the smaller stage first. After a round of fighting, the final 8 people left will be every stage top 8. After which these 8 people from each stage will be 32 in total and will compete against each other on the first center stage.”

“So that is the case. There is still a group fight first eh.”

Liu Yi nods his head, this design is still acceptable. Otherwise with so many sects, if they all of to fight one on one, how long would it take.

Liu Yi looks around and notices cultivators are flying in from the surrounding.

Everyone in the sky is riding on their own magic tools, in an endless stream. It seems scarier, the number of cultivators who are taking part in the World’s Dao Gathering.

After all, this is the World’s Dao Gathering, this is the place to show the rest of the world the fame and prestige of their sect!

“It is a pity that my Raising Immortal Palace Hall had never been able to get into the top 32 in the past…”

Liu Haisheng sighs as his expression is somewhat regretful.

Liu Yi does not know why, but he seems to see unresigned ness flashes by Liu Haisheng’s eyes.

Thinking about this, he should be unresigned. after all, before he takes over as the Sect Head, Raising Immortal Palace Hall was still one of the top sects in the Cultivation World.

But now…luckily I have helped Raising Immortal Palace Hall fight, and claim back some fame.

Otherwise this time around World’s Dao Gathering, Raising Immortal Palace Hall would be treated as a third-rated sect by other people.

Chen Keqing puffs out her chest and says, “Master relax. This time around I will definitely do my best and help Raising Immortal Palace Hall get a ranking!”

“Hmm. It is my Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s fortune to have the two of you.”

Liu Haisheng starts smiling again, “I will not ask for more. As long as we are able to get into the top 32 it’ll be okay.”

Top 32? How is that enough? At the very least we must get top 4!

As for number one…it is not that Liu Yi do not want to get it but it is impossible.

After all his identity is somewhat strange. Furthermore, he possesses demon qi in his body. If the people in cultivation world realize it, it would be bad.

At that time let’s not talk about Raising Immortal Palace Hall getting number one, perhaps the name of Raising Immortal Palace Hall would turn bad all because of him.

When Liu Haisheng sees the Hospitality Elder, he immediately says, “Let us go down.”

Chen Keqing and Liu Yi immediately follows after their Sect Head and descends in front of a large door to a pavilion.

A few World Manor’s disciples are standing there, each of them is wearing a golden robe and have a martial appearance.

The leader is a good-natured looking middle-aged man checking all of the participants who have arrived.

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall Liu Haisheng. I have brought along my 13th generation disciple Liu Yi and Chen Keqing to take part in the World’s Dao Gathering.”

Liu Haisheng’s etiquette is very complete, after descending, he immediately first salutes the Hospitality Elder. Liu Haisheng’s right hand’s index and middle finger is placed just in front of his nose.

[TL: Think of Naruto ram seal except it is only with right hand.]

Based on logic as Liu Haisheng is a Sect Head, it should be the other person who greets him first. But World Manor is a sect that has their own unique status and with the fall of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s fame, thus Liu Haisheng has to greet first.

The middle-aged man immediately greets back, “I have seen Sect Head Liu. This one is World Manor’s Hospitality Elder Jiang Yangzi.”

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall 13th generation disciple, Liu Yi, greet Elder Jiang.”

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall 13th generation disciple, Chen Keqing, greet Elder Jiang.”

From ancient times, Chinese people pay particular attention to etiquette, wherever you go, there is a corresponding etiquette. Especially after entering Cultivation World, etiquette is even more important. Thus even if Liu Yi feel that it is somewhat inconvenient, but he still does the necessary etiquette.

He and Chen Keqing have to raise their fingers to their forehead as a greeting from a later generation.

“You are too polite.”

Jiang Yangzi nods his head, “This year Raising Immortal Palace Hall had actually sent two people to take part in the competition. Looks like the news of Raising Immortal Palace Hall recent rise is not false. Sect Head Liu it is really worthy of celebrations, worthy of celebrations.”

World Manor is considered as a neutral sect, thus they are indifferent towards whichever sect that is becoming strong. Thus what Jiang Yangzi says are his real thoughts.

Liu Haisheng sighs and says, “Thank you Elder Jiang. As for rising again it is still not confirmed, but I hope that this year’s World’s Dao Gathering my Raising Immortal Palace Hall would have some results.”

“Then let me first bless that Raising Immortal Palace Hall will do well.”

Jiang Yangzi clucks as he takes out three jade talismans from his sleeves and passes to them.

“Take this three jade talismans and you can enter and exit my World Manor freely. The jade talisman has the room number of your resting place. Sirs’ rooms are located at my World Manor’s south-east guest courtyard. Let the young child bring you guys there.”

“Thank you, Elder Jiang.”

Liu Haisheng nods his head as he keeps the three jade talismans.

Just as they are about to enter the World Manor, from behind them comes a weird voice.

“Oh, isn’t this the people from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, are you guys here to watch the show again this year?”

At that instant, Liu Yi is able to see slightly fury on Liu Haisheng’s face.

The three of them turns around at the same time and sees several black-clothed men walk over.

On all of their backs are large swords, their traits are large!

The swords are like the heavy sword used by the western cavaliers. Each of the swords are 3 meters long and their width is 20 centimeters. They look like small shields!

“Sky Heavy Sect!”

Seeing this group of people Chen Keqing’s expression turns heavy as she clenches her fist.

The leader of the group is a middle-aged guy with a goat-like beard and looks to be skinny and thin.

The most eye-catching is the girls he is hugging in his left and right hands. Behind him are three other girls following.

“Sect Head Jiang. How are you doing.”

Although Liu Haisheng is not happy, he still performs his etiquettes and greets.

“Haha, Sect Head Liu why are you even older than last year? Is it because Raising Immortal Palace Hall is about to be done and gave you a headache? From what I see how about you disband Raising Immortal Palace Hall and join my Sky Heavy Sect. I can give you an elder position and let you pass your later years in peace hahaha!”

Sect Head Jiang starts laughing loudly as the disciples behind him follow along and laugh. Their laughter is very ear piercing in Liu Yi’s ears.

Chen Keqing cannot bear it and is about to pull out her sword but was blocked by Liu Haisheng.

Other then during the competition, fighting outside the stage is a taboo in World Manor!

“Thank you Sect Head Jiang for your kind intention.”

Liu Haisheng bears with his anger and says, “Raising Immortal Palace Hall improvement is not bad. There are more and more disciples joining in. Although I am not able, as Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s Sect Head, it is naturally my responsibility. As for going to your noble sect and being an elder, it is best that Sect Head Jiang does not mention it anymore.”

“Oh? Saying that you are fat and you really start gasping.”

Sect Head Jiang sneers as his laughing face disappear and says coldly, “Liu Haisheng! Why don’t you take a look at your importance! I, Jiang Xiao inviting you to be an elder is giving face to you! Your Raising Immortal Palace Hall actually dares to call yourself a sect? Back then you bitterly supported the sect with just a few dozen people and now you have just recruited a group of mobs, do you really think that you can become the large sect of the past? Stop dreaming! You still have the face to bring your disciples the World’s Dao Gathering. This will be the place where your dreams scatter! This time rounds group competition, my Sky Heavy Sect will definitely beat your disciples out!”


Chapter 434  [Sky Heavy Gate]


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