MKW Chapter 433

Chapter 433  [For Raising Immortal Palace Hall]


The Thunderbird is very large, it’s wingspan when open is 7-8 meters long as it appears above Duanmu Haoliang’s head.

Duanmu Haoliang only possesses the strength of 13-star jade. Although he is already in earth stage but facing this 14-star jade monster his legs are trembling.

I, I am the vice-sect leader of Great God Sect….how can I die in this place!

“Come…let the glory of the Great God shine on me!”

Duanmu Haoliang roars as an enormous ghost infant stands up from his back.

Nine-eye ghost infant! This is the scariest devil creature that Duanmu Haoliang had raised.

This ghost infant is very enormous with lots of eyes on its forehead. When it stands up, it is 7-8 meters tall as it waves its plump hands.


The Thunderbird crashed into the ghost infant’s hands and was forced onto the ground by the ghost infant.

“Hahaha…so you are actually nothing much…”

Duanmu Haoliang thought that he had subdued the enormous Thunderbird and starts to be arrogant.

But at this moment the Thunderbird lets out a weird cry.

An enormous lightning bolt instantly erupts from its body and smashes into half of the ghost infant’s body!

Duanmu Haoliang looks at his slowly falling ghost infant as blood leaks out from his mouth edge.

It got defeated in just an instant…this…this Thunderbird is very powerful…

Am I really going to die here?


At this moment fire covers Duanmu Haoliang’s sight.

He sees Wenren Qian standing on the Thunderbird like a rider causing the Thunderbird to rage.

The Thunderbird keeps flapping its wing as it cries out. The lightning surround its body went berserk like they are trying to strike Wenren Qian off his body!

But red flames emerge from Wenren Qian and blocks all of the lightning like a barrier.

Duanmu Haoliang notice that of Wenren Qian’s gown is a realistic golden red dragon!

Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark!

This Wenren Qian had actually cultivated out a Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark!!

How is this possible!!!

When the previous sect master is still alive, with his 16-star cultivate he can only cultivate out a single Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark only…this Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark is the peak technique of Scarlet Blood Sutra! It needs a certain realm as well as comprehension to be able to cultivate out!

To be able to cultivate out a single Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark is already very powerful! When this Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark is release, it is a god fire dragon which is able to attack and defend! Flying in the sky and swimming in the ground nothing is impossible! With a single god fire dragon possess enough might to eliminate an entire city!

The scariest is that the current sect leader had already cultivated out 9 Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark….9 of them ah…

Duanmu Haoliang is unable to imagine how horrifying would it be when all nine Scarlet Blood Dragon Marks are released at the same it…

Wenren Qian is only so young and she is able to cultivate out a Scarlet Blood Dragon Mark?

This girl…is she really going to become the next sect leader?

Not willing ah…..really not willing ah….

The Thunderbird is very angry. As a monster, it is actually being bullied by this puny human!

How can this go on!

It cries out even louder as the lightning surrounding it erupts out to its maximum!

At this moment a pair of fire dragon wings emerges from Wenren Qian back and she flies upwards.

A hundred meter long enormous fire dragon suddenly emerges from Wenren Qian’s gown and bites down on the Thunderbird’s wing and pushes the Thunderbird into the sky!

The Thunderbird lightning is completely useless against the fire dragon’s flames. In a blink of an eye, the fire dragon has coiled around the Thunderbird and tears it into pieces.

Looking at the rain of blood, Duanmu Haoliang is stunned.

If this goes on…how is it possible for me to fight for the position of the sect leader?!

The current me is unable to defeat Wenren Qian ah…

Just a single god fire dragon is able to kill me!

When he realized that he is not even able to defeat Wenren Qian, Duanmu Haoliang is somewhat depressed.

-Uncle Duanmu, you can talk now.-

After Wenren Qian settled the Thunderbird she once again stands in front of Duanmu Haoliang.

What is there for me to say…I only wish to die now ah!

Duanmu Haoliang sighs in his heart but his face is still calm as he says, “Sect Leader is looking for you.”

Duanmu Haoliang uses a lot of effort to say only these few words.

-Thank you Uncle Duanmu.-

Wenren Qian is naturally pure, although she is in Great God Sect she is the rare principled and incorruptible one. She stretches out her hand and uses fire words to thank the vice-sect leader who is thinking of scheming against her before leaving.

“You have come.”

Sect Leader is sitting on his throne. Without turning around his head he is already able to sense Wenren Qian who is walking over from behind him.

Wenren Qian walks in front of Sect Leader and kneels down before nodding her head.

“Hmm..your growth is not bad.”

Sect Leader senses Wenren Qian’s current strength and nods his head in satisfaction, “Wenren, this time around the World’s Dao Gathering, you must become the sole leading role. Remember the future world shall become to you. You must not let godfather down.”

Wenren Qian nods her head again.

But she is somewhat curious in her heart, why does godfather favor me so much…why does he want me to become the number one in the world…is it really because I am the reincarnation of the Great God?

But why does he not let me tell others that I am the reincarnation of the Great God, and that only the two of us can know?

Thus godfather’s favor for me has attracted a lot of the jealousy from others.

For example this time around, godfather had forcefully imbued his cultivation into me allowing my strength to improve rapidly making a lot of the management in Great God Sect to be envious.

“Go then. To the World Manor.”

Sect Leader points outside, “Let all of the cultivators in the world know that my Great God Sect’s Wenren Qian is the number one in the world.”

Wenren Qian had never refuted her godfather’s words. What he wished to do, she will use all her strength to accomplish it.

Of course other than killing Liu Yi. Sometime Wenren Qian would think what would she do….if one day Godfather asks her to kill Liu Yi.

Am I going to kill Liu Yi…or am I going to break off relations with godfather?

If I kill Liu Yi…my heart is really not willing…I have no idea when did he worm his way into my heart…

Breaking relations with godfather…I am unable to do it…he is my final relative in this world…

I hope that that day would never ever arrive…

She turns around and steps on two fire clouds and flies high in the sky.

The evening scenery is very warm, the disappearing sunray that floats in the sky is like burning flames, very eye-catching.


At the same time at Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

Liu Yi has already done all his preparation as well as changing into the robes of Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

As the 13th generation disciple, Liu Yi is wearing a silver cuffed-changpao, looking completely like an immortal.

[TL: think of changpao except for the cuff portion it is like the modern formal shirt cuffs expect longer by a few fingers.]

Liu Yi is also wearing a long black vest on top of it. The black and silver pairing is very eye-catching.

At first glance, Liu Yi does have the look of a cultivator.

Seeing the white sword on Liu Yi’s back Chen Keqing speechlessly says, “Can you keep away your that 100 dollar Taobao goods…”

“Rubbish. The current me is no longer using an ordinary Taobao good anymore!”

Liu Yi proudly puffs out his chest and says, “Currently my Taiji sword is already an immortal sword! It is very powerful!”

“Third grade only…”

Chen Keqing sneers, “How about you remove the logo on the sword…”

“What?! I had actually forgotten to remove it till now!!”

Liu Yi hurries and removes the logo to prevent being a joke during World’s Dao Gathering.

“Master and the rest are here.”

The two of them are standing on top of the Through Heaven Pavillion mountain peak as they watch Liu Haisheng and Zhang Wentao flying over on their sword’s and landing in front of them.

“Keqing, Liu Yi. This time around will be tough on the two of you.”

Liu Haisheng’s smile is forever so warm.

“The two of you do not create trouble for your sect’s senior brother. Otherwise, I will not let you guys off!”

Zhang Wentao cannot go is not able to go along with them as he needs to stay in Raising Immortal Palace Hall to look after the sect.

“Another thing is to perform well and do Raising Immortal Palace Hall proud.”

“Understood Martial uncle.”

Chen Keqing nods her head, “I will do my best.”

“Me as well.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this Zhang Wentao is really a person whose bark is worse than his bite.

After the past few days, his attitude towards Liu Yi has become a lot better but like Chen Keqing, his bark is still unforgiving.

Liu Haisheng smiles and says to Liu Yi, “Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s hope is already slowly reviving and it is all thanks to you.”

Liu Yi immediately waves his hand and say, “Sect Head Martial Uncle is speaking too highly of me. It is something that I should do as well.”

“For your journey to the World’s Dao Gathering, we cannot confirm the results but the two of you are both steady so I am not worried. But there is a matter that before you go I must tell you guys…”

Liu Haisheng’s expression suddenly turns serious.

“Sect Head Martial Uncle please instruct.”

“Keqing is still okay but as for Liu Yi. REMEMBER! During this World’s Dao Gathering you must never use Demonic Sword Technique!”

Liu Haisheng warns repeatedly, “Although Demonic Sword Technique is our Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s ultimate technique…but it is too sinful and is not suitable for our Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s image. Thus even if we are unable to obtain any fame you must not use this technique. Liu Yi, this is my only instruction for you.”

“Understood Sect Head Martial Uncle. I will take note of it.”

Liu Yi understands Liu Haisheng’s meaning. Currently Raising Immortal Palace Hall just started reviving after much hardship. Their name cannot be destroyed.

“Good since that is the case then we can set off now.”

Liu Haisheng looks at the setting sun that is descending halfway, “Being late is not the style of our Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Come along with me.”


The two of them immediately steps onto their own sword and flies into the sky after Liu Haisheng.

As they pass by the Bagua stage, hundreds of disciples are standing there uniformly as they say loudly, “Respectfully sending off Sect Head! Respectfully sending off Senior sister and Senior brother!”

Instantly Liu Haisheng and Chen Keqing’s eyes heat up. Liu Yi suspects that if no one is looking at them, would the two of them be crying?

Don’t know how would my master react if he sees this scene…during his time back then, Raising Immortal Palace Hall should be very glorious right?

The times have changed now.

But the mistake that master committed, I will slowly make up for it bit by bit!

This round’s World’s Dao Gathering will the exhibition stage for Raising Immortal Palace Hall!


Chapter 433  [For Raising Immortal Palace Hall]


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