MKW Chapter 432

Chapter 432  [Wenren Qian exiting seclusion]


This Netherworld Barrier is a type of space-time barrier which sucks Liu Yi and Xuefeng into another place.

The area in the barrier is very spacious, around the size of a soccer field.

After Xuefeng lets out the barrier, she seems to be exhausted as she wipes away her sweat and says to Liu Yi, “It is done master, you can begin!”

“Thank you for your hard work Xuefeng.”

“For master all of this is nothing!”

After becoming Liu Yi’s Netherworld Servant, Xuefeng has really been loyal and devoted.

Liu Yi nods his head before taking out his Taiji sword and stabs it onto the ground.

After which he takes out the small bottle that Xuefeng had given him and makes his preparation before letting out the soul inside.


A heaven shocking roar erupts as the bottle instantly flies out from Liu Yi’s hand as an enormous black figure gushes out from the bottle and enters the Netherworld Barrier!

Instantly an over 500 meters long black snake soul flies out as it roars!

“What a strong soul ah…”

When Xuefeng sees the Mysterious Snake’s soul, she gasps, “Now without the seals on its flesh body, perhaps even I am unable to successfully reap its soul!”

Earlier the reason why Xuefeng was able to reap the soul and inner dan so easily, most of it is due to the efforts from the Immortal Snow Peak!

Immortal Snow Peak had sent out so many disciples, along with Zhang Yue herself to seal the Mysterious Snake’s body! With its body sealed up, the Mysterious Snake’s soul naturally became weaker as well.

But now that Devil Child’s soul is completely released from the seal, perhaps he might transform into a Devil Soul!

Xuefeng asks in worry, “Master….what should we do now…”

Liu Yi comforts, “Relax, Spiritual Recall is a technique specialize in dealing with souls.”

“But isn’t Spiritual Recall only meant to deal with people like me with weak souls…this Devil Child’s soul is so strong that it is almost heaven-defying!!”

Xuefeng looks at the enormous Mysterious Snake in the sky in worry.

“Relax leave the rest to me.”

Liu Yi pets Xuefeng’s head and takes a deep breath.

“Dragon Transformation!”

With an exploding sound, Liu Yi’s body instantly grew to over 2 meters tall as black scales emerges and covers his body.

After obtaining the dragon gene, Liu Yi can easily enter the first stage of the dragon transformation as he wishes!

The currently him possess nearly a 100 times more strength!

Liu Yi believes that the current him possesses enough strength to fight head-on against Ao Ri or Yu Hanshuang if he meets them again!

He flaps his dragon wings as he looks at the Mysterious Snake soul in the sky.

“Come be obedient little snake, quickly come to Big brother’s bowl!”


The enormous snake stretches in front of Liu Yi and opens its mouth like it is going to swallow the heaven and earth and roars.

An enormous qi wave strikes Liu Yi’s body, causing the ground below him to tremble as well.

Xuefeng is unable to stand straight against the qi wave and was blown away.

So scary…

Xuefeng tumbles on the ground and grabs hold of the ground before she is able to stabilize her body.

Whereas Liu Yi is still standing on his original spot unmoving as his legs sink down a few inches.

The dragon wings behind him keep flapping like it is going against the wind.

After roaring for more than a minute, the enormous Mysterious Snake finally stops.

Liu Yi laughs as his dragon wings trembles.


A dragon roar erupts attacking the Mysterious Snake!

Dragon Might instantly spread out causing the Mysterious Snake’s enormous body to start trembling as it starts shrinking and finally turns into a 1-meter long small snake as it lands on the ground.

“Just a snake demon and you dare you to go again the Dragon Race.”

Liu Yi picks up the little snake as he laughs and says, “If you had become so adorable earlier wouldn’t we be able to speak earlier.”

As Liu Yi speaks, a green light emits out from his left hand as he tosses the snake demon into his Taiji sword.

Instantly the Mysterious Snake’s soul flies into the Taiji sword causing it to start trembling fiercely as it lets out dragon roar.

A black pattern spreads throughout the sword body forming the appearance of a spiritual snake that extends throughout the entire sword before slowly disappearing.

An enormous qi gathers around the sword causing the situation within the Netherworld Barrier to change!

On the clear Taiji diagram, a golden bordered small black snake climbs out and surrounds the Taiji diagram before biting its own tail, and finally stops moving.

Although the Taiji sword’s grade is still at upper 3rd grade,  it’s might has increased by countless times!

After all, the soul that was used is the soul of the Devil Child!

Liu Yi touches his Taiji sword that has once again increased in grade, he says in satisfaction, “It is done. During the World’s Dao Gathering I will have more combat ability.”

Xuefeng is full of anticipation, “I am curious about how the World’s Dao Gathering will be like….”

“You can see it this time, but with your current appearance would people be able to notice you?”

Liu Yi is worried that among so many sects, if there is any of them who is able to see Xuefeng who is in a spiritual state, it would be troublesome.

“Master I have a method for that.”

As Xuefeng speaks, she turns into a purple-black light and land on Liu Yi, entering his clothing.

Xuefeng’s voice comes from his shirt, “This way not only would I be able to see the competition, no one will be able to notice me as well!”

Fine then, this lass magic technique is indeed mysterious.

Liu Yi keeps his Taiji sword as the Netherworld Barrier swiftly scatters.

He once again reappears in his own room. After instructing Little Jade to notify him of the meeting time, he starts meditating.

Even if it is doing things last minute but it is better than doing nothing.


At the same time within the Great God Sect.

“Replying to sect leader. The World’s Dao Gathering is about to start…our plan should also begin soon.”

Several people who are wearing robes kneel in front of the Sect Leader of Great God Sect as one of them report in a low voice.

The Sect Leader of Great God Sect is still wearing his black and red robe as usual. With a mask on, he sits on a throne made of gold.

His finger taps gently on the armrest as he says faintly, “Hmm. Indeed it is almost time. You can let Wenren come out.”

A figure asks in worry, “But…is Law Protector Wenren’s strength enough to implement our plan this time around?”

“Hehe. Do you not believe in my goddaughter or do you not believe in my insight?”

The sect leader only asks a single question and scares that figure into shivering and immediately proclaim, “No, not at all….your subject is wrong, please spare this one’s life…”

“Duanmu as the vice-sect leader, you cannot favor any side.”

Sect Leader did not punish his vice-sect leader. Instead, he says, “After I have imparted her some skills, Wenren entered close door cultivation for nearly three months. It is almost time. This mission’s candidate can only be her.”

“We will support with all our strength.” proclaims all of the figures.

“Okay. Duanmu Haoliang you shall go to the sealed room and bring my goddaughter out.”


Although he is the vice-sect leader and looks to be of equal standing with the sect leader, Duanmu Haoliang is very nervous in front of the sect leader.

After he heard the sect leader’s instruction, he immediately walks towards the sealed room.

Although he did not say anything but Duanmu Haoliang is unhappy in his heart.

In the sect, he hate Jiang Qini a lot, after all, he and Jiang Qini have….

In his heart, he hopes that after the sect leader has died, he can become the sect leader and assist Jiang Qini to become the vice-sect leader!

But seeing the current situation…the sect leader seems to have the intention to assist his god-daughter Wenren Qian to become the next sect leader ah…

How is this possible! The sect leader position is mine…and the vice-sect leader position is Jiang Qini’s!!

What the hell is Wenren Qian! She only obtained a bit of favor from the sect leader that’s all! How dare she treat me as a side dish!

Although she possesses the strength of an eleven-star cultivator what does that count as! I am a thirteen-star expert!

No matter what her good days will end soon! After the plan is in effect, I must find an opportunity and deal with her!

As Duanmu Haoliang schemes in his heart for half a day, he finally arrives at the entrance of the sealed room. He knocks on the door a few times.

Immediately a word made of fire appears on the stone door. -who-

Duanmu Haoliang bears with his anger and says, “Law Protector Wenren, it is me Duanmu Haoliang.”

I am obviously the vice-sect leader by just because of the sect leader’s favor I have to be polite to this Wenren Qian.

-Come in-

The fire words despite as the stone door slowly open.

Duanmu Haoliang immediately walks in, after passing the door he immediately enters the world barrier within!

The sect leader actually laid down a world barrier within the sealed room?!

Duanmu Haoliang looks at the endless space in front of him in shock.

The size of the space within the world barrier is determined by the one who laid down the barrier! And this space…vast without boundary….Duanmu Haoliang is basically unable to see the end!

Furthermore, from the moment he entered this world barrier he had immediately sensed the aura of a very very strong expert!

It seems like there are a lot of formidable organisms hidden around the surrounding…

Where on earth did sect leader construct his world barrier at…why is there so many scary auras?

-Uncle Duanmu, why did you come here for?-

Wenren Qian is wearing a scarlet gown, when she sees Duanmu Haoliang walking in, she immediately writes out words in flames.

In the entire world only when a certain person appears would Wenren Qian opens her mouth and speak.

This person is Liu Yi. As for other people, as long as Liu Yi is not around, even if it is her God-father Sect leader, he would not be able to hear her speak.

“It is sect leader who asked me to come….”

Just as Duanmu Haoliang is about to the Sect leader’s orders he suddenly hears a bird cry.

Hearing this bird cry, Duanmu Haoliang trembles.

This bird cry….

He immediately turns around as a large black figure covers the sky above them.

“Bullshit! Thunderbird!!! Why did this kind of creature appear here ah!!!”

Thunderbird is a creature from legends ah…’s might is said to be around 14 stars!!!


Chapter 432  [Wenren Qian exiting seclusion]


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