MKW Chapter 431

Chapter 431  [World Dao Gathering]


“Go and die, who is your maid! You evil, petty, shameless scumbag!”

Hearing Liu Yi calling her his maid as well as him wanting her to….call… him, master!

This anger is like a small fire that instantly turns into a raging fire, that seems to be able to melt all of the snow in the campus!

Murong Die thinks, Cheat! Liu Yi definitely must be using some underhanded method to cheat!

“You don’t want to abide by the bet?”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry as he crosses his arms and smiles merrily at Murong Die, and says, “The grand and magnificent Miss Murong will also renege on her words?”

“When did this miss renege on my words! It is, it is you who created this trap and trick this miss into it!”

Murong Die shouts resentfully, “This miss will definitely not call you…not call you master!!”

“Call me what?”


“Ah, obedient.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Tonight come and serve me on my bed.”

“Damn you go and die!”

Murong Die is about to erupt when she suddenly blinks.

“Talking about this…as a person from Murong family, I indeed should abide by my promises.”

Liu Yi is somewhat shocked, what the heck this Murong Die will change way too quickly!! Truly like a woman’s face, the weather of May.

“Master…tonight I am tired after all the dancing…how about I help you massage your shoulders?”

Murong Die suddenly says in an alluring manner, making Liu Yi feel like his heart is hit.

My gosh…this miss pretending to be maid is….simply way too cute already!

She stands on the stands with her head lowered while fiddling with her fingers like she is embarrassed….

Damn it ah…this can really instant a guy ah!

“That…is that fine….”

Letting this miss help me massage my shoulders…is a bit too sinful…but thinking about it…why do I feel somewhat happy about it…

“Aiyah…I am now master’s maid what. This should be what I should do.”

Murong Die once again declares her identity.

“Then, fine.”

Liu Yi sees that Murong Die is being sincere, thus he decided to give her a chance to perform.

Under her instructions, he turns around and shows his shoulders to Murong Die.

As for Murong Die, she smiles with her eyes at Wang Lele and Wang Yuzheng before bending down and grabs a fistful of snow from the ground, and walks over to Liu Yi’s back. She pulls back his collar and stuffs the snow in.


As he is completely not on his guard, Liu Yi instantly shivers in cold and is very uncomfortable with the wet feeling in his shirt.


He roars in anger as he turns around, grabbing some snow from the ground by his side he throws it towards Murong Die.

Murong Die immediately ducks down and this snow smacks into Wang Lele’s face.

“Big brother Xiao Yi!!”

Wang Lele narrows her eyes and charges towards Liu Yi with her head lowered.

Liu Yi laughs as he dodges but Wang Yuzheng who is behind him carelessly got hit by Wang Lele and got pushed by Wang Lele as the two of them falls from the stands into the snow.


“Ah! Big sister Yuzheng why is it you!”

“Damn it!”

Wang Yuzheng stuffs snow into Wang Lele’s shirt making her shriek.

Liu Yi immediately walks over to pull the two of them up but was pushed by Murong Die from the back and falls into the snow as well.

“Hahaha! Three idiots!”

Murong Die looks at the three fellows covered with snow and immediately becomes very happy.

“You come down as well!”

Liu Yi grabs hold of her ankle and pulls her into the snow as well.

The four of them instantly make snowballs and start attacking each other.

The snowball flies all over the place, as the bell-like laughter of the girls rings out when the snowball explodes of their target.

They mess around the entire night and the second day in the morning, other than Liu Yi, the rest all caught a cold.

Liu Yi leaves behind his clone to take care of them as his soul returns back to Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

He no longer has time to accompany the girls because he has even more important things to handle and that is the World’s Dao Gathering!


Liu Yi stands up and gently pushes open the door as he takes a deep breath of the outside air.

Although it is currently winter in China, Raising Immortal Palace Hall which is covered by some kind of barrier is as warm as spring as usual.

The small courtyard in front is planted full of poplar trees which are filled with vitality.

“Senior brother, you have woken up.”

As he is walking, Liu Yi sees a few disciples who are running around.

Currently, the number of disciples in Raising Immortal Palace Hall is increasing. Originally the empty large sect is now more lively.

Especially some beauty female disciples….being his junior sisters as well as their worship looks at him and calling him senior brother, Liu Yi becomes very happy.

This is called being a winner of life ah! Hahahaha!

At this moment a cold voice like cold water splashes onto his body.

“It is only that they do not know your real appearance. Once they now that you are a pervert, I’m afraid that they will hide very very far away.”

Liu Yi turns around and indeed it is his senior sister Chen Keqing.

This girl..aren’t we about to reconcile? Why is she still speaking to me so coldly?

“Peeping tom, mental pervert.”

What the hell! Don’t suddenly give me so many appellations okay!

Liu Yi really want to retorts that he is being wrongly accused but in front of so many junior brothers and sisters, he did not shout out.

He rolls his eyes before saying, “Talking about a real pervert… I feel that it is more suitable for a certain senior sister who has a strange hobby…”

“Liu Yi!”

Chen Keqing obviously understands what Liu Yi is talking about as her face instantly turns red, either from anger or shame, anyways her face turns red all the way to the tip of her ears.

“Are you seeking death!”

“Senior sister, please guide me.”

Liu Yi cups his hands making Chen Keqing hopping mad.

Fight…how am I the opponent of Liu Yi, this scumbag!

Damn it! I am obviously the senior sister but why is it that I am unable to find any dignity of a senior sister in front of this fellow!

Especially he had seen me…..that….AHAHAHAHAAHH I am really going crazy!!!

Chen Keqing ah, what sins have you committed to getting to know this fellow!

“What is the matter, senior sister. Seeing that there seems to be some inauspicious influence in the middle of your forehead, did senior sister recently fall into a Qi deviation?”

“Qi deviation your sister!”

Chen Keqing is so mad that she nearly vomited blood, “Are you a spy that is sent over to Raising Immortal Palace Hall by our enemies? Trying to anger to death the seeded contestant of the World’s Dao Gathering?”

Recalling Chen Keqing’s ability, Liu Yi replies honestly, “I feel that there isn’t any need for the other sects to do so…”

“You definitely must be sick of living….”

Chen Keqing’s gaze turns angry as she clenches her fist, “Even if I use Returning Yuan sword I must drag you into hell…hehehehehe…..”

“Why must you drag me into hell ah…by the way, what is the meaning of the hehehehe at the end….”

Liu Yi looks at Chen Keqing’s manner and starts sweating, think it is best to immediately change the topic….

“By the way, today we should be proceeding to the World Manor right? When do we set out?”

World Manor is the place where the World’s Dao Gathering be held.

The World’s Dao Gathering will be held once every few years and on this Dao gathering, the only thing that they want to confirm is which is the number one sect of the cultivation world!

Hence the location where it is held is very important!

It is impossible to hold the Dao Gathering in any of the sects, after all everyone wants this kind of home ground advantage!

Finally, a few of the large sects quarreled without any results, thus they can only come up with a proposal.

And that is to let the most reputable World Manor aristocratic family undertake the Dao Gather. Although they give this honor to the World Manor the World Manor has to sacrifice other things and that is from then on, the disciples from World Manor no longer possess the qualification to take part in the World’s Dao Gathering.

It can be said that the disciple of World Manor has become the guardians of the World’s Dao Gathering.

They are in charge of the order of every single World’s Dao Gathering, furthermore, there had never been any hiccups. The people from the World Manor is very powerful and all of them have incomparable might. Every time there are sects who wish to cause havoc but was beautifully settled by them!

“It is still early. We will set out at midnight.”

Chen Keqing glares at Liu Yi, “Do not bother me. I still need to arrange assignments for the junior brothers and sisters! At midnight, gather at Through Heaven Pavilion!”

“Oh okay.”

It is best to leave myself some time to prepared. This is also good after all I still hace not used the Devil Child’s soul that I had stolen.

Thus Liu Yi says goodbye to the junior sisters before returning back to his room.

“Xuefeng come out.”

A purple-black figure flies out from Liu Yi’s body and gently lands on the ground.

“I have finally seen the other you/ master!”

Xuefeng smiles merrily as she looks at Liu Yi.

As Liu Yi’s Netherworld servant, Mingyue Xuefeng is able to compress her body into Liu Yi’s soul and step across space into another place.

While Mingyue Xuefeng has her unique spiritual space which allows her to help Liu Yi store some stuff, thus she has become Liu Yi’s portable storage.

“You take a seat by the side. Pass me Devil Child’s soul.”

“Wu…master does not know to accompany me.”

Xuefeng is unhappy but still passes the bottle that contains Devil Child’s soul to Liu Yi.

“After I am done, I will definitely accompany you.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rubs her head, “Currently there are too many things that I need to do.”

“Okay, then who asked me to be master’s Netherworld servant. What master wishes to do, I will always support!” says Xuefeng as she raises her fist.

“En, let me first do a spirited recall on Taiji sword first. With such a good soul material if I do not use it, it’ll be a pity.”

Before the start of the World’s Dao Gathering, Liu Yi wants to have ample preparation.

“Master wait for a bit. Let me first put up a barrier!”

Mingyue Xuefeng immediately reminds, “Although he no longer has a flesh body, Devil Child is still a great demon. When his soul comes out there will be a large commotion! If outsiders sense it, it will be bad!”

“Hmm, you are indeed meticulous.”

Liu Yi nods his head. With Xuefeng helping out it is indeed very good.

“Netherworld Barrier!”

Xuefeng lets out a large time and space barrier pulling Liu Yi in!


Chapter 431  [World Dao Gathering]


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