MKW Chapter 430

Chapter 430  [My maid]


Just as Liu Yi falls into a dilemma, the lights in the hall suddenly extinguish and the room falls into complete darkness.

A few girls are shocked while the band also quietens down. The dancers on the dance floor also stop moving to exclaim in shock.

“What is this?”

“Is there a power cut?”

“Are you for real! Why did they cut out power during our dancing?! Is the school crazy?!”

The sudden power outage causes the crowd to be unsatisfied while Liu Yi lets out a sigh of relief.

Looks like it is not that my Netherworld Servant does not care about me, but was because she is secretly going off to cut the power of the dance hall.

This way my problems will be temporary settle for now.

But the dancehall turns messy as the students gather together and start making noise. It seems like if this goes on, there might be people being trampled on!

“Everyone do not panic! Do not panic! We are currently investigating the problem and the power will be back soon!”

A member of the Student Union immediately steps forward to try and maintain the order but the situation is still very messy.

Liu Yi is afraid that Murong Die and the girls would run into the crowd and they’ll break up so he says, “You girls don’t run around randomly. Sit here obediently and do not move.”

But when he raises his head he realizes that without him knowing Wang Yuzheng already disappeared!

“Eh? Where is Yuzheng?”

“Did not see her…just now wasn’t she standing over here….”

Murong Die and the girls do not know where did Wang Yuzheng ran off to.

But at this moment, on the dance stage, a weak light appears. Wang Yuzheng had walked over and is standing at the very top of the stage with the flashlight of her handphone turned on by her side revealing her.

She is holding a guitar which should be borrowed from the band members. Wang Yuzheng is holding the guitar as she sits on a tall stool and strums a few notes.

The light music attracts the attention of everyone.

Wang Yuzheng is originally their school’s number two beauty. Currently, she is holding a guitar and sitting on the stage, for a moment everyone quietens down and looks at her.

Liu Yi is also very curious, why did Wang Yuzheng run there for?

“Today is Christmas day and thank you all for coming down to this dance party. I am Wang Yuzheng.”

Just as everyone is curious, Wang Yuzheng finally gathers her courage and after taking a deep breath, she says, “The power outage is only a brief interlude. I hope that everyone would not be alarmed. Taking advantage of this time, I will sing and play a song for the guy that I like.”

Wang Yuzheng seems to looks over at Liu Yi’s direction.

Liu Yi’s heart is moved, so the injuries on Wang Yuzheng’s hand is from her learning to play the guitar?

Liu Yi suddenly recalls the day when the two of them fall out, what she had said as she walks up the stairs.

‘We must celebrate Christmas together…I have a present to give you…’

Looks like this is the present that Wang Yuzheng wanted to give me…just remembered that I had never prepared any Christmas presents for the girls before…

Damn it….I am really so disappointing…

This is the first time Liu Yi realized how bad he was.

Wang Yuzheng is indeed a very smart girl, Liu Yi guesses that she had at most learned this song for a few months but she played very well.

She clears her throat lightly before singing along with the music, an Eason Chan song <Lonely Christmas>.

[TL: Link to song here]

Wang Yuzheng’s singing voice is ethereal and carries a bit of penetrating force as it gradually spread out among the crowd.

Her singing voice is like from the heavens, as the song tells the story of Christmas.

Liu Yi’s heart also speeds up and down as scenes of them meeting each other flashes pass his mind.

Really did not expect that her voice is actually so nice…this girl is becoming more and more not simple…wait….

Liu Yi suddenly recalls something as he turns around and looks at Ling Zhuoyi.

Ling Zhuoyi also seems to have some tact understanding as she also looks towards Liu Yi as their sight clashes in midair creating sparks.

Don’t we have a natural singer now?!

Liu Yi also decided, after the company is set up, they will start developing Wang Yuzheng!

Wang Yuzheng has the singing ability as well as beauty. As long as she undergoes a bit of training in acting then it is perfect…

This way in the future I can be considered as knowing a star…

Unknowingly Liu Yi starts to daydream away into the future, as he subconsciously thought that he had already developed Wang Yuzheng into an international star!

At this moment Wang Yuzheng has just finished singing the song. Everyone had forgotten themselves as well as to applause for Wang Yuzheng.

Very soon the lights flicker back on, lighting up the room. At this moment everyone wakes up and start applauding loudly.

Liu Yi is also clapping with all his might.

“One more song!”

“That’s right, one more song!”

It is obvious that the crowd did not have enough. Such a nice voice and pretty girl, it is double enjoyment for the crowd ah.

At this moment Wang Yuzheng suddenly says into the mike in her hands, “Liu Yi, Murong Die, why don’t the two of you come up and do a dance number. I’ll give you an accompaniment”

When Murong Die hears what Wang Yuzheng says she is stunned.

Liu Yi is also dumbfounded, why did she suddenly do this?

“Quickly go up ah!”

Wang Lele suddenly pushes them from the back. She is quite strong and manages to push Murong Die onto the dance floor.

Liu Yi is naturally unmovable but he pretends that he got pushed and staggers forward onto the dance floor.

When the surrounding people see that it is Liu Yi, as well as Wang Yuzheng’s earlier words, they automatically move to the side and give the two of them a small space.

Murong Die is somewhat nervous, not knowing what to do.

Whereas Wang Yuzheng is already starting to sing a quick song. Liu Yi grabs Murong Die’s hand and enter the Dance Master state and start leading her to dance.

Liu Yi knows that this is the Christmas gift that Wang Yuzheng wants to give him, this is a song composed for the three of them.

Murong Die also quickly enters her zone and starts dancing with Liu Yi in moving movements.

For a while, everyone surrounding them feel stunned.

These people are really demonic ah…not only can they sing well, they also dance so beautifully…there is basically nothing to pick on ah!!!

The biggest regret is why is the guy dancing with the beauty, not me….


But they did not know that Liu Yi’s heart is in a mess. He looks at Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng and swears in his heart.

Next year Christmas. I must give them the greatest gift ever!

The dance party ends at exactly 12 midnight. This year’s Best Couple is none other than Liu Yi and Murong Die.

Although Murong Die is very happy, she pretends that she does not care like Liu Yi had taken a big advantage of her.

After Wang Yuzheng had sung, she no longer says anything as she sits by the side.

When the dance party had ended, Wang Lele says that the time is still early and does not wish to go back yet. Thus the group of them walk over to the sports field to watch the snow.

Ling Zhuoyi feels like she is a light bulb, thus decided not to follow along and went off to play on her own.

It is snowing on Christmas day, thus the entire school grounds is a layer of silver.

“So sad…the snow is too small…if only it can be slightly bigger how nice would it be.”

Seeing the thin layer of snow on the ground, Wang Lele pouts.

“That’s right…in the past when it is snowing in SongBei, the snow can reach our knees.”

Wang Yuzheng also sighs, “Back then my favorite thing to do is to make a snowman or have a snowball fight…”

“Aiyah, don’t think so much. There is no longer such a beautiful snow in winter anymore.”

Murong Die splashes cold water over their thoughts, “Furthermore here is JingDou, there will not be any heavy snow!”

“That might not be the case!”

Liu Yi suddenly smiles, “Today is Christmas. If you girls make a wish to Santa Claus, perhaps your wish might come true.”

“Tsk, do you think this miss is a three years old kid?”

Murong Die sneers, “This trick of yours at most can make Lele and Yuzheng happy.”

Wang Lele and Wang Yuzheng’s face turn red as Wang Lele say, “Big sister Xiao Die, I am innocent okay!”

“Precisely the case! You actually believed in Santa Claus until you are 16 years old! You, this exotic flower!”

Murong Die rolls her eyes at Wang Lele before saying, “Who would believe Santa Claus for so long! Yuzheng don’t you agree?”

“Actually….until now I still believed…” replies Wang Yuzheng with her head lowered to hide her red face.

Liu Yi starts laughing making Murong Die so mad that she kicks him on the leg.

Liu Yi keeps away his smiles and asks Murong Die, “Quickly say if I make a wish and it really snows heavily, what would you do?”

“Tsk, if it really snows heavily then this miss will be your maid for tonight!”

Murong Die crosses her arms proudly like a small peacock.

In the morning she had seen the weather forecast that today will have light snow that’s all. It is not possible for it to snow heavily.

“Okay! It is what you say! Come Lele, Yuzheng let us make a wish to Santa Claus!”

Liu Yi almost snickers but he bears it in and says to Wang Lele and the girls, “Even if you bring all of the students in the school to wish it will also be useless!”

Murong Die sneers, “It is not possible for there to be heavy snow…”

Before she finished, she trembles as the light snow suddenly turns into a heavy snow covering the entire KeDa campus.

The large snowflakes descend from the sky instantly drape the Ke Da campus with a thick white shirt!

This snow is scarily big and very quickly there is a very thick layer on the ground. Murong Die stretches out her leg and steps on the snow. Her leg immediately sinks into the snow all the way till her shanks.

“How…how is this possible….”

Murong Die naturally does not know that it is caused by Liu Yi.

He had cultivated Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and had a breakthrough into the Earth stage. Making it snow is a very simple matter.

Although he cannot be like Devil Child and make the whole city covered in the snow he is strong enough to make the entire Ke Da campus covered with snow!

“This…this is weird ah…”

Not only is Murong Die stunned, even Wang Lele and Wang Yuzheng were both stunned.

Is there really a Santa Claus?

“No matter if it is weird or not weird, no matter what you lost your bet.”

Liu Yi turns around and smiles cheekily at Murong Die, “My maid why aren’t you coming over to your master’s side obediently.”


Chapter 430   [My maid]

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