MKW Chapter 428

Chapter 428  [Beginning to take shape]


“This one is my senior sister, my good friend as well, Zhou Ziying.”

Hearing Ling Zhuoyi’s recommendation, Liu Yi looks at the other girl.

The first impression that Zhou Ziying gives Liu Yi is capable and neat.

Her clean face and a frameless spectacle on her nose, the pair of radiant eyes behind the lens. When she smiles at Liu Yi, her eyes turn into a pair of crescent moons which is very cute.

[TL: Fany’s smiling eyes!!!!]

Compared to Liu Yi and the rest, Zhou Ziying looks to be more mature.

As it is early winter, Liu Yi is wearing a black cotton clothing, while Ling Zhuoyi is wearing her cowboy attire as usual but with an extra mohair coat covering her.

While for Zhou Ziying, she is wearing western attire that fits her, a white blouse and trousers.

Ling Zhuoyi introduces, “Big sister Ziying is already year 3. She is going to her internship term and now she seems to be working in a foreign trade company.”

“It is a small company only…furthermore I do not enjoy working there.”

Zhou Ziying shakes her head in dissatisfaction.

“What is the matter, didn’t you say that you like that foreign trade company? Didn’t you prepare to give it your all?!”

Ling Zhuoyi asks excitedly. But when she mentioned about giving it her all, her face turns red as she recalls her misunderstanding earlier.

“Don’t mention about it. I did not expect that my manager is a pervert.”

Zhou Ziying waves her hand, “The ideas that I had mentioned to him are all useless. Instead, he tries daily to get me into bed which is such so annoying.”

“Oh may! Then we are finished, this junior brother here is also a pervert.”

Ling Zhuoyi exclaims like something is bad, making Liu Yi rolls his eyes. What the hell who is a pervert! I think it is you who is a pervert!

“Stop messing around. If he is a pervert would you even recommend him to me.”

Zhou Ziying only smiles faintly, instantly breaking Ling Zhuoyi’s ‘small trick’.

“Wuwu, Big sister Ziying why do you say it so seriously…I no longer have interest to joke around anymore.”

“Today aren’t we here to discuss serious matter why is there a need to joke?”

“Fine, you win big sister Ziying!”

Ling Zhuoyi can only give up. Currently, they are sitting at a coffee shop and are going to start discussing the company matter.

“I did not expect that when you just entered year one, you had already set up your own company.”

After Zhou Ziying finished hearing, she looks at Liu Yi in admiration.

“It is only a small company…”

Liu Yi’s face turns red. If this pair of girl knows that his company is set-up by money that he had earned from black eat black, perhaps their admiration will turn into disdain.

“But it is not that easy to set up a security company.”

Zhou Ziying simply analyzes the market, “Currently the security business in JingDou is quite saturated. It is hard for a new company to find business.”

“You can relax about that.”

Liu Yi clucks, “I have already settled that. The government will take care of us…”


The two girls got a shock as they stare at Liu Yi.

If they are able to get the support of government then that would be a different case!

JingDou is large cake had long been split up by several security companies! It is very difficult if other people want to enter in!

But since Liu Yi had obtained the support of the government then they would be able to easily receive projects from the government. With this, it is easy to let their company name be spread out!

What is this fellow’s background? A young master?

But Ling Zhuoyi had personally investigated Liu Yi and his family background is really simple!

To be able to obtain the support of the government in JingDou, that is not possible for any family…only it is possible for the family of a revolutionary!

How is it possible for Liu Yi to be related to one…this fellow….

“Since that is the case then the matter will be very simple. That way I and Ziying will be able to break into the market.”

“Yup, yup. Then I will rely on you two…”

Liu Yi starts to get excited, if the security company is able to turn big then I can slowly expand into other businesses!

“What is the name of the business?”

“It is already set as Red Star…”

“What an inelegant day….”

“Don’t tease me….”

As the three of them chats, the lounge suddenly plays the most dazzling song of Phoniex Legend causing Liu Yi to be shocked!

Good fellow even the coffee shop knows to play such a divine song! Really makes people unable to look straight!

“Damn it I played the wrong disk again!”

A server suddenly exclaims as he goes over and changes the disk.

As Liu Yi looks at the group on the television, his suddenly has an idea.

“Actually regarding expanding the foundation of the security company…I have another idea.”

“Oh? What ideas do you have, quickly say it.”

A ray flashes across Zhou Ziying’s eyes like she is very excited.

Ling Zhuoyi also looks at Liu Yi curiously. The two girls are passionate about matters that are challenging in their forte.

“Actually I also wish to set up a singing group…”


The two girls got a shock and look at Liu Yi like he is an alien, “Junior brother, boss.. you also wish to be an artist?”

Hearing Ling Zhuoyi’s suggestion Liu Yi immediately explain, “I only wish to set up an Entertainment company then push out a singing group….”

“Eh? Are you thinking too much?”

Ling Zhuoyi rolls her eyes, “Do you think that it be easy to make a group in China?”

Thus Liu Yi tells them of his thoughts.

Currently, Asia has a lot of artist groups, for example, EXO, SNSD. How they are packaged up as well as the way they work together are all very perfect and is aligning with the international market.

As for China’s currently groups…Phoenix Legend? Masculine Rising Sun? Liu Yi has no strength to ridicule them anymore.

Even if their singing is very perfect but Liu Yi still feels that their packaging is very weak in comparison. From what Liu Yi sees, if they want to reject the Korean Wave, they need to at least have something that is able to overtake the Korean Wave. Thus Liu Yi wishes to create a group.

“In China, it would be tougher. After all in Korea, there is a specialized system in training their artist. All of their artists have undergone several years of training during their life and within a hundred trainees only a single talent can debut. Which is very different from the style of current China.”

Unexpectedly Zhou Ziying understands the entertainment circle of Korea quite well. “If we wish to create the so-called group that you mentioned, we need to put in a lot of money as well as a certain amount of time. Furthermore, if it is just a singing group, with China’s piracy saturated market, the profits will be a problem as well. We need to let this group develop in many different aspects like movie and television…”

“Yeah, we can first recruit some promising talents and create a long-term training plan and slowly groom them.”

Ling Zhuoyi also gives her own point of view, “Afterwards we need to keep investing in movies and tv shows. Later on, we can gather some scripts on our own, make the movie ourselves and promote our group.”

“If that is the case then not only do they need to be good at singing, they need to undergo acting training.”

“That is really a long-term project ah…”

“Yeah…the execution will be very hard ah…”

The two girls more or less have some intention of giving up when Zhou Ziying suddenly looks at Liu Yi and say, “Junior brother. I see that your appearance is not bad. Why don’t we develop you instead? Perhaps you might become famous. If you become famous, it will be very helpful for our plans for the entertainment business in the future.”


Liu Yi is somewhat stunned. Why did this girl start having ideas about me?

“That’s right, that’s right. This idea is good!”

Ling Zhuoyi claps her hand, “Come, Liu Yi sing a phrase for senior sister!”

“Are the two of you….sure?”

Liu Yi looks at the two girls strangely.

“Come on boss sing a phrase!”

“Fine then…since that is the case then I’ll sing a phrase.”

Liu Yi coughs lightly to loosen his throat and starts singing.

After singing two sentences, the face of the two girls undergoes large changes before Zhou Ziying hurries and say, “That, junior brother let us discuss setting up the group instead…”

As they sit together and discussing for half a day, Liu Yi finally brings them to the company they will be working in to take a look.

Currently, the company is not really big. Chen Dahai has to spend a sum of money to rent the first to the third floor of an office building.

“Dahai. From now on they will be the part of the company.”

Liu Yi introduces the two beauties to Chen Dahai, “Their safety will be relying on you guys. If they get into an accident, I will come after you.”

“Haha, relax boss. I guarantee that the two of them will be safe! If the people from our company can get into an accident then there is no need to hang up the name of our company.”

“They look rather reliable.”

As Ling Zhuoyi speaks, she looks at the two guy wearing Red Star uniforms standing at the door.

The two guys are both 1.8 meters in height and their muscles bulging. They also carry light killing intent like door gods.

They are not wearing the traditional blue or grey attire. Instead, it is black with an eye-catching red star on the back.

Chen Dahai gives a simple introduction, “Currently the company is split into two teams. Basically, all the matters will be handled by Red Scarf Army. Scarlet Cloth Guards will only   for special tasks.”

“Very good. Currently, do we have any task?”

Liu Yi’s question causes Ling Zhuoyi and Zhou Ziying to immediately turn their head over. Looks like they are concern about the problems that their boss have in the business.

“Currently there aren’t any companies that came and looked for us, but the government has given us an escort task for two banks.”

With government help, it is indeed very quick. Gun license and the rest as done so quickly. Usually, if we want to get these stuff, it is very complex and without several months it is impossible.

Currently, with their commander relationship, everything is greenlit!

“We are planning to buy a few escort vehicles and with them, we can officially start on the right tracks.”

“The situation is better than what I had imagined.”

Zhou Ziying nods her head before saying to Liu Yi, “Junior brother Liu, if you believe in me than hand the company to me. I guarantee that I will give you a satisfying result.”

Liu Yi nods his head and says directly, “Okay. Then we shall let Senior sister Ziying be the chairwoman first. As for Senior sister Ling, as you do not have actual official working experience, you can be the vice-chairwoman then,”

If you suspect don’t use the person! If you want to use the person then do not suspect!

The preliminary matter of the company is settled now. As for the next crisis…it would be Christmas Day itself!


Chapter 428   [Beginning to take shape]

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