MKW Chapter 427

Chapter 427  [Regarding the new company]


This is the first time Liu Yi had the feeling where he was caught unprepared. He really does not know how to answer this question.

Wang Yuzheng is even more anxious than him leaning into his embrace. She even softens her breathing sound as she is afraid that her breathing sound would shock them both.

But she waited for a long time until her body is covered with snow and she still did not get the answer she wants.

Why is Liu Yi not saying anything…

Is it….is it that in his heart he actually does not like me…

At that moment while Wang Yuzheng is leaning on Liu Yi, she feels that her body is becoming colder and colder despite leaning against him is very comfortable and warm.

Liu Yi seems to also sense Wang Yuzheng’s change and immediately stammers, “Sor… I am sorry…”

“Put me down….”

Unexpectedly Wang Yuzheng only struggles a bit and stands up from Liu Yi’s embrace.

Liu Yi looks at the emotionless Wang Yuzheng as his heart turns frantic.

Is she angry?

Liu Yi is starting to be unable to guess Wang Yuzheng thoughts, after all, he had never officially dated a girl before.

Liu Yi asks with worry, “Are, are you fine…”

Wang Yuzheng did not directly reply to Liu Yi, she only says, “Send me back to the dormitory…”


Liu Yi also do not know what to do. He only stands up and walks over to Wang Yuzheng and holds her hand.

Wang Yuzheng did not reject and obediently follow behind him.

During the 5 minutes of walking, neither of them talk. Liu Yi’s heart is completely confused and he dislikes the current atmosphere.

But he does not know how to dissolve it! He is not a love saint but an idiot who had never dated before…

Everything he steps on the snow, there would be a creaking sound. Finally, he sends Wang Yuzheng to her dormitory.

Liu Yi finally breathes a sigh of relief and feels that the atmosphere is too oppressive…

He watches Wang Yuzheng walks towards the staircase but hesitates to speak.


Unexpectedly Wang Yuzheng suddenly turns around and looks at Liu Yi with a smile, “Today I got drunk…and said some strange things…please do not mind…”

“Will, will not…”

At this moment Liu Yi is like a robot and jerkily shakes his head.

AHHHHHHH! Who can tell me what on earth is going on! What the hell should I do at this moment!

He’d rather fight against Devil Child again then fight against Wang Yuzheng on the battlefield of relationship ah!

Love Saint ah!!! Please, I’m begging you to help me ah!

Liu Yi prays in his heart.

Wang Yuzheng suddenly ask, “You will not dislike me?”

Although she is smiling, Liu Yi feels that her body does not have any warmth.

In front of the falling snow, it makes her even colder.

“How, how would I dislike you…”

Dislike? I obviously like her ah…

Liu Yi starts to recall the moments when they are together.

The first time Wang Yuzheng sees him, her reverence for him…she went on tiptoes and sucked the Sprite out from his mouth…her leaning on him when she is drunk…

This is a girl who needs me to protect her….but it seems like I…had harmed her.

“Then that is the best…”

Wang Yuzheng seems to have become happy, “On Christmas, you must remember to hang out together…I have a present to give you…it is cold outside go back earlier. I am going up…”

While she is turning around, tears drip down her eyes.

My heart is so cold ….like something is twitching…

“Wang Yuzheng!”

Just as Wang Yuzheng turns around, Liu Yi felt like his heart is being stabbed multiple times and it is unbearable.

Wang Yuzheng pauses.

“I will give you an answer. But it is not now. Please wait for me…”

After Immortal Fox sister has returned I will definitely give Wang Yuzheng an answer.

Although I also wish to have three to four wives, how is reality such so simple?

Which girl can accept the guy that she loves having other girls and not get jealous

Haiz…relationships is really a complete mess ah…

Liu Yi scratches his head as he watches Wang Yuzheng walks up before finally sighing.

Looks like the problem between me and Wang Yuzheng still need to go through a long fight ah…

There is still Christmas day ah…after Christmas day the World’s Dao Gathering will start.

Looking at his inbox, there is Murong Die’s and Wang Lele’s SMS. Liu Yi’s head starts to become big, looks like this year’s Christmas day I will not have an easy time.

The problem that makes Liu Yi worry most is not his relationships but on the second day, Chen Dahai gave him a call.

“Boss ah. The security company is already set up. But our current biggest problem is the lack of administration people!”

Liu Yi is sitting in the canteen as he listens to Chen Dahai’s complain.

“Red Scarf Army is a group of guys who are able to fight. but there is no one who is able to take up the administration in the security company ah! Boss do you have any recommendations?”

Given that Chen Dahai came and begged me for help…looks like there is really no suitable person to choose from.

“Talents in management…let me think…”

Liu Yi leans against his chair and starts thinking bitterly. Usually, it is Wang Yuzheng who accompanies him to eat but after her confession yesterday, they start to have some awkwardness. Let us not talk about eating, even when they meet each other, the atmosphere is completely rigid.

Liu Yi temporary stuffs the problems to the back of his mind and focus on settling the problem regarding the company.

If he wants to get into the market of JingDou, the security company is very important.

Just as Liu Yi starts fretting, he suddenly sees Ling Zhuoyi walks into the canteen with a milk tea and his eyes brighten up immediately.

“I will give you news later!”

He immediately hangs up and greets Ling Zhuoyi.

“Senior sister Ling!”

“Oh, why are you here alone?”

When Ling Zhuoyi sees Liu Yi she is somewhat surprised, “Where is your little lover?”

The little lover she is talking about is none other than Wang Yuzheng.

Liu Yi’s face turns red and immediately says, “Senior sister don’t tease me…let me treat you to a meal.”

“Oh, okay…wait a minute…”

Just as Ling Zhuoyi who enjoys taking advantage of other people accept it, she suddenly looks at Liu Yi in vigilance, “One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intent! I do not dare to casually eat Sir Liu’s meal!”

“What the hell! It is all canteen food how can I still poison you?”

“That is true…then first give this lady two servings of fried chicken cutlet! Two meat skewers, one serving of butter steam bun, five skewers of fried mushroom…”

“What the hell are you the reincarnation of a pig?!”

“This is just snacks okay.”

Ling Zhuoyi’s sentence nearly defeated Liu Yi. Women….are indeed unimaginable creatures!

If it is not for the fact that every month they need to lose a bit of HP, they will definitely be undefeatable!

After Liu Yi has carried over all of the food, Ling Zhuoyi finally asked, “Say it. Why did you want to invite me for a meal!”

“That…Senior sister Ling what is your specialization?”

While Ling Zhuoyi gracefully demolishes a skewer of fired mushroom, she replies Liu Yi, “Management of industry and commerce.”

“Then…when does Senior Sister start your internship? Have you found a good place?”

“Still have not. It is still early and I am still in year two ah.”

Ling Zhuoyi rolls her eyes at Liu Yi. “What, you can arrange an internship for me?‘

“Why doesn’t senior sister fuck me…”

Ling Zhuoyi immediately slaps Liu Yi’s face with a skewered fried mushroom and says angrily, “Motherfucker I just know that you this fellow is a no good person! How dare you raise up this kind of shameless request!”

[TL: the word that Liu Yi use is ‘’ which have multiple meanings of which one is work the other is fuck.]

Oh my gosh, this misunderstanding is way too big!

Liu Yi hurries and explains, “Senior sister, senior sister you have misunderstood! It is not that fuck….it is come to work in my company…”

“What? Still, need to go to the company to fuck you? You perverted fellow….wait a minute….”

Ling Zhuoyi suddenly understand something as her eyes widen and look at Liu Yi sitting opposite her, “Are you trying to joke around with senior sister? Your company?”

“That’s right…my company…”

Liu Yi feels that Ling Zhuoyi is quite skilled in making money and has heard from Wang Yuzheng that she had won awards in business administration…

This kind of woman is basically a money making machine.

“What is the identity of you!”

Ling Zhuoyi looks at LiuYi like she is looking at an alien.

“Actually it is a small company only…no one else know and I wish that Senior sister will come and help me manage.”

“You…..why would you come and look for me? Can’t you engage one from outside?”

Ling Zhuoyi is still unable to comprehend.

This world must be crazy!

“I cannot trust outsiders. Thus I must find a person trustable to take this position.”

“What position?”



Ling Zhuoyi spits out the milk tea that she just drank. Luckily Liu Yi dodged rather quickly thus is not sprayed by her.

“Are you having a fever…are you? Is today April Fools?!?!”

Ling Zhuoyi touches Liu Yi’s forehead and realizes that it is not hot, thus she thought of another possibility.

“Senior sister. I am serious.”

Liu Yi bats away Ling Zhuoyi’s hand and says, “Unless senior sister is not interested at all in turning a small company into a corporation?”

Ling Zhuoyi raises her hand and says to Liu Yi, “You wait a bit. This matter is really too unimaginable…I need a long time to calm down…please give me some time…”

“Fine then…”

This matter is indeed hard to take in. Looks like I need to give her some days to calm down.

After taking two deep breaths Ling Zhuoyi turns around and says to Liu Yi, “Okay I am calm now. Continue talking.”

This time around it is Liu Yi’s turn to nearly spit out his drink.

Girls are indeed strange creatures…trying to figure them out is indeed very difficult….

“But here is not a place to discuss it…eh, let us change the place. I’ll call my friend along as well. She is also in the same department so can she? Boss junior brother?”

“Why not. Since senior sister has a recommendation then call her along as well. Let us change the location!”

Liu Yi looks at Ling Zhuoyi’s self-confident appearance and suddenly feels that he had found the best person.


Chapter 427   [Regarding the new company]

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