MKW Chapter 426

Chapter 426  [Multiple choice question]


Winter seems to have arrived very early this year.

Before enter December, JingDou is already welcoming the first snow.

When Liu Yi return back to his body in KeDa, it is already night time. He is bored so he walks out of the dormitory and stands in the snow, and takes a deep breath.

After his two day seclusion, his strength has already made remarkable progress.

This kind of satisfying feeling is not something that a normal person can understand. Liu Yi stands in front of the dormitory and releases his mental power, allowing him to precisely sense every single snowflake landing trajectory.

Just as he is enjoying the gift from nature, he suddenly receives an SMS from Wang Yuzheng.

{The club is celebrating today. I had drunk too much can you come and fetch me?}

Seeing this SMS Liu Yi is in shock.

Wang Yuzheng had actually drunk too much? When did this lass learn to drink?!

As for the club, it should be another club that Wang Yuzheng had signed up for, er should be some Mathematics research society….

Liu Yi does not understand what else is there to research about Mathematics! Are these people all aliens?

{Where is it? I’ll come over right now!}

{A small bar at the school’s entrance…}

After waiting for half a day Wang Yuzheng finally replies.

Liu Yi starts thinking before recalling, it should be the small bar where I and Ling Zhuoyi met for the first time.

He immediately runs speedily towards the small bar.

Wang Yuzheng who was usually well-behaved would actually drink? What is going on with this world?!

Liu Yi’s footstep is very quick and is almost in a flash, he had arrived at the entrance of the bar. Pushing open the door and entering, inside is very rowdy with dozens of people sitting together chatting, laughing and messing around.

With a glance, Liu Yi is able to find Wang Yuzheng. Currently, Wang Yuzheng is wearing a white sweater and blue jeans. Although she looks simple, it could not hide her charms.

Wang Yuzheng is like a night pearl which shines brightly no matter where it is placed.

Currently, she is leaning on her nose. One of her hands is draped behind the chair while her red face is lying on her arm.

Her other hand is holding on to a handphone and it seems like she had just sent an SMS.

This girl ah just how much did she drink!

Liu Yi shakes his head and walks over.

At this moment a guy who is all smiles approaches Wang Yuzheng and seems to smell her hair before saying, “Hehe….Yuzheng is drunk….let me send her back.”

“Wah, you better don’t try to take the opportunity to take advantage!”

I heard that this Wang Yuzheng had a boyfriend!

“Hehe, what boyfriend. I have never seen him before.” That guy raises his eyebrow, “Furthermore, who says that with a goalkeeper you cannot score. Even if she has a boyfriend I can still pry past him!”

The other guys and girls in the society start saying.

“It can’t be that you are going to cook the rice first!”

“It might be ah. You see Song Wen’s smile it does not seem good!”

“Don’t be too much okay, Song Wen…”

“Haha. Relax, leave it to me…”

As Song Wen speaks, he stretches his hand over to have a feel of Wang Yuzheng’s waist.

But at this moment a hand suddenly stretches over from the side and grabs hold of his wrist.

“Apologies, this girl does not belong to you.”

When Song Wen felt pain in his wrist like it is being clamped by tongs. It causes him to raise his head and scolds, “Damn it who the hell are you!”

Just as he raises his head and looks at the guy in front of him, he gasps in shock as his drunkness completely go away and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

Bullshit it is Liu Yi….

Who does not know Liu Yi’s distinguished name!

Back then on the stage, he had beat Tetsu down, who does not know about it!

Liu Yi also did not think that him showing up would have scared Song Wen. At this moment Wang Yuzheng opens her eyes slightly and when she sees Liu Yi she immediately mutters, “Oh…you have come…”

“It is good that you can still remember me. Come, follow me back.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he uses both hands to princess carry up Wang Yuzheng and embraces her before walking out of the bar.

No one dares to block Liu Yi and no one has the guts to do so as well. They can only watch as he carries Wang Yuzheng away.

When they are outside, a strong gust of cold wind blows by.

Wang Yuzheng subconsciously hugs Liu Yi’s neck tighter and scoots closer into his embrace.

Currently, Wang Yuzheng is like a little cat rubbing against Liu Yi as the smell of her and the wine brushes his nose.

Liu Yi cannot help but lower his head and looks at Wang Yuzheng in his embrace.

Her red face and tender lips make her very tasty and alluring.

She is practically an apple that is luring people into committing a crime ah….

Liu Yi’s heart is moved as he lowers his head and secretly kisses Wang Yuzheng’s alluring lips.

Their four lips are in contact with a cold feeling and the taste of wine.

Liu Yi cannot help but think of that night in the self-study room as his face heated up.

He raises his head and takes a deep breath of the chill wind to calm his burning self.

Wang Yuzheng is very cute but I cannot just eat her up just like this…she and Yoko Nishikawa, Mingyue Xuefeng are different…

Currently, Mingyue Xuefeng is not by his side as she is searching for a few feral souls to reap and absorb them to improve her strength.

Thus Liu Yi finally manages to get a chance with other girls alone. Only this girl is currently unconscious from intoxication.

Liu Yi looks at Wang Yuzheng who is currently like a drunken cat with his eyes filled with love. He really loves this kind of external well-behaved an internal strong-willed girl deeply.

“Eh…Liu YI…”

Wang Yuzheng seems to have woke up slightly as she looks lost at Liu Yi.

“Headache…very painful…”

“Who asked you to drink so much.”

“Oh….today….all drink what…head say…..I, I cannot don’t drink….so I drank two cups…”

Two cups and you become like this?! You must be a demon as well right!

[TL: Guys it is two cups one girl not two girl one cup!!!]

Liu Yi shakes his head as he cannot bear to see Wang Yuzheng in pain.

“Okay then. Let me try and see if I am able to help you.”

His Boundless Vital Qi surges as he pushes it into Wang Yuzheng’s body and helps her force out the alcohol in her body.

Wang Yuzheng’s body naturally is unable to withstand the Boundless Vital Qi enter thus Liu Yi surrounds Wang Yuzheng’s body and flows on the surface before returning back to Liu Yi.

This way, it would not harm Wang Yuzheng but is still able to force out the alcohol.

Very quickly Wang Yuzheng feels that she is much more awake and realize that she is in leaning into Liu Yi’s embrace.


This kind of close feeling makes her happy and shy, not knowing what to do. In the end, she just buries her face in his chest.

After revolving his Boundless Vital Qi for a while, Liu Yi feel that there should have some effect thus he asks, “Are you better?”

Wang Yuzheng lies, “No….still a bit faint…”

Liu Yi is helpless, looks like Boundless Vital QI is useless against alcohol.

“Okay then, then where do we go now?”

Liu Yi looks at the school garden but does not know where to go.

Wang Yuzheng bites her lips, this idiot…is there still a need to ask me this…

She mumbles into Liu Yi’s chest, “Let’s go to the side and find a place to sit down…I’m still intoxicated so I do not wish to go back to the dormitory.”

“Oh, okay.”

Liu Yi does his head. Luckily there are a lot of places to rest in the school grounds. He finds a long bench before sitting down while Wang Yuzheng remains in his embrace.

As it is winter, the bench is very cold. Luckily Liu Yi is is martial cultivator thus he completely ignores it.

But Wang Yuzheng cannot as she is still a normal mortal girl. Thus if she got cold it would be bad.

“In the future don’t drink so much okay. If they make you drink again just come and look for me and I help you beat them up.”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Wang Yuzhen starts giggling.

“Annoying…you are not my hired hands. After all, everyone drinking together is because we are happy…how can you randomly just beat people up.”

“Idiot. You see you drunk until you become like this and you still dare to say is because you are happy. Didn’t you say it was very painful earlier?”

“Ah….still, still okay…”

Wang Yuzheng stammers not knowing what to say.

“Anyways to not drink like this again. It is too insulting to your own body.”

“So what if it is insulting…after all, there isn’t anyone who is going to be concerned…”

Wang Yuzheng’s voice is rather weak but when Liu Yi hears it, he realizes that something is wrong.

Is she blaming me? Oh…thinking about this, I really did not care about her much recently.

But this is also because I do not have any choice. Recently I have too many matters to take care of how would I have time to take care of Wang Yuzheng and the rest of the girls.

Liu Yi teases Wang Yuzheng, “Our Yuzheng is the Top 2 beauty of our school. You are so famous and the number of guys who want to be concerned for you can line all the way up from Ke Da to QingDou.”

“But my mother had said before…only my boyfriend can be concerned for me.”


Your mother is indeed right.

“That….Liu Yi….”

Wang Yuzheng’s voice suddenly becomes as quiet as a mosquito. If it was not for Liu Yi being a cultivator and his hearing being better than a normal person, he would not be able to hear what she says.

“What is the matter, just say it.”

“You….be my boyfriend okay?”

Wang Yuzheng feels that she must be crazy! That is definitely the case!

I actually confessed to a guy….in his embrace…..

Finished, I am really finished…Liu Yi would not think that I am too easy right….But I still wish to say it out otherwise I would keep feeling that our relationship is weird…


Liu Yi did not think that Wang Yuzheng would suddenly ask this kind of question and was stunned.

Wang Yuzheng actually….confessed to me…

This…what am I supposed to do….should I accept it? Or should I reject it?

But how to reject it….I indeed like Wang Yuzheng….this head-strong girl has already wormed herself into my life.

I want to accept it…but Immortal Fox sister is still not back.

Before Immortal Fox sister is back…should I accept other girls?

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Chapter 426   [Multiple choice question]

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