MKW Chapter 425

Chapter 425  [Finally breakthrough]


After the dragon gene was injected into Liu Yi’s body, the gene flows around his bloodstream before merging together with his cells and enters his DNA.

Other types of strength start to arise from his body as black smoke emits out and covers the entire observatory room.

“What is going on here!”

Maki is anxious as everything is covered by black smoke and she is unable to see anything!


At this moment a dragon claw covered with scales crashes into the glass shocking everyone!

From that crash, it feels like the whole laboratory had shaken!

Even the glass has a few cracks mark!

“Gods…what kind of strength is this…”

One of the lab members nearly bites his own tongue, “This is a defense that even a nuclear warhead is unable to blast open ah…”

“He would not rush out and kill us right….”

“Hopefully not….”

Everyone in the room starts to become nervous while Maki is filled with delight.

Indeed the dragon gene is the strongest!

None of them know that currently, Liu Yi is kneeling in the black smoke as his body twitches.

The black scales on his body disappear once again.

Large amounts of strength flow out from his body and rush towards his star map.

It seems like his four different qi is stimulated by the restructuring of his genes as they charge towards his ninth star jade!

His ninth star jade ‘Ox’ keeps trembles like it is going to be lit any moment!

But as for Liu Yi’s conscious, it is in dire straits!

An enormous black god dragon flies out from the clouds, it’s body is thousands of meter long as it swims in the air, it connects the heaven and earth!

It roars and grabs hold of Liu Yi with its claw before entering the clouds again.

“Damn it….”

This is the first time Liu Yi has received this kind of attack in his subconscious. He struggles with all his might but realizes that he is completely unable to resist the black dragon’s strength!

Cannot…if this continues on, my conscious will definitely be once again corroded away by the black dragon…perhaps this time I would forever descend into a devil form!

I must definitely right this problem! Right! Overwhelming Vital Qi! I still have Overwhelming Vital Qi!

Sky blue light shoots out from Liu Yi’s eye as he lets out a whistle.

Instantly a dazzling silver white sword flies out from the sky and is grabbed by Liu Yi.


He uses the sword and cuts apart the dragon claw that is holding onto him before flying into the sky.


The black dragon roars out in rage as the dragon claw that was cut starts to recover.

In Liu Yi’s mind, there is only a single thought left, I must force this dragon to surrender!

He wields his sword and lands on the dragon’s back. He skates along the dragon’s body on his ice skates.

Although it is several thousands of meters long, Liu Yi’s skating speed is very quick and swiftly he reached the dragon head.

“Be honest for me!” shouts Liu Yi as he stabs his sword fiercely towards the throat of the dragon.


The black dragon roars in pain and starts tumbling in the sky, nearly swinging Liu Yi off it.

While Liu Yi is holding onto the sword tightly with both hands, allowing himself to say on while the black dragon rolls in the sky.

As it is in pain, the black dragon starts to fly about randomly and very quickly it burst through the cloud and smashes into a mountain peak head first.

Scattered stone debris smashes into Liu Yi, injuring him. Liu Yi bears with the pain and clenches his teeth, as he tightens his grip on the sword.

At the same time, enormous Boundless Vital Qi flows through his hand into the sword and into the body of the black dragon.

No matter how the black dragon rolls or rages, Liu Yi keeps holding the sword rightly and uses Boundless Vital qi!

The currently Liu Yi is very majestic looking, as white light shoots out from his body.

For Immortal Fox sister…to defeat the Sect Leader of Great God Sect!

“Topple over for me!”

Liu Yi roars as the white light erupts from his body to its peak.

The sword in his hand pierces through the dragon head causing the dragon to cry out miserably before falling into the forest below.

The black dragon body starts displaying, turning into black rays of light and enter Liu YI’s body.

Very quickly Liu Yi awakens from his spiritual world and takes a deep breath as he stands among the smoke.

“Dragon Transformation!”

With his light cry, his body instantly starts to transform. His 1.8m tall body shoots to 2m while black scales and enormous dragon wings grew out to show him his current status!

“Only the first stage of dragon transformation?”

He looks at his dragon claw. After the dragon transformation, although his strength has increased by almost a hundred times, it is still not as powerful as the second stage of dragon transformation.

I have finally manage to subdue the dragon transformation state…this is really worthy of celebration.

Furthermore, I have successfully opened and lit up my ninth star jade.

Finally, I am half a step into the earth stage…as long as I take the Heaven Yuan Dan, I will be able to directly enter earth stage!

But it seems like I still need to wait for my Ox star jade to be filled up with qi first.

The depression that Liu Yi felt when he was defeated by the Sect Leader of Great God Sect has finally dispersed away as he excitedly roars.


This roar is still fine but as his strength, after dragon transformation is very high, the glass instantly shatters and drops onto the ground.

Liu Yi is shocked as he quickly releases his dragon transformation and transforms back into a weak looking student.

“So strong…”

Maki stares blankly at the shattered glass on the ground not knowing what she should think of it.

Looks like the dragon gene has really succeeded….furthermore…the strength has way exceeded my imagination…

{Master, looks like this time you really earned a lot ah!}

Xuefeng who is standing by Liu Yi’s side congratulates, {Not only dragon transformation, you also earned the inner dan of Devil Stillborn…hehe, what does master plan to do with that inner dan?}

{Gift it.}

When Liu Yi recalls Immortal Fox sister who is able to strengthen herself by consuming inner dans, he starts to smile widely.

{Oh….master is really magnanimous…}

Xuefeng puffed up her face and says, {Luckily I managed to get another thing…}

{Eh? What did you manage to get as well?}

{I had reaped the soul of Devil Child along the way.}

As Xuefeng speaks, she takes out a small bottle and waves it in front of Liu Yi.

What the heck….

Liu Yi’s eyes blurred and are nearly unable to stand straight.

The soul of Devil Child was reaped by Xuefeng? This netherworld servant of mine is too thorough already…

Looks like Immortal Snow Peak lost a lot this time! Not only did they compensate me with a Heaven Yuan Dan, they had also thrown in the inner dan and soul of Devil Child…

The current Devil Child, other than that body of snakeskin, there is basically nothing that can be used anymore…

{Xuefeng, this action of yours is too unreasonable and makes people angry ah!}


{But, I like it. Next time continue!}

{Hai hai?}

While they are talking, at this moment Maki walks in and ask, “Liu Yi how are you?”

“Way better than in the past.”

Liu Yi chuckles to show that he is completely fine.

“Then that is good. Come let’s go and do examination!”

“Still need to do an examination?”

“Of course there is a need to. I need to get the related data from your body!”

“What the hell I had really become a lab rat already ah! Where do we do the examination?”

“It is fine if you lie on this machine.”


“Take off your clothing.”

“Eh…what? Why do I still need to take off my clothing ah!”

“If you do not take off then how do we do the examination! Quickly or let me help you!”

“Oi, oi, don’t pull my pants ah Big sister Ma. Let me do it myself okay, let me do it myself…”

“You are the Big sister MA! Hurry up, I am anxious to get the data!”

Finally, under Maki’s forceful complement, Liu Yi is only left with a small brief as he sprawls on the machine and starts to do the examination.

Maki had said that the examination needs a long time, thus Liu Yi shuts his eyes and lets the body on this side cooperate with the examination while his main soul returns back to the body in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.


Liu Yi starts nursing his qi and lets his qi fill up the entire ‘Ox’ star jade before continuing to the next ‘Girl’ star jade.

It is a pity that when he opens his ‘Ox’ star jade, he did not obtain a new ability. Indeed obtaining a special ability from the star jade is too hard. It must be known that it can be considered good to have obtained a single ability after lighting up all of their star jades. Thus I should be satisfied given that I had already obtained quite a few abilities.

After cultivating for more than a day, Liu Yi has finally filled up the entire ‘Ox’ star jade.

He quickly consumes the Heaven Yuan Dan and starts to break through the tenth-star jade, ‘Girl’!

On the star map, the first seven star jades, ‘Horn’, ‘Neck’, ‘Root’, ‘Room’, ‘Heart’, ‘Tail’, ‘Winnowing Basket’ forms the shape of a dragon. This represents the Azure Dragon constellation.

While Liu Yi is currently at a star jade that belongs to the Black Tortoise constellation. After he had light up the other two constellations White Tiger and Vermillion Bird, then he will be able to open the last star jade and become a god!

But this road is still very long…I am currently cultivating four qi’s at the same time so my progress is getting slower and slower. It is because of my current opportunities that allowed me to light up two star jades in a row and enter earth stage. The only thing that I do not know is just how hard would it be to light up the next star jade!

But no matter what I still need to continue cultivating…

With Liu Yi consuming the Heaven Yuan Dan, the tenth-star jade lights up swiftly!

Indeed it is an elixir!

From this moment on, Liu Yi has entered the earth stage from the mortal stage. He is no longer a mortal cultivator anymore!

The enormous aura of an earth stage cultivator spreads out and floods the entire Immortal Raising Palace Hall shocking everyone.

“This seed is indeed unordinary.”

Liu Haisheng who is sitting in a lotus position in the Through Heaven Pavillion nods his head in satisfaction.

When Chen Keqing who is drilling her junior brothers and sister felt the aura, she starts pouting.

Damn it this fellow has actually broken through to Earth stage…if only I could cultivate so fast how nice would it be…

With an earth stage expert coming out in Raising Immortal Palace Hall, everyone in Raising Immortal Palace Hall is happy.

Like the ancient saying, when there are people joyous, there will be people in sorrow.


At the same time at Immortal Snow Peak, Zhang Yue smashes her favorite teapot.

“That damn Dragon Group agent! I’m not finished with you! Not finished!!!!”

Her shout spreads throughout the Immortal Snow Peak causing everyone to be curious as to who is the Dragon Group agent what made their Martial Aunt Zhang remember him.


Chapter 425   [Finally Breakthrought]

No teaser

But for those who had missed it in the post, here’s the link to the page on Mai Kitsune Waifu cultivation path and individual star jade names

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  1. Finally he can control his dragon form but still not his 2nd tho
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